The Eye Of The Storm


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Scene Title The Eye Of The Storm
Synopsis Somehow Abby just seems to be stuck in the middle of a LOT of factions.
Date June 4, 2009

Abby's Apartment

The text message from Abby following the receipt of Liz's chocolate croissant offering alarms Elisabeth — on both a professional level and a personal one. The latter, the more important so far as Liz is concerned, is that she knows Abby considers her gift sacred, not just a mix of genes. And so the other blonde — well, now redhead — is assuredly coping with all kinds of emotional strife over this. Her trip to the precinct is now fully explained to the detective. So on her way to work in the morning, Elisabeth stops off at Abby's place to check up on her in person. She rings the bell, and when Abby answers, the first thing Liz asks is, "Is there anything I can do besides offer hugs, chocolate, my ear, and to find and kick Tyler Case's ass until he gives you back your ability? In that order." She offers a small smile.

Abigail stands at the door, the portal wide open and looking out at Elisabeth. "Get the pity look off your face. That's what you can do. Because i'm getting tired of seeing it. And sympathy. I don't like it either. Come in Elisbaeth"

Elisabeth nods. "Well, I can't help but feel sympathy — not sure how I'd react if someone took my ability away. It's part of me, and I'd feel pretty out of sorts. But I don't feel pity," she tells the now-redhead as she steps in. "More like… worry." She glances at Abby as the door closes. "And not because I don't think you can handle it or yourself, but because… you're my friend. As crappy a friend as I can be sometimes — hazards of the kinds of hours I keep and the job I chose."

The door is closed behind her, no lock thrown and ABigail points towards hte kitchen. Where those sinful croissants are. "Happened, week and a half ago? it was a sunday. Deckard has my gift. Dont' bother him, don't go running for him. Helena already has the name of a different healer to go see that I gave her. JUst leave him be. he tried to protect me but he wasn't able to."

There's a raised brow at the recitation. "Well…." Elisabeth considers her reply. "First, at least you know who's got your ability if we manage to find Tyler Case again. That's a plus. Second, as to going to Deckard…." She smiles faintly as she follows Abby. "I wouldn't dream of either shoving him into a healer's role — he probably has no clue as yet how to really use the ability, assuming it works at all for him — and why would you think I'd assume he was in some way at fault?"

"People tend to not think highly of him" Abigail points out. Plates are pulled out, croissants served up and the former healer carries them to the couch and the coffee table.

Elisabeth shrugs. "Regardless of what I think of his life choices, Abby, the one thing I do know about Deckard — and he may not even know it about himself yet — is that he's a good man under it all. He's been keeping a teenager that I've been trying to get off the Company's radar safe, and I have no doubt whatsoever that whatever happened when you ran into Tyler Case, he'd have done his best to protect you." She smiles a little and moves to sit with Abby. "In part because you just tend to inspire that in people — you're one of the genuinely good people in this world, Abigail. You help people without expecting anything from them and you just hope they pay it forward. And in part, just because I honestly think it's in his nature to do it, even if he doesn't want to admit it."

Abigail just nods, curling up on the couch. "Not a lot of folks know. I've been telling them, as things come up. Since I'm hoping that.. they'll find him, Case, and that I'll somehow get it back. I had to tell the cops since I didn't want them calling me and not being able to help. Like I couldn't with Detective Shelby"

Elisabeth nods slightly. "Yeah, I can see why. It's okay, don't worry about that. Harvard was fine with it. And honestly, I'm more concerned with you personally than I am about what you can do for us." She pauses. "Did you run into young Tyler Case or did he look older, Abby?" she thinks to ask.

"Young tyler case or older…?" There's confusion on her face. "It was getting dark and we were in an alley. Deckard was between me and him, I couldn't tell you liz" Abby shrugs, shoulders lifting up and then down.

Elisabeth nods slightly. "Don't worry about it. It was mainly curiosity — young Tyler Case is one of the ones we're not sure about whether he's been broken out of incarceration or not by his time-traveling future self." She waves it off and smiles. "Frankly, I'm just really glad you weren't hurt on top of all of it."

"Time.. traveling future.. self…" Abigail's watching Elisabeth now, intently.

Elisabeth sighs. "Well, now… Teo'll kick me in the head for not realizing you didn't know." She shoves a hand through her hair. "So the short-short version looks like this: At the same time some of our folks got thrown through time forward from Moab, some people came BACK from 2019 and are running about wreaking havoc. One of them is Tyler Case. One is Robin Hood. There are a few others."

"It falls under the 'don't tell her more than she needs to know' bit Liz" She points out. So there were piggy backers. "okay" ABigail rubs her face, she did wake up not long ago. "Do you know anything about Pinehearst?"

"It does," Elisabeth agrees about the don't tell her. "But then… you've also asked not to be told more, so… I never quite know what things you know," she admits. "I know that Pinehearst is supposedly a legit enterprise, but that it's also supposedly the entity that takes over in the future when the Company falls. These time travelers apparently came back to stop it from happening. I think they were being held in jails the same way the Company has swept up people nowadays…. whether their incarcerations were justified, I honestly can't tell you," Liz says with a grimace. "In any case… it's basically a huge mess. Why? Where'd you hear about Pinehearst?"

