The Dinner Date


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Scene Title The Dinner Date
Synopsis The Dr. Bianco and youngest Harvard woman decide to attempt an official first date.
Date December 11, 2008

The Orchid Lounge

The Orchid Lounge, owned by the mother of Senator Nathan Petrelli, is an Asian-inspired martini bar lit by candlelight and the soft glow of wall sconces spaced evenly throughout the room. Although there aren't any employees at the door to check for identification, it's unusual to find anyone in the college-aged crowd at the Lounge, which caters to young professionals with plenty of extra money to burn. During the day, the plush burgundy drapes affixed to the windows are used to filter out the sounds of traffic and at night are drawn back to allow passersby a glimpse inside.

Seating is simple: clusters of rectangular tables fashioned from white marble, each with two leather benches parallel to the longest sides. Silk pillows in varying shades of red, brown, yellow and orange lend a splash of colour to the Lounge, vivid against the pale walls and black-painted cement floor. On one wall is a giant mirror with an intricately carved frame that reflects almost everything in the room and makes the space appear twice as large as it really is. Clearly, the proprietor of this establishment wanted to get her money's worth - real estate in this part of town isn't cheap!

Evening settles easily upon the lounge as many of the tables find themselves occupied from young couples to business associates partaking in the ambient glow of the warming candlelight. There is a certain intimacy as the faint scent of orchids and Asian lilies create a pleasing aroma throughout the establishment.

Punctuality has never been one of Lysette's stronger attributes, yet for the evening she appears to have made an exception. Her casual attire has been traded for a rather simple wraparound dress of pale blue with a modestly dipped neckline. Strapped heels adorn her feet while her hair is swept up into a loose twist. Patiently waiting at her table, she smoothes the folds of her skirt upon her lap — allowing her gaze to sweep around the room with a quiet assessment.

Sonny doesn't -mean- to be late. But, when you're a doctor - especially one to rich, demanding people, your schedule is not truly your own. It's a good ten minutes late before the good doctor enters and puts his coat at check. He moves in briskly and looks for Lysette. When he spots her, he comes towards her table.

"I am sorry. But my whole day started running long. These women wait too long for their procedures. When I get backed up, I can't really bump them."

He took the time to clean up at least, though he's not exactly a sloppy man to begin with. He's wearing a pair of neat black slacks, stylish alligator print shoes, a shirt with a faint sheen and pattern to it and a neatly tailored black blazer. "Have you been waiting long?"

A slow smile spreads infectiously across her lips at the apology, inspiring a shake of her head, "It's alright, honest. I'm rarely on time for anything, so I believe it is only fair that I should be for once — don't you?" Lysette absently lifts a hand to tuck a loose curl behind her ear, "Besides, I am not on any time schedule so there is no need for an apology. You are here now and that is all that matters. I'm hardly greedy and thankful for whatever time you can share with me."

"I'm here, for the moment. But I warn…" Sonny opens the side of his jacket to reveal a pager. He shakes his head. "Sometimes my patients get home and they have reduced feeling in their cheeks or they decide they hate their eyes and have a panic attack. Or sometimes Kelsey calls me with an administrative problem that can't wait til morning," he grins and pulls over the wine list. "So. What are you in the mood for? You look lovely, by the way."

"Your warning is duly noted. After all, I would hate to stand between a panicked woman and her little nips and tuck," she teases warmly. The compliment does inspire a slight flush of color to her cheeks as she offers in return, "Thank you. As do you, I might add. I especially love your boots." Lysette leans over a little to peer at the wine list as she muses a little, "I keep teetering between a good Chardonnay and a nice Merlot. Anything specific you feel in the mood for?"

"Ah, uh, thanks. My…mom picked them out," Sonny grins. There's a very brief touch of colour on that admission. "I'm afraid my taste comes from those around me. I haven't got much of it myself. But I try to learn." He takes a closer look at the wine list. "Merlot? The prime rib is fantastic here. But have whatever you like."

Blue eyes flit over the menu once more, slowly biting her lower lip in concentration as she considers the options before her. The mention of his mother causes her attentions to lift once more to focus upon him, adding thoughtfully, "Most men would never admit that, you know. I think it's endearing and says a lot more about you than most of your clients would ever know." With that said, her attentions slip back to her menu as she considers aloud, "Do I try the prime rib with a nice Merlot or should I settle for the Mahi Mahi with a dry Chardonnay? Hmm…." It takes her a few more moments before she finally lowers her menu and queries softly, "The prime rib is that good, hmm? I think I will go with that, cooked medium, if that is alright with you?"

