The Day Of Hearts


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Scene Title The Day Of Hearts
Synopsis Tamsine and Len get married. Tamsine gets to meet Len's mother, and Len gets to meet Abby.
Date February 14, 2010

Tamsine waits in the small "bride room" of a small chapel in Greenwich — she's certainly not very religious but they found a minister willing to do the ceremony on short notice, preferring a small church to a cold and indifferent court room. The room is really not much more than a supply closet in size, though it has a couple of comfortable chairs and a full length mirror, as well as a tiny bathroom. She is alone, waiting for word from the minister's wife that it's time to go. It's times like this that Tamsine misses having a best friend — the women she worked with in social services, she's withdrawn from, as she has from most of the school parents she once socialized with in small amounts. Younger than the parents of her daughter's classmates, she never felt quite like she belonged.

Her parents are here, of course, and some of her neighbors, both from her childhood home and from her current brownstone. She asked her childhood friend Andrea to stand up for her — her best friend from childhood, though they only speak once in a while on the phone and send Christmas cards every year, as Andrea now lives in Maryland with three children. It is because of the three children that Tamsine told her to go sit in the chapel itself, to help her husband Jeff handle the twin toddler girls and the four-year-old rambunctious boy.

Tamsine takes a breath, knowing the time is close, as she looks in the mirror. Her dress is simple but elegant: an sleeveless ivory gown that is both modern and ancient in the same breath — bringing to mind Grecian goddesses, of which the petite redhead certainly is not. Still, the color brings out her creamy complexion, and her hair, pinned up with curling tendrils draping down, completes the quasi-Grecian theme. She holds a simple bouquet of cream and pink irises, tied with a green satin bow.

One last glance, and she takes a deep breath, turning toward the door to wait for the knock. Unless he's stood her up — the thought, though unlikely, is a very unwelcome guest at the wedding.

There would be a valid reason why Len's bride is glance at the door with such longing. Why it seems like she's been in the nearly forever and wondering where the hell that cowboy is. The reality of the situation is that he told he he'd be there at a certain time at a certain place. There were just a couple of things he had to take care of, and one of them was sitting next to him in his Jeep talking non-stop to him. He would occasionally reply, "Yes, mama." or "Of course, mama."

Finding a tuxedo for Len is never an easy chore, and he should probably just break down and get him one. But he went out the day before and rented one without to many issues. This morning he was up, kissing Tamsine goodbye and heading towards the airport where his mother came in. He met her on time, because he certain has no death wish, and walked her to his car, loaded up her bags and heads on over to the chapel. He makes decent time, though with traffic it's a good long drive with his mother sitting right there next to him.

"I hope you find a good Christian girl, Leonard."

"She's a lovely person, mama. I'm sure you'll love her. And please, don't call me Leonard at the church."

"Your father's name was Leonard and your birth certificate says Leonard, so you should be proud to be called Leonard."

"Yes, mama."

He pulls into the church and helps his mother up the stairs into the church. "I'm sorry you didn't get to meet her before the wedding, but you'll have plenty of time to get acquainted afterwards." With that, he goes off in search for his bride.

Back of the small group, hair returned to it's blonde - no trace of pink anywhere - Abigail's in her sunday best given that it's sunday. Present is in the car and the former healer waits quietly with the rest of the guests. The invitation had been last minute and a surprise frankly. But then perhaps to tamsine and herself maybe not. Given what could have happened if the lot of them hadn't been there in the dreams that night.

But white cardigan, blue dress, new cross and sensible flats, she waits with everyone else in the chapel proper. She'll actually get to meet the groom!

At the knock on her door, Tamsine cracks the door open; she might look a little nervous, but upon seeing Len's face, her eyes sparkle. She puts a hand on his cheek and kisses him lightly. "You're not supposed to see me yet! Get to the front of the church like a proper groom, Mister Denton." She makes a shooing of her hand toward the door that leads into the chapel. It's a small wedding, but traditional — she's never been married and she wanted the dress and the walk down the aisle, though there will be no sappy Wedding March but instead a piece by Bach to accompany her long solo journey.

Out in the chapel, the Whitakers, Sam and Maggie, are introducing themselves to Len's mother. A young woman heads to the piano at the front of the church, sitting down and waiting for her cue to begin to play.

Len just couldn't stand not seeing her and after the ride from the airport with his mother, Tamsine is a breath of fresh air. He smiles at her as she kisses him and then shooes him off. The cowboy, and you can't really even call him the cowboy now, in a tux and no hat on his head. He is even wearing dress shoes for the occasion. He moves down the hallway back towards the front of the chapel and has a few words with the preacher. His mother can be heard talking to another elderly woman. "That's my son up there. He works for the government." So proud.

