The Cat's Meow


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Scene Title The Cat's Meow
Synopsis Can't save Amadeus from a couple of cats with claws.
Date December 5, 2010

The Fisher Village

Fish, the entire village smells of fish. When the warrior first passed through the area, she dropped off something very special. Now that she's making her way back, she just needs to check up on it. The tiny village wasn't privvy to her footstep the first time, she stopped a few miles down the river and had the woman walk the rest of the way, secure in the fact she would be safe… The warrior was riding a stolen panther after all.

Striding into the heart of it as bold as can be, the young redhead passes by the night watchman with something of a wave, headed deeper into the village in search of her quarry. The tavern, a place where everyone spends the end of their day for a hearty supper and a story, seems to be where she's headed. Along the way, there are quite a number of cats. Odd.

As she pushes open the large wooden door, she's greeted with the sight and smell of an entire village of people. It certainly is a powerful thing, between the fish, the odor of men, and the smell of beer, she's nearly overwhelmed. "I'm looking for Keira…" she says firmly to the forst she runs across, "Is she still here?"

Keira wasn't thrilled by the smell of fish that clings to the village…but she's made something else of herself. Made the best of this situation. She blends, now, wearing clothing that matches that of others. Her hair is a little messy, her face smudged with dirt. She's still not used to the smell. Nonetheless, the runaway bride is settled down, eating dinner along with the family that has taken her in.

Gray eyes raise from their meal, her brows raising as she hears her name called. Her eyes turn away from the hearty supper, toward the redhead who enters. The man who Delia speaks to offers a cheery nod, gesturing toward the table that the the smaller redhead is seated at.

Every occupant in the room that gets a look at the warrior woman moves away from her. Like Noah parting the red sea, a path opens up between the two women just from the villagers scooting out of the way. It's rather convenient for Delia to have been cursed as a witch, just because most people don't get in her way.

When she gets close to the other woman, Keira can see that her white dress is pristine and her hair untangled. "Keira… can we?" She motions toward the door, flitting a careful eye to those surrounding them. "I need your help with something."

The redhead blinks a few times, raising her brows up at Delia as she approaches, in that prestine white dress. That woman, with her strange blue eyes, who calls her cousin. She remembers the woman who saved her from her merchant husband's grasp. She takes one more bite of her meal, one more swig of her drink, before raising from the table, brushing her fingers through her admittedly tangled hair.

"Anything…" She murmurs this with a glance around the room. Then, she's turning, promptly leading the way out of the tavern. The noble mannerisms haven't worn off. She still holds her dress as she walks with a delicate step.

Once they exit the tavern, the taller of the two leads the way into an alley. "I"m in a bit of a bind, you see… I need to collect something from the friend of the Dark Knight… the Catwailer. I think he might have my necklace." Before explaining what she means, the younger woman smooths her hand over the wall. Like she was cleaning a pane of glass, the brick melts away under her hand until a clear window to something else appears.

"You don't have to come if you don't want… but I… I don't feel comfortable going alone." Pointing to the scene, it's really self explanitory.

A brightness that hasn't been seen in All since before the Gangibildh, the sun. In a room made of sandy colored bricks and clay, slim felines of various colors slink about, looking bored or otherwise nonplussed. A few hiss at each other before going their separate ways but the sight is eclipsed by a near harem of women who resemble the warrior herself. Clad in next to nothing, they lounge about like the cats themselves. The window follows one as she stretches and rises, making her way over to a bored looking man on a throne.

Turning back to Keira, Delia has an expression on her face that can only be described as angry and or uncomfortable. "You see? I'm not going there alone."

Wearing a pair of blue jeans, black Chucks, and an unbuttoned suit jacket with AC on one side, and DC on the other, he doesn't bother with a shirt under it. Amadeus is lounging on a pile of pillows, with the occasional Delia crawling over him, brown cat ears twitching as his matching tail sways behind him.

There is much purring going on.

Keira's eyes widen as the scene on the wall changes, leaning closer, as if to touch it, but she can't quite bring herself to touch that strange window. Instead, she pulls back, turning toward the red-haired warrior with a somewhat confused, if not unhappy look on her face. That's…interesting. She's coming to expect strange things to happen with this warrior around.

Something about this scene makes her angry. It makes her want to barge right through that strange window and attack that man there on the throne.

"Something about this makes me so mad I want to hit something. Mostly, I want to hit that guy." She frowns at the window. "But I'll help you…you saved me, and I owe you for it. But…I can't promise I won't kick that guy. Something makes me want to. I mean, I really want to kick him, even more than I wanted to kick my husband before you saved me from him."

With a catlike smile of her own that doesn't reach her eyes, Delia nods and holds her hand out to Keira. "I won't be able to hold us both there for long… So while you're keeping him busy, I'll be looking for my lockets and getting rid of… them." She sniffs a haughty huff when she shifts her glance to one of her doppelgangers. "You wouldn't just happen to need my sword, would you?"

By the smile on Delia's face, she's more than willing to let the petite woman borrow it for the good cause. Clasping Keira's hand, she steps through the window and pulls the other woman along with her.

The Catwailer's Lair

Once the tall redhead's foot touches the sandstone on the other side of the mirror, the Catwailer's entire world is plunged into darkness. As though someone stole the sun right out of the sky and replaced it with a full moon, the slim highlights of white light outline various shapes in the room. Pair by pair, the luminescent green eyes of the various cats blink into visibility.

