The Corruption Of Youth


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Scene Title The Corruption of Youth
Synopsis Kendall gets some life tips and experiences from Tony with a little snark exchange with Daphne thrown in.
Date March 26, 2010

The Den

"The Den" is a cover name for a Ferrymen safehouse based out of Roosevelt Island. The structure is an expanded basement beneath the Butcher's Fancy located just across the street from the Summer Meadows development on the south side of Roosevelt Island.

Beneath the floorboards of the butcher shop, the Den sprawls out as a surprisingly large underground complex comprising more than just a single building's basement. The basement of an adjacent tenement building under management by the same owner as the butcher shop is compiled into the same structure. The entry point of the Den is a large hall with an eight foot ceiling and industrial spiral staircase descending from the back stock room of the butcher's shop above. This room is decorated with old patched up sofas, a single television and a few old bookshelves stacked with records and an old fashioned turn table. Speakers for the turntable flank the couch, but the left most one is always cutting out.

Adjacent to this hall is a storage room containing non-perishable foods stacked in cans and jars on old wooden shelves as well as a small armory consisting of typically no more than five or six bolt-action rifles and boxes of ammunition and a pair of handguns, necessary in case the safehouse were ever overrun.

Opposite of the storage room is a wide doorway in the concrete that leads into an eight foot long earth and board tunnel lined with hanging construction lamps that connects to the basement of the adjacent tenement building. It's this tenement building that serves as residence for some of the safehouse's tenants. The basement itself contains a boiler, furnace and work-bench with tools, along with stacks of old newspapers and magazines in cardboard boxes. Stairs here lead up to the ground floor of the two-story tenement building, which was condemned by the town in 2008. The front doors are bolted shut and do not provide entrance, which is why the basement access was created to keep outside appearances.

All of the exterior windows of the condemned two-story building are shuttered and covered with weatherproof plastic to keep in heat, while only the ground floor has any working radiators. The tenement building itself looks like it may have been little more than a halfway house before it was condemned. Small rooms consisting of little more than a single mattress on the floor are barely large enough to be considered full bedrooms. The ground floor features the only working bathroom, as well as a communal kitchen and dining room. The second floor is largely vacant, due to the poor stability of the flooring and lack of any furnishings in the remaining rooms.

At night, no lights are allowed in the tenement building, to give it the presence of abandonment.

Tony stumps his way down into the Den, holding a four pack of beer, and looking a little tired. He glances around, not spotting anyone else, yet, and sinks into the couch, with a sigh

Kendall is too restless to stay in his room for any extended amount of time in which he's not sleeping, so he's often prone to wandering out despite not being in the condition to do so. Therefore, he walks out with one hand on the wall to keep his balance since he tends to get weak-kneed very easily. It's in such a manner than he comes out just as Tony comes in, and he blinks at the guy. "Er… who are you?" he asks, then sneezes, arm coming up to catch it.

Tony looks up, and says, very reasonably, "Who's asking, and why? I'm guessing you're resident right now?"

"Yeah…" Kendall certainly does show every sign of being sick. "Er, my name's Kendall." he coughs into his elbow this time. "I started staying here a week or so ago." he leans against the wall and looks at Tony expectantly.

Tony keeps a relatively decent distance. He opens a beer, and takes a swig, as though to clear his mouth of any contagion. "I'm called Tony. I kinda visit, you know? I mean, who wouldn't, when the hostess has the mostest, you know?"

"The most what?" Kendall tilts his head as he regards Tony in puzzlement, and also stays away from the man in case he happens to be susceptible to the flu. "Oh wait.. I think I heard your name passed around a few times. You do illusions?"

Tony takes another swig of beer, and nods, "Yeah. Yeah, that's me. I use my abilities for my amusement and the edification of all."

Kendall is quiet, staring down at the ground. Hmmmm. "I… well, I mean, when I'm not sick… uh, me too. Only, er, not like that." exactly what does he mean by that highly eloquent response?

Tony's brow lifts, and he lowers the bottle, "Uh…. do you wanna explain that, perhaps?" He grins. "You only do illusions that are real?"

"I can only do it when I draw them. Only I can't right now." Kendall sniffs deeply to explain why not, if Tony knows what's going on. "I used to think they were real, but…"

Tony nods, slightly, and then says, slowly, "That's kinda odd. I mean… did you ever try to make something that wasn't something you'd drawn?"

"Yeah… it just didn't do anything, but the other way around happened. Everything I drew came to life, or whatever." Kendall shrugs one shoulder. "I can't turn it off when I draw stuff."

Tony whistles, "That's gonna be kind of inconvenient." He taps his fingers thoughtfully against the beer bottle, "The thing is all about control, you know? Making the switch between real and seeming. Making the Mark believe in it. That's kind of the art, you know? Distraction…. deception…… delight!"

"Well I don't think it's very useful either, what I could do." Kendall shrugs, though looks down when Tony disses his ability. "I never tried doing much with it so I don't know what I could do."

