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Scene Title The Glenn Beck Program
Synopsis Glenn Beck interviews Magnes Varlane
Date Oct 8, 2009

It's a nice little studio, if one excuses the hired security - who happen to be armed - and the possibly bulletproof glass between the broadcasting room and the control room on the other side. Magnes is showed in after a brief wait out in a waiting area littered with conversative magazines and some snacks, and Glenn rises up from his chair to greet him with a smile, reaching over to clasp his hand in both of his own, "Mister Varlane. Thanks for coming, thanks for coming— have a seat, have a seat. You have any questions before we start?"

"Um…" Magnes smiles a bit nervously, taking his seat as he rubs the back of his neck. "I watched your show last night, I mean, I'm not what you'd call the most politically charged guy, I usually watch Colbert." He gives that a moment to sink in, looking from left to right, pretty uneasy. "I'm not sure if you could call me a conservative or even a liberal, I just want you to know that my opinions aren't really politically biased, they're based on what's affecting me in the world right now. I'm not sure if that means anything, I just wanted you to know." he explains, being quite polite, and ending everything in a smile once it's all out there.

"That's exactly what I want," Glenn replies with a broad grin, leaning forward, "You're right out there, on the line, risking your neck for the rest of us — dealing with this shit every day in a real sense, not like those armchair socialists screaming from their living rooms. Real experience, real opinions. I don't want you to say what I want to hear, I want you to say what you want to say. Really, just relax, be yourself…"

"Glenn, we're on in five."

"Thanks, Jimmy. Alright, there's your mic, just push to talk and…"

XM165: Glenn says, "…welcome back everyone, this is Glenn Beck, of course you all knew that, and with me today is Officer Magnes Varlane of the NYPD. I have to tell you, Magnes, it's exciting having you on the show, after listening to all the people who haven't been out there and seen what's going on."

XM165: Magnes says, "A-ah, yeah, I mean, it's really tough out there. I've been shot four or five times and I'm only twenty-one. The first time I was shot was by this Chinese Evolved guy who could turn into smoke, shot me for no reason at all. Second and third times were Humanis First related, one was one of those guys who shot up the court house, and the other was a sniper. Fourth time was why I'm here right now, when I was trying to take down the chopper, someone shot me from below. They still haven't been identified."

XM165: Glenn says, "An Evolved guy… who could turn into smoke. Are you hearing this, Jimmy? No reason at all, you're telling me, alright, I guess for once the news talking about violence in Chinatown is right. Now, Humanis First— these're these terrorists, according to their videos, and they want, what— all of these 'evolved' killed? Rounded up? You sound like you've had more experience with them— what is it, that they want, Magnes?"

XM165: Magnes says, "They say humans need to protect themselves and that we, Evolved, are a threat that needs to be rounded up or exterminated. They capture and torture innocent Evolved… innocent people. They set off these explosions or shoot into a crowd with a chopper, a crowd of Evolved and non-Evolved, they don't care as long as they eliminate what they consider the threat. They're very akin to a small nazi movement, except far more dangerous, because one of their children could turn out to be one of us, and what would they do then? They're a threat to everyone, not just Evolved. Yes, there are dangerous people, what happened with that building proves it, but any terrorist with a bomb could do something like that too. The problem isn't abilities, the problem is bad people."

XM165: Glenn says, "Bad people. Bad people, that's exactly right, Magnes, that's always the problem. But now— now let me get away from that for just a second, to the other side, now— we've got these terrorists, Humanis First, on the one side, and on the other side, we've got this guy— Norman Black? White? White, right, that's the name, Norman White, he kidnapped that cute li'l number from CBS the other day, and he comes on the air talking about his fellow terrorists across the country, about Phoenix and PARIAH and all those other guys, about some supposed prison that the government's running, and he levels the Municipal Building, I mean, just levels it. A guy came on— you might have been listening— there was a guy on this morning arguing that it couldn't have been this White guy, that it was all planted explosives and dramatics, but to that I had to point out— Midtown, I mean, 'nuff said, right? Unless you're saying that's a backpack nuke and all this Evolved crap is just that, all fake, and I think we all know better by now. So we've got terrorists on one side, and terrorists on the other— so, as a cop, and Evolved, where do you stand here, Magnes? Give me your thoughts about this whole clusterBEEP. Oops— you got that, right, Jimmy?" *laughter in the background* "Good, good.""

