The Friendship Zone


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Scene Title The Friendship Zone
Synopsis It's what Tahir fears falling into, and what he tries to avoid with Tess.
Date November 24, 2010

Dorchester Towers: Penthouse

The other night was a fun one for Tess, enough that when she left with freshly painted nails, she told Tahir that she lived on the top floor — the penthouse — and that he could drop by whenever. She's a people person, and being alone just drives her batty. Especially now. And cute company is especially welcome.

It's just after dinner on Wednesday night, and she's busy putting her dishes in the dishwasher and her takeout in the fridge. And exchanging it for a popcicle. She's just had a mega sweettooth lately. The wrapper is tossed and she glances towards the door as it gets knocked on. Ooooh, who could it be! She hurries over, in jeans and a tee-shirt, to open it up and find out!

"You love me, don't you?"

The words come from Tahir Avery Dunham, of course. He's standing there, in another one of his magnificentally designed and well put together suits of epic hot justice. He's got no qualms about wearing these things year round, it would seem. He's also wearing one of his signature Game Show Host smiles, as he just leans up against the wall next to the door of the penthouse. "I mean, no girl not madly in love with me would just invite me to her penthouse…. anytime." Tahir pauses and touches his chin with two fingers. "Or would you?"

Those words have Tess laughing and motioning for him to come on inside. "I like people. I especially like fun people and you're fun people. Don't get too excited though, there are two girls who have the same open invite that you do. Besides, I can't be madly in love with anyone I've never kissed at least once, and again, I hardly know you, remember?"

Tahir doesn't move. Instead he just kind of stares at Tess for a long moment. As if he's trying to weigh his options. Which, honestly, is what he's trying to do. His eyes are very much focused on the female motioning for him to come inside, though he just continues to stand there. He pushes off the side of the wall and stands up at his natural height. Pausing dramatically for effect before cracking a small smile in the midst of his serious expression. "So kiss me."

His lack of movement has Tess's head canting to one side and the smile dimming a bit in confusion. His suggestion has her grinning. "You think a kiss is gonna just make me fall in love with you, Bob? 'Cause I'm not that easy. Loved people, sure, but never been in love. But I can do a kiss."

But it's with an impish smile that she steps closer, leans in and…delivers a very chaste kiss to his lips.

Tahir blinks a little bit. He actually didn't expect her to do it. Even if it was a bit chaste. Granted, he's not about to just let that slide. Though, he does look like he's pretty much appreciative of what just happened. But his eyes are still serious. Kind of. "No. Tess." Tahir isn't budging until he gets the real deal it looks like. "Kiss me." Maybe he just wants to test the water. See where exactly he's standing with this girl. That Friend Zone is lurking.

That seriousness has Tess pausing and really considering him for a moment. A long moment. But she's not a shy girl, and she's hardly an innocent, while he is cute. There's a small shrug and she lifts a hand, sliding it into his hair as she leans up again, this time resting her lips against his, to kiss him, like she really means it. Which maybe she does.

Tahir is almost taken off guard with this kiss. He wasn't aware that she was going to actually do it. He finds himself needing to bring his hands up to plant on her shoulders… fingers reaching to dig in, before he peels his lips back with… a little bit too much reluctance. Pause. Lip lick. "Okay. That was… intense." He smirks a little bit, bringing a finger up to his lips. "I take it that means I'm not exactly in danger of entering the Friend Zone or anything, right?"

Tess blinks and cocks her head as she takes half a step back. "Why would you think you were enterin' the Friend Zone? And you wanted intense, didn't you? I mean, the quick peck wasn't good enough for you," she says, sounding a bit confused. "You should come in though, 'stead of standin' out there all night."

"Oh, I did. You have no idea how much I did. Do. I do want intense." Tahir remarks, but he's definitely heading inside at this point, pausing on the inside to give a glance this way and that way to check out the Penthouse. "I gotta' get me one of these." He's going to let the Friend Zone conversation go away. He shouldn't be talking to her about things like that. It's guy talk anyway.

