The Criminal Element


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Scene Title The Criminal Element
Synopsis Kailin comes to Doctor Cong with a proposition, and Doctor Cong happily fills him in on the State of Things.
Date May 19 2009

Cong Medical Clinic

Midday in Chinatown is just as busy as any other part of the city, though there has been a steadily decreasing trickle of wanderers ever since the incident with the Mayor's son, finding the area with a new vibrancy in terms of self-sustainment. The decrease is not noticeable in the short term, of course, but nonetheless it has been happening. The locals seem to be getting such a hold that it will be hard to get any to let go anytime soon.

The clinic down one of Chinatown's sidestreets has had its own steady trickle of visitors, as it always does. Doctor Cong has been seeing patients with sudden regularity ever since the jumble of power weeks ago. Perhaps he finds himself with more time, or perhaps he is simply pre-empting days where he will not be around as often. Getting things out of the way, as it were. The nurse that acts as the clinic assistant sits at the front desk in her usual scrub top and pants, looking quite normal in the middle of it all. The doctor is in one of the other rooms, presumably; there is also at least one middle-aged Chinese man in one of the waiting room chairs, but he does not seem sick in any sense of the word- in fact, he seems more interested in the nurse than anything else. The black leather jacket he is wearing marks him rather easily, as well as a tattoo that peeks out above the collar of his shirt.

Entering the clinic, Kailin steps to the side to a moment, taking time to take in the entirety of the clinic. His eyes search around the room here and there, getting an impression of the place just from what he can see. Setting his gaze on the assistant, Kailin slips off his shades and moves forward, smiling to the nurse. "Hello there. I was hoping to speak to someone in charge - a doctor, manager, or supervisor or some sort?" He folds up his shade, pushing them closed with the palm of his hand and slides them into his inside jacket pocket. When his hand comes out, in its place is a business card which he sets on the desk in front of the nurse. "It is in reagrds to a service I'm hoping to expand to this area in the near future."

When he enters, the man in the jacket is obviously leering at Kailin. Nothing personal, just that it's something new to look angry at. The nurse looks up and watches the new arrival for those few moments, ready with a small, hesitant smile as he proceeds to explain himself and his visit.

"Doctor Cong is with a patient, but he will be done in a moment." She picks up the card he offers her with tiny fingers, peering at it. "You can have a seat, and I can tell him you are here." For a second, she turns her eyes over to the other man in the waiting room, then back to Kailin to examine him. Maybe she really wants to get away from the former, because she suddenly pops to her feet to do as she said she would, turning around and moving past the corner and into the hallway, back to one of the clinic rooms.

Kailin gives a nod to the nurse and says, "Thank you, very much." Before turning and making his way to a seat across from the man in the jacket. He brushes back his jacket so that it won't pull when he sits down and lowers himself into the seat. His eyes turn over the room again one more time before settling on the man across from him. "Hello there. How's it going?" He gives a polite smile and a short, firm nod, acknowledging the man's presence but not pushing a conversation if it isn't welcome. He leans back in his chair and crosses his right leg over his left knee, smoothing out his crisp jeans with a single measured swipe of his hand.

The man in the waiting room frowns just a little. He mutters something audible, but in Mandarin- and chances are that it loses itself on his lips. It is only a couple minutes when a similarly aged man in a black shirt and black jeans hobbles out from the hallway, grumpily snarling something else in their own tongue to the guy sitting in the front. Leather-Guy gets to his feet and gives Kailin a small leer once more before clapping his hand on his friend's shoulder to lead him out the door.

The nurse practically tiptoes back from the hall as well, looking quite relieved that both of the men are now gone. Following her is a much bigger figure, to say the least. Probably four of her could fit in one of him; him being the apparent doctor of the clinic, Doctor Cong. He is several inches shorter than Kailin himself, but at least twice as wide, if not three, but he is well built underneath, and that much is clear by the way he carries himself out into the waiting room. Bao-Wei lifts one hand to remove his reading glasses from the bridge of his nose, folding them into the front chest pocket of his open lab coat.