XM165: Magnes says, "I wish I could say that it was just another lunatic with a bomb, but no, Mister Beck, this was a lunatic who happened to win the genetic lottery. I completely disagree with this man, he talks a lot about Phoenix and PARIAH. And yeah, PARIAH did a lot of bad things, and I don't know a lot about them because all I knew was what was in the news back then. But Phoenix, something I deal with as a cop, well, their heart seems to be in the right place, and as a cop I do not condone spray painting a wall to send a message, but again, they're not trying to start a civil war or collapse buildings, hell, they're not even trying to hurt anyone. Norman White is a completely misguided individual, he's trying to make it "us" against "them", a complete civil war of Evolved versus non-Evolved, he somehow believes himself to be some sort of messiah, and just like Humanis First, he doesn't care who he kills to get it done, Evolved or not. This man is no different from Bin Laden or some other insane terrorist. And did I mention, that little speech he broadcast the other day? Almost word for word, V for Vandetta. So he's a terrorist who can't even write his own material. What we need to do, Evolved and non-Evolved alike, is focus on productive measures so we can encourage understanding in the community, the Suresh Center is a good start."

XM165: Glenn says, "So, just to repeat, we've got terrorists on both sides. Alright, we have the FBI, the NSA, and all of those— all of those alphabet agencies that eat up taxpayers dollars, they should be able to handle these Humanis First people. In theory, anyway, they don't seem to be doing a very good job, and I'd like to know where my money is being misused, personally. Anyway, I'm getting off track— so, Phoenix. You're saying their 'heart is in the right place'? I'm assuming that you disagree with the Linderman Act, then? And— and just to be clear, this is Phoenix, Helena Dean's group, they released that video urging people to 'rise up' against the government?"

XM165: Magnes says, "Humanis First is a very militant group. When a Homeland agent attempted to stop Emile Danko, a high ranking member of Humanis First, a bunch of men burst into the ball with automatics. Now, when I say 'their heart is in the right place', I'm not saying people should run out and commit anarchy, spray paint walls, or even half of what PETA does, what I'm saying is that people shouldn't be afraid to express their opinion and make it known. I mean, we're a country founded on free speech, I watched your show last night, Mister Beck, you mentioned that quite a bit. If people are against the Linderman Act, they should say so, they should write letters and petitions and be vocal about alternatives. I don't agree with Phoenix's methods, but I agree with the spirit of what they're saying. Now, as far as my opinion of the Linderman Act goes, I'm not outright against it, I simply believe it should be a choice, people shouldn't be dragged in like criminals to be registered. They say it's to protect people, but think about this, Mister Beck. The leading cause of murder related death in America I believe, is guns. Now, I believe the constitution says we have a right to these guns, and considering your show is on Fox News, everyone in this room right now agrees. Now, the government says that guns need to be registered, but do you honestly think that half the people out there getting killed by guns are using registered ones? Do you think that someone who plans to kill with a gun is going to register it?"

XM165: Glenn says, "Oh, you'll get no argument from me over free speech, and certainly not over gun control— but this isn't about that, is it? Nobody's stopping Miss Dean from exercising her free speech— she's free to go out, to protest, to write letters and give interviews and shout it from the mount for all I care, and for all the law cares. Only there's the problem, until the law is changed, it's still a law. She's a coward, staying in hiding and sending out videos that, basically, are the same thing as what Humanis First is sending out. They're all terrorists, all the way across the board, and although the ones on the one side of the conflict keep screaming about some 'secret prison', I certainly haven't seen it yet. Nobody has, as far as I know, and there sure seem to be a lot of former inmates." A faint chuckle, "But now, Magnes, you can't compare this to gun control. You know my stance on guns, but I wouldn't try to argue that you should be able to keep a nuclear bomb in your house as covered by the Second Amendment, without even reporting it, and that's what some of these people have. Nuclear bombs. Only there's no evidence, no bombs, just them."

XM165: Magnes says, "I can't comment on a secret prison, though it does raise eyebrows when seemingly unaffiliated people start mentioning it. I don't know one way or the other, and I'm not what you'd call an alarmist so I won't get into that. I'm not taking sides, but I wouldn't compare Phoenix to Humanis First. Phoenix has sent videos, sure, but I haven't seen torture videos like Humanis First seems to love sending. When Humanis First says 'Rise Up', they're saying go out and shoot someone because they happen to dislike their genetics. When Phoenix says 'Rise Up', they're saying speak out against registration, which they happen to not believe in. And yes, if someone has a dangerous ability, I would strongly urge that they register and get the help they need, as long as it's still the law I strongly urge people to register."

