The Charming Pizza Pusher


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Scene Title The Charming Pizza Pusher
Synopsis A little lesson on how to work your charm.
Date March 14, 2009

Outside Panucci's Pizza

It's a bit later in the morning, and this is moving day for Magnes, so Mister Panucci has given him something to do before the truck comes. He's in his silver-rimmed oval glasses again today, it is work hours, and he stands in front of the modestly sized shop with a small wooden dinner table and some paper plates laid out with small square slices of pizza. Each square has a topping on it, to make sure people get a good idea of what they have to offer; and it is quite good, with all sorts of herbs and spices, a few with a bit of extra cheese sprinkled on. "A-ah, um, please try Panucci's pizza, it's really good, and uh…" he's speaking rather quietly, and a few people do stop, but his lack of assertiveness while publically advertising isn't helping much. Why can't he just give people a menu and skate away?!

Zooming down the street on her motorcycle, Samantha comes to an abrupt stop in front of the shop. She puts the bike up on it's kickstand and shuts off the motor. She pulls off her helmet, letting her long blond hair fall down around her shoulders. She sets her helmet securely on her bike, then dismounts. She unfastens the box from her bike and starts towards the shop. Seems she's making some sort of delivery to this place. She has to snort a little as she passes the young man and his pathetic attempts at passing out pizza samples, walking right by him and into the shop, disappearing.

"Hey, free pizza!" says a slightly lilting feminine voice.

Chu-hua brushes some hair out from in front of her glasses, moving to take one of the free pizza slices. "I know you, don't I?" she asks. "The high-jumper teaching kids how to skate, right? This is your pizza shop?"

Magnes nods, swallowing hard, cheeks flushing as he avoids eye contact and stares at the pizza. "P-please, have a slice, I made it myself, try as many as you like, there are more trays…" he offers, trailing off again, vaguely looking back to see who just went into the shop.

A chime later, the door opens to the place and Samantha steps out. She takes a deep breath of air before she spies the pizza pusher. She waltzes over and picks up a piece and takes a bite. "This isn't bad, actually. Too bad your selling isn't for shit." she grins at him. She gives Chu-hua a brief glance. "Might want to try and be just a little more assertive. Show them that you have a pair, ya know what I'm talking about?" She picks up a second sample after finishing the first.

Chu-hua shakes her head. "Oh, no thank you." she replies. "I wouldn't want to take advantage of you and eat all your pizza." She glances at Samantha. "But I think your doing a fine job. Less threatening. If your too forceful, you'll scare people away."

"I have plenty of confidence, it's just that there's lots of strange people looking." Magnes says, still rather bashful, completely forgetting the fact that he fought in a whole warehouse full of people; well, forgetting at least while selling pizza. "R-really? You think so?" Wearing his cheap looking red skates, temporarily at least, a slight smile forms on his face at the compliment. He responds better to positive reinforcement! "Maybe if I skate a bit."

Sam shakes her head. "You're doing okay, but you want them go in there right?" She unzips her jacket and walks over and drapes it over the bike and walks back. "If you want, I can show you a few tricks. Get this place packed out some." She interlaces her fingers and cracks her knuckles. "Want some pointers or what?" she asks with a smirk.

Chu-hua smiles brightly "Maybe!" She then darts a few glances towards the physically imposing blonde that is Samantha. "But uh, she seems like she has a few ideas too." The asian girl steps backwards to give Samantha a berth to do…whatever she's about to do.

Magnes nods, smiling a bit when Samantha suddenly doesn't seem like she's gonna kick his ass. "Sure, what do we do first? Oh, crap, I forgot!" He digs into his pocket, then pulls out a small stack of menus, sitting them on the table. "I'm ready!" he says slightly more enthusiastically. Confidence, confidence!

Sam steps behind the table and gives him a nudge. "Step aside and let me work here." She eyes the side walk and a rather chubby man walks over and moves to stand next to him. "Sir, would you care to sample some of our fine pizza?" She's laying on the charm pretty think. "Trust me, you'll really like it. Please?" She bats her eyelashes and has him hooked. As he takes the sample and eats it, she steers him back towards the shop. "Doesn't pizza sound like something wonderful right about now?" He grunt. "I am a little hungry.. I suppose I could go on in. Thanks." Sure enough, he steps into the place disappearing into the door. She walks back, all smug. "See? Play your charm card. You try."