Sonny chuckles and rubs his forehead. "Well. I don't think it's any secret that my mom's a big influence on my life. She'd probably kick my ass if I tried to take credit for her 'improvements.'" He makes air quotes. Melinda Sophia Bianco is no pushover by anyone's estimation. A biochemist -and- the mayor's wife. He looks down at the menu, but the fact is he knows very well what they serve here. "If it's all right with me? Lysette, it's your dinner. Have whatever you want. I've had the Mahi Mahi. It's delicious. And the Chardonnay is very good too. They have an excellent steward." So speaketh a man who has been drinking expensive wines practically his whole adult life.

"I have to admit, it's been a long time since I have had the option of ordering anything more than a salad. Mahi Mahi was not really an approved dietary meal and prime rib? I might as well have forgotten such a thing existed," Lysette admits quietly, glancing back to the menu. "I think I will stick with the prime rib, this time. Perhaps I will try the Mahi Mahi next time," she visibly relaxes a little more, her attentions once again rising to linger upon him. "She sounds a lot like my mother, well — not the whole biochemist and mayor's wife part… but my mother would think nothing of reminding any one of us just how much of an improvement she or my father have made on our lives. They made a lot of sacrifices, especially for me, and I owe them more than I can ever repay."

"My…father stopped guilt-tripping me on that stuff the moment I registered. He realized if I would have refused and it was found out later that it would have really hurt his career." Sonny quirks a little wry grin, "Mom…well, she still likes to remind me that I owe a lot to her." The waiter comes and asks for their drink order. "Merlot? We settled on that, right? And do you want an appetizer?"

Her head bobs gently in agreement, "Yes, Merlot would be wonderful, thank you." A soft laugh of amusement crests her lips, inspiring a wider smile and flash of dimples in the process, "I think it’s part of the motherly code. Something happens when women become mothers — it's like an unspoken rule that all children inevitably owe their mothers and it is the job of the mother to remind us of it when we tend to forget." Lysette ponders the notion of an appetizer, "I think I will be alright, but if you want one, don't let me discourage you."

"No, it's all right. I probably don't need one anyway. The portions are a good size here." Sonny might like one, but he's too much of a gentleman to eat while his date isn't. "They make a very nice endive salad if you just want something light."

"Hmmm," Lysette's nose wrinkles slightly in consideration before she eventually nods, "I suppose I can give it a try. I'll admit I haven't had an endive salad in a while." She lifts her hand to slightly rearrange her silverware before looking back towards her companion, as she steers the conversation back to him, "Has your father always been involved in politics? I mean, I know he is the Mayor now, but did he ever do anything else before that? If I am prying too much, please feel free to tell me so." She hesitates a little, "I sometimes have a tendency to be too inquisitive for my own good."

"If you don't feel like it, don't eat it," says Sonny with a wave of his hand. He sets the menu down. "My father? Well, mostly. I mean, he has a law degree. But he didn't practice law for very long before he got into politics." Then he flashes a bright smile. "But it seems you know a lot about me. Tell me about yourself."

Her eyes widen a fraction as the focus of the conversation shifts to herself, a slight flush of color crossing her cheeks once more, "Well, there's not a whole lot to tell, honestly. I'm from Omaha, originally. In fact my parents are still there - dad is likely still tinkering with his cars while ma mere makes culinary masterpieces in her special kitchen." Lysette leans back a little in her seat, her gaze sliding down to focus upon her napkin, fingering it idly, "I'm the youngest of five, three older brothers and one older sister — which essentially translates to a gaggle of overprotective siblings. I came to New York almost ten years ago, more or less, for Julliard. Between scholarships and more odd-jobs than I can even count, I worked my way through until an opportunity arose to dance with a Company in Europe. I have spent the better half of the past six years traveling from country to country — rigorous rehearsal schedules, restrictive diets… you get the idea. If I was lucky I would be granted some time here and there to fly home and visit my family, but over the past few years, those visits became minimal at best. So I finally left it all behind and came home, or rather, returned to look after my brother. I wasn't there when my brother, Paul, needed me most… I wasn't about to abandon Will as well."