Tony shrugs, "Well…." He drains his beer, and holds up the bottle, thoughtfully, where it turns into a wad of cash, "It has its moments, you know? I mean…. What's not to like?" Yep. It's the President of the US of A sitting there, when your eye flicks back from the wafting cash.

Kendall doesn't seem all that impressed with Tony's display of power. "I turned a friend of mine into an anime character and filled a room with butterflies." maybe he feels like he needs to prove himself to Tony?

Tony flourishes the bottle/cash, and it becomes a bunch of flowers. Again, when the eye returns to the man, he's back to his usual face. "Yeah. Sure you could. It's not that hard. The _trick_ is hiding the joins. All the little things that the Marks might notice. All the ways when they might realize. Course, that's assuming they don't know. With someone you do know, and who knows about ya… well… all the bets are different. And don't just think in terms of sight and sound. Smell…. taste….. touch. They're all senses. And far more… captivating, you know?"

"I never tried taste, but all the others, yeah." Kendall shrugs at Tony again, then has a coughing fit into his sleeve again, complete with flecks of blood. Ew. "It'd be perfect if I didn't have to draw it first."

Nature calls — what might be a quick trip to the restroom for anyone else, even with the achy joints that come with flu, is an ordeal and an odyssey for Daphne. She's too stubborn to ask for help, and just getting up onto her crutches takes several minutes. Now the rubber squeak of her crutches as she "walks" them one at a time — left, drag, right, drag, left. She notices the men in the lounge, one of which she hasn't met, and scowls a bit, ducking her head to avoid eye contact.

Tony pretends not to notice, though he carefully removes one of the beers, opens it, and places it half way to Ken, before retreating again, "And the joins? Distraction. That's the thing. You ever watch a really great magician?"

"What do you mean by 'joins'?" Kendall asks, then blinks at the can of beer. He blinks up at Tony next, then looks at the beer again. What's he supposed to do with that, drink it? That's… illegal, right? A squeaking sound distracts him, and he looks over at Daphne, glowering at her and rubbing his arm where he's got a nice bruise.

"Drink that, Sharkbait, and I'm telling Melissa," Daphne says, voice a little raspy, glowering back as if daring him to call her a name back. Double standards are fun! She has no intentions of calling him by his name, but if he calls her Storks, well, she has two crutches and she's not afraid to use them. She opens the door and disappears into the bathroom.

Tony shrugs, and gestures. Rootbeer. See? And there's another beer right next to Tony, he shrugs to the youth, "Joins. Where reality and illusion meet. Where a mark might notice something wrong.|" A beat. "Who's yer girlfriend."

"My illusions work depending on whether people believe they do. I don't even have to stay in the room if someone believes they're real." Kendall shrugs. "And her? Her name is Storks. Call her that as often as you like." note he only said that AFTER she went to the bathroom.

Tony chuckles, "Well, you've got good taste, yeah." And he picks up another beer, "So. You've watched some magicians? Because… well… just because we can make stuff which ain't there appear, doesn't mean that'll decieve anyone."

"Well I know what works and what doesn't. The good thing about the city today is that people would believe anything, what with so many people who are Evolved around. I bet I could go toss around illusory fireballs and people… would expect it." Kendall shakes his head.

The bathroom door opens and Daphne makes her way back down the hall, head tucked low and avoiding eye contact. After all, she doesn't look anywhere near her best, and that's a somewhat attractive man sitting talking to Sharkbait-ooh-ah-ah. She's in loose, too-long pajama bottoms, cuffs turned up so they don't tangle with her feet, and a hoodie sweatshirt with the hood pulled up over her head because it's cold.

"Look, I'm sorry I threw the crutch at you yesterday. Was it yesterday?" She's not sure. Time has no meaning. "No hard feelings, Nemo." Ah, another name for him — never mind she more likely resembles a gimpy fish at the moment.

Okay, she's ill, and clearly not at her best, but there is a slow lazy 'stocktake' from Tony, eyes running down the curves, and then back up. Then he gestures, "Fancy a beer yourself?" The extra beer is back by the man, and a root beer is sitting on the floor, waiting for Ken to make a decision on it.

Kendall picks up the root beer finally, and a try or two gets it open. "No hard feelings, Nigel." hey, Daphne just got upgraded from stork to pelican! Or is that downgraded? He's seen that movie too!

The sick speedster just tilts her head — she apparently doesn't remember the name Nigel or how it connects to her, but she shrugs and glances down at the beer. Tempting. "You're not sick — you shouldn't be hanging around us plague carriers," she says though she moves to a chair across the way. Her eyes flicker to the root beer and she narrows her eyes suspiciously. But not knowing their powers, she just shrugs. Her eyes are bleary — maybe she just thought it was a beer. Apparently she hadn't heard their conversation, either.

Tony says, mildly, "I'm keeping my distance. But the Ferry kinda needs its runners. I can't stay completely outta the way." A beat, and he grins at Daphne, "So, get you drunk, babe, and I'll take a raincheck on taking advantage of you, till yer feelin' better?"