Once the groom is in place, the young woman at the piano begins to play the Bach Prelude, and Tamsine steps out of the little room and through the doorway to the chapel. There are only about forty people gathered, as the wedding was on short notice, and neither couple have allowed very many people to get close to them. There are some company agents, here and there, not looking very agenty in attire appropriate for a wedding. Well, the men still look like men in black, but the women in skirts and dresses don't look like they're about to tackle an Evo in a bag and tag, at least! The audience turns to watch Tamsine move down the aisle; her eyes hold steadfast on her groom as she moves in a steady but unhurried pace. Near the front, she does glance at her parents with a smile, and then at what is surely Len's mother, her eyes sparkling with tears at finally seeing the woman in person, and then back to Len. Once at his side, her hand moves off the bouquet to grasp his hand.

Len was still talking with the pastor when the music hits and almost immediately his head turns towards the entrance. There's no doubt who's uppermost in his mind at the moment. His eyes fall to his other when he can hear her over everthing else. "Oh, Lord have mercy. Isn't she the prettiest thing? She's carrying my grandbaby too. Gonna be the cutest thing." If there's one thing that Len's mother has been waiting for all her life is that her son would provide her a grandchild. Len walks forward, nodding his greeting to her parents as he waits for her to reach him even though all he wants is to run down there and walk the rest of the way up with her.

The groom works for the government. It's not niggling in her head, and so company agent, or former company agent Len is saved from a surprised look from Abby and Tamsine saved from a politely and cautiously worded 'you're married to a company agent…' later if she sticks around. She's got things to do later that don't include sitting in a church but somewhere else. For now, there's a smile on her face as she regards the couple up front.

The bride just stares up at Len as the preacher begins to speak. He's not too traditional, injecting some humor into the speech by teasing the couple about their height difference and that at least Len will have no excuse to forget his anniversary, as the date is Valentine's Day. Neither of the pair planned it that way, but it certainly makes it easier to remember. Tamsine somehow manages to hear some of it, despite her reverie — she laughs at the right places, and smiles at her parents and Len's mother when the minister talks of their family and support system, that the success of a marriage can depend on the friends and families as much as it does on the couple. Finally, it comes time to recite their vows — their own, rather than those of the traditional ceremony.

Len on the other hand, has no excuses for his nervousness. He's faced down deadly evolved and survived each and every time and yet here he stands, beads of sweat beginning to form on his brow. It's not as if this was even his first wedding. When the moment comes to state his vows, he turns to face Tamsine, reaches for her hands and pulling them up. He gives them a light squeeze as he stares into her eyes. His tongue feels heavy when he goes to speak, so he clears his throat before his Texan drawled voice begins to speak.

"Tamsine, it has been a very long time since I've met someone who has taken to me as much as you have. I thought that with the life that I lead, that this could never happen for me. I tried it, and it failed, but I couldn't give up what I was working for. Now, for the first time in my life I'm willing to put someone else before myself and I need you to know that today you have made me a very happy Texan." He smiles at her, "I do take you to have and to hold, for richer or for poorer, for better and for worse, until death do us part. I truly do." His eyes are only on her now, almost as if there were not another soul in the room.

The bride bites her lip to keep from crying as Len speaks, though for once they're tears of joy. She's shed too many tears of other kinds in her life. She squeezes his hands, hers surprisingly strong despite their small size in his veritable paws. She swallows when he stops speaking, and her voice rings out in its sweet tone, surprisingly clear.

"My bounty is as boundless as the sea. My love as deep; the more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite," she begins, stealing the line from Shakespeare to begin her little speech. "You came into my life when I thought I would never love again, would never trust anyone enough to love again. You taught me to love and to trust. For that, I offer all that I have and all that I am, with love and faithfulness. I take you as my husband, Len Denton, and am proud to be your wife."

Len's own eyes are just a little watery. He'd blame it on allergies. He listens as the preacher declares them man and wife. There's a deep audible sigh that comes from the tall man as he takes the preacher up on his offer to kiss his wife. He steps up close and reaches up to touch her cheek with his fingers, then leans down so that he can press his lips against hers. "That's my son right here," can be heard from the crowd as Len's mother is in tears. "I think he picked a good one this time." And yes, that was a dig. Len finally pulls back and smiles at her and takes her hand and faces those gathered before turning to Tamsine and smiles. "Shall we go meet everyone? My mother has been dying to meet you for a very long time."