Sonny takes it all in attentively. While she's speaking the wine arrives and the steward pours them each a glass. "So. A dancer from a big family. And I'm a doctor from a small one," he grins. "That…must have been a lot of pressure." -That- he understands. "What's your brother do?" He won't dig into Paul. He can guess what may have happened.

"Will? He's in law enforcement, poetically so. He always has had a slight hero complex, even when we were children. Every time someone made me cry, I could count on Will to hunt to poor person down and threaten bodily harm. It was sweet, but he has yet to figure I am not made of glass," Lysette replies easily, the affection flowing through her words as she continues, "He is somewhat of a workaholic, which is part of the cause for worry. I cannot shake the feeling that he will one day lose himself completely in his work and his humanity with it. It's silly, I know, and I am likely just being a ninny over the whole thing — but I see it happening. There are times I look at him and I'm not even sure I know who he is anymore. He leads the SCOUT unit."

She sighs deeply, slight discomfort registering upon her features as she continues, "When the city slid into chaos two years ago, he was right there willing to clean it on up. He couldn't wait to be among the first of those to line up for registration, believing it necessary. I still don't know how I feel about the matter, but I wasn't really given the option. First Will, then the rest of the family. We spent so many years living in peace, hiding what we could do from the world, and suddenly here was Will — practically pinning the registration cards to our chest."

"Oh does he?" Sonny's eyebrows arch. "You know what? I've probably actually met him then. My father's a big part of the reason SCOUT exists." He raises the wine to his lips and takes a sip. "Registration's a good idea. Really. I believe in it. And… That’s not just me spouting my father's words. I might not agree with everything surrounding the Linderman Act, but something needed to be done."

A delicate hand reaches for her own glass, fingering the rim gently before she wraps her fingers around the neck and lifts it to her lips. Blue eyes rise to study her companion for a moment thoughtfully, before she adds in a quieter manner, "I am not saying something did not need to be done, but I don't feel the current policies in place are working as they should. Every time something goes awry, fingers are immediately cast in the direction of the registered evolved. There are still so many unregistered out there; and perhaps even worse, so many others that would use those that appear upon the list as a scapegoat for their own nefarious deeds."

Lysette pauses to take a sip, eyes closing as she savors the body of the wine against her palate. When she speaks again, her voice is smooth as her eyes open to regard Sonny thoughtfully, "I am not against registration, and I believe there were good intentions behind it. However, I worry what will come of it… or those who have willingly placed their futures in the hand of the Linderman act. I am on the list, as are most my family, and though I would never willingly seek to harm another — classifications do not take into consideration human compassion."

"Like I said, I support registration. But I agree that there has to be a better way to execute it. It's…" Sonny takes a deep breath and moves the wine aside. "…difficult. I'm privy to more of the political goings-on behind the scenes. There is a -lot- of pressure to do something to crack down on the Evolved who are causing trouble. Until they find a test to prove who is Evolved. Then, well. Then we'll be able to make sure the people who are really dangerous are put away from society until we can find a way to suppress their abilities."

"I don't doubt there is pressure, but I also wonder how long it will take before this becomes little more than a witch hunt," Lysette frowns mildly, "I watched a few nights ago as my brother and another officer had a frightened woman committed. /Committed/, Sonny, not helped… but just locked away like some poor useless animal. She was terrified of something and no one would listen to her. Will has always been the hero, but right then, he was like a stranger to me." A soft sigh escapes her, hand lowering her glass as she continues, "She worked for your father's office, a Victoria Grey, I think. But I was there and there was /nothing/ in her behavior that warranted commitment. Where do we draw the line, between what is necessity, and is humane. I just wanted to help her, to let her know she was 'safe'…" She shakes her head slowly, "Sadly, I am not much of a hero, even when I try to be."

Sonny arches his brows as she tells the story. "Well. I'll talk to my father. See where she went. Even committed people are helped you know. They're not simply locked away. The goal is always rehabilitation, except in the most extreme cases." Sonny almost sounds like a politician himself. He can't really help it. He grew up around it. "I won't deny that it could turn into a witch hunt, but I trust that my father won't let that happen."

