The Day Ice Met Might


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Scene Title The Day Ice Met Might
Synopsis The inevitable happens and yet, no one dies.
Date September 1, 2009

Tracy Strauss' Apartment

(Continued from here.)

Finding the nerdy kid in the city seems as if it would be a pain in the ass, however three days after talking with Liz Harrison, Jessica Sanders was startled to see the kid skating across the street through traffic. She immediate ran after him to see if he'll lead her to 'Tracy'. It was the only lead she really had at this point so she took it.

As lunchtime approached, she wondered how many comic book shops this kid was going to stop at when he goes into a diner and comes out with a bag. When he disappears into an apartment building, Jessica move in to check mail boxes and finds the apartment with the name 'Strauss' listed. All she had to do was wait for the kid to leave. The moment he does, she is already up knocking on her door. Even knowing what she's looking for, when the door opens, she's totally unprepared for the sight. The mirror image of herself. She watches as Tracy hangs up with whomever she's talking with and meets her gaze.

"So, it's true." is all she says to her doppleganger.

There are, of course, a few subtle differences. The t-shirt and jeans and sandals worn by the one outside the door are not exactly matching the A-line navy blue dress and pearls worn by the other. But, you know, who really cares what these two women are wearing? As far as they're concerned, they could be wearing nothing at all.

Tracy is miserable. She doesn't like curveballs. In fact? She hates them. She hates getting caught unawares. She hates being unprepared. And she hates not even knowing what to say. Apparently her mirror image has more of an idea of what's going on than she does. She doesn't want to give away that she doesn't know.

"Who told you?" There, that's a good way to get information without commiting that you don't have a fucking clue.

T-shirt, jeans and sandals makes for comfortable and Jessica needs to be comfortable when she's working. She used to dress up when she worked for the Company, or when she needed to impress, but those days are gone, at least for now. She tucks her thumbs into her back pockets and tries to glance past Tracy to see inside her apartment. "A cop friend of mine. I guess she's been trying to tell me for a while, but I was a little preoccupied. Going to invite me in?"

"I mean, we're practically family, or so they say."

Tracy will move aside, closing the door behind Jessica as she comes in. "So they say," She echos softly, her head still reeling. "Just ignore the table, I'm working." Information from polls and opinion data sets, nothing very interesting to one who isn't interested in that sort of thing. Tracy moves to walk past Jessica, toward the kitchen. "Let me make you a martini." Because that's what Tracy does, in times of crisis. "Who is this cop friend? Is it that….god what's her name? Cassandra, something like that? Something kind of long?" In truth, she's thinking of Cassidy, the only person she knows on the police force, and even her she doesn't know personally. But something stinks of Mortimer here.

"No. I don't know anyone by that name." Jessica is nosey. Perhaps looking for something in the room that could possibly link them together. Something that might prove they have something in common besides a set of genes.

"Nice place." Maybe the parents would be proud, right? She finally turns her attention back to Tracy, like a moth's attention moves to the flame. "So, who told you then?"

Dammit, she's smart. Oh well, Tracy will just have to try another avenue. "Thank you," she says, in response to the compliment of her home. In truth, there's not much in the way of personal memorobelia. It's like a decorator came in and gave everything a touch of a motif and Tracy's just been living there ever since. The windows are new. She walks toward Jessica, carrying the martini glasses. EAch one garnished with an olive and a glass swizzle stick. "A connection through my office," she says. There, that'll vague it up. See she can play close to the vest as much as Jessica can!

"Though he never mentioned your name."

There's a brief glance at the martini glasses, though she doesn't reach for one. There may be some DNA betweent the two, but Jessica isn't sure just how trustworthy her sibling is. "I guess it depends on when you're asking." There's a brief smirk that crosses Sander's lips. "Call me Jessica." It's at least the truth at this particular moment.

As Tracy approaches, she doesn't move by continues to eye her reflection. It's odd because she's so used to having her reflections doing their own thing, that seeing Tracy in the flesh sends a brief chill down her spine. "So, what do you do?" We were talking about vague, right?

At last, there is a small flashbulb in Tracy's brain. Jessica, Peter had called her. Which one of you is in control today? Tracy still doesn't know what the question means, but perhaps she can use it. She sets the martini down, lifting her own for a sip. "There's bourbon in the cabinet as well if you like. Or water, or milk I think." See, she can be hospitable! "Jessica…" Please Peter Petrelli, do not be insane. "Is that who is in charge today?" She sips her martini again, letting the question sink in. "Oh, I work in Public Relations for the White House."

Someone's been telling secrets. Mmm. So she does what a good politician might do, become even more non-direct. Tracy should be proud. "Oh, it's not a matter of being in charge as it is knowing what skills are required."

