The Final Game, Part I


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Scene Title The Final Game, Part I
Synopsis Azrael visits with Cassidy. In Coren's body.
Date September 5, 2009

Casa de Shelby - Lower East Side

It was one of the few nights Cassidy actually managed to settle down enough to sleep into her own bed that He decided to show up. Friday morning, before the sun has come up, there is an unwanted visitor in Cassidy's bed. Those warm arms may normally bring comfort, but the fact that there's nothing beyond them other than the sleepy silence Cassidy might feel when Coren's asleep can only mean one thing. As such, it's more than likely she'll know something is very, very wrong when she feels a kiss on the side of her face, and her shirt being slowly tugged off.

It takes a few moments for Cassidy to stir from her sleep, but it's the kiss makes her suddenly very awake. What? Coren? The sleepy question is met by that silence…. He's…. asleep? Then who? Her body goes cold with sudden fear. She gives a little cry of surprise and she moves quickly to stop the hands from taking her shirt off. "Stop! Who….?" She decides she needs to get out of that bed and away from the invader.

"Nonono, you're not going anywhere." It's Coren's voice sans accent with that same airy quality as every memory of Coren's from the night Abigail was possessed; the same as the man from the liquor store. Coren's strong arm pins Cassidy down, and he tugs the shirt away from her face so she can see the face of her partner. "I'm afraid my words with Ricky Cardinal may incite some sort of crusade against me. I have to move up my timetable by eleven days. I won't tolerate interference." Coren's face moves down until noses touch. "I hope you understand." Then he kisses her on the lips, holding her head still if necessary.

Blue eyes are wide, when her view is cleared. Cassidy looks on the edge of panic. It is her partner pinning her down, but it's not her partner. Anger flares through her… how dare he… "You.. Son of a bitch.. Azrael.. Get out of his body." Cassidy suddenly snaps out, struggling against the strength of the possessed detective. But when he is nose to nose with her, her eyes glare at him as he speaks, she goes still. This is not how she pictured the first kiss from her partner…. No, not her partner…. a psycho in her partner's body. She tries to keep that firm in her mind when she tries to move away from the kiss. A strong grip, finds her head held in place, so she's forced to endure the kiss. Screams of protest are muffled by the press of his lips against hers, but she makes it difficult by continuing to fight with the rest of her.

One hand on either side of her head, elbows against her chest. Then Coren's legs pin the rest of her down, ceasing her struggling. A grin that is not Coren's plays upon Azrael's lips, "You didn't say the magic words." Yes, he said words, so please is out. No further movements come, the psycho merely staring, face only a few inches from Cassidy's, that sick and twisted grin on his face.

"I am not falling for it.." Cassidy practically spits out the words, her eyes searching his face, her voice just about drips with disgust "I will not say what he said to you at Old Lucy's. Let him go." Her body is stiff as she still tries to struggle, giving little jerks now and then as she tests that hold on her. Her chest heaves with each breath as the struggle has left her a bit breathless. Cassidy can only watch him in return, and there is silence for a long moment, but then she finally breaks the silence and asks, "So what do you want from me? From him?"

Azrael licks his lips. "Wrong answer, luv." The hands that once held her face tuck under the armpits as Azrael heaves her right out of bed and pins her against the wall. "You know, you're not quite as spicy as Ricky was. He actually threatened my life when I took over his lover." He tips his head to the side, coming close around Cassidy's head and licking her ear, then coming back to touch noses again. "I wasn't about to waste my breath on him. I kept my word, he didn't. I could have let Lizzy know I'd been there. Drop her right in the living room. But I was nice. I put her back into bed where I'd taken her from. And he hasn't called off old Morty. I could slit both their throats, and they'd never know."

When she's pushed up against the wall, Cassidy's stomach sinks in fear. "Coren is my partner," she protests as he leans in. At the touch of his tongue on her ear, she jerks her head away, turning her face away from Azrael. "Stop it." She hisses fiercely. She throws her weight against his grip, but of course her partner is so much stronger then she is. "Stop it, you sick twisted….psycho son of a bitch."

"All you have to do is say it," Azrael says, "And I'll go. Might even consider not slitting his throat." To punctuate his last word, he quite literally shoves Cassidy off the bed to the thankfully-carpeted floor. "Maybe. You haven't exactly been very … cooperative."

Cassidy tumbles to the floor with a yelp of surprise and she lays there for a moment, before working to slowly get to her feet. "Why do you need me to say them?" Her stomach is knotted painfully in fear, but she can't back down. Though the thought of him making Coren slit his own throat…. It's hard to keep it up, "What possible good would it do?"

"Oh, it's not necessary nor does it do much good." Azrael steps off the bed and lowers himself to the carpeted floor. "I just like hearing it. Some people," he says, sliding a knife out from under the bed, "Are easy to break. Others take a bit more work. I figured, given the scene you made at the liquor store that it might take a bit more to get you to comply." He holds the knife up and slashes at the air in front of his — no, Coren's — throat.

Oh god… the words tumble through her mind to deaf ears as the knife is slid out from under the bed. Cassidy can't help but start to lunge forward when he slashes with the knife. "No!" The word is shouted without thinking, but it's obvious she's terrified. The detective stops herself, but her hand is still held out in a stopping motion. "D — don't. Please… No," she pleads, he's found a weakness.

"So close, yet so far," Azrael says with a wide grin. He steps closer so she can see the coldness of his eyes as the knife edges closer to Coren's chin, only an inch away. "Say it," he commands. Half an inch.

The redheaded detective doesn't look him in the eyes, she only watches that knife. It takes everything in her not to try and grab for it. Finally she murmurs, "Damn you…." She looks the sick man in the eyes and says reluctantly, her voice choked a bit as tears start to gather in her eyes. "Do anything you want to me." her eyes drop back to the knife, "Just… please let Coren go. I'll… I'll do anything."

Azrael's grin widens, if that's even possible, and the knife drops to the ground. He grabs Cassidy in a great big hug and strokes her hair. Pats her back a little. "Good girl."

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