The Columbia 14

Tragedy struck today at the main campus of Columbia University this afternoon, when the serial killer Samantha Tanner began to attack and kill students using a heat inducing Evolved ability. Several of the security personnel who had been on the scene at the time were injured as she continued her rampage. Three agents from the Department of Homeland Security arrived on-site shortly after the attack began, and succeeded in subduing and apprehending the woman. Various sources have now dubbed this incident 'the Columbia 14.'

Samantha Tanner was thirty years old at the time of capture. She was a former officer of the United States Army, before becoming an investigator for the Criminal Investigations Unit in New York. She began working as a bicycle courier after the Bomb, but authorities have reason to suspect that this was only a cover for illegal activities of violent nature. She manifested an Evolved ability in the recent month and at least five slayings of Evolved victims, including the murder of former SCOUT Captain William Harvard, have been linked to Tanner. It is not known how these murders were related to the Columbia University incident, as none of the casualties were Evolved.

Both injured security guards died of third degree burns at St. Luke's Hospital, bringing the incident's death toll to a total of 14. She additionally generated an excess of $300,000 dollars worth of property damage.

A wake will be held at the campus chapel on the evening of the 23rd, Sunday, to honor those killed.

This incident has fueled advocacy of the government's new FRONTLINE program, to be inaugurated in person by both President Nathan Petrelli and Mayor Harry Bianco tomorrow during a press conference.

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