The Great Soup Breakout


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Scene Title The Great Soup Breakout
Synopsis Helena brings the patients soup and they get in trouble with the landlady for not being in quarantine.
Date March 29, 2010

The Den

Nighttime; maybe only just approaching what might be considered too late. Helena has shown up, dressed for the snow in her knitted hat with the pompom on top, matching scarf and mittens with an arm curled around a paper bag. More soup likely, for the two people she's most worried about in the sick-house. She's got one of those surgical masks, but right now it's been pulled down below her chin. Once inside, she looks around, hoping to spot familiar (and hopefully healthier) faces.

Anders is sitting downstairs where he's allowed some light, a book on his lap and his feet on the coffee table. He doesn't look too badly off, though his eyes and nose are red and he's got what could be called 9 o'clock shadow, 5 o'clock far past. He flips a page before he notices the blonde entering the Den. "Hey, there, Weather Girl!" he says jovially, waving from his chair. "I'd come hug you but that's probably not wise. Still snowing outside? You haven't sprung spring yet with your super powers yet?" He's kidding, of course knowing that she can't do anything quite so powerful.

Kendall is feeling a tiny bit better, at the very least he's not partially paralyzed like he was the other day. However, he's not leaving it up to chance and makes his way down the stairs by staying close to the wall. He takes note of someone coming in and tilts his head. Who's that?

Well, anyone with an internet connection and interest in Evolved affairs would probably know Helena Dean. Of course, Kendall may be inclined toward neither! For her part, Helena beams at Anders, telling him, "Consider yourself hugged. I brought you and Dee some soup - from this really awesome deli in Little Italy. I hope you like garlic, it's good for you and stuff, and it's not like you're gonna be kissing anyone anytime soon." She sets the paper bag down and pulls out one overlarge styrofoam cup with a spoon in a little plastic baggie. Both are set in front of him.

"Awesome. Garlic is the stuff of gods, I think. If I were on a date with you, I'd try not to eat too much of it, but since I'm not, that sounds just about perfect," Anders says happily, reaching for the cup and the spoon eagerly. Apparently the flu isn't impacting his appetite too poorly. "And the chicken noodle soup stuff is getting old — a bit of something with flavor is much appreciated, miss thing." He glances down the hall toward Kendall. "Look who's out of bed," he says amiably. "You two met, I think but you were hugging the wall. Kendall, Helena."

Kendall has had neither internet nor news for quite some time now, so it's not unusual that he doesn't know who Helena is. And even when he did, out of denial he stayed away from everything Evolved related. He makes his way to the bottom without mishap, then blinks at Helena. "Nice to meet you…?" he greets her tentatively.

When Delilah feels good, she feels good- and sometimes so much so that it seems like she could be getting better. It's been that way for a little bit, and she has taken a bath and gotten generally cleaned up, though she feels feverish and flushed by the time she is done. They might hear her saying something in the hall form where Kendall had descended, but there is not much time between that and her weak-kneed descent just after him in her nightshirt, looking like she was chasing someone down the stairs.

"Where did he go?" The redhead demands, wet hair tied back at the top of her neck and her skin pale.

"Hi, Kendall." Helena grins; obviously he doesn't remember their first introduction, but that's probably a good thing. At Dee's arrival she perks at first, then becomes uncertain. "Dee…?" she queries tenatively. "Hey. There's soup."

"Where did who go, kid?" Anders says, looking the only other way for something to have gone. "I didn't see anything go by. You missing that big bear thing you call a dog?" He glances over at Helena, an arched brow asking what he doesn't say aloud: is she going crazy? Because that would be bad. He doesn't want to be here with crazy people!

Kendall tilts his head at Helena. Actually, now that he thinks about it, she does look a little familiar. His gaze moves to the soup next, and he deliberately looks away. After all, he doubts she brought any for him. Instead, he looks up the way he came and ends up staring a little at Delilah's legs, what's visible with the nightshirt. He got to see more of his crush!

It's no shorter than a dress, really, so she isn't that concerned, just looking like she is standing precariously. "No not the dog- the man- you had to have seen him there is only one set of stairs. I followed him down-" Delilah looks mildly disconcerted with all of this all of a sudden, blinking hard at Helena across the room.

"Dee?" Helena questions tenatively, reaching into the bag again. She holds up another large styrofoam cup. "You remember Piccoli's? I picked up some of their garlic soup…I bought this for you. Why don't you come have some? Maybe the garlic will help you feel stronger. Come on." She summons what she hopes is an encouraging smile.