"They stole someones daughter" Abigail offer "Holding her. Her name is Molly. I also had someone else show up at my apartment who thought that I might know something about Pinehearst since my name is.. assosciated with a few others in Homeland files" The red head offers up.

Elisabeth grimaces and nods slowly. "Yeah… Parkman's daughter. I just found out about it. I'm actually in the process of following up a couple of leads on how to get her back." She eyes Abby and asks quietly, "Who showed up? And for God's sake… if anyone ELSE shows up, don't tell them more than you already have. It could get you killed." Elisabeth doesn't look like she's kidding, and she looks very worried now.

"Liz, I told her I didn't know anything because really, I don't know anything" But she's shaking her head. "Her name is Tracy Strauss. She's heading frontline or something, Works for the president"

Oh…. Christ on a crutch. Elisabeth looks … flummoxed would be a good word. "Look… Abby, you've always said you didn't really want to know what was going on out there, just to call you and keep you in the dark because you would talk. So… if that's changed, say so now. Otherwise, the only thing further I'm going to tell you is that you should play as dumb as humanly possible if anyone comes asking you what you know about Pinehearst or the Company. I can't promise they're not going to try to snatch you up or something, but… " Liz grimaces and sighs. "You know, some days …." She trails off.

"I jsut want to know enough so that i don't get killed Elisabeth. COmpany won't touch me. I can promise you that. I want to know enough about pinehearst to be safe as well. So I know where ot run in the opposite direction, who to avoid."

Elisabeth nods slightly. "All right," she says slowly. "So here's what I know so far:…" She pauses just a second to gather her thoughts. "I gather that Pinehearst and the Company are opposite sides of the same coin. The Founders of the Company started it decades ago as a means of protecting Evolved people from non-Evolved. And maybe even vice versa. So far as I can tell, it was on at least many levels altruistic as well as self-preservation. Based on who I know of so far as Founders, my guess is that all of them were Evolved too. So … time goes on, and they basically become what they are today, which is a far cry from what they started out to be. At least…. I think it is. Arthur Petrelli, the current President's father, faked his own death and started Pinehearst — again, from what I can gather — in an effort to take them down and go back to their roots?" Her questioning tone makes it known that she's not exactly sure. "But it seems to me that based on what little Helena and the others have said about the future and what little I've gathered from interactions with the people who came from 2019 that Pinehearst is basically the Company all over again, just with a legitimate face." She pauses. "I know that, God help us all, Parkman's father was one of the Founders of the Company and he split off to work with Arthur. I know that Adam Monroe has a huge hate-on for anything Company related, and he's extremely dangerous and gunning for them. I know that the future people have come back to make sure the Company doesn't fall, thereby keeping Pinehearst from rising to power…. but I'm not entirely sure WHY. That sort of gets murky — it seems like just trading a lemon for an orange but they're both still citrus fruits."

"Wait, Matthew Parkman's fathe rworks for Pinehearst" Was his father the one who kidnapped his daughter? Abigail licks her lips, taking it all in, wodnering what if anything she should even tell tracy. Probably nothing. "Adam Monroe, he's been around. Last month or so he's been around the bar. He was trying to befriend me, but Richard clue'd me in, and others, that he wasn't perhaps on the up and up. you need ot be careful about him Elisabeth. He's immrotal. He's been around a long time"

There's a blink. Abby knows Adam Monroe. "Christ… Abby, somehow even without knowing anything, you're like a magnet for everything," she says with a small grin that is less than amused. "Believe me, I'll be careful. Adam Monroe's… yeah, dangerous doesn't begin to cover it. Richard said that Pinehearst has Molly, and Parkman is on the warpath to go after his father. I would assume that dear old grandpapa is the one who snatched her. God.. I bet Kay's around the bend," she grimaces. "Anyway…. I'm going to tell you now. Tell Tracy Strauss nothing. If you even give an inkling of knowing something, I'm terribly afraid that someone out there — whether Petrelli's in his mother's pocket or his father's we still haven't figured out, though I'm leaning more toward the idea that it's likely the former — will vanish you and there won't be any rescue this time." She looks worried. "I have a feeling that anyone they snatch this time will just drop off the world and never be seen again. This Strauss person…. this is Petrelli's face woman, right? The name is ringing bells."

"She looks like Jessica, Elisabeth. I would have sworn it was her playing dress us, bit's completely different. We're talking not even a tattoo. She's in the communications office. She approached me to endorse frontline. I almost did but the whole tyler… case thing happened" WHich pretty much screwed up everything. Thank god it happened right after classes ended. "I met Adam monroe the night that I saved that guy in central park. He's.. he's the one that flew my parents up. I didn't know until it was too late and, i'm pretyt much saving pennies right now, to try and pay off what it cost, so that he can't hold it over my head, if tries"

Elisabeth blinks and nods. "I've seen her on television, but…. I thought maybe it was just me," she admits. "The resemblance is really that close?" That begs the question of 'how', but not like Abby will know. And maybe it's not even something that needs an answer. She smiles a bit at Abby and just says, "Six degrees of separation, right? My ass."