Tess grins and shuts the door, following him while he checks out her pad, enjoying the popcicle in the mean time. "Well, can't get one of these in this buildin'. It's the penthouse, so it's sorta the only one. But hey, there's visitin'." She bumps her shoulder into him lightly. "But why would you think you're enterin' the Friend Zone, hmm?" No, she's not going to give up that easily!

"Oh, don't worry. I plan on bein' up here more than you." That sounds like a promise coming from the lips of Tahir. "Huh? Oh, no reason. Just askin'." There's a shrug of his shoulders before he looks around for the nearest window. "So what's the view from up here like, anyway?" Yeah, he's really into all kinds of interior decorating or whatever. Not really.

Tess waves a hand towards the blinds before moving towards them to draw them back so he can see the view. "What do you mean you plan on bein' up here more'n me? I live here. No one's here more'n me. 'Cept maybe the window washers. And the view's nice. Really nice."

"Obviously, I'm talking about after you ask me to move in with you." Tahir sounds as confident as he can that that's going to happen. With a few quick steps, he's over at the window and just kind of looking out of it. "Whoa. This is incredible." His tone sounds so appreciative as he looks right out the window into the city. He peeks back over his shoulder to look at Tess. "Please tell me you change clothes by this window…"

Tess looks amused, clearly thinking he's joking around. "What does it matter if I do? I'm so high up that no one could see me changin' anyway. I mean, hello. Top of the buildin', and it's not a short buildin'." Which it isn't. It may not be Empire State Building tall, but it's not a two-story.

"Wishful thinking. That's all." Tahir takes another glance out the window, before whirling back to look at the penthouse proper. "You know, if you ever wanna' give this place up? Y'know, if it's too much for you, I'd be willing to take it off your hands for you." Even as he speaks, it's clearly obvious that he's just making random conversation since he's not really looking to be buying her out of her penthouse.

Tess grins and moves over to the couch that's up against the windows, and plops down on it. "I'll keep that in mind, though I'd have to be stupid as shit to give up this place. Now sit your butt down, Bob," she says, patting the cushion next to her. "Tell me whatcha been up to'n why you demanded smooches before you'd come inside."

Sitting himself down, Tahir is going to just continue to let this 'Bob' thing slide. He can't believe she's calling him that. Taking all the fun out of being named something completely and utterly out of place. He's a little shruggy as he gets comfortable. "Don't you know? I'm a vampire. Kissing is the new invitation to come in and suck your blood." Oh, that Tahir. Always ready with a quick quip to diffuse an awkward situation.

"Oh honey, you're usin' the vampire line on the totally right girl. I mean, N'awlins is all about the vamps. And the voodoo, of course, but definitely the vamps too," Tess says, grinning and drawing her feet up, sitting cross-legged, facing him. "Can I ask you somethin' though? And get your promise that you'll answer it truthfully?"

Tahir raises an eyebrow as he looks over at Tess. He's a little worried about what's about to come out of her mouth. But that's not going to take it all away from him. He's too pimp to be hindered vocally. "I feel like I might be regretting this, but go ahead and let 'er rip."

Tess grins, looking pleased, even if he didn't quite promise. "Excellent. You just tryin' to get me in the sack? Is that why you were worried 'bout the Friend Zone? 'Cause I'm too awesome to be just another name in your no doubt huge black book a' ladies."

"Think about this for a second. If I was just trying to get you in the sack, do you think I'd be putting all this extra time in?" Tahir's words come out as if he's trying not to be offended by this. "I ain't gonna' lie. I do want you. But when it happens, it happens." He offers an honest shrug. "My main focus right now is to make sure you have a few hours, almost every day, that you can not think about losing your father. If I can accomplish that? I'm golden."

Tess's expression softens. "That's really sweet. Couple other friends like tryin' to distract me, but can't say any of 'em is shootin' for doin' it every day. Brings up other questions, but not gonna ask them. I figure, go back to my usual theory 'bout how to deal with guys and I'm golden."