A faint smile touches her lips as she adds thoughtfully, "It's not your father I worry about. I believe he truly is earnest in his endeavors, he would have to be or you would not be the man you are. Your father's love and acceptance of you will always shine through in the decisions he makes. It's the others I worry about." Lysette confesses quietly, her gaze slipping slowly around the room in observation of the others before finally settling fully upon Sonny once more, "I understand the politics behind the choices made, but I worry over them too. Sometimes I think too much, I guess, about things I have little control over. Politics are a dance I have seen and understand well, I simply lack the practice to dance them gracefully. While I do think the system is a bit broken, I sadly have no ideas on how to fix it…and you are right, it is better than nothing at all."

Their food arrives. It looks quite fancy and smells amazing. Sonny pulls his towards him and checks. Yep, medium rare. "Don't…mistake a political maneuver for unconditional love and acceptance. If it would have been better for my father's career, I wouldn't be registered and no one would know. Having a registered son helps him." He's not cynical, it's just matter-of-fact. "And…I think you're…" he chuckles a bit awkwardly. "I'm no saint, Lysette."

"No, you're not. Relatively speaking Sainthood usually requires some ghastly and often painful, yet creative death… which incidentally is most certainly something I would never wish upon you. Besides, if you were a Saint, I would hardly be worthy of your company," Lysette replies in a candid manner, her words growing lighter to finish it off with a smile, "I confess I selfishly would rather your company than sainthood, though being ageless and incapable of decomposing are both definite bonuses of the latter." She offers the waiter a polite bow of her head in gratitude as her attentions finally turn to her own meal, commenting softly, "It smells wonderful."

Sonny looks…distinctly uncomfortable with the praise. It makes all his demons rear their ugly heads. "You…flatter me, Lysette. I don't really deserve -any- comparison to the people who do good. I mean, I make women's breasts bigger and get paid stupid amounts of money to do it." He looks down at his food and grins a somewhat awkward grin.

"Oh, I don't know, I think that very thing would likely make you the complete idol of most hormonal teenaged boys — don't you?" Lysette responds with a playful curl of her lips, her own gaze lowering to her meal as she offers in a more casual manner, "Perhaps I do flatter you a bit much, but I also don't really think you give yourself enough credit. You went through medical school just like any other doctor, which is more than I could have done. Give me a rhythm and I can glide upon the ground, but throw anything mathematical or scientific my way and I may as well be Forrest Gump."

Sonny shrugs. "Well, at the time I was going through med school, I was still hiding what I could do. It might've never come out if registration hadn't come about. I just…seemed to be a doctor with a touch for not leaving scars. To be honest, I miss practicing actual medicine. I can't remember the last time I performed actual surgery on someone." He neatly cuts off a piece of the prime rib and chews it thoughtfully.

Lysette considers the matter quietly for several passing moments, her nose wrinkling with thought as she offers gently, "Maybe one day you will be able to practice actual medicine, I don't know. I would like to believe you will, at least if you really wanted to — but I'm not gifted with the sight to know such things. For what it is worth, if I had need of surgery and was given a choice between a surgeon I did not know, yet was skilled and you… I would select you and it has nothing to do with your ability to not leave scars." Her words echo warmly as she redirects her attentions to slice her own prime rib into a smaller piece, "Though I must confess I am in no hurry to find a need for surgery."

"There you go flattering me again. It's not like you know me very well," Sonny quirks an amused grin, then bites into the steamed vegetables and a little potato. "Clearly you haven't been privy to my reputation if you think this highly of me."

"Well, there is some truth to that. I'll admit I really don't know all that much about you and that includes your reputation," Lysette replies with a warm smile, "Though, even if I did, it is doubtful I would believe anything gossip or rumor would tell me. I tend to prefer to make my own assessment of those I meet, for better or worse." She gracefully spears a mini broccoli stem with her fork, letting it balance precariously upon the edge as she continues, "Maybe what I say is less flattery than you think, Sonny. Have you ever considered that maybe some of what I say is well deserved and only seems to be flattering because it is not often said?" Her brow lifts curiously as if to pose a teasing challenge before she eventually plops the poor broccoli stem into her mouth.

"I guess I'm just a bit guarded because the people who do say things like this normally want something from me." Not the best thing to say to a date. But at least it's honest. Sonny picks up his wine and turns it around. "But I don't get that vibe from you. My…ego is not small. You don't really need to go puffing it up." He grins.

