The Evils of Good Whiskey


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Scene Title The Evils of Good Whiskey
Synopsis Kaylee gets a call from Biddy's to come take care of Ash who has decided to try and kill himself with alcohol. As a result she ends up with him sleeping on her couch.
Date August 10, 2009

Biddy Flannigan's Irish Pub

Ambient lighting blankets the establishment in a soft luminescence, glowing in tones of appealing orange from the front face of the bar and low hanging light fixtures overhead. Old style brick walls given the pub an appealing depth, reflecting the tone of lights in a more amber hue down upon the lengths of the polished, wooden floors. The bar counter of lacquered dark wood stretches along the northern wall, the forefront for shelves of numerous liquors and the substantially sized LCD televisions spaced liberally behind it. The screens flicker with the latest games and news as the labeled spirit bottles wink from lighted shelves with a beckon of their own. Barstools and high tables welcome tipsy patrons to their support, scattered with throughout the barroom with a few wedge into the darker, quieter, and more secretive recesses. Over the bar are a few banners of sports teams, most notably one of English football club Manchester United.

The thick wooden door to the west is fitted with a single neon sign sponsored by one of the brews on tap, glowing in the door's center window to shed its light onto the sidewalk outside and summoning in new customers when the bar is open for business.

Ash sits at the bar in Biddy's, and he's got, well he's got a small pyramid going now of shot glasses, all whiskey by the slight amber color that's still in some of them. He's got another shot in front of him and he knocks it back hard. He's got no vehicle to drive, so no keys to turn over, and he's one of Adam's crew, so drinking he goes. He knocks back another shot, stacking both glasses on the small pyramid, his body swaying in place. It's not even night time yet and he's well.. .pretty obviously drunk. He's swaying in his seat and his speech ihs rather slurred. He looks at the third shot of whiskey, swaying in place a bit before he manages to pick it up without spilling it and knock that one back as well.

She got the call not long ago that Ash was trying to drink his death. Kaylee had told Mack to tell her, so here she was walking into pub. Pulling off her helmet just inside the door, the young blond scans the room, until she catches a wave from the bartender, who then points at Ash.

With a sigh, Kaylee make her way over to the bar and slides onto the stool next to her co-worker. "Ash… what are you doing?"

Ash turns his head, his eyes blinking a few times as he stares at Kaylee, trying to identify the blurry face before him. When he does he sighs and turns his head back to the last shot of whiskey in front of him. With Kaylee now here the bartender has stopped bringing more shots and he knows he's not going to get anymore. So, he lifts up that shot and knocks it back before adding it to the stack and turning on his barstool. He gives a soft grunt and shrugs his shoulders. "Seeing how many shots of fucking whiskey I can drink before I pass out and fall onto the floor, though I think the bartender would have a hard time dragging me anywhere…"

"Don't make me dig in your brain for the answers, Ash." Kaylee isn't smiling like she usually does, her tone slightly irritated. "You really shouldn't be drinking yourself to an early grave over a woman. Seriously." She sighs and sets her helmet on the bar, before she turns serious and slowly leans forward. Blue eyes are intense as she looks him in the eye. This isn't the bubbly Kaylee he's use too. Her next words are soft, barely heard above the noise of the bar. "Ash… " a hand reaches out to steady him, ".. Would you like to forget her?" she watches him carefully, what she's offering isn't something she does lightly to people she likes.

Ash turns on his barstool back to face the woman in front of him when she says he shouldn't be drinking like this over a woman. "What do you care about Kaylee? In your life, how much have you truly cared for? Parents? Friends? Yourself? Schools….?" He swallows bitterly and his eyes close for a moment. "I've cared about one fucking thing in my entire life, and that's myself. The first fucking time I let myself come to truly care about something other than myself and it just fucking gets me hurt. I like you Kaylee, but I wouldn't fucking die for you. The same goes for every other fucking person on this planet. I just like you alot more than most. But… I truly fucking cared about her." And if Kaylee were to touch his mind she'd find that for him, that is a very big thing, actually caring about someone, considering thier feelings when he takes actions, considering the repercussions it might have for another person.

