The Drug Ferry


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Scene Title The Drug Ferry
Synopsis Ygraine has a special delivery for the clinic, supplies, a few drugs, and a bit of info.
Date September 23, 2010

Gun Hill Medical Clinic

For Briton, the weather is pleasantly Summery. A nice change from baking heat, city-burying cold, and and all the other fun that New York has thrown at its residents in the past few years. A cooling breeze, brightly lit clouds drifting in white patches overhead, and real warmth in the direct beams of the sun….

That does make the trip downstairs into the clinic one that prompts goose-bumps and shivering, however, as the cool air trapped on the stairwell contrasts starkly with the sun-assisted warmth outside. Lycra cycling gear is not exactly the most suitable of choices for what presently feels somewhat like a spelunking expedition. As a result, Ygraine is slightly distracted when she bustles into the clinic, still fussing with hitching her wrap-around shades securely into a new perch, a pack on her back and a few small cardboard boxes tucked under one arm.

The clinic is barren except for its one employee, Delia Ryans. Hunched over a stack of charts, she is scribbling notes into loose sheets in the numbered folders. When the courier's legs come into view, wearing the all too familiar biker lycra, her first instinct is to find a place to hide. She can't be seen here by someone she used to work with. But there is no place to hide.

It might be something worth looking into.

When Ygraine finally makes it down, all Delia can do is rise from her chair to greet the woman. "Uhm.. Hi? Can I help you with anything?" Chewing on her lip, she steps forward and offers a hand with the boxes.

Slightly startled by being addressed, Ygraine looks up sharply, blinks, then cracks a wry smile. "Well, the idea is that I help you, I believe", she says dryly, her accent crisply British and educated. "Are you the replacement for Doctor Price? I've got some supplies for you, to help to keep this place ticking over. And I can take requests, if there's anything you're running short on. Not that I can promise to meet those requests, but I can at least pass them on…."

It's a rather uneasy smile that's returned for Ygraine's, Delia's eyes flit to the badge on her pack and then clears her throat with a soft 'hem'. 'Uhm… really? You're not…" the redhead has no idea how extensive or connected the Ferry is, she doesn't know about Alley Cat's secret owner. "I mean, uhm.." She's at a loss for words.

Instead of dwelling though, she begins to unpack the box that she'd liberated from the other woman. More bandages, suture kits, some syringes, tongue depressors, it's full of the basics. "I need z-packs, full spectrum antibiotics. Winter's coming up and I expect there's usually a bunch of stuff that makes its way around the safehouses. Right?"

"I'm part of the Sailing Club, yes", Ygraine murmurs gently, as she carefully sets down her remaining burdens, then unfastens her pack and swings it off her shoulders so that she can add more. "Sorry for surprising you. There are a couple of us who act as a… messenger service, of sorts. Nowhere near able to cover everything that needs taken back and forth, but medical supplies are a high priority. And if there's anything else you need, I can try to help out. I'm learning a certain amount about building maintenance as I go."

In case anyone is curious, driving stick with a bad shoulder sucks.

Somehow Jaiden, with his injured right arm, managed to get his Mustang traveling and, after a few near misses and running in third on a parkway before he could reach over to grab the stick to go into fourth with his left hand, the man pulls up in front of Gun hill and makes his way down to the clinic.

"Knock Knock." Jaiden says with a smirk, his arm still cradled in it's little sling, giving the two ladies there a warm smile as he doffs his hat, hanging it on a hook driven into the wall like it was meant to be there. "Hope I'm not interrupting anything important?" Ygraine is given a grin and a playful wave as Jaiden passes to give Delia an awkward one-armed hug and a quick kiss on the cheek. "I'm just here to get my bandages changed."

"Sailing club…" The jargon only goes to further confuse the young nurse and she slows in her hurried unpacking of the first box. "I don't get it," is the quick admission that follows. Jaiden's sudden appearance though, draws a warm smile from Delia who returns the hug as she closes her eyes and leans into the cheek kiss. Then she blushes furiously and glances between Ygraine and Jaiden, "Uhm.. This.. You know each other?"

Taking the second box, she begins to unload that one of a bunch of little bottles that are stacked over a little mini fridge. Reaching into her pocket, she flips through the keys for the right one to open the lock on the unit. "I don't exactly know what kind of things to expect down here. I might need morphine, injectible. More IV bags… Dad brought down a guy that'd been shot up. If there's a lot of that, I'll need surgical supplies."