"I don't think he can bat his eyelashes." Chu-hua says dryly. "Or purr at them in a seductive voice." She glances at Magnes. "I bet he could show a little leg though." she says, with a touch of amusement.

"I don't think I have any charm." Magnes admits in defeat, skating around to the front of the table as he watches people go by, then looks back at the girls. "How does a guy use charm?" he asks, with a completely oblivious look.

"Hrm." Sam watches him for a second. Hopeless, really. She eyes up and down the sidewalk for a moment. She grins as she sees a group of girls down the way and she strides down in that direction. They all stop their chattering when she approaches and Sam leans over and talks to them, pointing down towards the table. The three girls' attention is drawn to the table and soon they have turned and headed down in that direction, with Sam walking behind. As they approach they are all giggly. "That lady said you had some pizza down here you were giving away." "Yeah, can we try some?" "She said you can do tricks with your skates. Is that true?" Hands are plucking pizza samples from the table as they watch the man.

Chu-hua grins and watches Samantha and Magnes interact, peering at him intently to see how he responds to this.

"A-ah, yeah, I can do tricks!" Magnes moves away from the table, then starts skating in circles on one foot, before jumping and doing a front flip, landing on that same foot, backwards. He skids to a hault, then starts skating towards Chu-hua, as if he's gonna ram into her, but at the last second, he jumps, moving his hands to gently push off her shoulders, then basically leap-frogs over her and lands gracefully on the other side, turning around to take a bow.

"Whu-aah!" Chu-Hua says, looking more then a bit worried that Magnes is going to run into her, but then looks pleasantly surprised whn he jumps over her, clapping. "Oh, very good!"

Sam stands by and watches Magnes work. The girls continue their chatter. "Whoa! That's great!" They are probably early high school girls, not too young, so they wouldn't normally impress all the easily. "This pizza's pretty good too." One girl turns to the other. "I know.. let's go in and have some pizza for lunch!" "Let's do it!" The girls start to gaggle into the restaurant. "Thanks for the show, Mr. Skater guy!" "Yeah, thanks!" Soon the girls are all inside ordering pizza and Sam walks over and puts her hand on the young man's shoulder. "See. Charm. You got it. You just have to find it." She walks over and picks her jacket up off her bike and puts it on.

"I skate a lot, it's how I do my deliveries. I didn't know I could sell pizza with it." Magnes says while looking himself over, pleasantly surprised with himself, cheeks flushed once again. "Oh, um, my name's Magnes J. Varlane. I'm a delivery boy, and I cook."

She slips onto her cycle and picks up her helmet. "I'm Sam. Just.. Sam. And I deliver stuff too." she grins as she puts the helmet on her head. She tosses Magnes and Chu a salute. Starting up the cycle she revs it up a few times before putting it into gear and zooming out onto the street, disappearing several blocks later.

Chu-hua glances back towards Magnes as Sam vanishes. "So…nice to see you again." she says a bit akwardly. "Do you mind talking about your…gift?"

"Oh, um, I don't mind…" Magnes says as his own awkwardness rises again, habitually straightening his glasses as he starts to skate into an alley. "Follow me."

Chu-hua follows after Magnes, straightening her own glasses. Of course, she's not as fast as the /skater/ is, but she walks along after.

Magnes stops in the middle of the alley, staring at her, then up inbetween the two buildings. "A-alright, so, please don't take this the wrong way, but um…" A hard swallow, then he offers a shaky hand. "Please take my hand."

Chu-hua bites a lip hesitatingly, then goes to take Magnes' hand. "Alright." she replies. "Uh, your not going to jump 10 feet in the air again, are you? I don't think I'd like the fall back down…"

"Not ten feet." Magnes replies rather crypticly, then suddenly he crouches down and springs straight up in the air, pulling her with him, her body almost weightless in the pull. It only takes a few seconds for them to gently land on the roof, giving her a modest view of the neighborhood from the two story building. "I control gravity, I can move in almost any way I want, but I'm still learning."

Chu-hua /almost/ freaks out - but manages to compose herself pretty quickly, the startlement giving way to 'Oooh!' "Hey, thats pretty cool." she admits. "You know, I bet a physics lab would love to study how you do that. I wonder if its gravitrons?"

