The Evolved Affairs Act

WASHINGTON D.C — In the wake of the third anniversary of the explosion that devastated New York City, the catalyst that brought to light the discovery of the Evolved, Washington D.C. saw the signing of the Evolved Affairs Act on November 9, 2009. President Nathan Petrelli put pen to paper to establish the fledgling Cabinet department, the Department of Evolved Affairs (DoEA).

In response to the discovery of Evolved in 2007, the Office of Evolved Affairs was created as a division with the Department of Homeland Security, whose mission was to advise policy and management of the Evolved, considered to be an unknown threat. Its promotion to Cabinet as the DoEA sees a "progressive" step towards Evolved and Non-Evolved unity, or so promised the new Secretary of the DoEA, Raymond Praeger.

"We aim to share awareness of Evolved," Praeger said, during a radio interview in early September, "promote Registration and avoid encroaching on basic human rights, which we know has been an argument heard a thousand times over in the past two years. The DoEA is exactly what Petrelli's administration has needed since he was sworn in, and I think it will see him into the next term. This is the first real step towards moving in the right direction."

Political commentators have noted that this change is among the many promises and proposals of the former President-elect Allen Rickham, and wonder if it will do more to win democratic voters than it will to alienate the opposition.

Vice President Mitchell, known for his strong opinions regarding Evolved affairs, has yet to comment on this development, but stood with his President during the signing of the Act.

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