Jaiden receives a surprised look, then a warm smile from Ygraine - before her own expression turns playful. "Oh, dis-satisfied with my work already, are you?", she teases, before giving Delia a slightly confused and distinctly worried look. After a moment, she settles for offering a hand to shake - though she is still wearing her fingerless cycling gloves, so it'll be somewhat scratchy.

"I'm Ygraine. I gather that you know this big lump. I'm a member of the Ferry. And if you're not, then I'm probably in rather a lot of trouble right now. But if you're sticking with this clinic… you can probably expect everything from people hitting themself with a hammer while they renovate their apartment to, unfortunately, gun shots. The… assessment of the security threat to this place recently got ramped up a good few grades, I'm afraid."

"Oh yeah, Ygraine and I are going to do some training when I get all healed up. Self defense and the like. She was the one who actually tapped me for the ferry, or as we like to refer to it in the midst of regular folk or places that have ears installed, the Sailing Club. And no, Ygraine, your work re-bandaging my shoulder yesterday was excellent, but it needs to be changed. I wish I had a evolved immune system." Jaiden grumps, giving Delia a gentle hug before finding one of those little rolling stools usually found around clinics and taking a seat. "The security of this place is now a little less secure?" Jaiden asks quietly, glancing to Delia.

"Sail— Oh ferry… Boats, I see." The redhead reaches forward to take the courier's hand and gives it a firm shake. "Delia, I sort of got put in charge down here, until they find a doctor." She glances between the two, her eyes a little wider when there's talk of self defense and tapping and ears. "I'm supposed to start that sometime soon too," she says with a little grimace which is replaced by a quick smile. "Not looking forward to it, lover not a fighter and all that good stuff."

Dipping one hand into her pocket, she casts a worried glance over to Jaiden and moves close enough to rest her other on his good shoulder. "I knew the top floors were for people who are hiding, I don't know why but Amadeus Deckard was loitering in the halls up there. Then he brought some woman, a stranger, to my apartment… I don't know if she'll go straight to DHS or what."

Delia's words dispell the light-hearted expression that had reappeared when Jaiden spoke, a pensive frown creasing her brow. Reaching up, she unfastens the chin-strap on her helmet, removing the protective gear - leaving a stripe across her forehead where it has been resting.

"This… hrmmm. This place is meant to be fully a safehouse now, I believe. It started out as quite consciously a 'mixed' building - normal people amidst Ferry tenants, so that there was greater security for those put here. Random spot-checks wouldn't be likely to raise any flags, or the like…."

Propping her rump against the wall, she purses her lips. "Now… three reasons, I suppose. Or two and a half. One… one of the tenants here was an idiot. Not only flew in and out of the window of his apartment, but shouted out people's abilities in the street… and then turned vigilante, dressing up in a costume and challenging the cops to catch him. He got thrown out as a major security risk, and the Evolved children who were staying here all got shipped out for their own safety."

Ygraine ruefully shakes her head. "Then… I don't know the details, but apparently there was confirmation of a leak. It's part of the reason that the present fugitives being put here are, I believe, expected to be combat-capable. And why existing Ferry tenants have been given a warning to get out if they don't want to stay somewhere that's no longer as secure as it used to be, and that might be both a target in its own right and housing people who might be targets themselves."

A slow, rueful shrug. "But if someone's bringing strangers to apartments round here, then either they're clueless - they might think this is just a mundane tenement building, because there were tenants here who knew nothing about the Club at all. Or they're an idiot. Or they're willfully taking risks of exposing this place - either to their guest or to others."

"Well he was staying in an apartment down the hall from me, Sable? I don't know… I haven't gotten up the nerve to knock on her door and give her a piece of my mind yet." Delia replies quietly as she moves in front of Jaiden to unbutton his shirt and help him remove one arm.

Walking a few paces away from him again, she pulls open a few drawers, grabbing some gauze, antibacterial packing, gloves and some alcohol. "I think I need to get my dad to move down somewhere else. It's more dangerous for him than me, I mean, if they take me… it won't matter. But he's sort of important." At least to her.

"Sable?", Ygraine asks, lifting one brow. She sets aside her helmet, then unfastens the velcro at the wrists of her gloves so that they can be peeled off and dropped into the up-turned bowl of her headgear. "She lives here, on the fifth floor, and is also a Club member. Is this… Amadeus guy in with us, too? I've not heard of him."

"Amadeus, from what I can tell, is a punk kid." Jaiden pipes up as he shrugs out of his shirt. "Not one of us."