"Um, I don't know what it is, but that's not all I can do. Without the skates I can make myself heavier, and I can change which direction is 'down', so I could fall up into the sky, that part's like a light switch. And I can do the same for whatever I'm touching, but I haven't learned how to control that part completely, so it's just automatic right now." Magnes stares at her for a moment, then turns his head to avoid eye contact again, nervously rubbing the back of his neck. Not good with social situations!
"Huh." Chu-Hua ponders aloud, twirling some hair near her ear as she thinks. "No idea what makes it work. We've never really successfully detected gravitrons. I'll imagine its fun having a power though - and dangerous. I imagine the government, big corporations, and all sorts of criminals want to control you."

Magnes nods, definitely agreeing with the dangerous part, even if it is fun most of the time. "Well, I've been kidnapped for the last few weeks, they forced me and other people with abilities to fight eachother in a cage. There was a healer to keep us in good health. If it wasn't for her, you'd just be looking at a walking mass of scars and broken bones." he explains, holding his ribs as he remembers; not pleasant at all. "But I'm not too worried, most of the time it's really not hard for me to run away. For people with powers, Sylar's probably the largest worry, but I think I have that under control. He has no idea I have an ability when I speak to him."
Chu-hua shudders. "Sylar. That monster killed thousands of people - and my entire family. I hope the government locks him up, incases him in cement, and sends him to the moon."

"He didn't do it." Magnes quickly replies, though he keeps his tone casual, moving a hand over to her shoulder. As awkward as it is, he does his best to comfort. "I'm really sorry about your family, and while Sylar may have an issue with killing, he didn't kill those people. Nathan Petrelli used him as a scapegoat to protect his brother, Peter Petrelli; those are the men you should hate."

Chu-hua shudders once more, but doesn't brush away the hand. "The President? Your telling me you think the President and his brother blew up New York city?" She pauses. "That seems like a bit of a conspiracy theory. I mean, I didn't vote for him, but…everyone knows Sylar did it."

"Everyone doesn't know Sylar." Magnes adds, tone growing slightly more confident. One has to stay confident to make another feel secure, even if one also feels incredibly awkward and nervous as hell in the current situation. "Sylar is a killer with very little remorse for what he does, and some say that's because of his power, not because he's actually crazy. I didn't believe Sylar was innocent when I was first told either, but people who know Peter Petrelli and Sylar, well, they know the truth. I've never met Peter, but I have met Sylar. He's practically a god, even by evolved standards, he doesn't care if people know that he's killed someone, he'd be the first to tell you, but he absolutely does not take credit for Manhattan. There's lots of evidence, maybe I could… help?"

Chu-hua shakes her head. "No, its fine. Even if your right, theres nothing I can do. I'm not evolved, and even if I was, its not as if I could get revenge. And revenge is…well, by the tenents of my religion, not a positive emotion anyways. I'm supposed to…" She pauses uncertainly. "I'm supposed to forgive."

"Would it…" Magnes pauses, not so sure of his next few words as he removes his uneasy hand from her shoulder. "Would it give you some closure if you actually met Sylar? He wouldn't kill you, he only kills people with abilities."

Chu-hua pauses. "I…" She pauses again. "I don't know." she says honestly. "I have no idea. I don't know how I would feel, or if I'm…even brave enough to try and meet him."

"It's alright, just think about it for a while, alright? And don't forget, I'd be there to protect you. He's not exactly a scary person, I mean, aside from being a killer, he's practically Mister Rogers." Magnes smiles, reaching out to take her hand and guide her to the edge of the roof, facing the alley. "Come on, let me get your mind off of this stuff. Is there anything you want me to do with my ability? I can share it, so you can experience the same thing."
Chu-hua takes the hand. "Um." she tries to think. "Can you make it weightless? That might be cool. You can only do that in space, you know. Or by falling off a building."

"Well, completely weightless is hard, but I can make us really light." Magnes jumps backward, towards the center of the roof so no one on the street can see. There are luckily no really tall buildings around, so there's plenty of privacy for ability using. They're both suddenly very light, about five feet above the ground; they're practically floating, but in actuality, they're just falling very slowly. "Go ahead, move around, but don't let go of my hand, alright?" he instructs, but his obviously red cheeks never die down. What he wouldn't give for this to be Mohinder's hand right now.