"Unless you're a vampire," Anders says, hoping to maybe joke away the fact that Delilah is seeing invisible men. He eats a bit more of the soup. "It's really good. Vampires don't know what they're missing, I tell you." Okay, he's not that funny, but he's trying. He puts his book on the coffee table and glances to the seat across the way. "Come and sit. I'm not sure where Melissa went but she might be back sometime soon. How's things in the outside world?" He glances back at Dee, to see if she's going to join them or not.

Kendall blinks at Delilah. "Are you looking for me? I'm the only other person who's come down, I think." he's terribly confused, and continues his way down to the sitting area. Even if Anders didn't invite him, he'll claim a seat too!

Delilah swallows a rigid sort of breath, lips pressing together and eyebrows knitting. She looks to each of them in turn, chin quivering. After a few moments she lets out her air, lifting the back of her hand to wipe at a sniffle. Not a cold sniffle- it's a sad one. "…Oh."

"Soup? Okay…" Delilah's response is meek, and she shuffles over to take an uneasy seat, folding her hands into her lap.

"I'm so glad you're up and on your feet. You're looking so much better." Helena tells Delilah, trying to be enthusiastic. She adds, "And you're weathering up pretty well too." to Anders before casting a glance Kendall's way. "Would you like the third serving? I don't mind, I can grab a bite on the way home."

Anders frowns, not knowing what to say to the sad sniffle that comes from Delilah, looking instead to Helena. Do something. A girl's crying! clearly written on his face. He doesn't ask who it was she thinks she saw but will leave that to her friend. "Thanks. I think it's all that chicken noodle soup you fed me, and now the garlic will help kick this flu's ass, too. I'm not so bad off as some," he says cheerfully enough. "Kendall's looking better today, too," he adds. "How was the movie?" To Helena he gives a shake of his head. "He got a DVD player and a movie, from Melissa. Apparently I'm not young and innocent enough for cool presents. But I get soup!" He lifts a spoon triumphantly before bringing it to his mouth.

"Well, if it's not a bother to you…" Kendall is reluctant to steal someone's dinner, but on the other hand, what little he can smell with this stupid flu, the stuff smells awesome. And she did offer it. "The movie wasn't bad for something that came out a few years before I was born." Kendall remarks. "And I would've invited you to watch the movie with me but the screen was pretty tiny and we'd have had to sit right next to each other." which would've been awkward. "You all right?" he adds to Delilah.

Delilah rubs at her nose again, smiling sheepishly. "Today was just better. It'll get worse again, that's what it does for me." The girl rubs her hands up over her face, trying to get around the puffiness brought on by her whimpering just moments ago. "I hope I just get a day or so of peace- but- judging by that- I won't." She casts a glance over towards the stairs, momentarily hopeful.

"You'll get well." Helena insists to the redhead, adding, "Oh hey, where's Samson? I want to give him scritches." She nudges the third cup of soup over Kendall's way and adds dryly to Anders, "You know, I am much better entertainment than a DVD player. If you were actually healthy, I might pretend to be miffed."

"Of that. I am sure, Weather Girl," Anders says with a wide grin. He watches as Kendall gets the soup. He nods toward Delilah. "You need help getting upstairs, Red? I can help you up if you don't think you can make it. I'll even keep my hands in polite places." He winks. Sure, Helena's sitting right there, but he's still Anders. Even if he's sick.

Kendall takes that as the final permission and gladly takes the soup. Mmm, garlic. "How long does the flu normally last, anyway?" Kendall asks, then quickly sets the cup down to cough into his elbow, right on cue. He makes a protesting sound in his throat afterwards, eyes narrowed, then he picks up the soup again.

"He's around." In fact, there is a creaking noise that leaks through the ceiling that signals something moving around in the room above. Delilah peers over at Anders when he offers his 'help'. IT takes her a few seconds more to parse what he says. "…" Okay, no, a few more. "Sure. You do the polite places and we're cool." But for now, she sinks into the seat and enjoys being babied while she is coherent. Samson, at some point, starts edging down the creaky stairs, looking miffed that Dee didn't come back to her room. He blinks owlishly when he spots Helena, trotting over to see her next. Hulllloooo, Hehlaynah~

"Samson! Oosa goo'boy, huh? Ooosa goo'boy?" Helena croons lovingly to the dog as she sritches his ears and permits him to lick her hands and face. She doesn't seem to mind Anders flirting with Dee - it doesn't seem to occur to her to mind. Though he might be jealous of all the attention Samson's getting! She notes to Kendall thoughtfully, "I don't know. But you're sick…what do you do, then? Your ability?"