"I don't know… I'm not exactly a member of the 'sailing club'" the word is surrounded by actual finger quotes, Delia maneuvers herself in front of Jaiden again and begins to carefully unwrap the bandage around his shoulder. It's definitely a sweet wound. "I think I want to be though, I need to make sure my dad is safe and I need to give back. You guys saved his life." She shrugs and glances over her shoulder at Ygraine, giving her a bit of a smile.

"Well yes," Delia says in agreement with the Australian, "and if he's not a member, he shouldn't be around people who are running from DHS and the Institute. He really shuoldn't be bringing strangers around apartments that have people who are in hiding."

"If he's a clueless 'mundane', then he probably doesn't know any better. And trying to skirt around the situation might just alert him to it", Ygraine muses. "Might be worth asking Sable what she was aware of happening - but… be careful. She can be spikey, to say the least."

Pursing her lips again, Ygraine shakes her head, then manages to refocus upon the here and now rather than half-abstract worries. "You're not a member, but you're in charge of the clinic? Well, that's a fair sign of trust - and explains why you responded to me showing up out of the blue rather oddly. If you like, we can speak to people about considering you. Though Jaiden'll carry more weight in that regard than I do."

Jaiden sits idly on the stool as Delia unwraps the bandage, the yellow/brown of blood coming into view until, finally, the wound itself, icky and oozing but thankfully not infected. Just painful. "I'll let Delia tell the whole story, but she's good people. It's not everyone I let run around inside my head, after all."

Delia's mouth downturns a little at the sight of the wound and she looks sharply at Jaiden, "You need to take care of this better. No more overnights until it's started to heal around here…" Taking a depressor, she outlines the entry point of the bullet. Pulling off her rubber gloves, she opens one of the drawers and pulls out a suture kit with disolvable 26 guage thread. "God I wish I had magnifying vision for things like this…"

As she pulls on a new set of gloves and unwraps the sterile kit, she lets loose a sort of long sigh. "Uhm… I was helping my dad fix up some of the apartments… He was some big guy in DHS before all of this, called it the company? But yeah, a lady with a bird. Real one. Came and asked me to take care of this place until they find a doctor."

Ygraine shares a couple of glances with Jaiden - the first is amusement, having been told off more than a few times by various physiotherapists and doctors for testing healing injuries. The second is rather more serious and surprised.

"I… hrmmm. Yeah. The Company are… likely to be a major target for some of the factions in the government", she says cautiously. "They don't have a good reputation with many of the Evolved, and they're being painted as being even worse in the media. I… suspect that your Dad knows a good bit about security and looking after himself. But… we can certainly mention to people that you're interested in signing up, if you want."

"Yes ma'am. Yes ma'am." Jaiden frowns a little, wincing as the suture kit is pulled out , looking longingly at the door and gauging the chances that he'll be able to make it to the door before Delia starts sewing.

The talk of the Company causes Jaiden to listen closely, looking at Delia, looking 'up' towards the roof where the apartments are. The old man, it seems, has a lot of secrets - not to mention some kind of youth formula. Still, he breathes slowly and evenly, his eyes closing as he prepares himself mentally for Delia's ministrations.

"Looking after himself doesn't worry me. The people here, hiding…who's going to look out for them?"

"I asked Dad if we could find a new place. I even told him about your offer, Jaiden…" Delia shrugs before looking over the wound again. Placing a finger on either side of the opening, she leans over him rather awkwardly and angles her head a little. "Do you want me to numb it? I'm just going to put one stitch in each side. I didn't think you should have them before, but if you're going to be hard on your shoulder…"

With the needle poised over the mechanic's skin, the nurse rubs a little alcohol swip over the area to make certain it's clean. "He said he's not going. He's going to protect everyone here. He's got these issues with feeling responsible for the world." Something like his youngest daughter at times.

Looking away as well - apparently not having any desire to see needle forced through flesh - Ygraine finds herself speaking to a wall.

"The… limited understanding I have is that the Company fugitives are to provide most of their own security. The Club's really not an army, though… at least one of its members recently made noises that sounded like he wanted it to act as one. The thing is, it's… the closest comparison would be the Underground Railroad of the nineteenth century, perhaps. Chiefly focused upon transit and hiding, not on confrontation. Heck, one of the recent major appeals in the network was for teachers, so that the children being looked after by it can receive a decent education."

Jaiden gives a negative shake of the head. Two stitches he can handle. He gazes gamely at the floor while Delia goes to work. "Part of the reason I never sought the Club out was because, at the time, I didn't see much of a difference between them and the more radical groups out there. I went out on my own helping people instead, and only just now learned that there were two sides to the story."