"I hear that you have a proposal of some manner for me…?" His words are almost bare of the accent that the nurse has, and much more level overall.

Kailin watches the exchange from the man in the leather jacket and Bao-Wei as he comes out of the back room with a polite smile a bit more restrained than previous when it is oobvious that he is not looked on kindly. He doesn't say anything, nor does he appear to take much offense and pops up when he is addressed, running a hand down his front to smooth out his shirt. "In a manner, yes. Basically, I was just trying to visit a couple of the clinics in the city to see if there can't be a little more support given to them. I'm working to get a bit few more resources to several of the clinics in order to help out some of the people that haven't been reached. I understand that smaller medical facilities like this can get pretty busy at times, but there are also many people that don't want to come in to get treatment for a variety of reasons. Part of what I want to do is get volunteers and medical professionals out into the community to help treat people that haven't brought themselves in to get treated." He shrugs lightly and says, "For the most part I've found that the doctors that run and staff clinics like this one are generally helpful and generous people, and I've found a good bit of support so far from several clinics, healers and trained medical personel across the city. Does this sound like something that might interest you?"

There is one reason that both Bao-Wei and the nurse can think of for people to not come in here- but neither says it. She sits back down at the desk, watching Kailin with apprehension, as he goes onto ask Doctor Cong if all of this might be up his alley. For about a split second, it looks like she just might be holding in a laugh.

"So," The doctor shades his eyes by a mere lowering of his forehead, only to look Kailin over much more carefully this time. "You are putting out extra resources to make sure that we all start making housecalls?" He asks, mostly for clarification that this man is asking Bao-Wei to go around with a big black clasp bag or something of that sort. "Who are you with? Private contractors? The city? If you have done any research you should know that I take regular patients as well as… others, already." Low-income, no insurance, people who cannot get treated at mainstream places. "Can you be more specific as to what you suggest I take part in?" He does not sound interested- at least for the moment.

Kailin shrugs lightly and says, "I've asked around at a couple of places, like I mentioned before. This place has come up. So I know that some people might come here that can't necessarily go anywhere else. But that doesn't mean people in this area couldn't use more supplies and help." He shakes his head and continues, "I'm not with any type of organization. I'm just trying to get some people together cause this city really needs it. You can just look around and see how bad off the city still is, so its nothing more than a public service." He motions around with a hand and finishes, "Right now, there isn't anything specific that I'm asking of anyone. I'm really just trying to get a sense of who might be interested. Once I find out how many clinics are interested and how many volunteers are willing to help out, then I can start putting together a more directed plan for visiting areas of the city. As a director of the clinic, I don't forsee you doing much of these visits but rather supervising volunteers, EMTs, paramedics and other first responders in this area. Since you know the area, you'd be in the best position to help direct volunteers to the areas that need it the most. But like I said, right now, I'm just gathering interest. If you're not, that's perfectly fine. I know you're probably already very busy."

Doctors are a public service regardless of who they treat. As long as they treat someone publicly, anyway. As Kailin speaks, Bao-Wei nods at one point while listening, a silent affirmation on the state of affairs in the city and its inhabitants. As the taller man finishes his explanation, the nurse listening in watches the Doctor carefully instead of the stranger. She seems to be looking for some sort of immediate response that never comes.

"Oh, quite. You have no idea." His mismatched eyes shift to glance at the nurse, who looks back to her desk and some folders open on it. "But I cannot completely discount a chance to help my fellow man, can I…?" His slow tempo seems to grate in on itself, somehow. Maybe his throat swallowed its own irony when he opened his mouth to say it out loud. "Since you seem to merely be gauging interest, feel free to put me on the preliminary lists." Stepping sidelong towards the desk, Doctor Cong leans over to pluck a couple of his own cards from the holder on the nurse's desk. She catches his eye with absolute silence. Missing the absurdity of the last few minutes is something she cannot seem to comprehend.

