The Corinthian Hotel & Casino
Owner Linderman Group
Employees Ina Anderson Now Hiring
Hours of Operation 24 Hours
Current Status Open for Business
People Come Here For… Gambling, dining, accomodations

In 1899, William Stokes resolved to build the "grandest hotel in Manhattan": an eighteen-story steel-frame structure with a Parisian-style mansard roof with round turrets and an exterior inspired by neoclassical architecture. When the Linderman Group bought the property in 2007, it preserved the building's outward appearance, which includes grand, arched windows looking out over the Upper West Side with a view of Central Park and the Hudson River beyond.

Past the metal detectors erected just inside the Corinthian's doors, the hotel lobby is a vast and expansive place. It's wide enough for a person to lose themselves in, longer than it is wide, and the vaulted ceiling reaches up a full three stories before budding the glinting, glimmering crystal chandeliers which provide a lion's share of illumination.

The gleam of yellow-tinged light softens the austerity implied by white walls into something warmer, elegantly welcoming. Gold tones pick out a vining pattern across the large, matte-white tiles of the floor, merging with a thicker border of autumn shades around the edge of the room. Rows of corinthian-style columns outline the central stretch of the lobby, base and capital shaded in honey-brown to accent the white of the column's length; tall, narrowly cylindrical pots sit at the base of each pillar, miniature palms heavy with verdant greenery.

At the far end of the column-edged path is a broad flight of shallow stairs, brown and gold edged by white; these lead up to the second floor, its promenades with wrought-iron railings, and the many other spaces to be found within the Corinthian.

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  • Formerly the historic Ansonia Hotel, the building that is now the Corinthian Hotel and Casino was purchased by the Linderman Group in early 2007 after its proximity to the blast zone diminished its property value and resulted in an inability to recruit enough tenants who could pay appropriately high rents. Renovations were completed in December of 2009.
  • Located at 2109 Broadway, between 73rd and 74th Streets.
  • The Corinthian requires that all guests pass through a metal detector in the lobby upon entry. The establishment's security itself is divided between a physical security force responsible for patrolling the casino floor, responding to calls for assistance or reports of suspicious activity, and a surveillance department that monitors the casino's closed circuit television system. The Linderman Group is always hiring new security personnel — if you have a character looking for a job and/or hooks, please contact staff if you would like to work at the Corinthian.
  • Rooms at the Corinthian range, on average, between $250 — $450 a night, but there are special penthouses on the upper floors that can be purchased for $6000 or more per night, are approximately fifteen hundred square feet and include two master bedrooms and a balcony off the living room with a view of the Hudson River. A picture of the average room has been included in the gallery below.
  • Aside from the casino floor and the hotel itself, the Corinthian is also home to a rose garden, a ballroom for social events, a French restaurant called ChambĂ©ry (open 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM), and a lounge situated under a glass skylight that opens at 9:00 AM and serves tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages until 11:00 PM. There are no swimming pools or spas located on the property, but personal massages may be purchased at the front desk or over the phone.


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