Chu-hua is not, perhaps, the most observant girl in the world- she doesn't notice the red cheeks. "Hey, this is neat. Feels a bit queasy though, like being at the top of a roller coaster." She touches her stomach with the other hand. "I guess I'dve made a poor astronaut." She pauses, considering something. "Hey, how high can you go?" She quickly adds, "Don't do it! I'm just wondering."

"I can go as high as, well, as high as there is to go. But I have to switch gravity around to do it, it can be disorienting if you're not used to it." Magnes answers as gravity suddenly flips. They don't move, he simply changed which way is down, and gravity is too light for them to reall fall at any significant speed, just a slow drifting 'up'. There's a feeling that the ground is the ceiling, and the sky is the ground, meaning, even five feet above the roof, it feels like they're thousands of feet from the ground. "Don't worry, alright? We're completely safe, I've got you."

Chu-hua looks suddenly queasy. "Whoh. Err…" She clutches her stomach. "Alright. Alright. Its…." She shakes her head. "If you put on a space suit, can you go to the moon?" she asks.
Magnes scratches the back of his head with his free hand, in idle thought. Gravity's orientation shifts back to normal, so they're floating slowly toward the roof again. "Um, I'm actually not really sure, I think I'd burn up in the atmosphere. I guess if it wasn't for the whole atmosphere thing, I could probably go to the moon. I've always wanted to try going to another country, I always see the airplanes and think about just riding on top of one."

Chu-hua ponders. "Actually, the atmosphere is only twenty miles thick. The citer is wider then the atmosphere is thick. If you went as fast as a car, you could get out of the atmosphere in an hour or two. And then you could speed up and go to the moon."

"That'd be one expensive space suit, I think. I'm not sure if I'm even brave enough to try something like that." Magnes gently pushes off the ground when they finally land, trying to push them back up like a moon bounce. "Would you do it? I mean, if you had my ability?"
Chu-hua ponders. "Yes." she decides. "I probably would. Micrometeorites would be a concern - you'd want some armoring. But I'd get a few thousand dollars and go to the moon, and plant my flag beside Neil's."

"It kinda makes me sad, to meet someone like you. You have ambitions, you could do a lot with my ability…" Magnes looks down at his free hand with a regretful look, shaking his head. "The most I wanted to do was be a superhero, change the world, protect people I care about, deliver pizza. Seems like the only thing I'm good at is delivering pizza." He shakes his head, smiling again. "Sorry, bad few weeks. You seem like a nerd, I mean, you are a scientist, do you like comics?"
"I know the feeling." Chu replies. "I didn't sleep for four days once during a set of physics and biology finals." She shakes her head. "No, I'm not that sort of nerd. I do like Star Trek though."

"Too bad, though I like Star Trek too, a lot more than Star Wars, except Voyager." Magnes gently lands them again, releasing her hand to rub his own. Cooties, he can feel them, he'll feel them for days! "My parents made me study all the time, I don't know why I never got any good at physics, my parents were pushing for me to major. I haven't spoken to them since the explosion, they were out of town, and for some reason my grandmother's number doesn't work. Mister Panucci has been taking care of me, but I'm moving today."

Magnes stands six feet tall, his body has slight athletic muscle and his skin a milky white complexion. His dark brown messy hair is quite short, often pushed almost flat from possibly wearing some sort of hat in a hot place frequently. His eyes are brown, covered by clear contacts, for anyone who could tell such a thing. There are also two small black parallel lines on the back left side of his neck, Company markers.

He wears a loose-fitting red short-sleeved T-shirt with a black circle and a yellow R over the left side of his chest, it's a Robin III shirt; the sleeves stopping just below his elbows. On his waist is a black leather belt with a blue stripe going around the middle, and silver pilot wings with a skate wheel design inbetween them for a buckle. Held up by the belt are relatively normal black loose fitting jeans with blue colored ankles. And on his feet are a pair of black sneakers with what resembles blood poorly cleaned off, quite tattered as if he stepped into a pit of spikes.

Chu-hua tilts her head. "Moving? Where too?" she asks, adding after a second, "You should try and get in contact with them. They are probably worried sick about you somewhere."

"I know I should, it's just not easy." Magnes walks over to the edge of the roof near the alley again, plopping down so his legs dangle over the side. "I'm moving to Staten, even if it's kinda bad, I found a pretty nice place with someone who was looking for a room-mate. It's really large, she's trying to fix it up."
Chu-hua tilts her head. "Uh, Staten? The radioactive place filled with murderers, rapists, smugglers, and sex-slavery?" She looks at Magnes as if he's lost his mind.