Tahir holds his hands up to show that he's an open book. "You can ask me whatever you want. I'm like an open book." Tahir flashes a bit of a smile. "If there's one thing you can count on, Tess, it's that I'm always going to be honest with you. Life is too damn short to be scheming and lying all the time. It takes all the fun out of life if you have to worry about that kinda' shit, don't you think?" Tahir decides to keep on going. "Like right now. You know why I came up here? Two reasons. One? I was hoping to catch you half naked or coming out of the shower. And two? I wanted to make sure you saw my face today."

Brows lift and Tess tilts her head slightly. "I can totally see you hopin' to catch me half naked. Lech," she says teasingly. Almost fondly. "Why would you care if I saw your face today though? I did just see you the other day. Lots of you, remember? Swimmin' and paintin' my nails'n all that?"

"I'm willin' to bet the farm that I don't have that you didn't think about bad stuff at least half that time, right?" Tahir tosses another question out to actually use that as an answer to the one that was tossed at him.

"I try not to," Tess admits. "Kinda hard not to with gettin' shot'n my dad, but in general, there's no point in thinkin' about bad stuff. Just depresses you, and if you're depressed you can't enjoy life. And since we only get one, I wanna enjoy it."

"And I wanna' enjoy you." Tahir looks at his expensive watch, checking the time before looking up at Tess and then over at the door. "But I can wait. I will wait." Shrugging, Tahir starts to push himself back up to his feet. "And if you think I'm gonna' disappear or something, I would never do that." Add in a joke! "I can't even turn invisible."

"Mmm. Maybe not, but it sure seems like you're about to bolt for the door," Tess points out, head tilting. "But a guy willin' to wait for me, hmm? That's…nice. And kinda sweet. And totally unexpected. Though I am totally worth waitin' for. Won't find a more awesome girl in this whole damn city!"

"Not boltin'. Strolling casually." Tahir feels the need to get some correcting in. "I just stopped by to make sure you were doing okay. I don't wanna' overstay my welcome on the first sudden visit. That'll blow my chances of getting a key." He's gotta' be joking, right now. Isn't he?

"Are you actually hopin' to get a key?" Tess asks, both brows lifting slightly, but otherwise she hides whatever she thinks about that particular goal. If it is a real goal.

"Maybe." Tahir flashes a smile. He's always smiling. So elusive, but smiley. "You interested in giving me one?" His own brows are lifted as he looks at Tess. Seems this is becoming a battle of Questionable Wits!

"Not before the first date or before I try you out. If either of those end up happenin'," Tess says, grinning and shrugging as she leans back and gets comfortable again.

"So what's taking you so long to ask me out?" Tahir throws his hands into his pockets and starts to model the way his suit falls over his body. "I mean, it don't really get much sexier than this." Yes. Egotist.

"Aww…and you blew it," Tess says, though she's laughing. "You were really gettin' the sweet thing there, with sayin' you wanted to make me feel better'n bein' willin' to wait and all that."

"Just because I'm waitin' before we start goin' at it like wild animals, doesn't mean we can't date. Just Sayin'." Tahir, too, is laughing. He's not about to take this conversation too serious. That's how drama starts. "Listen, I gotta' be up at the crack of Hell tomorrow. If you want to come down and have breakfast, I'll be preparing a magnificent selection. It can be our next Unofficial Date."

Tess grins and nods. "If I'm up that early. I'm not really a dawn sorta person, unless I'm still up after a night of partyin'. So we'll see," is all she'll allow. "But I didn't mean you blew it with wantin' to date me. I meant you should've asked me," she teases.

Tahir is already heading towards the door. It's something he learned in some acting seminar. Always leave them wanting more or something? "Oh, don't you worry about that. I plan to. Very, very soon." It almost sounds like he's got something up his sleeve! Crazy cryptic cute guy!

Tess grins and shakes her head. "I look forward to seein' what you've got in mind then. Talk to you later, Bob. Don't get into too much trouble."

Tahir pulls on the door and cracks another freaking smile. "Just be ready to come bail me out. Cuz you're my one phone call." With a wink, Tahir spins and disappears out of the door, closing it behind him!

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