XM165: Magnes says, "But I believe registration should be a choice because some people, even people with harmless abilities, don't want to expose themselves. I have a friend, she was registered as a healer, but the registry, not being a perfect system, was compromised. Criminals got ahold of her information and when I was walking her home, we were both kidnapped. She was practically tortured, her tongue was cut out and she was shot in the thigh twice because she couldn't heal anymore. And me? I was forced to fight in cages, I had every bone in my body broken, I had my blood manipulated by a person who had control over that sort of thing. I went through an unspeakable amount of pain, all because my friend happened to be a good samaritan, thought she was doing the right thing, and trusted this system to protect her. I'm a part of the system, and even I can acknowledge that it's not perfect. What are we supposed to do when registration seems to be hurting us? What about those kids who committed suicide because they were afraid of it? What about that, Mister Beck? What are we supposed to do about that?"

XM165: Glenn says, "So… wait, hold on a minute here. You say you were kidnapped, forced to fight in cages— you're a member of the NYPD, why wasn't any of this on the news? I think I'd recall reading about a cop kidnapped and forced into cage fights, hell, I think that'd get you a one-way ticket to Hollywood to have the next movie of the week based on you, Magnes. As for the thirty-five…" He's quieter, more serious, "That was a tragedy, a legitimate tragedy, but I don't see how the government can be blamed. The last I'd heard, the investigation was still open and there's been widespread speculation that one of the Evolved caused this horrific situation."

XM165: Magnes says, "The thing about speculation is that it's just that, speculation. No matter how you look at it, registration was the trigger, if a single Evolved did do this, God forbid, then I hope this person is brought to justice. But otherwise, there's no real proof for this speculation. I know the mother of one of those children, and I honestly don't think she'd appreciate any speculation unless there was substantial evidence to back it up, I don't think any of the parents would appreciate another reason to be upset if there's no proof. As far as my situation goes on Staten, this was months before I was a cop, or even in the academy, and the NYPD can't go anywhere near Staten, it's off limits. Essentially, what happens on Staten, stays on Staten. The man who did this to us, John Logan, and another man, Muldoon, they're not going to be brought to justice any time soon because Staten has become almost completely lawless."

XM165: Glenn says, "Ah…" There's a few moments of silence, "…I'm assuming you mean that these two men are suspects in an ongoing investigation? Is this an official statement from the NYPD, or just your own personal speculation?""

XM165: Magnes says, "I'm not speaking for the NYPD, I'm not speculating, I just happened to be there, personally, before I was a cop, and watched my friend try to speak with a mouth full of blood. The man kept me tied up for a week in a warehouse before he finally decided he'd have me fight. You'll have to excuse me if I take this topic just a tad personally. Next subject, please?"

XM165: Glenn says, "Mhm. Al… right, then, I'm sure our callers will have lots of questions about that, but that, that'll be in just a minute. There's one other thing that I'd like to ask you about, Magnes, before we move on to the call-in portion of our show." A pause, laden with meaning, "The Shibuya Incident. For those of our listeners who don't know, Magnes demolished a few city blocks of Tokyo in a no-holds-barred battle with another Evolved. What, what happened there, Magnes?"

XM165: Magnes says, "That… Well I didn't expect that to come up. I'm a friend of Kimiko Nakamura's, she's the daughter of the late Kaito Nakamura, of Yamagato Industries. I was visiting her in Tokyo and the man I was fighting kidnapped her. Right before the fight, I was actually out looking for her. So the man walked up to me and basically said he was gonna take me and that he had Kimiko. I can't begin to tell you his motive, I honestly have no idea, but I tried to stop him with my ability, I planned to turn him into the police so they could find out where he took Kimiko, but it turned out he had an ability that could somehow counter mine. So it gradually turned into a fight, I couldn't let myself be captured, I thought if I was captured that'd be it for me and her."

XM165: Magnes says, "I made sure no one got hurt, that was my primary concern during the fight, beating him as fast as possible and keeping him away from civilians. In the end, yeah, I lost, but I can't remember anything after the fight. I woke up completely healed, and Kimiko had been released. That's virtually all I know, she sent me back to America after that. I know the situation could have been handled a lot better, especially if I had the training with my ability that I do now, or even the experience to handle that sort of situation, but I acknowledge that I made a huge mistake, no matter what my reasons were, and I was wrong. Sorry, Japan."

XM165: Glenn says, "So, wait, let me make sure I understand.. you were approached by a threatening man, and in self-defense destroyed two city blocks and then blacked out… after which you woke up somewhere with no memory, and the girl you thought was kidnapped wasn't, in fact, kidnapped? That sounds kind of like my last New Year's Eve, I think." A polite little chuckle, "Although, ah, if I were Japan I'd have to ask about evidence here. No offense, Magnes, but that's… kind of a crazy story without anything to back it up. Just like the cage fights one, honestly."

