The Element Of Surprise


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Scene Title The Element of Surprise
Synopsis An unexpected - but welcome - ally is recruited for Cardinal's battle against White.
Date Oct 27, 2009

Ring ring ring.

A phone number furnished by his allies is dialed, Cardinal's thumb moving over the dial of his cellular phone as he kicks back in a car parked along the street in a quiet park of town; relaxing back and listening for an answer, the grey rain pattering down upon the windshield and hood as it has been of late.

Within the hotel room that Sparrow has been staying in, her cell phone rings from where it sits on the nightstand next to the bed. Setting the remote down after lowering the volume on the tv, she reaches for the phone and flips it open, answering with a quiet, "Hello? Sparrow here."

"Hello," Cardinal greets casually, "I was given your number recently, this is… Cardinal. I hope this isn't a bad time? I keep a night schedule, I know most people don't."

Sparrow listens for a moment, not recognizing the voice. But when he gives his name, there is something that clicks. Cardinal. Redbird. "No, I was awake. No bother at all. I keep weird hours at times myself." She chuckles before saying, "An acquaintance said you might call.."

Cardinal exhales a faint chuckle of his own, "Our feline-named aquaintance, I suppose. It was mentioned that you might be willing to help me with some little — problems that we're having right now."

Sparrow hmms, "That would be the one, yes." She answers before considering the rest. "I have heard a little about the problems, but not much. I believe she didn't wish to go too in depth with things, waiting first? I am curious to some degree.. would certainly like to find out more?"

"We should meet up," Cardinal admits, "The phones aren't entirely… secure these days. There somewhere you'd feel comfortable meeting up to talk about it?"

"I'd like that." Sparrow offers before pondering, "I'm new to the city, so I'm willing to go anywhere's if there's a spot you know that is safe enough for such discussions?"

"How about Old Lucy's," Cardinal suggests, "It's a bar; owned by a friend of mine, so I know it's fairly safe."

"Sounds good to me." Sparrow says before asking, "Say in an hour?"

"Sounds good." A firm agreement, and Cardinal offers, "I'll meet you there, then. Just ask at the bar if you can't find me, they know me there."

Sparrow chuckles, "Will do then. I'll have on a baseball cap, more than likely. Just look for the native.." And with that, she'll hang up and prepared to head over to the bar via taxi.

Old Lucy's

Old Lucy's has a vibrant and lively feel to it, from the dark wooden floors to the shady crimson walls lit up by neon lights and many times, the flashing of cameras from the oft-crowded floor. The mirror behind the bar reflects prices of various drinks, bottles lined up, as well as the entire saloon as seen from the bartenders; bolted-down stools line the other side, and there are loose tables and chairs placed all around, though many times they find themselves pushed back for more space within the center of the saloon. A few speakers are placed at strategic places and around a raised stage to the far corner from the bar. Above the counter, an obviously well-used bar is hung; it is this that the girls working will use should there be dancing, which is one reason many patrons choose to come aside from the drinks. Across the bar and near the back, there is a door that leads to the owner's office and just inside a stairwell that leads a apartment on the floor above the bar.

An hour later, Cardinal finds himself in the midst of Old Lucy's just as the joint's getting jumping. The sound of music pounds in the air, the voices of the customers and female bartenders mingle with it, and it's crowded as hell. This makes it the perfect place for more private, quiet discussions, after all— who could overhear?
He's leaning against the wall near the door, chatting with the bouncer - who looks female, for all that she's enormous.

Having taken a moment to check the place out from the outside, Sparrow finally moves inside. She's dressed casual, a black leather jacket worn against the chill outside. Sure as she said, she's got a baseball cap on her head for a bar back in New Mexico. Stepping inside, she shifts to the side, her gaze to wander those already inside, though she doesn't know /who/ exactly she's looking for. She'll eventually start to head towards the bar.

As the door's opened, Cardinal looks to who's entered. Baseball cap… amerind… a smile twitches to his lips, and he calls over the sounds of the music, "Sparrow?"

Hearing her name, Sparrow turns to face the man, a brow raised before she wonders, "Cardinal?" Curious is she, and yet there's a hint of wariness to be found in her gaze as well.

"That's the name…" A nod to the bouncer, and Cardinal steps away from her— gesturing his hand to one side towards the tables off along the back wall, inviting, "Shall we?"

Sparrow allows her gaze to take in the bouncer, then turns back to Cardinal as she nods, hand to unbutton her coat now that she's inside. "Lead the way, sir." Polite manners do show through, voice carrying just loud enough for him to be heard over the music and shouted conversations of the patrons in the bar tonight.

