The Down And Dirty On Danko


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Scene Title The Down And Dirty On Danko
Synopsis After recent events in Danko's life, Rebecca reports her findings to Elisabeth.
Date February 6, 2010

The message that Elisabeth got brings her out onto the streets of Manhattan. She's wearing the exoskeleton around her apartment, but she's leaving it at home when she has to go out. Right now, wearing a pair of jeans and a heavy fleece jacket, she meets Rebecca at a coffee shop. The snow that is falling from the sky frosts her blonde hair because she forgot a hat.

Rebecca hasn't arrived by the time Liz showed up. She has to make another report, written for another client and she puts on the finishing touches, attaching some digital photos and hitting 'Send'. It's not one of her finer moments, as long as there are dishonest people out there, she'll probably always have work. By the time, she finally makes it to the coffee shop, she's a few minutes late. She slides into the booth after getting herself something to drink and smiles. "How's everything going? Leaving soon, aren't you?" She offers a smile before taking a drink from her cup.

Sipping from a steaming large cup of something that has both chocolate and whipped cream in it with caffeine, Elisabeth looks up as Rebecca slides in. "Hey there," she greets tiredly. "Yeah, back out of town tomorrow night. I have today and tomorrow to figure out what the fuck I'm doing." She sighs. "I got your message. You said Danko's where? What's he in rehab over?"

Rebecca swirls her cup around and shrugs. "I couldn't get that far with the rehab people." She pulls a card out of her pocket with the name of the place on it and slides it across. "He had some sort of domestic dispute and an ambulance was called. He was restrained and taken to this facility. Any inquiries I made about him have been rebuffed, so I haven't been able to get any leads on what exactly happened. No idea exactly how long he'll be there either. But I'll keep tabs on him."

Elisabeth smiles faintly, glancing at the card. "You should get in touch with one of my old squad. Nash or Cooper would pull strings to claim they're investigating the domestic dispute and get the information we need on that, maybe." She shrugs. "Or some of your own contacts at the PD. It's kinda what PIs do, Becca." She winks. "Any and all helpful contacts." She shoves her hand through her hair and says quietly, "I'm loathe to suggest that you try to get in there. It could be booby trapped with security, so that makes me uneasy."

Rebecca smirks at that. "I have a few ideas up my sleeve, but with him being locked up, I wasn't sure how much more money you wanted to put into this case. I wanted to give you the option." Rebecca has always regretted having to take her friend's money for this case. So, if she doesn't have to waste the money she won't. She's already long gone through the original retainer. "If you want me to keep at it, I can. Otherwise, I can just keep an ear out for the moment. If something changes, I can give you a call and you can decided if you want me to reopen it."

There is a pause. And Elisabeth says quietly, "Danko was given a pardon, I would assume, for his role in that run that I made too. So we can't have the cops get a warrant to get us in. That said…. " She nibbles her lip. "Let me think on it a little. I'll have you an answer before tomorrow. Meanwhile — you said some kind of domestic disturbance — find out what the lover is doing. And yes, I do want to put a bit more money to it. If paying you takes my whole first paycheck, well… so be it."

Rebecca nods. "I might be able to get some information in here without dragging anyone credible into it. Let me see what I can find out. I was told it was definitely a domestic dispute, so I think they were probably living together or at least lovers. I'm still digging up a bit more information on who he was. As I find out more, I'll email you to your secure account. I don't know if you want anyone else to know you're looking into this." Rebecca takes a final drink from her mug. "Was there anything else you needed, Liz?"

With a faint smile, Elisabeth says softly, "Just for you to be careful, Becca. Danko looking into Phoenix worries me. Considering his ties to HF, it could get pretty dicey for some nice people. And I definitely do not want you caught in the middle. I'll be back in touch as soon as I come into town next weekend, though… meanwhile, if anything pops up urgent, you have the numbers. And…. thank you." She smiles. I appreciate that you're keeping with it.

Rebecca smiles, shaking her head. "I'm glad to have the business." She slides from the seat, moving to leave as she stands and steps forward, placing a hand on Liz' shoulders. "Take care of yourself, whatever it is you've gotten yourself into." She walks off then, disappearing back into the city streets.

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