A soft nod settles upon her as her lips curl warmly with a smile, "Oh, I'm sure you have quite a healthy ego, most successful men do, but it doesn't hurt to hear praise every now and again." Lysette takes a small bite of her prime rib, savoring the flavor, as she lets a moment or two pass until she has finished her bite. Her hand reaches for her own glass of wine, lingering once more upon the neck of the glass as she adds in a thoughtful manner, "We grow accustomed to vacant praise at times, so much that we become sadly indifferent. When you say some things too often, they lose their own value. I try to be careful not to devalue the meaning of anything. So, you may as well revel in the praise this evening — for I might not offer it every time." She laughs softly.

"Well, that might be for the best, Lysette. Like I said, my ego doesn't need any puffing up," Sonny flashes a winning smile and sips at his wine. When the steward passes, he lingers long enough to fill up each of their glasses. "If anything, I might need to be put down a little. My patients call me everything from a miracle-worker to a magician to…any number of superlatives."

Pausing long enough to murmur a thoughtful 'thank you' to the steward, Lysette laughs in soft amusement at her companion's words, "Oh, I am more than capable of deflating an ego when the need arises. I can give a tongue lashing as good as anyone else when given the right reason. I assure you, Sonny, should your ego become too large to bear I will merely remove my magic pin and give it a sound deflating. I merely reserve such things for the times they are needed." She lifts her refilled glass to poise near her lips before adding with a teasing smile, "I don't mind flaws, Sonny, for I have more than enough of my own… and despite the praise I have given you, I do know you are not perfect."

"Sometimes I think I should schedule weekly tongue-lashings just to keep me humble," and yes there's a hint of suggestion in Sonny's tone. "I'm far, far from perfect. In fact, I might even say I'm a deeply flawed man who just happens to have a talent that the rich want to make use of."

"Well, if you insist, I could always make a point to set aside some time on a weekly basis to keep you humble. Though I must warn, such humbling lessons would not come entirely cheap and might cost you… hmmm," she ponders with a coy twist of her lips, "…perhaps another date or two. Of course if you prefer, I am sure I can try and find you someone more suited for the task." Lysette leans closer in a more intimate manner towards the conversation as she replies in a softer manner, "We are all deeply flawed, Sonny, our talents aside. But it's our flaws that keep us human. I wouldn't trade my flaws for any amount of money or power in the world."

Sonny leans in kind. "But are we human?" Ah, a philosophical question in the midst of flirting. Doctor Bianco is a complex man. Those four words also hitch very slightly with arrogance, though it's a controlled, below the surface type.
Color rises to cast a soft flush across Lysette's cheeks as she arches a brow almost curiously at the question, her own reply smooth and filled with a passionate sincerity, "I'd like to think so. If not, it would make us monsters and that's something I never want to be." Her blue eyes flicker slightly, wavering over him before the smile once more threatens to break upon her lips, slowly withdrawing from the intimacy. Her words begin to redirect the conversation in a smooth manner as she decides to dance around the philosophical topic for the time being in favor of less complex ground, "Do you think you might like to go dancing with me sometime, that is, if your schedule permits?"

"Medically speaking, there's more difference between us and the non-Evolved than there is between any other types of human. The term 'race' more properly applies to our kind than any variation in skin colour. We're -different-, Lysette, on a fundamental level." A beat, "I realized I never asked you what you can do." He takes a bite of the prime rib and chews it and her question. "Oh, I don't think I could keep up with you. Two left feet. I've tried to correct it, but…" he shrugs and grins. That was a joke.

Her smile falters a little as the talk turns to redirect a little upon her power, sobering her mood mildly. Lysette's gaze lowers back to her meal, adding in a simple manner, "It's a bit complicated what I can do, and really, I am not sure how practical the applications are. I mean I /know/ my classification and I can even understand why, but still." Lifting her gaze to settle back upon him for a few moments more, she finally offers, "I'm a Hydrokinetic registered as a Tier 2 in classification. So as you can see, my ability is considerably less helpful than your own. Oh, don't get me wrong, it has a few benefits… but really makes things a bit more complicated sometimes than they should be."

