The Dream Has Just Begun



Scene Title The Dream Has Just Begun
Synopsis And the countdown begins.
Date December 25, 2008


As Eve turns the lights off in her apartment and slides into bed, she doesn't expect much of her dreams tonight. Maybe nothing at all. Wrapping her hair into a bun and lying against the pillow she looks out of the window towards the sky and blinks a few times. That would be too good to be true. It so happens that as soon as Eve closes her eyes to drift off to dreamland that she sits up. Only she isn't in her room, not at all.

No, not her room anymore. She's outside in the cold New York winter. Snow falls. Gentle flakes of ice that go in spirals and even in dreamworld, they feel cold when they touch Eve's skin.

The bridge stretches out on either side of Eve, maybe she'll recognise it as one of the many that cross the Hudson river. She stands in the very center of it, dressed however she chooses to be dressed, but it doesn't make a difference. It's cold. The cold drifts gently and speckles her hair and her clothing with snow.

The sound, amplified thanks to the nature of dream, of claws against concrete, catch her attention from the left. On the right, foot steps fall. She's not alone.

Eve rubs her bare arms. She is in her boy shorts and tank top to sleep, so it is very cold to her. She whips her head from left to right, not knowing which would be the bigger threat. Her eyes scan the bridge, she can't she who it is yet and she doesn't dare say anything out loud.

The snow is fine and so the forms of the two finally come into vision. At a greater speed but still, a casual trot, a large grey wolf heads for her, mouth partially open and red tongue hanging out. A flash of teeth. But he doesn't seem to attack, just approaching at a near run. On the other side, the man approaching is only a shadow, it seems, but there is also the distinct click of a cane against the ground.

Coldness around Eve's wrist. A watch, metal cool against skin. It's ticking joins the sounds of claws and footsteps. It's counting down to midnight.

The seer would know that sound of the cane anywhere and as the shadow nears her eyes narrow as she looks at the old man that killed someone very important to her. She quickly looks down at the watch and caresses its face before centering her gaze on the wolf. Her eyebrows draw up as she stumbles back away from the wolf. The cold, oh it's so cold. Makes Eve shake violently for a moment and a fierce wind blows her hair behind her. She blinks back tears and continues to watch the wolf and shadow. "What are you doing?!" she asks in a slight manic voice towards the wolf that is drawing closer. No gun to defend herself, not that it would work here. Her eyes widen and she shakes her head in disbelief, why is the wolf coming towards her??

The wolf picks up his pace. He runs. His lips pull back in a snarl. This is no happy greeting although there is distance. There is time to run. And the clock keeps ticking and the shadow and his cane keep coming. Then, as the hand on her watch strikes to midnight, the night tears to pieces.

Another bridge, across the way, visible through the nighttime snow only by its lights, suddenly explodes and rocks the city. Fireballs of bright orange go off beneath it, fireworks, and the structure begins to collapse. On the other side, another bridge does the same, explosions tearing it apart. In the distance, similar sounds, as all of the bridges across the Hudson river, across the East river, meet their fiery fate at the same time.

And run Eve does, away from the wolf that is stalking her, her bare feet pounding against the cold pavement. Then the explosions happen and Eve watches in horror as the bridges come down, even though it looks as if everyone but the one she is on is being blown up, Eve isn't sure if her bridge is next and she stops in her tracks contemplating whether or not she should jump over the edge but she knows that way she will /surely/ die. The seer looks in the direction she was running moving closer to the shadow and then back to the wolf. Either way Eve is screwed and she can't decide which death would be easier. "Life is but a walking shadow." Eve whispers and looks from the shadow to the wolf.

The shadow of the man only seems to become more than a man. He brings the shadows with him until that end of the bridge cannot be seen and he seems impossibly large, shapeless, and still there are foot steps and still the cane clicks against the concrete, even if there are no feet anymore, no cane. The bridge Eve is trapped upon begins to rumble.

The wolf maintains his shape closing in on Eve as she turns towards him. A howl tears from his throat and he leaps, impossibly strong legs kicking off the ground, the animal a silver blur with teeth as he almost descends upon the girl to tear her apart…

And he's gone. The snow continues to fall, but smears where it lands. It's quiet. There's no shadow. There's no wolf. The bridge stops shaking. But it's ash that falls now, not snow, and it patters her arms, her face, her hair. It's warm, here.

…and then explosions crest out from beneath her bridge, flaming fireballs rolling out across the water below. Concrete breaks, structure collapses. Armageddon devours. Her watch is frozen on midnight, broken. Time has run out.

The next thing Eve can feel is her own bed, the next thing to see is her own room. The dream is ended. Or has it not yet begun?

Eve gasps and is dripping with sweat as she tries to catch her breath. "Holy shit." Is uttered and she places a hand to her forehead. Her hair has fallen out of its bun and is over her shoulders. She sighs and puts her in her hands. The dream has only just begun.

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