XM165: Magnes says, "She was kidnapped, but she was released and I don't really know the details. If I knew I'd tell you. I don't know what you want me to say, I mean did you not hear the repeated yells of 'Give back Kimiko' on the video? I was afraid, I didn't want the guy to get away because I didn't know what was happening to Kimiko. If I could do things differently, I would, but I can't, all I can do is apologize and hope that if there's anything I can do to make up for it, Japan's Prime Minister or whoever will give me a call. I was protecting the President of one of the largest companies in Japan, I think they'll forgive me for doing all I could think of. They can call up Kimiko themselves and she'll back me up. And the cage fights is an open case, but I don't really know anything about what the police knows, I don't have access to those records, so everything I say on it is from me personally and nothing to do with the investigation."

XM165: Glenn says, "I'm certain that long-distance phone call will be coming in any day now, Magnes. Ah— but we're running out of time, I see, so we're going to go to the call-in portion of the show now. I'm sure that the people of the United States have plenty of questions for you."

XM165: Glenn says, "…alright, we have a man here, he's calling himself— what? Seriously? 'The King of Swords'. Alright, your majesty, you're on. What's your question for our guest?"

XM165: Raith says, "I'll get to my question in just a second, Glenn, but first, I need to ask you a favor. Will you do a favor for me, Glenn? It won't take very long."

XM165: Glenn says, "Well, that depends, what is it?"

XM165: Raith says, "Well, he's there in the studio with you, right? So, here's what I need you to do. I need you, to ball your hand into a fist, and hit him, in the face, really, BEEPing hard."

XM165: Magnes says, "What did I do?"

XM165: Glenn says, "…well, sorry about that, we do try and screen these calls, but sometimes the nuts get through!"

XM165: Glenn says, "Alright, the next call's from Charlotte, from West Virginia. What's your question, caller?"

XM165: Lola says, "Yes…ahem! Hello, this is Charlotte Ruth Jinkins, what? No Betsy, daddy has your food bowl in the kitchen, mommy's on the phone! Ahem, ahem! Sorry about that Glenn. First, I'd like to say I really love your show. The honesty I hear from you is…well listening to you is like listening to one of these nice young fellahs at the bar. It's just so straightforward. Not like most ahem…ahem…that we hear around here. My question for Officer Varlane is…you said that you destroyed two city blocks trying to help a kidnap victim - well, what changed? You said you couldn't control your mutation then, so what changed between then and now? Is the NYPD training Evolved now, or did you just learn how to be a cop, and your mutation is still as dangerous as ever? And if Registration is supposed to be voluntary, people like you won't register so we'll have more city blocks torn apart, isn't that right? How are the rest of us supposed to feel safe with that? No Betsy, daddy has your biscut…."

XM165: Magnes says, "No, the NYPD didn't train me to use my ability, I learned to control it through months of strict personal training and lots of help from my friends. I can control every known aspect of my ability now. I say known because abilities can change with time, these things are hard to predict. But my NYPD has helped me learned when and when I shouldn't do certain things, or to put it simply, pull the trigger. What happened in Tokyo wouldn't have happened if I knew what I do now. And the thing about registration is that, even if I was registered back in Tokyo, it wouldn't have changed my choices. Registration isn't a cure-all to Evolved issues, what we need is more education. If the Suresh Center existed back then, I might have known a bit more about my ability and things might have gone differently. But just like with guns, there will always be people who ruin it for everyone else, so I don't know what to tell you except that there will always be bad people in the world, but law enforcement and the government will do everything they can."

XM165: Glenn says, "So, maybe the answer is mandatory registration and education, you think? Possible, but, look how the public school system's doing as it is! Alright, our next caller is… Tommie, from New York City. You're on the air, Tommie."

XM165: Delilah says, "First of all, Magnes, you are doing wonderfully in the face of all that is wrong with our legislators and politicians. Apparently with our talk show hosts too. It's ironic that you should press on the topic of mandatory registration moments before I call in, mister Beck. I'm actually calling in to give you something right from the bird's beak, as it were."

XM165: Magnes says, "What's the question, uh, Tommie? And thanks, I'm trying very hard."

XM165: Glenn says, "By all means, Tommie, by all means. Tell me what's on your mind, mm?""