"I'm moving to a plantation, it's not like we'll be living in the middle of gang wars or something. And maybe I'll be able to make a difference there, with my ability." Magnes looks back at her, appearing quite sure in his decision. "I'm not afraid, and if the part I'm moving to is really radioactive, I know a person who can cure cancer."

"Uhhh…" Chu-hua sounds as if she doesn't know what to say. "A /plantation/. On Staten Island." She pauses. "Err…well…I wish you the best of luck. And perhaps you could stop… the slavery or…mugging, or…something." She shakes her head. "The government can't even police normals, it seems to have almost given up on people like Sylar and places like Staten."

"I doubt the president cares, too busy protecting his terrorist brother, and making life harder for people with abilities." Magnes says with a shrug, apparently harboring a deep hatred for the president. "Staten will be peaceful again, the whole city will one day, or at least as peaceful as New York can be."
Chu-hua pauses. "Well, abilities have to be regulated." she argues. "I'm not dehumanizing you, or others with abilities but…I wouldn't trust the average person with things like invisibility, or super-strength, or the ability to kill at will, or something. This has nothing to do with evolved or not - all the same- it has to do with being human. You can't trust humans. People are corrupt, lazy, greedy and stupid - as a species, its what defines us, even as a small few work to improve themselves."

"There are better ways to do things than tagging us all like animals. It's true, you can't trust everyone with an ability. You also can't trust everyone with guns, explosives, biological weapons. The government has a lot more to worry about than people with powers." Magnes pats the spot next to him, motioning for her to come over. "And don't you think it's ironic that the president is protecting the most dangerous person on the planet?"
Chu-hua sits down and shakes her head. "No, it doesn't have more to worry about. You can /control gravity/ - Sylar can destroy a city at will. Whats the next person to do? Control my mind? Control time? Blow up the sun? What if someones born tomorrow who can just blow up the sun at will, or take control of every mind in a city?"

"But you don't understand, saying something like that is…" Magnes tries to think, there has to be a good analogy somewhere. "Wait, yeah! Saying something like that is like saying that every person with a gun is gonna go on a shooting rampage. Just because there's a small percentage of crazy people, means we all have to suffer? And everyone has limits, I don't even think we could come close to controlling the sun…"
"People shouldn't have guns either - and people with guns are required to register them, besides!" Chu-hua replies. "Required. Now, lets be honest…a power is much more dangerous then a gun, more dangerous then even a concealed gun - which you need not to just register but get a permit for. And its not just a small percentage. How many people do you know with powers that are dangerous that don't use them at all? Have you seen the things that go on in this city?"

"Just because all you see are the bad people using powers, doesn't mean that's all there is. There are probably only a few people who could stop me from doing something really bad, like going out and throwing the president into the sky or something, but I haven't done it. I know someone who can control fire, she hasn't done anything bad. And in all seriousness, as bad as Sylar is, he only kills other Evolved, which doesn't give him a large window of people to hurt." Magnes reaches over, offering a hand in front of her, keeping his tone calm and casual. He only wants her to understand, not win a debate. "I'm probably very dangerous, and you've never heard of me. If you take the news as your entire perspective on the world, then how can you ever expect to feel safe?"
Chu-hua takes the hand, but shakes her head. "No, thats not the point. I don't care what the percentages are. People become corrupted when given power. We make people register guns, dangerous powers should be registered too. I'm not saying you don't have a right to privacy, but the police should be aware of who has what power."

"Chihuahua… I guess I can understand your point, considering your circumstances, but I just don't feel safe. I don't feel safe with someone like Nathan Petrelli controlling my life. I'd feel violated if I were just forced to tell someone everything about me, just because it's the law." Magnes takes her hand, his cheeks not so red right now. He stares at her seriously, forcing eye contact even though he was avoiding it for so long. "Are you gonna turn me in?"

Chu-hua rolls her eyes. "I'm not going to turn you in." she says. "Thats not my job - especially with the discrimination and anti-evolved violence. I don't really blame you, either. I understand why your feel the way you do."