Sonny arches his eyebrows and listens to her explanation, "Hydrokinesis? Does that mean you can control water?" He keeps his tones low so people can't overhear. A glass of water is pushed towards her. "I've never met anyone with that ability before. What can you do?"

Blue eyes shift a little to look about the room at his question as she manages a soft nod and once more leans forward to close the distance between them. As the glass is pushed towards her, Lysette inhales deeply and replies in a murmured tone, "Control, manipulate, even in some cases cause it to cycle through its properties from solid to gas." Her gaze lowers to regard the glass of water for a moment of thought before explaining further, "Some things are easier to manipulate than others, this…" her voice echoes gently as she sweeps her hand over the glass of water, "…in some ways is little more than a parlor trick."

Even as she speaks, the water seems to visibly vanish as if being sipped away by an unseen force. She leans a little closer, more intimately, as if to shield what she is doing as her hand begins to cup into a gentle cradle. A few droplets begin to levitate above her cupped palm, growing in size slowly as the droplets merge into a graceful sphere. The sphere of water continues to rotate, hovering above her palm and no larger than that of a small cue ball. Her gaze slips back over to regard her companion's reaction with slight hesitation as she bites her lower lip uncertainly, "…you may feel free to touch it if you like… go ahead, it won't harm you."

Sonny regards the power trick like any good scientist. He looks fascinated. His eyes grow wide and he tilts his head to examine the sphere from all angles. "Wow," he murmurs. "Sounds like you could…defend yourself." Then he looks from the ball to her. "What's it feel like?"

"It has its practical applications if needed," Lysette admits softly, her own gaze slipping to the small sphere, "…natural, mostly. It's hard to describe really. It's wet, yet not. It will withstand your touch if I allow it to, if you really want to feel it." Once more she shifts her attentions to study him thoughtfully as she adds with a faint smile, "You would be amazed at how well they work in a snowball fight, not that I would ever suggest it is a fair way of winning — but well, my brothers deserved it."

Sonny laughs. It's a genuine, warm sound. "I bet… and lots of fun at the beach too." He's curious. So he reaches out towards the water hesitantly. "I can't do anything quite this visually interesting. I mean, I can change my face around, but it doesn't exactly -look- nice while I'm doing it."

The sphere yields a little beneath the touch, yet maintains its shape as if it were made of pliable gel. The temperature remains as cool as the chilled water once was. Unlike the water, it leaves only a faint dampness where contact is made with the flesh. His laughter inspires an almost shy smile from Lysette, eliciting a mild confession, "I actually have never used it at the beach. Though in the right company, it could be."

The mention of his ability causes her smile to brighten a bit more, "There are aspects that are less /nice/, as I said this is merely a parlor trick at best." Even as she explains further, she gradually dismisses her effect as the water begins to evaporate from the sphere causing it to dwindle until the last of the drops have found their way back into the singular glass from whence it came. Hesitating for a mere moment, she extends the offer again with a gentle plea, "Come dancing with me sometime… I promise, your left feet will not hinder us in the least."

"I bet you're hell on wheels in a water fight," from the way Sonny quirks a grin and the amusement in his eyes, he means that as a compliment. "My kind of parlour trick involves…" He closes his eyes for a moment, and when he opens them they've gone from pale blue to an almost unnaturally bright green. "Not nearly so… otherworldly." He looks to the glass again, then up to her. "Well…all right. But you'd better wear some steel-toed pumps."

"No doubt I can navigate a water fight just as well as you can navigate a good Halloween Costume party," Lysette acknowledges with a slight nod, the laughter infectiously flowing from her lips. Her eyes widen at the change in hue of his eyes, admiration clearly registered upon her features as she adds warmly, "I could have all sorts of fun with your parlor trick — oh, the pranks I could have pulled upon my brothers…" Amusement radiates from her form, still maintaining the degree of intimacy as she finally replies, "I will bring the steel-toed pumps and the food, you just make sure to be there. After all, I would hate to be stood up on the second date… at least wait until the third before doing that."

Sonny doesn't fix his eyes right away. Partially because he needs a moment to make sure he can do it properly on the fly. "You could have given them a literal handlebar moustache instead of just drawing one on with a sharpie." He chuckles and takes a few last bites of his dinner before pushing it aside. "I would never willingly stand you up, Lysette, but…" He opens his jacket again to indicate the pager.

