The Ghost of Company's Past


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Scene Title Because We Have History
Synopsis … comes to haunt Odessa at Coney Island.
Date September 22, 2009

Coney Island

No baggy jeans, oversized sweaters, curly blonde hair, or braces, but it's obvious that the woman who steps out of Fort Greene apartments, with dark brown hair, a bright yellow minidress, a black waist cincher and black high-heeled leather boots, is definitely Odessa Knutson. Maybe it's the heels that give it away. No purse. Maybe she's unarmed.

Away from Brooklyn now, and to the skeletal frame of the Coney Island amusement park. For a moment, she simply seems to blink out of existence. But a sharp cry of pain signals Odessa's location, stumbling over an empty bottle surely left by someone else who decided to trespass on the grounds.

Of course, if you're looking for stealth, you shouldn't send a nearly seven foot tall black cowboy to do the job. It's well apparent that Len Denton is not looking to be unseen. His entire being seems to shout, 'Hey world, look at me." The parking lot of Coney Island relatively deserted as he sits in his Jeep. This has been long overdue and Denton decides to peek in on the doc himself to find out exactly what kind of threat she may be.

If perhaps he feels she's a danger to those who work for him, then they'll figure out how to deal with her in the meantime. It's not like she can hide from them. At least not yet. Her every movement has been tracked as his boots hit the pavement as he steps from his Jeep and walks into the deserted amusement park. Her cry is heard, though he's cautious as he sees her stumble in the distance. His boots begin to clip-clop against the ground as he moves closer.

Odessa's own boots mask the sound of Len's for a moment. But when she does realise she hears someone coming, she freezes in her tracks. Like a frightened rabbit. Slowly she turns toward the sound. "No way. A- Agent Denton?" Surprise overshadows what caustion she would normally have. "What are you…" The puzzle pieces come together and she raises her hands up slowly. "Oh no. No, no, no. I'm not going back."

Thumbs tucked into his jean pockets as he walks closer towards her, he gives his typical charming smile. "Now, who says I'm coming to take you back, Doc? I was just checking in on you to see how you were doing. Making sure you weren't getting yourself into some type of mischief. Hanging out with folks you probably shouldn't." He watches as her hands are out in front of her as if to will him to stop from approaching. "Don't get yerself all worked up now. I'm just paying you a tiny courtesy call. I haven't seen hide nor hair of you in a dog's year." Len flashes his white teeth as he smile. Of course, that smile could be the smile of a jackal.

"Who sent you? Bishop? Madame Dalton?" Odessa steps back, looking about quickly for the backup. There's always another. One of us, one of them. "I thought you were a lifer in Texas. They must be real desperate out here. Especially if you're chasing ghosts." One hand makes a sweeping gesture to indicate herself.

There's no backup to be seen. It seems the cowboy has come all his own to see the doc. "I sent myself. Word came that you were lurking about down here and I thought I'd come by and see for myself what you were up to. It's just you and I right here." His weapons are secure in their holsters, and he doesn't look for one moment like he's going for them. He's completely at ease standing in front of her. "Tell me why you're running away. Why you're so terrified. From what I've read of you, you betrayed us. You were even given a chance to come back and you turned it down." His eyes are hidden behind sunglasses, though the perk of his eyebrow as it rises from behind there is seen. "You do realize that we've been given a 'shoot on sight' order as it pertains to you." His hands never move from being tucked into his pocket.

"Is it because I shanked the Haitian?" Odessa asks of the shoot on sight order, rather blithely. "I think it's because I shanked the Haitian. He was asking for it, you know." She flashes the cowboy a dark look. "You don't understand what it was like. Imagine being told that you could not leave. Ever. Even the prisoners had it better, because they at least had lives at one point." Dark hair tousles about her face as she shakes her head. "Would you have accepted that olive branch?"

Taking a couple of nonchalant steps closer to the blond, Len offers her a grin. "You do realize that stabbing co-workers is usually not a good idea. It tends to create a hostile work environment." Len stands beside her for a moment, provided she doesn't flee for the hills. "I'm not here to take you in. Just here to give you a little advice. We do have a little history, so I think it's best to warn you that you might mind the company you keep. Word gets around and if you are looking to stay out of our sights, you might consider.. " he pauses for a moment before he turns and glances down at her. ".. other accomodations."

"In my defense, he started it," Odessa mutters. She watches Len's approach the way an animal in a cage might watch someone. Except most animals show less fear. "You're gonna have to elaborate. I tend to split my time between a few people." People. Crack houses. Same difference, right? She doesn't show her hand, lest she discover that he knows less than he's letting on.

Technology and informants are a wonderful thing. Combine the two and perhaps you've got a good thing going. He makes an impressive shadow as he stands next to her. "Let's just say I've been hearing that you've been hanging around a former company founder who's name is not well received within my circle of friends." He clicks his tongue a couple of times. "It would be a pity if you were caught up in the crossfire of something dangerous. Not saying you have to come back. You might want to find yourself some less hostile friends." His tone becomes a bit more serious. "Because of our past, I'm giving you a chance. It's the only one I can give you, Doc."

The shorter woman looks up slowly. "I don't understand." Sure, she maybe dug a bullet out of him once or twice, gave stitches, treated burns and frostbite, but, "It isn't like you owe me anything." A moment's hesitation, blue eyes fill with concern. "Are they coming for him?" Odessa asks.

"Don't concern yourself with the tiny details. Cover your cute little ass there and make sure you aren't anywhere where you should not be. Go to church, volunteer for the homeless. Something other than what you're doing. I'm afraid this is all you're going to get from me on this, and it's your only chance to walk away. Whatever happens after this will be done by someone other than I." Len turns around and starts down the walkway. "Doc. Take care of yourself." He says, pausing to turn to give her another glance and a charming smile, bowing his head politely.

It seems that the cowboy has actually struck Odessa dumb. For the longest moment, she just stares at him. "But-" She frowns and takes her lower lip between her teeth while she thinks. "One… more thing. The new facility. Where is it?" She furrows her brows and holds up one hand in a sort of surrender. "I just want to know where not to wander." If he's here, warning her, then the Bronx facility was not the end of the Company in New York.

There's always a Company.

The cowboy continues to walk away from her. "Mind the Company you keep." he says with a wave of his hand. The word of warning was meant both ways, but whether or not she realizes that remains to be seen. It appears he'll neither confirm nor deny the existence of a new facility to her.

As he gets into his jeep, Len hopes he doesn't run into her again, because the next time will probably be less courteous, and far more lethal.

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