"It feels nice to just talk like this, I usually have a lot of this stuff on my chest." Magnes stares down into the alley, firmly holding her hand, seeking comfort after the past few hellish weeks. "I can never face any of my friends again, I messed up so much, saw things I never wanted to see. It's just… nice to know someone normal."
Chu-hua tilts her head. "What did you do?" she asks quietly.

"I couldn't protect Abby, I let her get caught and got captured myself. She got shot, got her tongue ripped out, and I couldn't do a thing about it. She healed herself, but she should have never had to experience it, and it's…" Magnes holds his free hand up to his eyes, voice wavering. "It's my fault, because I haven't mastered my power…"

Chu-hua frowns puzzeledly. "Err, what?" she asks. "I think your male ego is getting in the way of your head there. You can't control yourself - let alone the world. Bad things happen and you…have to take them as they come. Whether or not this Abby experienced some temporary pain in the past has little to do with what matters; her life here, now. Same with you. Do not dwell on what you can not control."

"I just can't face them, what if they blame me?" Magnes asks, turning his head away to wipe his face, trying to suck it up so she doesn't see. "I just don't get it, how do superheroes deal with this? Spider-Man, Superman, knowing that they maybe could have done something."
Chu-hua snorts. "Superheroes are not real." she says. "They don't exist and have…little bearing on the world we live in. Your a person. Stop acting as if your supposed to be some hero and start taking the world on your own terms. There are things you can do, things you can not do, and things you will learn…in time. In the end, this isn't about them blaming you, its about you blaming yourself. If you can't accept who you are, then noone else can, either."

Magnes turns to her with slightly red eyes, giving a nod. "But I'm not sure how to deal with the situation, I wouldn't know what to say. Oh well, I guess I'll just take it one step at a time." He smiles, though appears to have some mental exhaustion behind his gaze. "Thanks for talking to me about this, holding it in wasn't… helping."

Chu-hua nods her head. "Taking things one step at a time is all you can do." She pauses. "Though, I wasn't kidding about what I said earlier - about going into orbit. You could probably make endless amounts of money ferrying sattelites into orbit. You could start up a lot of charities."

"I don't really know a lot about how I'd do that." Magnes admits, but keeps an optimistic tone. "If you helped me out, I wouldn't mind trying, but by myself, I wouldn't even know where to start or who to talk to."
Chu-hua ponders. "I'd contact either Boeing, Lockheed Martin, or NASA. Or one of those commercial space flight places. NASA could save a lot of money with your help. I mean, I'm just a college grad - not even a Ph.D. I don't have any contacts or even a job. But you send them an email, you'll get their attention."

"Maybe one day, I don't really think I can just walk up and do something like this. It's a bit much to take in by myself." Magnes says, apparently lacking motivation for space flight, and possibly a bit afraid of it. "I mean, wouldn't everyone know who I was? I don't think I'd ever have a peaceful life."

Chu-hua ponders. "Yeah, everyone would know who you were. But you'd be doing a ton of good. Its very expensive to get something into space - even just orbit can take a decade. You would literally reduce 90 percent of the cost."

"Aren't satelites huge?" Magnes asks, having not actually seen one up close, or done much reading up on them. "I'm not even sure if I have a limit, and if I do, I don't know what it is or what would happen when I reach the limit. But I guess if they let me wear a mask and not reveal my name, I'd consider it…"

Chu-hua shakes her head. "Not necessarily. The more heavy they are, the more they cost to put into orbit. Spuntnik weighed like…a pound, or something like that. At the very least, they wouldn't usually weigh more then me."

"Oh, but um…" Magnes points up with his free hand, raising an eyebrow. "But I still don't understand how I'd get up there, the atmosphere is seriously hot, I'd need a powerful space suit or something. Oh well, I guess I'd let NASA worry about it, if I even do this. I'm still not sure, it seems embarrassing to ask a bunch of NASA guys if I can help them…"

Chu-hua shrugs. "I'm just saying. Keep it in mind." She stands up. "I need to get going, anyways."

"Alright, um, if you email some guys, I guess I'll consider it. Like I said, I don't even know where to start." Magnes stands, suddenly jumping off the roof while holding her hand, but it's a slow and steady jump, nothing too bad. "Just stop by the shop, I'll have a new cellphone to give you my number soon. It was nice speaking with you, Chihuahua.""

Chu-hua nods her head. "Allright. Anyways, it was nice meeting you…again, Magnes. Have a good day."

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