The Commonwealth Arcology
The Commonwealth Arcology
Owner The Commonwealth Institute
Hours of Operation 24/7
Current Status Operational
People Come Here For… …..

Located hundreds of feet below the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts the Commonwealth Arcology was once known as the Indigo Plain Government Continuity Facility. The foundations for what would become a self-sustained underground community were built in the 1950s during Cold War hysteria, initially intended to be a continuity of government facility similar to Cheyenne Mountain and Raven Rock. Abandoned halfway through construction, the facility lay dormant for nearly forty years before being appropriated by the Commonwealth Institute after its purchase by the Department of Defense.

Secretly developed over the last three years, the Commonwealth Arcology is based off of the designs by renowned futurist and architect Paolo Soleri and his "Babel" arcology design, though at a diminished scale to his grand design of the future.

Composed of three descending "rings" of structural inhabitation, the Commonwealth Arcology is a living, thriving underground city connected by miles of subterranean tunnels snaking in and out of the subway systems of the greater Boston metropolitan area. Each ring is dedicated to a different purpose.

A-Ring, the uppermost level, is a residential and social quarter with dormitory-style residences capable of housing 1,500 people at maximum capacity. This ring also includes an garden and park with artificial sunlight and public structures such as a gymnasium, pool, and recreation facilities.

B-Ring is the middle, administrative level. Here research laboratories, holding facilities and departmental offices are contained. Fifty percent of this ring is unfinished, still under heavy construction round the clock by teams of engineers.

C-Ring is little more than a skeleton of metal framework, soon to be a mechanical engineering level.

Below C-ring is the power plant for the arcology, as well as railway access to the subway and internal elevators that traverse the structure's exterior. What further secrets are hidden away inside of the Commonwealth Arcology have yet to be revealed.


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