XM165: Delilah says, "If you want to know about Moab, Utah, follow the money, boys. It is out there. As for those who have long escaped- you'll find a great deal of them on Staten- which is the only place that the innocents of the lot feel safe. They feel most safe on the lawless island- New York's wretched hive of scum and villainy. This is only one reason why we ask others to rise up. So that no man, woman nor child will be taken from their home- their lives- and stamped with a brand that claims them to be subhuman. Registration has its merits when it comes to the dangerous- the bombs, as you call them. But it does not when a waitress in some little diner is fearing for her life because just maybe there is something about her that could send her to the bowels of whatever new cells Homeland is cooking up. This is why Education over Registration is the key for our future. So, my question for you, mister Beck. What would you do if you were Evolved? If your god-given ability was something just dangerous enough to warrant you capable of killing someone on accident? What would you do if you did kill someone on accident? Would you still be so keen on pro-registration, when faced with the choice of breaking a law and keeping your liberties and life- or going in to register only to be dragged from your sleep into an unmarked van by a dozen sets of gloved hands?"

XM165: Magnes says, "Good question."

XM165: Glenn says, "Miss, I've been doing this for years, and for every crackjob that's said 'It's out there'— you know what? None of them, not one, has ever actually gone out there to get it themselves. I'll tell you what, produce solid, verifiable evidence, and then I'll discuss this alleged prison with you all. I promise you that. Because I've met plenty of registered Evolved, miss, hell, I had dinner with a man last week that could make his hair grow on command, now if only he could do that to other people, maybe he could put Rogaine out of business— but I've never seen anyone taken away by any vans, not for being Evolved, not for watching 'UFOs', or any of the other conspiracy theories I've heard over the years. I certainly would register, miss, because that's the law."

XM165: Glenn says, "Next, we've got.. Shoshanna, from Queens. Do you have a question for Mister Varlane here?"

XM165: Magnes says, "Well, she did say follow the money, and you do generally work for an impartial news organization, so give it a shot."

XM165: Eileen says, "You say that forcible registration isn't the cure-all to Evolved issues, but what good does education do to protect the civilian population from individuals who might use their abilities to intentionally hurt other people? How many women have been raped by telepaths? Persuasionists? How do you prosecute someone using the American court system when all it takes to sway a judge in their favour is a simple thought? The chances of them even being brought to trial are infinitesimal at best. The problem with people like Tommie— the problem with Phoenix is that they're so caught up in their own self-righteousness they don't realize this Moab Federal Penitentiary — assuming it even exists — was built with a specific purpose in mind. You're fooling yourselves if you believe the government is doing this to target timid little waitresses in greasy family diners who are struggling to make ends meet. Almost everyone making claims about Moab's existence has one thing in common: they're criminals. Look at Norman White. Look at what he's doing. What place do people like him have in Phoenix's new world order?"

XM165: Glenn says, "I don't believe it exists, Mister Varlane. The burden of proof isn't on me— it's on you, and people like you who believe in it. Where's the evidence? I've asked it a thousand times, and still I don't see any— sorry, Shoshanna, I didn't mean to interrupt. Alright, alright I hear you there, and I agree to a point— but what's the solution, then? How do we deal with these super-powered individuals walking amongst us? Shoshanna, Magnes, do either of you have an answer?"

XM165: Magnes says, "I think, generally, the issue people have with Moab is that people aren't getting trials. But you have a point, unless we somehow had a telepathy in every courtroom to counter every criminal telepath or persuasionist, there is very little our legal system can do. It almost seems impractical to overhaul the entire thing to accomodate these sorts of issues. I mean, when we do catch Norman White, are we really gonna have a man on trial when he could very well collapse the entire court and escape whenever he wants? I quite honestly have no idea how to answer that, especially not while I'm on the aire representing the NYPD."

XM165: Eileen says, "I'm not sure there is a solution, Glenn. To imply that the government's only motivation for its treatment of the Evolved is its desire to oppress a minority group is as outlandish as the claims being made by Humanis First. I do think we could all benefit from attempting to understand the other side's point of view—"

XM165: Glenn says, "So, wait, wait, let me see if I have this right. Are you suggesting, Magnes, that our legal system literally can't even deal with the Evolved? That we shouldn't put them on trial at all, because of the potential for them to attack the courtroom?"

XM165: Magnes says, "I'm not saying we shouldn't put people like Norman White and telepaths on trial, I'm saying, how would that even work? I mean, I'm sure there's some creative means of doing so, but with the current system, it sounds rather impractical. But if there is a place like Moab, if somehow they can keep dangerous people like White under control, then I see no reason we can't have something like a video trial, I don't know."

