The Drop



Scene Title The Drop
Synopsis Was it just a bad dream? Or something worse?
Date October 16, 2020

Dorchester Towers: Miller Residence

There isn't a sound.

There isn't a fall, and there isn't a drop.

Zachery Miller wakes, as he tends to do, in bed. His eyes open and he clutches at his chest through the soft blankets, then wraps a hand around his throat, which he could have sworn was raw but seconds ago.

But it's fine.

He's fine.

After a moment in which the only sound in the high rise apartment seems to be his own breathing, his head falls back onto the pillow, and it's only then that he realises how cold it is. How clammy he's woken up, touching a palm to his forehead. He's unused to nightmares, let alone ones that wake him up, and annoyance easily slips into the way he lifts the blanket away from himself so he can swing his legs off the side of the mattress.

The moment his feet hit the floor, his bedside alarm goes off, blaring incessant little beeps until he reaches to silence it with an awkward, blind fumble to his side. It's only when he looks at the time that he remembers a promise he'd made in jest, to a colleague.

Last night.

Last night?

There wasn't a fall or a drop, but there wasn't a drive either. Nor a coming home, nor hanging his keys up, nor a shower, nor a Nicole—

He twists around to look at the bed over his shoulder, the other side slept in but vacant. She would have been there when he got home, he's sure. In a flash, he's up, grabbing his phone from the dresser and pulling it free from its charger cable on his way to the bathroom.

The line is answered on the second ring. He doesn’t wait for the acknowledgement or greeting.

"Last week? When I said you'd just been working too much?" He asks, phone to his ear once he's standing over the sink, pulling open an eyelid as he inspects himself in the mirror, grim concern knitting his brow.

"I believe you now."

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