Good one this time. Well, one of the half was married before it seems. Abigail smiles through the ceremony, watching the people and the pair up front. A small wisht hat maybe some day she might actually get this as well. Unlikely though, given who she is. But th eblonde sighs softly when the pair are pronounced man and wife and cheers with the rest of the group and claps hands.

"I'm dying to meet her back," Tamsine says happily, turning then to thank the minister, then letting Len lead her toward the front row where the parents are standing to greet them. Her dark eyes skim the audience, a silent thank you for everyone whose eyes she meets, including Abby sitting in the back. She might not be here if it weren't for Abby and the other Dreamwalkers. She kisses her parents and then finally, comes to Len's mother. "I'm so happy to finally meet you," she says, offering a hug to the stranger who is now her family.

Len is ignored as his mother's attention is now on the bride as she grabs her around the neck and hugs her. "My daughter. It's so nice to finally meet you. My Leonard has told me so little about you. I think you and I will need to spend some quality time together before I have to leave back to Texas." Len brings his hand up and covers his face for a moment. Lord, have mercy.

"Of course. We have to show you the city, and we'll spend plenty of time together," Tamsine reassures the woman. "I'm sorry we haven't had a chance to visit yet… it'd be bad manners but with the baby and all," she blushes slightly, though it's not like Len's mother thinks either of them are celibate, "we just wanted to be official as soon as possible. We'll make it up to you, I promise." She kisses the woman's cheek, then steps back to make an announcement.

"Thank you all for coming. We'd like to invite you all to brunch across the street at DeLucci's." The little Italian cafe, not usually open on Sundays, has been rented for a wedding brunch.

Len finally gets to hug his mother after she's finished having her way with Tamsine. Len has been rather upfront with his mother about the coming child, so she's not taken surprised at all, considering she practically blurted it out in the church. She did give Len a talking to about it when he told her, but all seems to have been forgiven. "If you'll all head over there, I'll bring my bride in just a few minutes. He smiles, catching Abby in the crowd and somehow she looks famliar. Though it somehow reminds him of the one person he would have wanted here who's not. He leans over and kisses Tamsine on the cheek. "You know her?" He asks of Abby.

Abigails eyes meets Len's and there's a polite dip of her head to the man before they drift off to look at the little church's interior. She's keeping her distance, letting family and close friends get in their time. A thought as to whether she should head over to the brunch or just drop the gift off there. Blenders are traditional, yes?

Tamsine's dark eyes follow Len's to Abby and she smiles. "She's one of the people in the dream," she whispers, only for his ears, since that sounds just strange to say aloud. "But I'd met her before. I helped her paint over graffiti at a church a few months back. She works at Old Lucy's." The rest of the explanation is spoken aloud. "She's a really nice girl, and I thought… well. I might not be here today if it weren't for her, and she's the only one I know how to get ahold of." She nods and smiles to the family and friends who begin to make their way out of the chapel. Free food calls!

Len is watching the guests all leave the chapel, heading across the street to the deli. When Tamsine's parents come by, he shakes both of their hands, though her mother insists on a hug. They seem like good people. When Tamsine explains her history with Abby, Len smiles towards Abby, drawing her in before she can escape, offering his hand to her. "Seems like I have plenty to thank you for. Len Denton." Anyone who is there for his wife is okay in his book. He doesn't have the full resources to check into her anymore, and part of him is okay with that. Perhaps he'll find out what it's like to live a somewhat normal life.

The petite bride leans on Len to smile at Abby. "Thanks for making it. I hope you didn't feel pressured to come, but it means a lot that you did," the redhead tells the blonde. "Len, this is Abigail. Abigail, this is Len, my husband." It's the first time she's said the word, and she fairly glows with the vocalization of the word.

"I don't shake hands" Quietly and politely offered. "No offense intended but a pleasure to meet you. You have a very lovely wife and I think that you'll have a very good future ahead of you" Abigail keeps her hands to herself and a shake of her head. "No pressure, was good to, do this, come see a wedding. Not enough good in my life lately. I brought a present too, but I think i'll leave it at the brunch. I've got a long day ahead of me Tamsine" The blonde is smiling, grinning at the both of them. "Enjoy your family"

"Thanks for your kind words, m'am. I'm glad you enjoyed the ceremony. If you ever need anything, by all means, just ask." Len still has plenty of resources at his disposal. He smiles politely to Abby before she walks off, then he turns to offer his hand to his bride. "Well, I suppose we should join the others." Though he doesn't quite mean it, as he'd love nothing more than to take his wife home with him now. But, there are such things as manners, which his mother would be certain to tell him if he skipped out on the reception.

With that, Len and Tamsine slowly make their way out of the church and across the street where everyone is already enjoying themselves. Today is truly the day of hearts for at least the two of them.

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