The Calling



Scene Title The Calling
Synopsis Eve doesn't use payphones.
Date March 28, 2019

Some Rooftop

The winds whip on the rooftop.

The moon sits half full. Tiny flames in candles flicker and almost go out but the pale figure in the center of the circle doesn't pay any mind she sways. Smoke rising from a gold bowl in front of her. It smells of herbs, not weed. That's smoking in her hand. Prerolls. Eve Mas never thought she would stoop so low.

But the nature of her condition makes it hard to roll a full on spliff without sparking the paper and ruining it all.

"Hail to guardians of the watchtower!" Throwing her hands up with eyes closed, head tilted back allowing her raven mane to whip in the wind. "Hear me!" Crimson lightning rips through her hair. Every few nights she's come to a different rooftop. Always alone. Eve had a theory and she didn't want to test it out with anyone else around, she couldn't get anyone else killed.

Maybe this exercise would though.

"I call to the Mother and Father, The First, Bearer of the Golden Orbs the Weary Traveler fresh from crossing over into this dimension, hear me!!" Eve's voice rings out and she shakes her hands as if trying to feel for something. "Your Wretched Daughter calls to you, let us parlay! Rise from the depths of your immortal hell dimension and speak with me!!"

"Hey! Will you shut the fuck up?!" a disgruntled neighbor calls from one of the surrounding buildings. It's late. People have work in the morning and the former seer has been raving and screaming on the rooftop for over an hour now. A chorus of dog howls and cats yowling fills the night air and the sound of a window slamming shut rings out.

Eve winces and she squints her eyes, breaking her concentration. Three of the candles go out adding to the smoke wafting up from the bowl. "I'm trying to fill out a hippopotamus here! Serious business!!/" Shaking her head as the wind knocks strands into her blood red glowing eyes.

Shit. She would need to start again.

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