XM165: Glenn says, "Mm. There's an idea. Alright, next up we have Hanan, from New York City— Hanan, are you there?"

XM165: Huruma says, "Of coourrrse… I have one question f'mister Beck an'anot'er one- f'mister Varlane. Which one o'you wants t'go first…?"

XM165: Magnes says, "H-h… Hanan? S-sure."

XM165: Huruma says, "I was jus'wondering… you'ave gone ove'so many things so far- yet neither o'you'ave commented on th'statuses o'countries overseas when it comes t'people like us. Is there any country ou'there handling this same Evolved matter well, in your opinion?"

XM165: Magnes says, "I think Argentina's heart is in the right place as far as registration is concerned. While they won't implement a form of registration, I do hope they do something to calm the minds of the public, hopefully something that makes everyone happy. But I can't say I'm familiar with every country's policies, I just know that from what I know of a lot of these countries, America could be handling Evolved a lot worse. I'm sure you can agree with that, Mister Beck."

XM165: Glenn says, "I find myself in agreement with Magnes here, actually— I don't think anybody's found a perfect solution here, but America'll pull through with the right decision in the end, I'm confident. The massacres in Madagascar, the socialist drafting in China— we can all thank God in heaven that we're Americans, compared to that. Now what was your question for me, miss?"

XM165: Huruma says, "Mmmmmhmm… Tell me, darling- just what is your blood type…?"

XM165: Glenn says, "…well, that was weird. Seems that we're getting all types tonight. Next, we have Juliet, from Harlem. What's your question, Juliet?"

XM165: Magnes says, "Jesus…"

XM165: Jet says, "Hi Glenn. Never listened to you before, first time caller here. First off, my thoughts are with you Magnes in your time of need… and Jesus Jesus? That's not very kind. Anyway, I'm not for sure what point you're getting at with your words. Does all of this circle back to dangerous Evolved? Could you please just… summarize what point you're trying to make amongst this… drivel? Having briefly had a stint in Moab… wrongly imprisoned of course… and yes people, it does exist. I can say that I have -never- hurt anyone… ahh, physcially at least. I mean fine, I put a couple of tattoo's on the bodies I took, but that is hardly hurting them… anyway, and yet you, an officer, have hurt lots of people and you have not been imprisoned? That doesn't seem very… just… and I'm trying to understand what you're trying to tell us, your listeners. As your previous caller in person said, the Evolved sometimes kill on accident. Non-evolved also kill on accident. Perhaps we should stop judging it as being an Evolved killing, and instead weighting accidential deaths the same as we would with non evolved people. Magnes, I agree with the video conferencing trial, or something. Something can be done instead of just throwing people in Moab."

XM165: Glenn says, "Well, caller, I… ah.. wait, bodies you took? Nevermind, you know what? I don't want to know. I'm not going to discuss this 'Moab' situation until someone presents me with solid, hard, facts. Where's the evidence? Nowhere, that's where. As always, I'm open to be proven wrong, if someone out there wants to present an option to me. As for the Evolved killing? Sure, but I don't recall being able to accidentally demolish a strip mall because I tripped and sneezed wrong, Juliet."

XM165: Magnes says, "Well, first, I haven't hurt anyone. Yes, in Tokyo I caused a lot of collateral damage, but I made absolutely sure no one got hurt in the process. Second, putting tattoos on people against their will is not just something you can say 'No big deal' about. I'm not saying it means you deserve to get locked up in a secret prison, but I'm not saying you shouldn't be doing jail time either. As for the point I'm trying to make, it's nothing I haven't already said. I believe registration should be a choice, because fundamentally it doesn't really solve a whole lot, someone who's gonna break the law with their ability is certainly not gonna register, and so far it seems to create more problems than it solves. What should be mandatory, again, is education. People should be educated on Evolved, and Evolved, especially those with dangerous abilities, should be educated on those abilities, for their benefit and others. People should be able to anonymously seek help for their abilities, if they don't want to register. Think about that Evolved Anonymous thing they have going, that's a great example. People are seeking help, but they don't have to feel so exposed. What's knowing the name of the person with the ability going to help? Someone with a nuke inside them and half a brain knows they're probably gonna get locked away if they register, and no, none of the solutions I've stated so far would help much in their case, but we do need something in place that can help them without taking away their rights and freedom. Is a sixteen year old girl evil because she was born with a nuclear bomb inside her? No, we need a way to help that girl."