"I think my ego would survive a medical emergency, I understand and that's fine," Lysette acknowledges with a warm smile, "Besides, some things are worth waiting for." She reaches to take her glass again, fingering the lip as she allows her smile to ebb away slightly in favor of a more sincere tone, "I'm really having a good time. Thank you for this."

"Well, I'm glad I've been at least mildly entertaining company," says Sonny as he drains what's left in his glass. Once again the steward comes by to refill. "Do you feel like dessert at all?" He tugs out the menu from beneath the wine list and hands it out to her.

"I don't know if I can eat a whole one…unless you might be willing to share with me?" She offers, leaning close in an effort to accept the menu from him as her eyes pour over the contents, "Hmmm, chocolate…chocolate… chocolate…oh, non-chocolate… chocolate…." Lysette continues to muse over the menu aloud, pausing to slip her gaze back to her companion, "Any recommendations?"

The strange colour of his eyes might be a little unnerving. Sonny looks from the menu up to her. "I'm…actually not the biggest fan of chocolate, but have whatever you like, even if you can't finish it." He has a look at the menu himself. "I'm looking at the gingerbread with rum sauce. It looks good. I'm definitely into more spicy desserts."

His answer inspires another smile as she confesses quietly, "I'm afraid I can't say the same thing… chocolate has always been a weakness, though I do prefer the white chocolate to the milk and dark varieties." Lysette studies her menu for a moment longer before setting it aside with a decisive nod, "I think I will attempt the white chocolate cheesecake drizzled with raspberry sauce." As her attentions slip back to him, she bites her lower lip to try and hold back a gentle laugh, "You know with your eyes like that, I cannot help but think of the Cheshire cat."

"Doesn't help that I have giant teeth and giant lips, huh?" Sonny chuckles and lifts the dessert menu up to jokingly cover the lower half of his face. He closes his eyes again and when he opens them, they're the right colour again. "Better?" One brow quirks. When the waiter comes, he gives his order and motions to Lysette to make hers.

Placing her order, she rewards the waiter with a charming smile at the end, once again looking back towards her companion, "Some cultures consider giant teeth and giant lips to be a sign of good genes, or was that giant eyes and giant feet? I forget sometimes…" Lysette adds with a teasing smile. She does nods slowly in reply, "Considerably, thank you."

"It's fairly easy for me to change myself, but I can't go flipping back and forth quickly. I've ended up with some…" Sonny makes a bit of a face. "…unpleasant results doing it that way." He shrugs. "But you know there's still something fairly clinical about what I do. It's not such an innate thing. I wouldn't be able to do what I do quite as well if I wasn't an MD."

"It's destiny then, that you should come to have the ability you do," Lysette rationalizes simply, her voice softer, "Ma mere used to tell me that we did not pick what we do, what we do chooses us. She used to champion the phrase every time my father would grow frustrated with one of us kids. I truly do believe she is right."

The desserts arrive on decorated, well-presented plates with chocolate things sticking up from them or in towers. It's all very pretty and quite frivolous. The last of the bottle is emptied into each of their glasses. Sonny murmurs a thank you to the waiter. "So… It's my destiny to give socialites new noses?" he clucks his tongue. "Well. I feel so important." He winks.

"I never said destiny was not sometimes flawed or skewed," Lysette laughs, her cheeks flushing again with color as she lowers her gaze a bit, "You never know one of those demanding socialites just may one day save the world because of the self-confidence their new nose gives them… it is doubtful, admittedly so, but stranger things could happen." She does pause to give her dessert the proper appraisal, clearly charmed by the presentation as she finally looks back to her companion with a carefree smile, "It's so pretty, I'm almost heartbroken to touch it."

"Pretty things are to be enjoyed, not to simply be looked at," says Sonny with a playful little grin. He waggles his brows, and then breaks apart his gingerbread cake tower with a few quick thrusts of the fork. He takes a bite and chews thoughtfully, "Mmm… Have you ever had this?" He puts some on a fork and offers it out to her.

"No, I haven't," she leans closer to accept the offered bite. Eyes widen a little in surprise at the flavors as she manages to finish the taste with a lick of her lips, "That is good though I still admit to preferring chocolate…" Lysette adds with a slight smile, her gaze lingering thoughtfully upon him, "Would you like to try a bite of mine?"