"I am sure you will be letting me know how this pans out." The cards are offered- one for Kailin, and one extra.

Kailin's smile grows a little bit more at the interest, always a step in the right direction. "Great. I'm glad to hear that." He takes the cards that are offerered, looking them over in his hands as he fans them both out just to make sure they are the same and he isn't missing anything. He snaps them back together and his hand goes into his right lapel pocket, putting the cards away. "This will be great and I'm sure everyone will be happy to have more supplies around. The more people we help the better." He gives Bao-Wei a nod and says, a little less formally. "And look, I know this place is tucked down a back alley for a reason. What you do otherwise, I'm not really concerned about. But helping people is helping people. If I can enable you to help more people or even to help the same number of people, only better - then I'll be happy. I don't care who you help, so long as you're helping." He shrugs his shoulders at the solid man in front of him. "More stuff is always useful, right?"

"Absolutely." Bao-Wei reacts with virtually nothing towards Kailin's words about Who he might help, and How he might be doing it. This man likes to use the word 'help', doesn't he? Compassion is not completely lost on the Doctor, thankfully. He would be in the wrong profession otherwise. It just takes quite a bit to make him show it, is all. Most of the time.

"I do appreciate your propensity towards weeding out every clinic, regardless of …clientele. But even if you are careful, there are some physicians that you might do well to avoid, period. Despite its state, I would most suggest in avoiding taking your business to Staten Island. At least, until there is a lawman's presence once again."

Kailin tilts his his head slightly and gives a thoughtful nod at the doctor's advice. "Thank you. I'll keep that in mind." He smiles again and says, "I'm pretty new here in New York, so I haven't even been able to make it to Staten Island. Is it really that bad? I mean, I heard that it was a rougher part of town, but is it completely lawless? Have they just kind of written that place off?" He motions towards Bao-Wei and adds, "Whatever you might be able to tell me would be useful to me cause I always like to know what I'm getting myself into." He pauses for a moment and then just asks bluntly, "What the hell happened over there?"

"It is really that bad, I am afraid." Bao-Wei takes a short look at the door, as if someone might burst in on some unknown cue. "It is lawless. After the bridge was taken out by terrorists, they declared it some sort of non-policed zone. The criminal element was already rooted, and so now it seems to be the only element remaining." His explanation is flat, and factual, without any apparent opinion in its tone or volume. "I would advise not getting into Staten Island at all, if you would like to know what you are getting yourself into."

"What happened is that the city of New York gave up on its citizens. Have you seen 'Escape from New York'?" Yeah. That.

"I never knew things were that bad around here." Kailin shakes his head, a little sorrowful. "Damn. I mean, its like nothing in this city is ever going to be the same again. I had… more hope, I guess." He sighs a bit, but smiles in spite of the dark news and extends his hand towards Bao-Wei to off his thanks. "I appreciate all your help. With the information and with everything else. I'll definitely let you know when we get this clinic thing going. I don't even have a name for it or anything. I want to get it pitched to some of the politicians. They love looking good for things like this. They'll dump a bunch of money to it and never look back while they take all the credit. But as long as you don't mind, I don't either."

"Of course not." Even better, there opens up a route to dig Triad claws into said politicos if they happen to support Kailin's program. Bao-Wei extends his hand to meet the other, and his grip is deceptively strong, again making clear that the doctor's roundness does not happen to impair him much physically. His eyes meet the light brown ones up above, uncannily still even in conversation. Almost like a bird of prey, even. "You are welcome. I look forward to hearing about any progress."

Kailin gives another smile and says, "I'll be in touch." He reaches into his pocket, taking out his shades again as he turns towards the door. Flipping them open with shake of his wrist, he slides them onto his face with his right hand while his left pushes open the door out into the streets of Chinatown. Kailin gives a final wave behind him as he steps out into the street, continuing about his business.

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