The First Student


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Scene Title The First Student
Synopsis Alec comes by the Suresh Center to take basic medical classes.
Date Aug 12, 2009

An Office in Suresh Center

The opening of the Suresh Center has been an interesting state of affairs, so far as Megan Young is concerned. She's got a small office to work in at the moment, and she's working on her class schedules at the moment. The redhead is wearing a pair of business-casual navy slacks and a white and blue top, her hair caught back in a clip to keep it away from her face while she works on all this paper that's stacked up in front of her. A cup of coffee rests on the desk in front of her.

Alec wraps his knuckles across the door and peeks his head inside, "Hello?" he asks, putting on his best confused charming chagrined smile of doom. "Is this the place I go to ask about classes? I've been wandering around for like an hour and am as lost as can be and these pesky little birds kept eating all my bread crumbs and I had to beat this old lady off me with a broom, it was ugly."

Megan looks up and sets her pen down, offering a faint smile for the man at the door. "It is. Sorry about that — we're still working on the efficiency of directions in this place. C'mon in." She stands and gestures for him to come in and have a seat. She waits until he does before sitting back down again. "What kind of classes are you interested in, Mister….?" She trails off, inviting him to supply his name.

Alec steps inside looking relieved, "Seriously you should do something about the persistent elderly in this place. She just would not take no for an answer, feeding me candy and stuff. Whew." he smiles evenly, "Bonder. I work for one of the big scary corporations that are helping rebuild the city and as you can imagine, the work is a bit dangerous. We have fairly regular accidents, most are minor but a few… Well, I was hoping to learn some emergency first aid. Sort of an 'always prepared' sort and there have been a few close calls…"

Megan nods easily. "I was actually working up a class schedule when you knocked," she says, offering her hand. "Megan Young," she introduces herself. "I'm teaching both a first aid class and a CPR class, beginning in just a couple of weeks, actually. I highly recommend both for people in your position. Never know which set of information will be useful." She shuffles a few papers and comes up with one that she glances over and hands across to him. "That looks about right. First Aid's going to run Tuesday-Thursday from 6-8pm, and CPR's on Monday-Wednesday. They each run four sessions, so two weeks, and it's $20 for each class."

Alec takes the hand with a firm shake, "Good!" he seems thrilled. "You guys take credit cards? This is on the company's dime, though, it's not like it's killer expensive." he fishes out some cash, "Gonna need a receipt though. Tax deduction." he grins at his own minor cleverness.

There's a chuckle and Megan says, "Yes, we'll take cards. The front desk can handle that and a receipt for you." She pauses and moves to write down his name. "Mr. Bonder, right? Do you have a number I can reach you at, just in case the schedule changes?"

Alec nods his head and fishes a card from his wallet, complete with name and work number and some impressive graphics on it and the whole bit. Very posh and all. "Sure thing, here you go." he offers the card over. "You can reach me or my office there, if I'm not around my PA will take a message for you and get it to me."

Megan nods and reaches up to take the card. "All right. The classes start on August 24, and like I said they run for two weeks." She clips his card to a sheet in front of her and then looks up at him with a smile. "Welcome to the Suresh Center, Mr. Bonder. You're my first student."

Alec grins at her, "Well now I just feel privileged." he says happily. "Um… I guess that's it!" he looks a bit sheepish and eyes the door out mistrustingly, "Do you happen to have a letter opener or perhaps a pair of scissors I can defend myself with on my way back out? Dragon slaying sword wouldn't go amiss either."

Megan rolls her eyes. "I can see you're going to be the class clown already," she comments mildly. "Do you have any questions before the class begins?"

Alec beams a bit at her, "Leivity never hurt anyone." he defends. "Um. Outside of 'do I need a school supply list'? Not really. I have two degrees so classes aren't anything new to me. Medicine will be though." he grins. "So here's hoping I do well." he opens the door, "Um. Left or right gets me to the elevators quicker?"

Megan smiles. "No, you don't need a supply list. The class supplies will be given out the first day. It's just a folder, mostly. If you're interested in additional information, I can tell you several book titles to pick up just to have on hand for your own reference purposes. Go to the right, elevators are around the corner."

Alec nods his head, "Right, around the corner. Sure, I'll take your book list. I like to be prepared." he pauses, "Now I'm just repeating myself."

Megan moves to stand up and shifts the papers one more time, walking to the door to hand it to him. She's not a small woman — in the heels she's wearing, she's about 5'10. "Here," she says. "Each of them is a good source. See you in a couple of weeks, Mr. Bonder."

Alec still gets to feel manly, he's just a pinch over 6'. Whew. Dignity saved. "Sure thing. Thanks for the help." he pauses with the door open, "No sword?" he checks before chuckling and heading out papers in hand.

Megan just shakes her head and chuckles. "Be nice," she instructs him. "No swords allowed."

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