"Don't you find this almost as rich as chocolate with the rum sauce? It's…very, very good." Sonny sticks his fork in the cake and takes another bite. He nods to her request and grins. "Sure. If…you're willing to spare -any- chocolate."

Parting her gaze long enough to collect a forkful of the white chocolate cheesecake, Lysette laughs warmly, "Oh, for you, I think I can make the exception." Once again she leans closer to her companion in an intimate manner, this time making an offer of her own as she continues, "And it is very rich, but I will always be a chocolate sort of girl I think."

"I thought white chocolate was mostly the coca butter?" Nothing's ever strictly sensations with a scientist. Sonny leans in and takes a bite. A little dribbles down his chin and he pushes it up again, laughing at his own sloppy manners. "Mmm, very nice texture."

Her eyes light with a smile as the sloppy manners summon a full laugh in amusement, "You /analyze/ the ingredients in chocolate?" Lysette slowly withdraws back to her own seat in an effort to grant him a little more room. Her gaze slips about the room in casual observation while her hand reaches for her glass of wine to finish the last of its contents, "Well, cocoa butter or chocolate — I happen to like it…" she adds with an affirmative nod, dimples flashing with her near perpetual smile.

"I don't know…" says Sonny as he chews thoughtfully, "To me, white chocolate is like decaf coffee. The substance is there, but something's missing." There's a flash of mirth in the doctor's eyes. He takes another bite of his ginger cake. "I guess medical school makes you analytical. When you learn how the human body works, it takes some of the mystery out of it."

"Maybe so, then again, sometimes you just need to let go and stop trying to find the answers in things," Lysette muses pensively, "It's not a bad thing to analyze everything, but doing so can have a way of narrowing your vision from all the great things life has in store. Science is practical but it is not always right. There is no scientific measure for life, Sonny — even if we sometimes find it easier to compartmentalize aspects of it to make things easier." She adds softly, "Some times the best things are those that are unplanned and unanalyzed."

"Oh, you can't tell a doctor that there's things beyond his grasp. We've all got god complexes, or so they say." Sonny smiles, and then puts another bite of cake into his mouth. He follows that with a drink of wine. He's got more reason to than others, what with his patients telling him he's a miracle worker.

"Well then, it's almost a pity with so many doctors in the world there is only one god, no?" she counters in a teasing manner with half a beat before lifting her napkin to dab the corners of her mouth. Lysette follows up with folding the napkin and discarding it gently to the side of her plate, her back settling back against her chair, "We all have something beyond our grasp, but how we deal with that knowledge is what makes each one of us unique. Life is not meant to be categorized and measured in any sort of laboratory or hospital room. It's meant to be experienced, for better or worse. Of course, I will readily admit I am greedy in preferring the former to the latter."

"We're not meant to, or we can't?" asks Sonny. He opens his mouth to say something else, but sure enough, his beeper goes off. He frowns at the code. "Ugh. I knew this was going to happen. I've got to run." He tucks the beeper back into his pocket and swallows the last of his wine. "I warned you that this is how it goes with me." He grins, but it's a bit sheepish.

His apology elicits a final lean of intimacy as Lysette reaches to place a delicate hand atop one of his own for the briefest moment of touch, "There is no need for apology, Sonny. I honestly should be heading out myself and have a few errands to run before I head home. I promised a friend I'd help her with a few things down on Fifth Avenue." Her lips maintain the soft smile, hand finally withdrawing as she adds softly, "Thank you for the wonderful evening… and I hope your emergency is nothing too severe."

"No emergencies are ever severe in my line of work, Lysette," says Sonny gently. He pats the hand on top of hers with his free one. He stands and walks to her side of the table where he'll lean down to kiss her gently on the cheek. "I'll talk to you soon."

"Keep safe," she echoes with a softer tone as she rises in turn following the kiss upon her cheek. Watching him depart, Lysette follows after to retrieve her coat from the checking clerk to make her way on out.

The bill is taken care of some time between Sonny's soft smile to Lysette and his retrieving of his jacket from the coat check room. Then the good doctor is off to tend to a broken unregistered Evolved's arm, and not a socialite's nose.

December 11th: The Devil's Due, Part II
December 11th: Revelations
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