"Well… If it's any consolation, I wouldn't die for you either. But I'd try my best till it's too late for you." There's the bubbly Kaylee. She reaches out to pluck a shot glass from the prymid. "But this.. This is not worth it. It really isn't. I know this. In the end your gonna have to face the pain. And fucking deal with it." She and sets the glass thunk on the bar. "It's not the end of the world. But… if it would make it easier for you, I can make you forget her. Maybe even forget the feelings you had for her." Her voice is bland as she says it. "I have no idea of the results.. but…."

Ash snorts at Kaylee, a shake of his head to her statement about it not being worth it and facing the pain. "What the fuck do you think I'm doing Kaylee? This is me dealing with the pain without people ending up hurt." He turns back towards the pyramid and sighs as he sees that it's simply not big enough yet. "You've seen some of my past, though I don't know how much. I'm guessing you at least know how fucked up it's been." He doesn't seem to know quite where he was going with that statement though cause he's blinking in confusion after he makes it and then just shrugs, dismissing whatever he was going to say. "We are who we are because of what we've been through girly, and fucking removing her from my memory would take away part of who the fuck I am." That's his only reply to her offer, not the nicest of replies, but hey, he's plastered, and pissed.

Looking rather amused, Kaylee shrugs. "Just giving you options." She grabs at his shoulder to make him look at her. She picks up that glass and holds it up between them, "This.. is not dealing with it, Ash. This is fucking running form it.. making you forget for a short time.. but once it's gone.. you gotta do it again." Shoving it and her hand against his chest, she half growls. "Only way to deal with it is to feel that pain. I have to deal with any pain all the time. I don't get to get plastered. It'll kill me." She glares at the man, with a hint of jealousy for that. "But I'm thankful I can't.. cause it made me realize you have to face the pain like a grownup."

Ash laughs aloud at Kaylee's comments about facing the pain. He looks over at her then and his eyes narrow. "Did you see it? When you raped my mind and dug through my memories? Did you see what started me along this path my fucking waste of a life has taken Kaylee? If you did then you know… all of this… your trying to help me, your comments are fucking empty when it comes to me." He smiles at her, and lifts a hand up to ruffle her hair if she'll allow it, and then he scoots down off of his barstool, stumbling to keep his balance, and once it's caught and maintained he begins to move off towards the door, staggering rather badly.

Irritated, Kaylee ducks his hand and swats it away. She grabs her helmet and follows him, grabbing his arm if needed to steady him. "Mack, call a damn taxi." She calls over her shoulder, before helping Ash out the door. "I didn't rape your damn mind, you prick. I don't do that. Anything I saw when you interviewed with Adam, you were thinking. I skimmed your thoughts as the happened." She glares at him, blue eyes full of anger. "I don't rape people's mind…." She amends, "Unless Adam asks it."

Ash looks down at Kaylee as she says she doesn't rape people's minds and he gives an indignant snort when she says that. "Girly I've seen you do it. And what do you call invading someone's personal thoughts? Huh?" He shakes his head and then snorts again. "And why call a fucking taxi? I'm not going anywhere. I've got no where to fucking go." It's said with a bitterness that might be a touch surprising, but he keeps walking, not taking Kaylee's arm. "Oh, unless Adam asks it." He shakes his head and just keeps walking, though the man ends up tripping over a hunk of sidewalk outside that's sticking about a foot up out of the ground, or so he could swear as he goes down hard onto the concrete.

Kaylee looks on without a lick of compassion as he goes down, a hand on her hip. "That knock a little sense in you? You need it." She nudges him onto his back with a foot, so that she can crouch down and study him. "The only thing saving your ass from me fucking with your mind, is that your one of the team and I actually somewhat trust you at my back. I like you.. I like you a lot, but your being a fucking asshole."

Straightening, Kaylee holds a hand down to him to try and get him on his feet. "Your staying with me. Can't have passing out just anywhere. You can sleep on my couch." There is a small smirk, "Though I imagine a roll in the hay would help you some too."