There's a small grin, even though he's being poked with a needle. "Your dad's a pretty good guy when he's not threatening potential suitors' lives."

The two pokes are over before Jaiden can wince and in a few seconds Delia is already tying the thread off and snipping it. "He can be a little scary… I think Huruma is a bit scarier though, personally. I sort of wanted to send her after Amadeus and that woman he brought around, but I think that he'd just start hitting on her." She's a big scary woman, not an an unattractive scary woman.

With the tiny stitches done, Delia pulls the needle off and tosses it into a red container on the counter. A glance toward Ygraine has her smiling a little, it's strange to the nurse how people sometimes get queezy. Picking up the gauze, she lays a few flat squares against the entry and exit points. Then she begins to unroll the long strip, binding the squares to his shoulder. "He really threatened your life?" That question is practically whispered.

In spite of the sewing, Ygraine looks back to Jaiden at his last comment, brows lifting as she chuckles, before Delia's words catch her attention in turn. "Huruma? Not… come across that one. But I admit that I've had no direct contact with the Company fugitives, so far as I'm aware…."

Looking back to Jaiden, she shrugs sympathetically. "I can understand being war of any kind of big, underground organisation. I can't say that I'm in complete agreement with all the members myself. But… from what I've seen, the Ferry only moves into 'radical' action when it's really required. Things like the trip that got you that hole. They're not pleasant, but everything I've seen in that line truly did need to be done."

Jaiden nods lightly, leaning in to give Delia a kiss on the cheek as she wraps. "Said he'd send Huruma after me if I hurt you, so yeah, he did." The man settles in, letting Nurse Delia do her duty, nodding to Ygraine. "Well, be that as it may, hopefully things will start getting better."

Delia keeps wrapping up the shoulder as Ygraine talks about the organization and its little particulars. "Well I'm not much of a fighter… at all. I think I'd be pretty useless, actually, so the fact that they aren't? That sounds pretty good in my books." The wrapping doesn't take more than a few minutes, but the way the young redhead is eying the bandages, it's like she's considering more.

"I just wish I could go home…" she murmurs quietly, but you can't go home again. She doesn't move away from her patient when she turns to face Ygraine again. Pulling the gloves off her hands, Delia replaces the hand on Jaiden's good shoulder and regards the other woman. "What do the members do? I met one man… he runs an orphanage, really nice… sort of like a short bearded Santa Claus?

That description of Doyle draws laughter from Ygraine. "I think that I know exactly who you mean, yes. The orphanage is one of the places particularly in need of help with teaching. The children there were evacuated from here, after that… incident I mentioned earlier. But… you've got a handful of medics. A range of people running separate safehouses. Some handling logistics, as best we can. And… I suppose you could call them 'operatives', if you wanted to be Hollywood about it - the people who find those in need of help and try to get them into the network without bringing down the authorities. As well as those who try to keep an eye on what the authorities are up to - so that, for example, we can warn people when we think a safehouse might have been compromised."

It's enough for Jaiden to have broken his near 30 year streak of not getting shot, but having to wear more bandages really, really chafes his backside. "I've only just been a member for a few months, Delia. You'd be surprised at the things that go on behind the scenes. The fact that you've got medical training means that you're going to be in demand - almost as much as I'm in demand for the way I can fix things."

Giving them both a smile, Delia flushes a little and looks down at the floor. "Well, if they'll have me, I'd like to help. I can cut and patch with the best of them." The last part is said with a little bit of a laugh. Though not clinicly certified, she's got a couple of years of schooling and experience under her belt.

Chewing on her lower lip, she glances down at the floor and knits her eyebrows together in concentration. "Uhm.. After I —practice.. I guess that's a good word for it. After I learn more, I might be able to help warn people too. I think I might be able to, anyway." She glances down at Jaiden for either confirmation of the fact or some sort of back up, then back to Ygraine with a rather sheepish look. "I'm just not very good yet."

Ygraine quirks a smile at the two on the other side of the room. "So long as you know what you're doing, they're likely to be keen to have you. As you can tell from this place being unmanned since its last occupant, the organisation is seriously short of people who can make themselves available and have the skills."

Shrugging slightly, she nods to Delia. "I think that the two of us can certainly pass word up to make sure that your interest is known. And… if you're talking about an… ability, then don't feel bad about still… finding your feet with it. There are very few people who really have a good grip on everything they can do.

