The Deep End of the Pool


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Scene Title The Deep End of the Pool
Synopsis Right on in, feet first.
Date Mar 31, 2011

Central Park

She sent him the text, hoping to God that he would get it. Or Raith would. She knows they're running under the grid and off the radar with no cell phones except in town. Elisabeth sends texts whenever she's out of the base, though, giving her location in case he can intercept her somewhere. And in the early hours of the morning, she's running in Central Park. It's a usual kind of exercise for her, and with the weather turning toward spring she FAR prefers outside, so this is not an unusual place to do it. Elisabeth's blue eyes are wary and cautious, more than usual. She's watching for tails, for anyone who looks like they're paying too much attention. And when Ben Ryans steps out into her path as she goes through a wooded section, Elisabeth breathes a sigh of relief not shock. She slows as she approaches him and starts walking. They need to keep moving. "Thank God," she says quietly.

"Lucky you, I just got back into the city." Ryans states with out any smile or greeting. A glance down the direction she came from, he moves along side her. He left the trench coat and fedora, looking a little odd in the gray hoodie and jeans. Scruffy and in need of a trim, Benjamin looks like a lot of other people and at the same time out of place.

He falls into step with her easily, able to accommodate what ever pace she decides on. "I think you should know. It's looking like we're going for it. However, we'll be treating it like it may be a trap." Throwing that information out there first thing. "Council all agrees that we need to at least try."

"I figured that would be the case," Elisabeth says softly. "It's what the Ferry has done often. Trouble is… They're dangling more bait, in front of me this time." She looks at Ryans as they walk. "They're splitting the men up. Demsky is still being moved in the location that I told you about, but Harkness is being moved by plane. From Miller Airfield. At the same time." Her pace is not too fast, but they're not dawdling either. Her smile is bitter. "I knew it would come. Didn't expect it quite so fast. We're assuming Ygraine's compromised. And after Saturday, I'm going to need to take advantage of the Ferry's good nature, if that's allowed. I'm slipping out while the raid is occuring and I'll get to Francois's place. Even if the Council is not okay with me staying long, I just… need a place to go to ground for a short time to let the furor blow over."

Brows lift slowly at the news, but he doesn't stop for the shock he's feeling. Booted feet still go one in front of the other, eyes on the path ahead. "Interesting." He glances at her, studying for a long moment.

"You didn't have to say anything. Could have sat back and kept your position safe." There is a look of respect there, a small ghost of a smile upon his lips. "I guess we all have to decide which side to step too when we straddle the line too long." He watches her a moment more, before letting his own blue eyes drop to the path. "I'm impressed you were able to keep in the game as long as you did. I only lasted a hand full of months."

Brows furrow a little in thought now, turning back to what she's told him. "Council decided to keep your people out of it, few less to get into the cross hairs of the government. Just about all the people that work under Raith and I are wanted. I don't know, however, if that will change with this new intel, but I doubt it."

"Yes. I suppose I could have." Elisabeth keeps walking, glancing at him. "But I owe the Ferry my life. Humanis First blew my head off and Teo and Wireless came looking for my body. They found me, still somehow clinging to life with half my brain missing. They are the only reason I'm here. I couldn't sit back and watch." She does smile just a little.

"I lasted nearly two years. First with Phoenix, where I was then arrested and sent overseas. Then someone talked them into a pardon for me, and I got this job. I knew this wasn't forever," Liz tells him. "Don't bring in any more people than you have to." She pauses. "I've managed to cover your asses a little. FRONTLINE was asked to supply two operatives at the Miller Airfield site. One of them is in my corner, and he's going to do his level best to throw the fight without looking like it's being thrown."

Obviously, he didn't expect that long, as Ryans now openly shows a surprised look. "We don't have a lot of bodies honestly, this kind of thing isn't exactly why the network was build." Times change though. "We'll do our best, promise.

"What I can't promise is your people's safety. I'll make sure whatever team we send in knows to incapacitate, but don't kill if possible." That's the best the old man can do. It's all in how badly the fight goes. "I will also let the council know you are seeking help. I can't imagine they wouldn't given the circumstances." Ben sounds confident of that.

Shaking her head, Elisabeth says quietly, "My people are wearing state of the art body armor. I'm more worried about yours. Miller Airfield is a fucking suicide run," she tells him. "It's FRONTLINE OS's base of operations, and last I knew, they also had at least one drone out there. The one that trapped my technopath. Just… tell them to be really really careful."

"I'll make sure they know." Ryans states firmly, his head dropping in a short, firm nod. "Have no fear about that Harrison. Trust me, we don't plan to go in blind or without caution."

A glance goes over his shoulder again, body twisting a bit to look behind him. "I shouldn't stay, it's a risk staying even this long." Benjamin's gaze flits to her as he turns back around. "Stay safe, Harrison. Would hate to lose a valuable ally." A hand is offered to her for a farewell shake. "I'll be in touch if plans change."

Elisabeth stops in the path and takes his hand. "Thank you. For everything. By Saturday night, I'll be off the grid and under Francois's umbrella. From there… we'll figure things out." Her hand is cold. She's more afraid than she appears. But her blue eyes are steady on him. "See you on the flip side, Ryans." She grins a little. "Tell Raith I said hello." And then she slips away, resuming her jog as if nothing happened. She has a lot to finish before she walks out of her life.

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