Cardinal leads on; along the edge of the crowd, eventually finding a table that hasn't been taken by anyone. He pulls out a chair ever so gallantly, then sprawls himself back in another, gesturing to the seat for her. "So… how much did Cat tell you?"

As they reach the table, Sparrow thanks him as he pulls out the chair for her, sinking down to sit as he sprawls opposite her. When asked, she shakes her head, "Only that there is another like me, with plans that might take out the island? That was about all I was told beyond the fact there are those working against him, and others working with him to see it happen. "

"Norman White." Cardinal's nose wrinkles in a brief grimace, "An incredibly powerful terrakinetic. The man's already destroyed the Municiple building, is threatening to destroy the Statue of Liberty, and if not stopped will destroy all of Staten Island." A serious look is directed to her, "Obviously, if he pulls off much more of this we're gonna become one hell of an endangered species."

Sparrow listens quietly, lips pressed together and eyes dark as he speaks of what this man has done, and what he seeks to do. "Why? Why does he do this? Does anyone know what the will start?" She asks, words pitched just enough for him to hear. "Sorry, I seem to be far behind in the battles that are waged here in New York. I did not have to deal with quite this much back home. Yes, there are those who are against the Evolved, but most people.. could care less, in all honesty." She leans forwards, hands placed on the table, "Within my people's culture, my ability was seen as being given to me by Mother Earth herself."

Cardinal gives his head a slight shake, admitting wryly, "Lucky you. Here in New York, just being Evolved can get you killed… or worse." He grimaces, "White spent most of his life in a psychiatric institute. The crazy bastard thinks he's been chosen by God."

Sparrow frowns further, "This certainly does not help.." Teeth catch her bottom lip, and she finally looks to Cardinal. "I don't know how long I'm staying here, but if I can help stop him, I would like to join in? I'm not sure where my abilities might compare to his, but surely anything is better than nothing?"

"Any bit helps," Cardinal admits with a grimace, "You may not be as powerful as he is, but you can probably keep him off-balance until we deal with him… " He nods a little, "He'll be attacking the Statue of Liberty soon. We'll be meeting him on Liberty Island."

"That, I can do." Sparrow answers with a soft laugh as he mentions keeping the man off-balance. "I don't think he knows I'm here, and if he doesn't think you all have a terrakinetic on your side, he won't be expecting it." A pause, and she hmms, "Though.. I did use my abilities here down in Chinatown during that battle.."

"I doubt that he's found out about you that quickly…" Cardinal smirks just a bit, "…especially not in all that ridiculous chaos that happened down there. The element of surprise should still be ours."

Sparrow nods, "Here's hoping. I think there were a few who might have seen me work. I know a few cops did.." Well, she was working to save their asses, after all. "But somehow, I don't think they'd be telling on me. And with that new unit, FRONTLINE, that arrived as well.." Could be chalked up to them!

Cardinal's chin dips in a tight nod. "Or just to one of Ye's Evolved thugs," he admits, "There was a lot of insanity going on down there that night, from what I hear… and I haven't heard all of it, even."

Sparrow nods quietly, "It was.. I happened to be in the area eating supper and heard things going on." She takes off her hat, setting it aside, "The cops were pinned down badly. They lost a lot of men and women, but they would have likely lost all of them there, and the Chinese would have been gone by the time that unit got there. Not to mention a few more of those media 'copters would have gone down."

"I'm afraid it's just going to get worse, too…." Cardinal's voice is tired as he leans back, fingers rubbing against the back of his neck, "…there's a war coming, Sparrow. It's inevitable."

"I know. I have known for many years.." Sparrow murmurs, thinking about something before she shakes her head, "New York may become my home, and if that is the case, I would prefer to keep it in one piece.. to help prevent the war as much as possible."

"I don't think it's preventable," Cardinal shakes his head slightly, "I think it could be… eased into, made shorter and less destructive, but it won't be a pretty road there." A grimace, "Anyway. I'll contact you before we move, then?"

"Right." Sparrow offers to the first before she nods again, "Please. I want in to help.. I want to stop this guy, or at least.. make him off-balanced enough so that he can be dealt with. I don't think I could do it alone, and I think you all would certainly benefit having me along."