"I only started getting really good at mine about four years ago." Jaiden offers with a smile. "It's gotten me out of many problematic situations, let me tell you. When a 'water main' breaks at the right time, it can cause all sorts of confusion."

He gives Delia a nudge. "You'll get better with it, don't worry."

Delia's smile widens, nodding. The young woman is full of confidence when it comes to medicine. "Well I don't have anything else. I can't get a job, I can't go to school anymore. That's pretty much all I am, available." Her arm winds around to Jaiden's back as she stands next to him, not for any nefarious purpose but to pull the side of the shirt up and hold it out for him to lace his arm through again.

Turning to look down at him, she nudges his cheek with her finger and gives him a stern look. "The stitches should help, even if it's just a reminder that you're working your arm a little too hard. I need you to take it easy for at least two days. I don't want to see it seeping anything. Got it?" Though it's probably the redhead's own fault that it got that way.

"He's agreed to help me with some self-defence training for members of the Club… and also some private tuition with my own skills", Ygraine says. "I can make sure to check up on him and be sure that we, at least, don't start anything until the shoulder's ready for it", she offers.

Another slow shrug. "And… I'm no expert, but I've done what I can to help a couple of people with their… more unusual talents. I could see if I could help with yours. And I have the impression that Jaiden largely figured his own out - that'll doubtless provide insights that could be turned to other people's advantage."

Jaiden gingerly puts his arms through the sleeve of the shirt as offered, ducking his head to get through the neck hole and straightening after a moment. "With Evolved only being around for, what, six years or so? No-one's had time to turn into an expert at all. The things that worked for me were simple - yoga, meditation, and practice practice practice. Lifting heavier things, moving things, working with distance. With your ability, Delia, we'll need to see if it works at all when people are awake, or if you can do it without actually having physical contact.

"I have a teacher," Delia says quietly, "A mentor actually. She's already taught me how to visit people without touching them, but I don't have an anchor yet." Which might be the reason why she was absent from the Australian's dream the night before. "If I go anywhere before I make one, I might never find my way back."

She gives the two of them a rather sheepish expression and shrugs her shoulders lightly. "I tried last night, but I can't think of anywhere… of anything that I can use. Not yet."

"For me, the key to most of them seems to be getting accustomed to doing really simple things - get a feel for pedalling in a straight line, with stabilising wheels in place before you try doing wheelies or taking corners at thirty miles an hour", Ygraine says gently, though she looks both intrigued and worried.

"A lot of people seem to think that because they have something 'special' about them, or because they saw themselves or someone else do something dramatic while under intense pressure, that they should be able to do astonishing things easily, every single time they try. Start simple, get a genuine feel for what you're doing - for how you use your ability, how that actually differs from being at rest and not activating it… get that, and you're likely to be able to do a great deal more, and more reliably, than if you just aim for the end result straight from the start…."

Sighing softly, the Briton shurgs, and offers what she hopes is an encouraging smile. "But… if you have someone who knows how to do whatever you do in particular, then taking their advice is likely to be a very good idea indeed. Just… be sure that you're aware of any differences in how you do things - I've personally run into someone who got utterly confused when he discovered that his ability didn't work like mine did, after he assumed that we were identical in our talents."

The last thing that anyone wants is for Delia to get lost somewhere outside of her own head without the means to find their way back. Having to wake up and deal with a still-warm Comatose Delia is not something that Jaiden wants to deal with - most definitely with a Ryans about. "Well, Del, if there's anything I can do to help, you let me know, yeah? Helping with dreams is a lot less strenuous than what Ygraine and I have planned."

Jaiden nods to Ygraine's words. "The first time I used my power was out of fear. Surprise, really. Sitting on the edge of a creek resting in the shade of a tree when a snake slithered out. Normally they leave people alone, but this one was either sick, half blind, or thought I was in his sunning spot. He hissed and struck and the creek washed him away for me. Took me a month of figuring out exactly what happened, and even then, getting the glass of water to shiver took loads of energy out of me. It took years of practice to get going to anything even resembling a super power."

"I just want you to hold off on doing anything too strenuous until it stops seeping. It's not good for it to still be bleeding. If you can do the lessons without doing it yourself… or something?" Delia's worried expression is pointed right at Jaiden as she lifts her hand to pull some stray curls away from her face and tangle them with the rest on the side.

Their stories about their own practices and Jaiden's manifestation brings a bittersweet tug to the redhead's lips. "I talked to a man in a coma who died before I woke up. It would have been me, except he was a healer." It's a simple enough story when it's put that way.

