The Cat And Dani Plans


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Scene Title The Cat And Dani Plans
Synopsis They exist. But what are they?
Date September 26, 2008

Dorchester Towers: Cat's Apartment

One eye cracks open, then the other, and Cat focuses them on the DVR clock to see what it tells her. The numbers, LED in display, report it as 8:30. She starts to stretch, but stops herself, because there's a person atop her. It thus becomes a trick of easing out and not waking the bed partner, so she slowly slides toward the edge, taking care in her movements. Every few seconds she studies the face to see if her sleep has been disturbed before moving again.

Danielle doesn't wake. Alcohol plus stress have the reporter out cold still. She doesn't rouse from Cat's lithe movements.

Eventually she gets feet on the floor, retrieves her discarded clothing, and slips into them before entering the hall. Cat makes her way to the kitchen. Soon there shall be eggs and sausage with orange juice and fresh coffee. And plates with silverware on the table. Once this is accomplished Cat brings in the New York Times from outside and begins to read it.

Danielle stirs eventually. The shorter woman stumbles out of the bedroom, garbed in her bathrobe. "Hey." she says, squinting her eyes some against the light.

There is light to be squinted against, and there are also the smells of the eggs, sausage, coffee, and orange juice. Cat, her hair still a mess, is seated there with eyes trained on the newspaper. She's just started to record the printed matter on it. Her head turns, she shows a smile of warm greeting, and replies. "Morning."

Dani waves vaguely. She moves over to the table. "I called and told them I was working the story today." One nice thing about her job; you can telecommute a lot.

"How're you feeling, Dani?" Cat asks. Translation: Are you hung over? Her fork is lifted, and a small portion of the food enters her mouth, is chewed, then followed by a swig of orange juice.

Danielle seems to be feeling a little of it. "Headachey. Tired. Gummy-mouthed."

Such seems to have been anticipated, the stool needed for someone less tall to reach overhead cabinets is right in front of the one where the ibuprofen hides, and food resides on the table with liquids for combating dryness of mouth. Cat continues to eat, her eyes no longer on the newspaper.

Danielle starts to gather. She gets medicine, and then heads to the table, pouring some juice. "Thank you for breakfast."

"You're welcome," she answers, and continues eating in her careful fashion. She may call herself Cat, and she likes to eat, even prowls a stage like a panther, but when it comes to food there's nothing about her which resembles a large feline with freshly downed zebra or antelope.

The other woman starts to eat. She's silent as she does so, and waits for medicine to kick in, downing her breakfast and juice.

Time passes, she consumes hers while returning to the day's paper. When her food is gone, the last of her juice is downed, leaving her with just coffee and the third section. Cat is about one quarter of the way through the printed matter.

Danielle finally finishes her breakfast. "I'm gonna go take a shower." she announces, and heads for the bathroom.

A nod, as coffee is taken up. "Are you feeling better, Dani?" Cat asks.

Danielle nods. "I feel fine. Except headachey." She moves to the bathroom, and a couple minutes later, the sound of running water.

While the shower is used, she remains there, enjoying coffee and reading the paper, while also mulling over when to raise the subject of the detective, and thinking to let Dani broach the topic first. Cat just hopes she will.

When the shower is emerged from she'll still be there at the table with a fresh cup of coffee.

Dani comes back out, showered. She starts to the bedroom, and then comes out a couple minutes later, dressed and ready to face the day. But still no comment of plan.

A fresh cup of coffee greets her on the table. Cat sits down her own, and turns. "You've got a plan," she quietly begins. Her face is calm, and curious. It's something she'd like to hear.

Danielle nods. "I do." she says, and sits. "I'll handle it, Cat." Which is Dani decidedly NOT talking about it.

Her assessment of the parameters and possibilities goes unexpressed, and the actions she'd formulated, one of which is speaking with the detective and recommending she resign, if her family situation works against her doing the job she holds. Cat acquiesces to and respects the decision.

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