"So do I," Cardinal says, flashing a tight smile back to her, "And I appreciate the hell out've the offer, Sparrow, trust me when I say that." A shake of his head, smile fading, "If the Statue goes down…"

Sparrow tilts her head, "If she goes down, then we'll find someone to put her back up again." The young woman answers quietly, leaning forwards to murmur, "White might be a terrakinetic, but he can't destroy metal. He might sink her, or knock her over, but she can be put back together, if you can find someone who works on metal as he and I do with earth. We already know what New Yorkers can do when they put their minds together.."

Cardinal inclines his head, "Maybe so… but we also know how they turn on those they blame for it. You know how many muslims were murdered after nine-eleven?" He rests an arm on the table, leaning in slightly, "We'll be considered enemies of America. A short step from there to concentration camps."

"Maybe, but at the same time, if we are seen to be.. policing.. our own?" Sparrow wonders before finally asking him, curiosity to get the best of her. "I have met Cat, and another, Liz? I have heard of various groups.. I wish to do more than just help this once, but Cat said being told more of them, would come down the road.."

"There's a number of factions operating in the city… and God alone knows how many outside," admits Cardinal, fingertips drumming over the table, "Phoenix, you'd have heard of them, no doubt. The Ferrymen just smuggle Evolved to new lives, protect them from the government. Everyone has their own idea of how this should be done."

"I have heard of them, yeah." Sparrow says as to Phoenix. The other seems unnknown. "I can see how some might want that.. sort of witness protection in a way." A hand to brush through her hair, she considers most of the information, "The cop that was at the Chinatown stuff.. Magnes.. he advised me to stay out of it all.. I think he was worried I'd get hurt."

"Magnes…" Cardinal's eyes slip closed, fingers lifting to rub against his brow, "…he's a good kid, but he's really got to figure out how the world works, one of these days." His hand falls, and he quirks a faint smile, "There're other groups, of course. All depends on who you trust to run with in this city."

Sparrow flashes a quick smile, "He's a good guy, yeah. A little.. innocent.. in some ways? Strange to say that about a cop." The woman pauses, "It's like he's still some bright-eyed rookie, if that makes sense?" Nodding to the last, she but ponders on that.

Cardinal exhales a faint chuckle, "I think he'll always be like that. It's part've his charm, but it'll get him killed one of these days if he doesn't learn to grow up."

Sparrow chuckles quietly, "I guess to the first, but the last, yeah.. even I know that much." She answrs before her gaze drifts to those around, glancing to people before turning back to him. "I'll have to find myself a place to live here soon, though I guess I should wait to see how this all shakes down with White first."

"I've got some space," Cardinal admits with a bit of a wry smile, "It's not exactly the Ritz, and you might not agree with my philosophy on things, though. We'll see how things go after White."

Sparrow tilts her head, a brow to lift upwards, "Philosophy?" She chuckles, finally flagging down a waitress to order a beer for herself and Cardinal if he wishes something. Once the waitress leaves, she asks, "So, what exactly do you mean by that? Do tell. This enquiring mind wishes to know."

Cardinal lifts one shoulder in a shrug to that. "Phoenix is all about changing the world politically, rousing up the youth to vote Petrelli out of office or… whatever," he admits, "A bit of militancy on the side. Me? I gather information, share it where it's needed, and when I see a threat — like White — we deal with it. I've consulted enough precognitives to know what's coming, and I'm not willing to let that happen."

Listening quietly, Sparrow nods after a moment, "That seems to be the way I would think on things. I'm not for the militant side that some people are taking. If things need to be handled, then do so. Otherwise.. yeah, gather info, tweak things as needed. Keep the peace, if it can be kept.?

"It's the handling part that gets messy," Cardinal admits, his head shaking slowly, "Sometimes, you have to do… unpleasant things to keep the world from falling apart." He braces a hand to the table, then, pushing himself slowly upwards, "Anyway. I'll be in touch soon, Sparrow. We don't have long now."

"Sometimes you do. Sometimes, there are other ways about it though." Sparrow offers before he presses his hand to the table, and rises from the chair. With is words of departuer, she nods, "It was a pleasure to meet you finally, sir. You got my number, so feel free to call me. Anytime, I'll be ready to go."

"It was good to meet you," Cardinal offers her a tired if genuine smile, "And call me Richard. I'll call you once we have things more organized… and thanks, again, for the help."

"Richard." Sparrow murmurs, smiling as she nods, "No problem.. if I can help, then I want too." A pause, and she offers, "I hope you have a good evening.. try and get some sleep, hmm?"

"Sleep, ha…" Cardinal grins, turning to walk back into the crowd, "Sleep is for the dead."

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