Ygraine looks down sharply, then delves into the small pouch she wears strapped to her forearm, pulling out a cell phone. Flipping it open, she purses her lips at what she reads, then shuts it again. "It seems that I'm in demand. If you'll excuse me, I'll cut and run. Jaiden has ways of getting hold of me should you need to add anything to your requests for the clinic, Delia - or if you want anything else."

As she talks, she gathers up her kit, closing her pack before returning it to her back, and putting her gloves on before restoring her helmet to her head. "Self-defence, we can definitely work on if you want to - and do so without taxing Jaiden's shoulder, I promise! And I'll certainly mention your interest to people who make decisions about such things."

Fastening the chin-strap, she steps to the door, waves a hand in farewell to the pair of them, then ducks out - foosteps rapidly receding up the stairs, which she seems to be taking two or three at a time.

Jaiden salutes as Ygraine heads up the stairs, turning to look at Delia after a moment, buttoning his overshirt up carefully, being sure not to tug on the stitches. "A man in a coma kept you from dying?" Jaiden asks quietly.

Angling her head to look down at him, Delia closes in and perches on one of his knees. Her arms wrap around his waist to balance herself and keep from falling. She nestles her head in the crook between his shoulder and neck, closing her eyes halfway. "Yeah, he died because of a brain tumor, he didn't have it before then. I'm pretty sure he took it from me, just from what he said before I woke up. He told me to let it go."

The young woman closes her eyes all the way as she takes a deep breath. Jaiden's scent rids all of her tension causing her to relax fully against his form. Of course, she smells the way she usually does, of mint and lavender. What is missing is the bite of tea tree.

There is always the worry of someone walking in and seeing this semi-public display of affection, and frankly, Jaiden doesn't care right about now. "I'm glad that he did, then." Jaiden says softly. "You'd do no-one any good if you weren't around."

Jaiden smells of sandalwood and cologne, a little bit of soap from the shower this morning as well, and his form is firm and comfortable against hers. His arms wrap around her waist, holding her there, his eyes closing too, just enjoying the closeness.

Lifting her head, Delia opens her eyes to give the mechanic a smile and lean in to touch her lips briefly against his. The fact that they're in her place of work doesn't seem to bother her for the simple fact that she's not blushing furiously at the thought of being caught. "You'd help me find an anchor?" she whispers quietly, drawing one of her arms out from around him. Her hands cups his cheek as she gently guides him to look at her.

"I don't exactly know how I'd go about doing that, but sure, I'll help you find a mental anchor so you can play around the astral plane." Jaiden nods slightly, his cheek scratching the palm of Delia's hand with the stubble - hard to shave with one hand, you see. The fact that they may get caught - the passion blooming in this stark white clinic in the bottom of a tenement, is somethign that Jaiden hopes he'll experience again and again for the rest of his days.

Leaning in, Delia rubs the tip of her nose against his and gives him a soft kiss. The fingers on his cheek curl to lightly scratch through the stubble there. "Can I come over again tonight?" she murmurs low. Should anyone happen upon them, they wouldn't be able to hear what she's saying, just witness the young woman in a rather compromising position. It's not every day that the nurse of a clinic sits in the lap of her patient. "I promise I'll be good and I won't hurt your shoulder."

"Of course you're welcome to come by tonight. I can get a nice dinner together too, if you don't mind a little slow cooking. Or you can do grilled cheese like you suggested the night we watched Big Trouble in Little China." Jaiden's voice is a low murmur, barely heard over the fans and the air conditioning that keeps this place chilly and sterile, his hands resting lightly on her hips, holding her there. "You can stay again, if you like, overnight. I can even teach you how to drive stick if you're interested."

No, that's not a sexual euphemism.

"I'll make something, it won't be sandwiches." Leaning in, the young redhead delivers one of those well heated kisses that she's been working on with him for the past few days. A sharp breath is taken in through her nose as her hand winds into his hair. The other one tightens the hold around his waist for a minute before she relaxes it and pulls her hand back down. All of this in prelude to breaking the kiss.

Possessive little minx, isn't she?

That's fine, Jaiden doesn't mind being a kept man.

The kiss is broken with a soft gasp, Jaiden's eyes opening, focusing on hers after a moment, his one good hand stroking through those coppery curls. "Send me over a list and I'll make sure it's ready for you. I won't even start any preparations so we can be sure to do everything together." It's sweet in a way; Jaiden wanting to share little things with her - to start little rituals together as a couple.

Oh wow, they are a couple now, aren't they?

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