Quite without a light of their own, Delia reaches into her pack and draws out the broken sword of the King of All and an orb that emits a soft blue light. "You get him, I'm going to find my locket… and kill them."

"Meow." Amadeus says as he stands, beginning to approach the orb, focusing on that before he notices the real Delia. "You ain't got your regular clothes on, Delia." He thumbs back on the borderline Slave Leia Delias, then raises an eyebrow. "Dress like the others, you ain't proper." Then he notices Keira, who gets all of his attention now, for some inexplicable reason.

Keira grins, taking Delia's hand as she peers over at that figure. "…You know, I think I would like to use a sword. It sounds like it would be strangely satisfying." She raises her brows as they step in, peering over the once sunlit world, now plunged into the same darkness that she's been in for as long as she remembers.

Then, the Catwailer is approaching, and the shorter redheads is moving before she even realizes it. In fact, she's all but charging at him, suddenly aiming to tackle him to the ground in a move that the merchant's runaway bride never thought she could do. And that's not all. She's also aiming punches at his face. "You're a bastard!"

Once they're through Delia pauses for just a moment, just long enough to deliver a glower at Amadeus. Then she's off toward the line of Slave DeLeia's. One by one, she touches them and with a scream as though they're staked vampires, they burn from the inside with a bright light and fall to the ground as ash.

The cats are left alone.

When she's finished extinguishing the last of the copies, she turns toward Amadeus and points her sword. "You." She growls, "Never. Again."

"Don't I know you?" Amadeus asks as he tries to shield his face from the flurry of punches, grunting and looking back as the other Delias are stabbed. "That Delia is killin' the other Delias! Go stop her or I'll have you sent to the firecracker fields!"

Keira is like a force of nature right now, punching and kicking and slapping and even biting Amadeus at one point. It's as if, the more she hits him, the angrier she feels. "You're a son of a bitch! To hell with your stupid firecracker fields, I'm going to KILL YOU. How dare you…how dare you!" She's still punching and kicking, even as Delia points to Amadeus.

She's not entirely sure why she's so angry, but it feels good to punch him. Even if it does make her even more angry.

Turning away from the battling pair, Delia points the orb arond the room, shining the light to illuminate the darkest corners with its blue light. A sparkle at the throat of one of the siamese catches her eye and she makes a rush for the feline. Unfortunately it's too fast and with all of her concentration on catching it, Keira's form begins to fade.

"Get over here, you lousy cat…" she growls in frustration, going as far as to climb on top of the sandstone throne and teeter preacriously on it. "Give… me… that…"

"That Delia is tryin' to steal somethin'!" Amadeus shouts, but then Keira's flurry of attacks simply increase, and he's grunting and taking a beating while trying futilely to protect his face. "What did I do? Get off me! Don't be such a crazy bitch!"

And Keira notices it, too, mostly when she's punching through Amadeus, rather than actually punching him. Seated on his chest, Keira raises her hands, staring at them. "Warrior! What is happening to me?!" She shouts this after Delia, her eyes widening toward her. "I am disappearing!" She raises to her feet, her hands upraised toward Delia.

That doesn't stop her from aiming a kick at Amadeus' head with one of her still-tangible feet. "Shut up. She's on a quest, and I'm helping her! Not very well, but…" She peers at her hands.

Turning her attention from the siamese that's swiping at her, Delia squints at Keira and shakes her head. "I can't hold onto you cousin, you're slipping back to where you belong." The cat gets a little growl to match the one it's giving and Delia reaches for the sparkling chain around its neck again. "You're going to have to wake up— oops…"

The admission made to Amadeus that he's dreaming, Delia gives him a wide eyed stare and screams in frustration, acting more like her cousin than she ever has before. "Give me the… " and with Amadeus' lucidity, she also starts to fade a little, not as much… but enough that a firm grasp of the necklace is missed due to transluscent fingers.

Amadeus still isn't quite sure what's going on by the time Keira vanishes, pushing himself up so he can stare at her. He may be getting a bit lucid, but this is still a dream. "I don't know what the fuck you're talkin' about, but you killed my other Delias, so start gettin' undressed before I wake up."

The redhead reaches into her pack to grasp at a leather pouch tied with a bell and the skull of a sparrow. One pinch to put them to sleep, two to make them sleep forever. Holding it in her hand, she grimaces at the man with narrowed eyes and finally drops it back into the fur pouch. "Wake up, Amadeus Deckard. If I ever see this again, I'll make sure to drag Keira back in."

Hopping off the top of the throne, she takes two bounding steps before leaping into the air and —

Amadeus grunts, wiping his eyes as he starts to wake up, in Keira's bed. "Man, glad I already got to do the fun shit in that dream, fuckin' weird…"

Keira blinks a few times; then, as Delia's words reach her ears, the red-headed woman simply disappears, even as she reaches for Delia with a frown upon her face. She's just gone.

Sleeping next to Amadeus, Keira suddenly sits up in bed, staring at the wall opposite to her with a frown. Then, she turns a scowl toward the man sleeping next to her. Even if it was just a dream…it pissed her off something hardcore. With a small growl, she winds up…and aims a fist right down at the sleeping Deckard's crotch. "FUCK you, dreamin' about fuckin' Delia! Get th'fuck out!" Sure, she's still half asleep, but that dream left her infuriated at Amadeus, and she's going to take it out on him.

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