XM165: Jet says, "What proof do you want Glenn? A tranq to the neck then waking up with an ability supressing drug pumping through your body? It could probably be arranged. Accidents are accidents. Times have changed and deaths have to be weighed differently. It's just…ugh. I miss my body. Anyway. Magnes, I agree with you too a point. However, you're an optimist, and people like Humanis First is not going… to ever get educated. They feed on fear, it's what drives them. Who cares about registration, I don't. I care about the terrorists killing innocent people. Terrorists that are non-evolved."

XM165: Magnes says, "This is why we have law enforcement, people like Humanis First. A piece of paper won't stop extremists on either side."

XM165: Glenn says, "Maybe so, Magnes, but I'd hope that sixteen year old girl would come forward and let the government know about the nuclear bomb. Because until she's helped somehow, she's a danger to millions. Anonymous 'help' would be ridiculous, that's like assuming I could call the police about a bomb I found and ask for instructions on disarming it while refusing to tell the cops where the bomb is. Humanis First aren't much better, but in that we're in agreement, law enforcement has to step up and stop these terrorists before they strike again."

XM165: Glenn says, "Next caller. We have… Abigail, from New York City."

XM165: Abby says, "Evening Mr. Beck. I hope the night finds you well. You as well Magnes. I'd like to say first that Mr. Varlane should really be careful about who's story that he chooses to use as an example. As the healer who had her tongue lost and shot twice, incarcerated in the bottom of a brothel for a month because I could wick away a persons hurts, I don't appreciate Varlane using me as his example of corruption in the system. Magnes J Varlane, we will be having a talk about this later. Again. But registration. It's going to have holes no matter what, as was found out. The same as social security numbers can be cracked and taken, same as credit card information and the like. I know some people out there might don't rightly agree with me, but as the victim of a person who did access the system, I can only hope that tighter controls have been placed on the list and they have learned from my ordeal. That and that some day the people responsible for what I and Mr. Varlane had to endure, are brought to justice, proper justice."

XM165: Magnes says, "I didn't say your name…"

XM165: Glenn says, "I'm… very sorry for that, miss, and I'm certain that whatever your situation is - if it's been brought to the authorities, it's been dealt with. If not, well, again I'd love for someone to come up with hard evidence and fax it to my office." There's a pause, "…girlfriend, Magnes?"

XM165: Magnes says, "A-ah, no, I mean, I had a thing for her once—" He has his own pause, groaning. "No, I have a girlfriend, I have an awesome supportive girlfriend who I hope is not going to break my nose after this."

XM165: Abby says, "He wishes. No. He's dating someone else and No, no you didn't Magnes. But that's not an excuse and you know it. IT was brought to Authorities and sadly, jurisdiction and all that. My hope isn't very high, but actually, i'm in favor of registration. I'm in favour of voluntary registration. I would have loved to have the choice on my own to decide whether to place my name in the system but I didn't. There was some freedom that came with it once I did. I was able to walk into St, Lukes and offer my gift up to those who were in need of it and had no other hope. There's plenty of people out there who are living healthy lives who were unable to even get out of bed or needed a new heart. My biggest fear to registering had always been that Homeland security would show up and draft me, or some other government agency and use me like a battery. Do I think people should register, it's the law, yes. Am I going to make them, no. There's so many fears around it, and so many rumors and so many things that have happened. We already register, every single one of us. Social Security numbers, health insurance, drivers liscense, we register for a whole bunch of different things."

XM165: Abby says, "But as a caller before said, with regards to someone manifesting and accidentally killing someone. It happens. not a lot, but it happens. And my heart goes out to someone who's had no control over their ability when it manifests, they can't all have something as non-offensive in the abilities department as I did. It's an accident, a twist of fate and we can only hope to support that person who had a terrible thing happen that they didn't mean to, and find ways to help them overcome this stumble in their road and get a better control on it. That's why I think the Suresh Center is a good thing. WHy people need to be more understanding of those with ability and applaud those who use them for good, as opposed to more baser reasons and show their support. it takes a great deal these days with Humanis first around and doing thier thing and the fear mongering to expose yourself to that kind of criticism and such."

XM165: Glenn says, "I suspect that our first caller may yet get his wish before the night's out, Magnes." A brief chuckle, then more seriously, "Thank you for your thoughts, miss, and I salute you for taking your ability and putting it to use for the good of our country. Much as Mister Varlane here has done with his. I just wish more people had the guts of both of you." He clears his throat, "Alright, just a few more callers and we're done. Michelle, from Manhattan?"

