The Book Of Three



Scene Title The Book of Three
Synopsis Berlin understands what she could become.
Date December 12, 2018

A Once Empty Highway

A bullet worms its way out of her chest and falls onto the ground. Nathalie shudders at the sensation.

On her side on the asphalt, she blinks herself back into awareness. First: the screaming. Her palm presses against cracked, oil-stained ground and she pushes herself up to her knees. And then to her feet. And then she sees what everyone is screaming about.

Around her in a circle, bones lay in piles of ash. She stops counting at ten. Instead, she fingers a bullet hole in her clothes that sits right over her heart. As people pile into their caravan of cars and drive away from her as fast as they can manage, she watches with a numb expression.

She can't remember how she got here, only piece together what has happened. What she's done. This time.

Stepping toward the closest body, she crouches next to it to pick some of the ash up between her fingers, only to rub them together and watch it fall. She pulls a small jar from her pocket. It's already half full of ash. Today will see it filled to the brim. Her collection grows, despite her attempts to keep herself away from camps and towns and any place people gather.

New rule: stay away from roads.

Pine Barrens: A Cabin


A fork slips from her hand and lands with a clank against the wood table. Berlin blinks herself back into awareness and pushes back from her plate and all but runs to the door without a word. Just a thought, echoing through her mind.

There are monsters inside of you.

Fingers curl around the phone in her jacket. Avi's number flicks into her mind. A shoulder to lean on. Someone to reassure her.


Her fingers let go before she actually makes a call. A stray though makes her think better of reporting her visions to a superior.

Or maybe…

After all, she was supposed to be getting better.

You are the monster.

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