The Eternal Martyr


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Scene Title The Eternal Martyr
Synopsis Jessica's on her way out, Abby's on her way in from getting shot.
Date July 2, 2009

Hallway outside Niki and Abby's Apartments

Passing in the hallway. How many neighbours do that in New York? Everyone does. People coming and going, opening doors. You either ignore them or you give a nod. A hello, hi, how you doing and you carry on your way. Some people never even know who their neighbours are. Abigail is home. Finally. Pale, shakey, drawn, in serious need of red meat and rest. Off the elevator she comes, specks of blood on her that she can explain away to those not in the know that she's healed someone. Her sweater washed out enough to hide the one thing that would prove that story a lie and that would be the holes in her tank top. She's not expecting to see her neighbours. Roommates yes, neighbours no.

Jessica is going stir crazy inside that apartment. She's decided she's going out. She needs to do something more than sit around and wait. Wait for Linderman. Wait for Micah. Wait for anyone. Wait for everyone. She's damn tired of it. She is dressed to kill, and she could mean that literally, but she's just going out for drinks or something. Black jacket over white t-shirt, and blue jeans. She steps out of Niki's apartment closing the door behind her and making sure it's locked. Cat's iPhone tucked into her pocket in case there's contact with Micah. She had to at least promise Niki that. Finally, she starts towards the elevator only to see Abby, bloody and moving towards her own apartment. "What the hell happened to you?"

"Shotgun" Abby answers back. "Niki or Jessica?" She trudges still to her door, having to go past the other blonde to get there. "Happy dagger is burning on Staten Island, or already burned. I was with Flint and… John Logan shot me" Depending on that reaction would tell Abby whether it was Niki or Jessica at the helm. Enough stuff had happened, that she wasn't sure from the tone who was playing at the surface.

"Need me to go kill him for you?" Jessica responds, thinking that just might give her the answer she seeks. She also says it straight out, which means she was serious. She hasn't seen anyone since the day at the hospital. She's talked to Micah only on occasion, but all other visitors have been refused entrance. She stopped going to work and Jessica has found 'other means' in which to make rent payments. "All I need you to do is point me in the right direction." There's a brief pause. "Wait. You lost your power. Who healed you?"

Yeah, that's Jessica. "Thanks Jessica but no. I have a feeling he's going to be… hunted down by someone else. I won't directly set someone on him" Abigail stops just before the other woman, looking. Studying. "Besides, I don't know where he is and I was healed by the person who has god's gift. They were nearby" There's a hand up, placating, a please don't ask further. "Why are you out? How's Niki taking everything?"

Jessica listens to the story, losing interest after the first couple of lines. She shrugs at the turn down, expecting as much from someone like Abby. The eternal martyr. When Niki's well being is asked about, Jessica shrugged. "You mean besides the whole 'your son who was dead, was really alive, but died and now you can only talk to him in an iPod'? Yeah, she's taking that very well. Which is why I'm here. I have a few things that need to be.." she pauses as a near evil glint comes to her eye, ".. handled. With Niki's permission, of course." Not that Niki would be thinking all that clearly at the moment. And it's not like Jessica can hide her actions from her counterpart either since coming back from the future. "So what? Someone shoots you and you just shrug your shoulders and move along with life, Abby?"

"I"m not you Jessica. I don't just up and kill people in alleyways because they won't tell you within the first fives seconds what someone just did to them" Okay that came out a bit more snappish than she intended. A hand comes up to rub at her face. "It's John Logan, if you're so keen on giving him a return gut shot with a 20 odd then be my guest, but you have to find him first and he's likely taken off. WHen you do find him, break his legs so he can't run and toss him to the cops. At least then he'll get shoved in a deep dark hole like Moab. Deaths too good for him"

There is a slight shudder at the mention of Moab. Jessica would not be so keen on going back there either. "Yeah, well sometimes you gotta stick up for yourself. People eventually stop walking over you. Besides, there's something else I have to do." She does have her own task, at the request of Niki. "You look like shit. You might get yourself cleaned up. You've been walking around like that since yesterday?"

"Laying around like this. Lost a lot of blood. Thank god it's a long weekend and I have no cl.. shit, I missed my appointment" There's another facepalm look. "Listen, need me to make some casseroles and bring em over for you and Niki? I don't know how much of a cooker you are and Niki I'm sure you'd take some comfort from it. I cna't bring Micah back but.. I'll do what I can to help"

Jessica gives a shrug. "You don't look like you're in any shape to be cooking for yourself, let alone everyone else. Not that your well being concerns me all that much, but you might consider going in and crashing for a week or so." Jessica hasn't had any problems making sure she's fed. "You feel better, then feel free to drop some stuff by. Niki gave you a key. Knock yourself out." She steps closer to the other blond. "You might start looking out for yourself a little better than you are. One of these days you're going to snap. One of these days, you're going to become.. me." There's almost a grin at that comment as she imagines herself and Abby running around raising hell after Abby goes postal. "Seriously though, I'm not screwing around. You let everyone walk all over you like a frickin' door mat. Shoot you in the chest. If that healer hadn't been there, you'd be in the morgue." Her version of a peptalk.

"Wasn't my chest" Abby takes a step back when Jessica takes a step closer. She's not afraid of Niki, never has been afraid of Niki but she knows what Jessica is capable of. She was right though. If Flint hadn't been there. No, flint would have gotten her to help. "I'll be fine Jessica and i'll pray to god tonight that I don't become you. Keep a leash on her Niki" Tossed to the woman who is likely listening behind the eyes. She edges around Niki then, heading for her door, making sure not to give the woman her back. Not a single sliver of it.

Having no real desire to harm Abby, Jessica might even feel a little bit sorry for her. Just a smidgen. Jessica's convinced for the most part that Abby brings it on herself, unlike Niki, who had everything taken from her — if you don't count the borrowing of money or the online web site. Ahem. "Keep on the path you're going, Abby. You will be. You will be." She watches Abby disappear into her apartment and shakes her head. Whatever. She pushes the button for the elevator. She has some things to check out. It's going to be a long night. She gives one more look towards Abby's door before she steps into the elevator after the doors slide open, then close behind her, taking her to ground level.

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