The First Letter



Scene Title The First Letter
Synopsis Just write what you want to say.
Date April 20, 2019

Elmhurst - Childs' Brickfront House, Jac's bedroom

Dear Des,
Hi. I'm sorry you still had to go to prison, but

A huff precedes a hastily drawn scathing line of graphite through the words and the sheet of paper being unceremoniously ripped from a notebook that's definitely seen better days. Thin hands with slender fingers crumple the offending paper into a tight ball and then throw it away. It lands with a whispered thump on the floor, becoming one of a dozen discarded attempts at a letter. The notebook slips off the knees it's balanced upon and lands on the.

With another huff, Squeaks let's her head fall back into the edge of her bed. Why is writing letters so hard? She raises the hand holding the pencil and presses the eraser to the center of her forehead. Her eyes focus on it through coppery red bangs. Maybe it will suck all the words out and she can stick the pointy end on the paper and poof her letter will be written. Harry Potter had it way more easier.

“Just write what you want to say,” she reminds herself. That's what she was told when she said she wanted to write a letter. It's good advice, but sometimes it's just hard saying what you want.

Tipping to her right side, Squeaks slides down the side of the bed until she's laying on the floor. The notebook is dragged up close to her face and she starts again.

Dear Des,

I miss you. I wish you didn't have to be stuck in the PISEC place. I hope they're being nice. And that you have really good food. Like the kinds we had in the quarantine place in Missouri. I wouldn't mind if I had to have ice cream every day again.

The pencil pauses and blue eyes roam over the words that have been scratched onto the paper. Those are things she's tell Des for reals, if they were together talking. Squeaks’ head lowers onto her outstretched arm, short red curls brushing the floor beneath, and her pencil starts moving again.

I haven't done lots of looking for Cindy since getting home. I promise I haven't forgotten. I'm almost caught up in school and I might be able to do that test soon. The internship I got awarded is good too. There's a way lot of things to learn. And that's why I haven't looked yet. I will though, and I will tell you what I found. One thing I'm learning is about really real investigation things kind of. I can't tell you very much because I'm still learning, but I think it's going to help us once I learned it.

My mom says we can visit you sometimes. I hope we can soon, but I guess it takes planning. It's not like just driving to Rochester or anything. Is there things you want? I don't know if I'm allowed to bring things, but I can ask and if I can I will bring you things. Maybe I'll bring fresh cookies. We make them sometimes.

We got a new kitten. She's black and gray swirly stripes. Her name is Smudge. I think Chandra secretly likes her too, he's just a grumpy old cat. If I can get a picture, I will send it to you with my next letter.

Her next letter. Maybe this writing thing isn't so hard after all. Sitting up, the notebook is pulled into her lap again. Her head turns slowly, eyes wandering around her bedroom in search of what else she could talk about. The time on the clock catches her attention, it's getting late.

I have to go to bed now or I'll be real tired tomorrow. I'll write to you again soon. Will you write back?

Don't forget me.


Squeaks studies those last couple of sentences and nods to herself. Yes, that's exactly what she wants to say. The notebook and pencil are set aside, she'll make sure the letter gets sent out in the morning. After twisting around, she climbs into bed and switches off the lamp on her nightstand.

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