"But that's not what I meant when I asked what you did. I want to know what ability you have." Surely, if they were both being experimented on, then she'd have one too. It's only common sense. Jessica's cool blue eyes move back to meet Tracy's as she asks, as if she's looking to gauge her reaction to the question.
Tracy sets her own glass down now too, before her ability decides to go out of control and fritz out in front of this woman. "Ability? I'm afraid I'm non-Evolved. The tests are a matter of public record - everyone working in government has to get them. Why?" She looks over Jessica again, more curiously. "What sort of abilities, or skills, as you've said, do you have? Perhaps that might be required here?"

They say you can lie to almost everyone. But you can't really lie to yourself. Jessica knows almost instinctively that Tracy is being less than honest with her. She finally breaks that eye contact and walks over to the fridge and opens it up, looking for a beer. "How much do you really know? Because obviously I know enough about this all to come looking for you. Yet, you work for the White House and with all those resources, are you telling me if you truly knew about me, you wouldn't use those resources to find out about me? Apparently we came from the same test tube." she says, head still buried in the fridge.

Tracy continues to watch as little bits of information are dangled out in front of her. She is learning. "Well, if we are twins as they say, I figured you'd keep for awhile longer. I've been very busy, FRONTLINE and Humanis First do have a way of keeping a woman on her toes," As Jessica knows, no doubt. There is a six back of Budwiser in the fridge, but Tracy only buys it for her guests, she never touches the stuff herself. "Though you haven't told me about your ability yet. I'd just assumed I was a dud in that reguard." She's making this up as she goes oh god oh god!

It's with that Bud Light that Jessica emerges from within the fridge with and lets the door close. As she pops the top, she watches Tracy. She's not entirely certain why they are both playing things close to the chest here, but it seems they both intend to proceed with caution.

"I don't know why you'd lie about it." She takes a drink from the can and sets it down on the counter, then walks over and uses one hand to lift Tracy's couch completely off the floor, then sets it down. "I got the muscle." she says as she approaches Tracy, close enough to invade her personal space as she's nose to nose with her twin. "What did you get?" she whispers, letting Tracy feel her breath against her chin as she holds onto her sibling's icy stare.

The closeness disturbs Tracy. But if Jessica wants to know? Fine, Jessica can know. The closer the other twin gets, the sooner she'll realize the temperature in teh room is dropping, dropping. Not much, but enough to send a chill over the skin. Goosebumps, even. And then? Tracy simply lifts her hand, holding the completely frozen martini, glass, olive and skewer in her hand as it steams in contrast to the warmer air.

"Can I make you another drink, Jessica?"

Chilly. It actually causes Jessica to take a step back. "I still have my beer, but I'm afraid I should be running along." Well, she doesn't. She set it down. She's not too inclined to want to have to be defrosted. "Nice skill, by the way." She says as she moves towards the door and places her hand on the knob. "Oh, before I forget. Apparently, there's another one of us walking around."

Tracy frowns as Jessica has to go. "Where is she?" She asks, looking around. She doesn't like the thought of this woman walking out without so much as a word of anything. It seems they're sisters, twins. There should be some use in that. "Do you have a card? We should make sure we can stay in touch." As resources.

"Apparently she lives in California. The cop I mentioned swears to have met her." If it were Niki who'd shown up at her door, she'd probably have stayed longer. For the moment, Jessica seems to have satisfied her curiosity and is ready to move on. She has some stuff to process. Realistically, she expected someone who looked similar to her. She did not expect to see a reflection of herself. "A card? I have no reason to have a card. But if you have one.."

Tracy nods, reaching for her purse and handing over a business card. "My cell is on there too. Just write yours down before you go." There's no warm and fuzzy feelings between them. No sharing, no squealing, nothing like that. It's very cold in here, even without Tracy's adding to the temperature in a very negative way.

Strangers, really. That's what they are. Despite the fact that they look the same, and share the same DNA, they are in fact stranger. It's not like they grew up together, played in the sandbox, bugged the hell out of each other, talked about boys, graduated school and went their seperate ways and are now reunited. There's no reuniting here. It's a first meet. As awkward as one can get.

Jessica writes her number down and passes it over, taking Tracy's card in return. She turns the doorknob and opens the door. She starts to head out, then pauses and looks back. "If you need anything.."

Jessica offers, at least as she takes one more look at Tracy.

Tracy nods. "You too." Because it really is that awkward. Tracy waits until Jessica is gone before going to clean up the drinks. By clean up, of course, the actual meaning is throwing away the ice-martini and downing the one meant for Jessica, then slumping in a chair to think about what just happened.

Her head is reeling.

Jessica steps out into the street. Her life different now than it was before she walked into that building. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out the card that Tracy gave her. After a moment, she tucks it back, takes a deep breath and heads back towards the library.

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