XM165: Cat says, "Good evening, Mr. Beck, Officer Varlane. Officer Varlane, do you not agree the cornerstone of our judicial system is the presumption of innocence until proven guilty? Shoshanna, an earlier caller, raised interesting points regarding these abilities. Telepathic rape would be difficult, if not impossible, to prove. For that matter, physical rape is also difficult to prove. All too often it becomes a question of the accuser's word against the accused's, and nothing can be proven. There is no conviction, and it's tragic. However, some tragedies we simply can't prevent. Officer Varlane, would it not be a greater tragedy if the burden of proof were struck down? Wouldn't the result of that be innocent people convicted and imprisoned simply because they were accused? Wouldn't that situation cause harm to far more people than suffer and survive crimes against them? What's at stake here is American freedom itself. Is it not true that if we allow the cornerstones of freedom to be chipped away as they are now, we only open the door to the same happening to people without abilities too? If we tolerate registration simply because a person is alive and has a genetic trait without having committed any crime, do we not open the door to treating innocent people in the same way we treat convicted sex offenders? Convicted, and I stress convicted, sex offenders are the only other people required to register in the fashion of the Linderman Act."

XM165: Magnes says, "First, Miss Michelle, I don't believe, at any point, that we should just accept that something is a tragedy and then proceed to accept that we can't do anything about it. I mean, yes, when a person dies, that's out of our power, but when we just sit down and say "Alright, the legal system failed, that's that", then something is seriously wrong. No, people shouldn't be forced to register, but, if this Moab place exists, and they know how to capture particularly dangerous Evolved, then they should be sharing this information with officers so they have a way to bring dangerous Evolved to justice themselves. Yes, a person like Norman White should be put in a cell where his ability is under control. No, he should not be kept there without trial, that should be nothing more than a holding cell so he can have his trial, possibly the video trial we've spoken about a few times already. But more seriously, for a person like Norman White, especially after a few days ago, can you blame the government for having a knee-jerk reaction? Especially if he was spewing his V for Vandetta crap before he escaped. I'm not saying they were right, if this place exists, but after the other day, it's clear they saw this coming. I don't have a solution, I don't have an answer, but all I can say is this: Were they supposed to wait until he killed six hundred people to give him a trial?"

XM165: Magnes says, "Excuse me, I mean before he was captured."

XM165: Glenn says, "I'm afraid that I don't see a connection there— maybe you're arguing two different points? The first point I really don't see anyone arguing— who's been arrested and convicted because of a false charge of telepathy? I haven't read anything about one, and I certainly don't think it'll be happening anytime soon. The burden of proof is still on the accuser, as it always has been. Without registered Evolved telepaths willing to go into government service to deal with problems like this— like Agent Parkman, if any of you still remember that press conference from a few years back." He clears his throat, "Now, the cornerstones of freedom are something I feel very strongly about, and I'm still of two minds here. But I have to say that if anything, registration helps the people identified. If they can be identified and helped, taught control, maybe we can prevent any further situations like the Municipal Building or Midtown. Situations such as Norman— " *static* "— ite—"

XM165: The shrill squeal of digital noise interrupts the radio broadcast for fifteen seconds, followed by a series of beeps and clicks and then three seconds of dead air. Immediately following, a synthesized man's voice speaking in a difficult to discern accent rises up against the silence. "All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent." Do you know these words? Have the people of America forgotten their foundation so wholly? When not but a handful of its people dare speak up to the truth at hand. You listening to this tonight have a responsibility to your country and to your world. You have remained silent in good conscience, you have not done enough, and for your lax efforts you will reap the reward of tyrant's whim."

XM165: Drucker says, "I make a call here and now, tonight, to the people of America to open their eyes and consider the possibilities of truth that may seem clouded. Truth that the American government, even now, is making plans to divide us into starker lines of us and them. Open your eyes to the reality that what began at registration, will end in segregation. The American government has fallen to the leadership of a corrupt president elected under terms of coercion and blackmail. Nathan Petrelli and his cabinet arranged for the forcible ejection of the true President of the United States of America, Allen Rickham. They blackmailed he and his family and threatened their lives. Now the Rickhams are under our protection and watchful eye, and we see everything."

XM165: Drucker says, "So I ask of you, People of America, to question your government. Question their motives, their reasons, their rights. Question the truths that have been laid out before you since the day Midtown was destroyed. Question the ways they have taken away your freedom to assuage your fears, and then ask — are you still afraid?"

XM165: Drucker says, "You should be."

XM165: Drucker says, "We are Rebel."

XM165: Drucker says, "We are watching."

XM165: The radio broadcast immediately cuts out to the squealing static of digital noise once more, followed by a series of high-frequency clicks and beeps, and then goes to dead air.

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