The Future Is Not Bright Or Dark, It Just Is


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Scene Title The Future Is Not Bright or Dark, It Just Is
Synopsis And it's what you make of it every day. Or so he tells her.
Date July 7, 2011

Skinny Brickfront, Rooftop

The rooftop is generally where people do their watches. But Elisabeth isn't on watch tonight. As the sun sets to the west behind some of the taller buildings, the blonde is sitting atop one of the defunct air conditioning units with a beer dangling from her hands. The first stars of the evenig haven't shown up yet, but the deepening violet of the sky guarantees that eventually they will — as always — appear. Not many of them; they're hard to see from the city, but… still. Elisabeth sips from the bottle, her feet idly swinging a bit as she considers.

Trask whistles softly as he walks across the roof top, rifle on his shoulder. He is on watch this evening he eyes her as she sits there, shaking his head.

Glancing toward the whistling, she can tell who it is easily by now. And Elisabeth smiles at him, setting the bottle of beer down on the unit. "Hi," she greets easily. "Your turn on watch?" she asks, somewhat rhetorically. It's kind of obvious.

Trask shakes his head, "Nope we decided not to watch any more, I just like going out for a walk with a gun, helps me pick up chicks."

Elisabeth snickers with laughter, picking up the drink and holding it out to him. "How's that working for you so far?" she asks cheerfully.

Trask smiles, "Well you tell me, seems the hottest girl around hasn't told me off yet, but maybe she is just drunk?"

"Ffft. I've had three sips of a bottle of beer. Takes a lot more than that to schnocker me," Elisabeth retorts with a smile. "Hottest girl around, huh? Personally, I think you're just biased."

Trask raises an eyebrow, "Well this moment your the only girl around, so you win by default. Not that I wouldn't think so anyway."

"Uh-huh," Elisabeth replies. "You say that, but you're ever the gentlemen when I need a snuggle." She smiles at him, taking the bottle back to her lips to sip another swallow of the cold beer. "It's a nice night out. A bit humid, though." Nice change of subject there! Not obvious at all.

Trask kneels, and takes her drink from her, putting it aside he leans in "You wanted me to be the gentleman, remember?"

Elisabeth shrugs, letting him take the bottle from her and averting her eyes slightly to look at his ear instead of meeting his gaze. "Sometimes it's better not to revisit a relationship," she admits softly. "If I keep you in the friend category, you already know the best and worst of me… I don't have to see hurt when you don't like what you see."

Trask leans in and kisses her tenderly, softly. He then takes a drink of her beer and puts it down in front of himself. "There is no best or worse…just you…and thats good enough for me." He starts to get up.

That soft kiss is one that she lingers in for a moment, and Elisabeth's eyes follow him up as he moves to stand. "Do it again?" she asks softly. "It's been a long time since you kissed me."

Trask puts both hands in yours and pulls you to your feet, he takes a few moments to watch your eyes and then smiles softly, "As you wish…."

She laughs softly as she slides off the A/C unit. Elisabeth can't help it. She hasn't heard that phrase in so long. Tipping her face up to his, she murmurs, "Someday I might understand men. I doubt it."

Trask places one hand at the small of your back, the other grips your hair and pulls, not hard but forceful, then he leans in. This kiss isn't soft and tender, it is hard, passionate, and longing, needful and hungry and demanding.

She hadn't been expecting that. It's not a side that he's shown her since he got back, not really…. but then again, Elisabeth's been somewhat emotionally broken since he got back too. Her hands slip up to his jaw to cradle it and she gasps in surprise then delves into the kiss. So many memories, so much history between them. She rises on her tiptoes to press deeper, heedless of the rifle he wears over his shoulder.

Trask breaks the kiss after several long lingering moments, but even when he does, he doesn't let her go.

It leaves her breathless, and Elisabeth's forehead rests against his lips. Her arms slip upward to wrap around his shoulders and she trembles just a hint in his embrace.

Trask kisses her forehead and shhhsss her slightly, his hands hold her tight, listening to her heart beat aginast his chest.

She stands with him quietly, just absorbing the emotions. And when Elisabeth lifts her head to look at him, the purple and blue streaks in her hair falling to tangle over his fingers, she smiles. "I didn't want you to think… " She trails off. She's not sure what she didn't want him to think.

Trask grins, "good because I rarely can around you….you should know that by now."

Elisabeth laughs softly. "Oh really? Now that's a bit of an overstatement." She seems disinclined to move, dropping her head back to his shoulder. "It's a strange world these days, huh?" she asks.

Trask says, "No Stranger then it was 5 years ago, no stranger then it will be 5 years from now. World doesn't get stranger it just changes regularly to keep us on our toes."

"Yeah. Great. Let me know if it swings back to the brighter future, will you?" Elisabeth quips not quite facetiously.

Trask says, "There is no dark future, or bright future, only the future we make ourselves. Everything else is just day dreams and nightmares.""

"Keep telling me that," Elisabeth whispers. "I need to hear it." She sighs heavily and then steps back, looking up. Her smile is gentle. "If you'd like some company tonight when you're done with your watch… I'll still be awake."

Trask smiles softly, "I will come by when my shift is over then," He lets her go. "I …should get back to work…"

She stands on her toes and kisses his jaw softly, then shoves her hands into her pants pockets and walks away. Elisabeth herself doesn't seem like she's certain where her invitation will lead, but… she's content with it. She has both of her best friends back, and it's enough.

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