"I don't think she knows that she looks like them" Them becuase she treats niki and jessica as seperate. "I knwo enough now to be careful. Which is all I need. I don't think i'll be called on by phoneix much anymore. I gave them the name of another healer, he's unregistered though. So, just be careful." Abigails unfolds enough to grab her plate with the croissant.

Elisabeth finally picks up the cup to sip from it and says quietly, "I don't know if you realize that your healing ability isn't the only reason people in Phoenix look you up… but I know it's not the only reason I look you up." She smiles faintly. "And I hope, regardless of what happens as things play out, that you'll look me up occasionally and say hello."

"I've been hearing that non stop Elisabeth. You can say it, but we'll see if it's true." She picks at her own croissant, shaking her head. 'So. Alec Bonder" Abigail raises her brows.

There's a grimace and she eyes Abby — the kind of wary, somewhat perturbed look any woman gives a friend who's nagging her. "What about him?" she asks defensively. "I extended my olive branch. I'm willing to be polite on both a personal and professional level. But if he thinks he's getting back into my bed this millenium, he's sorely mistaken."

"I think he'd be happy if you just shared a //sandwhich or a cup of coffee and it had nothing to do with business" Abigail couches quietly. Carefully. Diplomatically.

Setting her cup down, Liz rests her elbows on her knees. "Why on earth are you pushing this so hard, Abby? I mean… on the basis of one meeting, you liked him so much and thought so highly of him that you really think he's worth this much effort on your part?" She looks at the other woman in confusion. "He eavesdropped on the most private parts of both our lives… and while he may be willing to erase the tapes of your nightmares because you have nothing to do with the rest of us, my sex life is fair game for him to hold onto without apology. I even gave him the opportunity to come clean far earlier in time, confessing to him that I'd done a background check — and that's all I did. Your basic background check, made one call to verify that the man I had met in person was in fact the person he said he was. He didn't do a background check… he made me feel like a victim in my own home, a home that he himself was a regular visitor to. I just… don't really understand why you want me to just up and forgive him."

"Because I like to think Liz, that i'm good judge of character. Ninety nine percent of the time" Abigail's serious when she speaks. "Because he didn't ask me to do it, I didn't have to ask him to erase it. have you thought about asking him to erase your.. relations with another man? Or erasing the recordings completely?"

Abigail's blue eyes watch Elisabeth's. "Because everyone deserves another chance Elisabeth"

With a purse of her lips, Liz just shakes her head. "Wanna know the suck part? That's the part of him that I liked so damn much," she tells Abby quietly. "That part that erases a tape because it was the right thing to do without having to be asked. It's the other part that's a motherfucker, and frankly… he's almost as bad as Niki and Jessica when it comes to Jekyll and Hyde." She shakes her head. "I'm sorry… horrible language." She sighs. "I'll think about it more. But his attitude — the whole 'I can wait you out and eventually we'll be back together again' smirking attitude — is not helping matters any."

"Then… take him to an exercise gym and punch him in the nose, and go a few rounds with him. Then take a shower, and then go have dinner Elisabeth. Because obviously, you want to shoot him in the head, and he is such an arrogant … guy. But.. he stopped, and he took care of my scooter, and he did all those things, and he… Give him another chance, for me. Just go punch him in the face first if you have to do it"

Elisabeth laughs outright at Abby. "Fine. I shan't shoot him, I'll just deck him and break his nose and make sure NOT to tell him about a healer."

"See. Then he'll know how you feel. And then you can go about to giving him that second chance" Abigail's satisfied. She's still picking at her bread., a smile coming back. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you before Elisabeth, I just.. It's hard, and I'm as.. i was ashamed. I thought god took it away because I'd done something foul or wrong"

Elisabeth pffts mildly. She's pretty sure Alec knows exactly how she feels. "I'll deal with him when he comes to retrofit the apartment," she says. And then she looks at Abby and says softly with a smile, "That right there is why I sent chocolate. Because I knew you were going to be feeling like it was somehow your fault. And it's not."

Abigail shrugs. "It's just going to get me fatter. You got work Liz, and I got.. a date.. I gotta get ready for" The croissant is put back down. "I still need to take a shower and feet the animals. What's.. up with Teo, do you know yet?"

Elisabeth looks worried when Teo's name comes up and she shakes her head. "No…. I just know that he's quote-unquote 'not himself.'" She moves to stand as she responds and reaches out briefly to touch Abby's shoulder. She doesn't breach Abby's personal space other than that. "I'll let you know as soon as I hear, though. Promise." She smiles a little. "Enjoy your date, okay?"

"I'll try" Abigail answers. "You can let yourself out. I'm heading for the bathroom, keep me up to date on.. important stuff okay?"

Elisabeth nods. "Absolutely." If Abby wants to know, Liz will tell her. "See you later," she says as she lets herself out.

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