The Foxhole
The Foxhole
_ferrymen Safehouse and Shelter
Operator Darla Hurst
Current Status Open and Operating
People Come Here For… Shelter and Security

The stretch of tunnel leading up to the Foxhole looks like any other part of the system beneath Midtown — neglected, unused, full of dust and multicolored graffiti. Inhabited by few things, given the desolation of the blocks above — a few rats, a few stray dogs, the occasional human imitating a goblin, all glimpsed in fleeting passing at best. Perhaps not glimpsed at all, but only heard, the furtive sounds of solitary creatures avoiding company.

The Foxhole itself, however, begins with an expanse of pristine concrete, cleaned of dirt, grime, and graffiti; the walls are seemingly a solid piece of concrete, as if the entire length of reclaimed tunnel was poured and set as a single cohesive whole. Metal supports bolster the arched ceiling, not out of need, but out of redundancy; they too appear to have been created entire rather than pieced together. Evidence, perhaps, of Evolved abilities applied in the renovation. Evidence too in the fact that the Foxhole's air is never damp, always seems as close to fresh as the air of the city outside; somehow, this space is well-ventilated indeed.

The two walls press close against the tracks, providing room (probably) for a train to barrel past but nothing more; ledges atop each hint at space for people — but at over ten feet from the tunnel floor, they're not readily reached. A single door set into each wall seems likely to provide access; they are not directly across from one another, but separated along the length of the tunnel by perhaps fifteen feet.

Behind each wall is a series of small, cramped chambers — storerooms filled floor to ceiling with stashed supplies, empty rooms for later use, some that look like they are occupied by one or more residents. Some have features identifiable as original construction; others appear to have no connection with the original tunnel at all. Each side connects to the maintenance halls behind the original tunnel, offering additional storage space — and, at desperate need, the potential of an escape route.


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