Ash stays where he's at on the ground for the moment. He didn't grunt or cry out in pain, though the tension on his face for a few moments shows the pain he felt at going down, but also the embarrassment. He lays there, letting hsi head stop swimming as much before he goes to roll onto his hands and knees, only to have his body nudged and he finds himself flopped onto his back. He looks up at the woman and his eyes narrow at her as she speaks, but he doesn't reply to her, not the mention of liking him but him being an asshole. He doesn't take the hand, he rolls to his hands and knees and pushes up to his feet, nearly losing his balance twice in doing so. He finally steadies on his feet and then turns to look over at the small woman. He just snorts, why he's snorting is anyone's guess, but he just snorts and tries to keep moving, though the world swims and he ends up bracing himself on his knees, half crouching down. "Fuck…" he mutters as he realizes he's really not going to be able to get anywhere.

There is a heavy sigh and Kaylee continues to just follow him, watching the big man make a fool of himself. "You done now? Taxi is here. Lets get you to my place, you can pass out on the couch." Part of her is wondering why the hell she is bothering with him, but she stands there for a moment and then moves to try and take his arm and drop it over her should so that she can get him to the taxi. "I swear.. and people think I'm thick headed at times."

Ash is most definitely stubborn and thick headed, and no one will ever hear him deny that fact… out loud. He grudgingly takes the help from Kaylee and allows her to steer him towards teh Taxi, a sigh coming from him as his drunk ass slumps down into the backseat of the taxi and he looks over to her. "Whabout…your bike?" He asks, his voice slurring as the alchohol whoops his butt. He shifts in the seat, fumbling with the seat belt before he mutters at it and lets it go with a grunt. He looks up to the woman that's helping him, why he has no idea, but she is.

"I'm sure some of the guys will make sure it's secure." Kaylee mutters softly, sending a worried glance at the bike. The blond turns to reaches across him, grabbing the seat belt and pull it in place for Ash. "Besides, it's just a thing." She comments as lightly as she can, as the seatbelt clicks into place. She then scoots to her side and pulls her own seatbelt on, before she leans forward to rattle off an address to the taxi driver.

Ash sits in the taxi, his eyes closed as he mutters a bit to himself. "Call Mack and tell him to secure it…" he mutters, knowing you have a cellphone. He opens his eyes, and he sighs, staring right at the little mind fucker, but then he seems to realize he's in a taxi cab, and he goes silent, not wanting to speak out of turn with the guy around. At least he's a responsible drunk… responsible with other people's business that is.

"I'm sure he knows." Kaylee says with a small shrug. "Just relax.. it's not a long ride, just don't pass up till I get you to the couch." The blond grins at him and winks. "Cause I'm not about to try and drag your ass up the stairs." She eyes him thoughtfully and adds, "Not that I think I can budge you."
Ash can't help but chuckle with a rather deep amusement when she mentions dragging him up the stairs. "I think… yeah… that one girly… you'd have some trouble…" He smiles at her before stretching out a bit, apparently over his bout of self pity and just settling into a drunken stupor for the moment. He waits out the short taxi ride, and when it stops he unbuckles himself, after a great deal of fumbling and pushes his door open, staggering out of it and into the street, nearly getting hit in the process. he swears up a blue streak at the driver of the car before turning and swaying over to the sidewalk

Paying the cab driver before climbing out Kaylee watches the man stumbling about. There is a small shake of her head and she moves to take up her position of support again, draping that arm across her shoulders. "It's up a couple of flights. Try not to make us tumble down the stairs, huh?" she comments with a smirk. Pulling out keys she gets them through the front entry and started up the stairs.
Ash is a mess on the way up, and it's slow going with the man lifting each foot individually and putting it down before climbing further and further up. He looks around a bit, but keeps most of his attention on bracing his weight on the hand rail, and keepign his feet working right. "Why you helping me Kaylee?" he asks about halfway up the stairs towards teh woman's apartment. The curosity in his voice is honest, and it's not just a drunken question.

Kaylee's Apartment

"We're a part of a team. That means something to some people." Kaylee offers seriously, helping take as much of his weight as she can with her smaller frame. "Plus, I like you. You a cool guy when your not all mopey and tied up in a girl. Plus I hate seeing a person down on their luck," She glances at him and gives him a look. "Don't worry, I'm not trying to get into your pants. I got two guys trying to do that already."

Ash blinks a few times, his eyes going wide as he hears those words from her. "There's two guys trying to get into my pants?" He tilts his head, his upwards progress halting for a few moments before understanding dawns in his eyes and he ohs a bit, a nod of his head given. "Well… let em know that I'll break thier face if they hurt you." He mutters it as he resumes climbing the stairs, leaning against the wall when they reach her door. He waits for her to unlock the door as he speaks. "You're like my… little sister Kaylee… it'd be kinda fuckin weird if you were trying to get into my pants."

