The Great Escape



Scene Title The Great Escape
Synopsis The effects of Refrain still have a hold on the forensics officer.
Date September 15, 2009

St. Luke's Hospital

The sunlight showers her face causing her closed eyes to squint and slowly open. She reaches up with her hand and shades herself from the brightness, as she sits up in bed. The leather binds that once secured her wrist have been unsecured as she finally realizes that she's no longer being held. Her long, unkept hair falls down into her eyes and she brushes it aside.

She rolls her feet over the side of the hospital bed and feels the cold of the floor at the bottoms as she gets to her feet. There's a slight bit of vertigo as she keeps her grip onto the side of the bed and works her way over to the closet and pulls it open where she finds the clothes she was wearing the day she was brought here.

Rebecca tugs off the nightgown and begins to dress, her bearings slowly beginning to come back to her as she finds her cell phone and calls up Devi. Voice mail: "Look, I need to meet. I have some money." She relays an address that she will meet the woman at as she ensures she has the keys to her apartment and she cracks open the door and peeks out. It's quiet tonight as she doesn't see anyone down the hall on either side and she slips out.

The moment her bare foot hits the hallway, an alarm sounds and orderlies begin to fill the hall and come for her. She begins to kick and fight. She screams as she hits one in the nose, watching him fall. Another is pushed down and kicked. She swings her fist around and slashes at another's face with her housekeys. She fights them all off then makes a run for the elevator.

The elevator dings. As the door opens, there are more to get her, so she runs down to the stairs and pushes open the door, as it slams into the concrete wall and she begins to flee down the stairs. One floor, two floors and three floors until there is a ruckus from underneath and she sees several coming up towards her, so she jump the railing and falls to the bottom floor, landing on her feet and pushing out the exit of the hospital.

She runs down the street as fast as her legs can carry her. She can feel her lungs burning from the exertion of her running after such a long time in bed. The wind felt good against her face. She felt as if she could truly breathe for the first time.

Then she turns down an alley where her contact was waiting. Money is exchanged and her dealer hands over a package, which Rebecca tears into finding five bright shiny blue syringes. She reaches into the box and pulls out the first one..

"She's having one hell of a dream. Let's get her BP down before we have additional issues. Dr. Inman is still flipping out over the cancer situation." Rebecca's fists are clenched as her wrists are still secured to the bed as she thrashes around and shrieks.

The room is filled with those who try to help, as medicine is injected into the IV that runs to her arm, hoping to calm the addict.

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