The Doctor Is Not In


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Scene Title The Doctor Is Not In
Synopsis Ryans goes to see Dr Brennan and finds Michelle instead, who tells him that her husband is in hiding and their family is in danger.
Date March 16, 2010

Brennan Medical Group

The waiting room at the Brennan Medical group is quiet. Four Doctors working means that very little is there a room full of crying children or a sweating man, it's kept neat, magazines for people to read. A 6 year old plays with toys in the corner while his mother watches over him and reads a parenting magazine. An an older man fiddling with his hearing device. It's early in the morning, most patients haven't arrived for appointments and it was this time that Agent Ryans was suggested to come in if it wasn't too early to talk with Dr. Brennan.

Only when he's shown into the office it seems there's been a mix-up. The Dr. Brennan he wants is male, not female and the person sitting behind one of the desks in the room is most decidedly not Harve Brennan.

"Agent Ryans?" Michelle rises from her desk, flipping closed a file. hair up, doctors coat on, a turquise turtleneck and slacks on beneath and flats, she leans across the desk to offer up her hand. "How are you this morning?"

"I am." The badge offered up for scrutiny. "You would be Dr. Brennan as well, I assume?" Agent Ryans asks curiously, his scarred hand encasing hers only briefly, before he moves to settle into a seat. After yesterdays sprint,coupled with the minor bruising from the Brooklyn Bridge accident, his joints ache slightly. In fact, as he settles, he gives a soft oof. "I had hoped to talk to your husband about a case from the first of the month." His hand smooths over his jacket and he squints eyes at the much younger woman across the desk.

"Will he be in? Or?" His head turns slightly to glance briefly at the door.

"I would be. There are two of us, though generally I get called Mrs. Brennan by those who do not know or…" Are ignorant. A gesture to take a seat, she does the same and shakes her head to his question. "I apologize, if you want to know more about my husband or speak with him, you will have to talk with one Agent Lazzaro with the department of Evolved Affairs. I can provide you with a number if you like" She's shuffling a pen out of the pocket of her jacket, and digging around for a specific business card.

"Would you be wanting to speak with our daughter as well? I do not know how much she can tell you,s he's only three and still insists it was a monster in the alleyway"

There is a small nod give to her, "Mrs. Brennan it will be then." He rumbles softly, moving to sit on the edge of the seat. "I am sorry to hear that he is unavailable." He reaches into his jacket, he head turning enough to see what he is fishing for in his pocket.

The mention of their daughter he pauses briefly. "In truth, I'd rather spare her having to remember that event. I have two girls of my own, thought they are grown, so I can sympathize." He digs into his jacket, a fishes out a card. "I am however curious if she's said anything to you about it. Anything that stuck out?"

The card is slid across the desk. "I would appreciate that number for Agent Lazzaro, see what is going on and see if I can talk to your husband." Ryans knows it could mean the difference of finding or loosing a subject. "I would like to find this individual."

"She said that there was a young gentleman coming out of the alley, running away from the monster, but beyond that I have not been able to get anything else from her. You really would need to speak to my husband on the matter" The number for Lazzaro is copied down then slid over to Ryans, exchanged for his business card. "I can tell you, that our family was threatened, and that they have been kind enough to deal with the matter. Do you think perhaps it has something to do with what they saw in the alleyway?"

The number is glanced at, before it is folded with great care, a soft "Hmm." rumbles much like you'd think a lion would purr if they had the capability to purr. "I do not know, Mrs. Brennan, but I do plan to find out." The scrap of paper is tucked into the Company agent's jacket carefully. "hould you talk to your husband before I can, please let him know that I wish to talk to him."

Agent Ryans points to the card in her hand and levels a matter of fact look at her. "If that is indeed the case, and you need help… though I do not doubt the The Department of Evolved Affairs… should you need assistance, feel free to call." His hands grip the arms of the chair and his stands gracefully, even if his knee smarts some.

"Also should your daughter say… or even draw something along the lines of what she went through, please, I am only a phone call away." Ryans gives her a pleasant smile that makes him look less serious.

"Anything for Homeland Security Agent Ryans" Michelle rises, the business card tucked away. "I will let my husband know regardless, when next he is able to contact us and I will see what the Nanny has from my daughter in the manner of drawings. If there are any" Michelle seems serious and offers her hand again. "Be mindful of the weather, and I am sorry that I could not help you more"

Taking her hand gently in his again, he gives a slow nod of his head in respect, "You have been more help then you think, Mrs. Brennan. Just letting him know I am searching for him, is plenty of help." Only then does he let go of her hand, slipping it into his pocket to remove his glove. "The weather." He gives a heavy sigh, "I do hope that this blizzard will blow through quickly and that warm weather returns quickly."

A glance goes to the door, his hand gripping the handle and opening it. "My old joints will be glad when the cold is a faint memory for a time." Stepping out of the door, he pauses long enough to off a farewell, "Have a good day, Mrs. Brennan and thank you for your time."

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