Kaylee laughs, and grins as she flips through her keys for the apartment key. "Well, one for sure. " She shoves the key in the lock and pushes the door open. "He's nice and all, but I don't even really know him. And the other, I caught something in his head that said he saw me as sexually attractive. So it's on his mind. But Adam doesn't trust him." Stepping inside she holds it open for him. "Couch is over there. And don't worry. I promise you, I'm not trying to get into your pants… month ago maybe. Not though, it would be kinda weird.. Not as weird as Adam mind you."

Ash looks over at the girl as he stumbles into her apartment. She gets a highly arched eyebrow at the mention that a month ago she'd have tried. He moves over, and flops his big ole self down on the couch, his head tilting up to peer over at her. "Why'd yah have tried a month ago and not now Kay?" He leans back, his head tilting back a bit and a heavy yawn parting his jaws. "Yeah… Adam might as well be your fuckin dad the way you two act."

The door is shut and locked, before Kaylee responds, "Well, not saying I wouldn't go for a tumble your a good lookin' guy, but seriously. It's cause we work together, we've seen some pretty eye opening action. We're a part of team. Sometimes, things like relationships could make it messy." She unzips her jacket, slides it off and tosses it over one of the recliners. "Adam is…. well…. he cares about my well-being. Not a lot of guys can I say would do that."

The door is shut and locked, before Kaylee responds, "Well, not saying I wouldn't go for a tumble your a good lookin' guy, but seriously. It's cause we work together, we've seen some pretty eye opening action. We're a part of team. Sometimes, things like relationships could make it messy." She unzips her jacket, slides it off and tosses it over one of the recliners. "Adam is…. well…. he cares about my well-being. Not a lot of guys can I say would do that."

Ash lifts his eyes towards the woman at her comments, a sly smile crossing his features, but it's sloppy with the liquor running hot through his blood. He sighs in the end and slumps over onto his side. "You're a cute girl Kaylee. But… you're like my little sister…" He murmurs it softly as he lays there. "Adam acts like he's your damn father… but.. guess that's okay and stuff, since you don't seem to mind it and all of that."

Disappearing into the single bedroom of the place, Kaylee returns with a blanket and a pillow. There is a soft chuckle. "Yeah a little sister your not afraid to hand to the wolves to save your own hide, " she teases, as she shakes out the blanket and drapes it over his form and then drops the pillow on his head. "Get some sleep."

Ash blinks and looks up from where he's at, his head shaking slowly to that comment, genuine hurt showing on his face. "That's not true Kaylee. I simply wouldn't sacrifice myself to save you. Not meaning to be an asshole about it, but I wouldn't toss you to the wolves. Just if it came down to my life or yours… I'd save myself…" He frowns a touch. "Fuck I sound like a callous bastard…" he sighs and leans his head back, tucking the pillow behind it. "sorry." he mutters.

"Don't be sorry for being honest." Kaylee says with a chuckle, leaning over the back of the couch, looking down at the man on her couch. "I just thought it was amusing really." she gives him a big grin. "Go to sleep you drunk bastard.. you'll have a hang over from hell tomorrow. Just make sure if you puke, it's in my bathroom and not the floor."

Ash turns his eyes on the woman and scowls at her a little bit. "I'm not going to puke, and the hangover won't last very long…" He sighs and levers himself up from where he's at, staggering into the kitchen. He gets a cup, and in quick succession he downs three glasses of water, and then brings a fourth back out with him, slumping down onto the couch. "All hangovers are is dehydration and thick blood… water cures the shit if you drink it soon enough after drinking.." he sips from the fourth glass and looks really close to drifting off.

"Well, I wouldn't know.. I can't drink. I just know what I've seen happen to others." Kaylee comments blandly. "And what I do remember doing." She watches him for a moment and then heads for her bedroom. "I'm going to bed." She declares. "Sleep tight, Mr. Badass."

Ash lifts a hand to wave lazily at the departing Kaylee, his eyes closing gradually, a light, if troubled smile on his lips as he drifts off to sleep.

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