Kendall glances over at Tony. He knows what's up! Daphne is sniffed at, as well as he can with the flu, then takes a sip, choking a little on it. Ugh, beer tastes awful! Of course, it still looks like root beer, so what's she gonna do? Maybe it'll taste better the second time around. Sip.

The transfer from crutches to chair is awkward and clumsy, but she manages. Her brows raise at Tony and she gives a slight snort. "If I have my power back when I'm better, you would only be able to take advantage of me if I let you," she tosses back. "No thanks… I don't think I can stomach it right now, even if being in a drunken coma sounds like a better plan than being sober for the duration." She makes a face, then glances over at the choking Kendall.

Tony shrugs, and leans back, seemingly unsurprised, and then smiles, "Sure thing, doll." He takes a long swig of beer, and then asks, "Okay. When will you be better?"

Kendall rolls his eyes at the blatant flirting going on. "Get a room." he mutters, coughing again. But you'll notice he doesn't stop taking occasional sips from the 'root beer'. Actually, first he sits down, leaning against the wall. Don't want to fall over!

"I think they say the flu lasts six to eight weeks, and I'm on what, week 3? 4? I don't even know. Lost track." She glances over at Kendall and snorts a bit. "Prude. This is hardly room-worthy, Sharkbait. I'm sure he likes his women to be … you know, capable of moving," she says dryly. She leans her head back, eyes closing. "So you work for this little operation? What do you do?" she asks Tony.

Tony takes another swig. "She's got a point. Besides, I thought you two had a 'thing' going on." He gives a faint grin, "But yeah. I do like my girls moving. A lot. And as to what I do? Well… this and that. I travel a lot."

Kendall snorts. "You kidding? She's old enough to be my mom!" well, maybe he's slightly exaggerating. He's about halfway done with the beer, and he seems to be… getting sleepy? Well, different people have different reactions.

There's an arch of Daphne's brow and a glance over her shoulder, then a glance to Tony with a 'did you do that' expression on her face, before a flinch at the world 'travel'. Something she's not sure she'll do again — if she loses her power totally. Kendall's rude comment is ironically a welcome distraction.

"Couldn't be your mom. If I'd had you, you wouldn't have made it to your ripe old age, because I would have drowned you like a sack of retarded kittens," Daphne says, looking irritated. "Careful, or the next crutch is going to hit you in the cajones. If you have any. I've got doubts."

Tony snorts in amusement, "So. Yeah. Sounds like you guys are either gonna murder each other, or screw. I ain't sure enough to bet yet." He winks at Daphne, looking amused at something, "Anyway, yeah, soon you'll be better, and then maybe you can tag along with me?"

"If you were my mom it'd be a relief." Kendall retorts, finishing the last of the 'root beer' and setting it to the side. "I wouldn't want to get near her. She's just too… mean."

"That's the only come back you have?" Daphne says with a shake of her head, looking at Tony with a smirk. "Sorry. Sharkbait is also, I'm pretty sure, jailbait, and aside from the 'ew' factor and the fact that it'd make me a felon," like she's not already, "I rather prefer my men to be — you know — men." She glances at the root beer bottle suspiciously again, then back to Tony. "I don't really 'tag along' with people… normally, with my power? It's kind of hard to keep up with me."

Tony grunts, "Who says you were making with…. you know… anything?" He shrugs, and takes another drink, "But yeah, good to know you prefer…" And he gives a grin, "…Men. Call me up when you feel better, and we can grab a drink. And as to knowing about your power? You ain't mentioned it."

Kendall seems to be dozing off as a result of drinking alcohol. Maybe he'll get over it in a few minutes or something.

"I'm a speedster," Daphne says, though it clearly pains her to say it, her knits furrowing with the fact that she's clearly not at the moment. She reaches for her crutches, and begins to pull herself up, wincing with the aches and pains that rack her body. "I should get back to bed… starting to get warm again…" Her face is starting to shine a bit, from the fever and exertion. "I don't want to fall asleep in the hall again." And she doesn't want to sleep here, like Kendall — where more strangers might see her. "Nice sort of meeting you…?" she asks Tony, not knowing the name to punctuate the end of the phrase.

Tony grunts, "Tony. I'm Tony. And it's good. I'd help you to bed, but I'd kinda like it to be when you're not feeling too rough to appreciate the experience." He softens the words with a smile, "Be soon, huh?"

"You have strange taste in women, Tony," Daphne says with a chuckle. She saw herself in the mirror! She knows she looks like death that's only warmed over by sweaty fevers. "I'm Daphne," she adds as she begins the long journey back to her bedroom, a trek that would take a normal person thirty seconds at most, but will take at least a few minutes for the once-speed-queen. "Try not to corrupt the minor any more than you're already doing… he's bad enough as it is," she adds over her shoulder.

Tony shrugs, "Just teaching him the basic skills of youth. You know. Sneak thievery. Deception. Con jobs. Forgery. Just basic life skills."

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