"Cool," Anders says, then chuckles at Helena cootchycootchycooing the giant dog. "Man, Samson, you've got it good. You can get the love and not worry about getting anyone sick." He winks at Helena, as if he would happily be the one getting scritched. He sets aside his empty cup of soup. "Thanks, doll. Now I'll be safe from all the girls in the house and the vampires." He glances over at Kendall, to wait for his answer — did he know what the kid could do?

"W-well… it's nothing all that great, really." Kendall stammers out since he's got people looking at him expecting an answer. "I, uh, draw stuff, and it becomes real." pause. "Only not really, it disappears after a while. Illusions, I was told. Not useful at all." Kendall has issues regarding his ability.

Samson loves everything! Helena is awesome! He goes into instant puppymode, licking and wagging and stamping his feet. Ooooohhh I'm a good boy that's whoooo. Delilah dozes slightly, but does her best with the soup. It's good to eat something not so solid. "Samson's more of a pimp, 's why. He's like the American Hero of ferrydogs."

Melissa just cannot stay away from the Den today it seems, though this time she's brought a friend! A furry, much smaller than Samson friend! She comes down into the lounge and stops. Aha, people! And a dog! Jerry strains at the leash, whining a little and proving that he's not yet fully trained as he tries to get to all the new people and his furry buddy. "What in the hell are you guys doing down here! You trying to get everyone sick?"

Helena looks up at Melissa's arrival. Oh. Uh oh. She keeps her hands on Samson's flanks, possibly to keep him from going bugnuts at the sight of the new dog. She's got one of those surgical masks, but it's tucked under her chin, not over her face. "Hi, Mel." she says, a bit sheepishly.

"Oh. I … no one told us we couldn't be down here. I just came down so I could read without disturbing sleeping beauty over there. I'm sorry. I can help clean it up if you like, Melissa," Anders says, frowning a bit and picking up the soup container. "Got Lysol and all that jazz? I didn't really know how many other people are around — since so far I've only seen you and us." He heads into the kitchen and comes back with some spray bottle and paper towels. He gives Helena an apologetic smile, as if to apologize for getting her yelled at along with them.

Kendall looks contrite as well. "I didn't know we weren't allowed here…" cue big sorrowful eyes of 'Am I In Twouble?' that is partially marred with the fact that he's busy eating soup at the same time, soup that Helena provided him.

If you ask Dee, the other people staying there could use it- being Luke- but she doesn't say it out loud. She seems kind of disjointed, actually, peering after Samson and Jerry as they nose about and up to Melissa with a blink. "…I followed him down here." Pause. "Not him." She waveringly points to Anders, swaying in her seated position.

Melissa looks at Helena, surprised. "Why isn't your mask up? You didn't already get the 510 did you?" she asks with some concern, perhaps ignoring the fact that she's not wearing a mask at all. She looks to Anders then, brow furrowing a little. "There are a couple of people here who are evolved and not sick. I'd rather keep that last part that way."

Mel glances around and sighs, struggling to keep Jerry from jumping on someone. "No, Anders, it's fine. I'll do it. It needed a good cleaning anyway. And it relaxes me." Something it sounds like she needs at the moment. "Sorry. Thought I'd mentioned it, but guess I may have forgotten with everything going on." She looks to Kendall, then leads Jerry over to him. "You don't move a muscle. Here, make nice with Jerry. May as well let him get to know you now." And she sticks Kendall with the leash, while Jerry sniffs at him and makes hopeful whining sounds, while Mel goes to get her cleaning supplies.

Helena shakes her head. "I've been exposed and I'm fine, Mel. Honest. I've been really careful about not touching anyone, promise." She then can't help herself, she pats her thighs and calls to Jerry, "C'mere, boy! C'mere!"

"Suit yourself. Sorry, boss," Anders says, then nods to Helena. "It's airborne, though. You should be more careful. Better get upstairs like Melissa says. Thanks for the soup." He glances at Delilah. "You still need help upstairs?" he asks, offering his arm like a gentleman of another century. "Goodnight, ladies," he adds to Melissa and Helena, a wink to the latter.

Kendall finishes his soup and sets the spoon down just as Helena calls towards Jerry. The puppy lunges towards Helena, and with a startled squawk Kendall is dragged along for the ride since he had the leash around his wrist. He lands on the floor with an whoof of expelled air. Augh! "I think I'm going to go to bed too." he states once he's gotten his breath back, and offers Helena the leash.

"I kinda need a doctor I think- gotta get someone back in here." Delilah murmurs this loud enough to be heard, just barely. She has only finished half of the soup, still looking uneasy from her run in with a ghost. "I was hearing things the other day and now I'm seeing them." Which is not new, when one looks at everyone else. Francois looked at her like he could tell when she was just hearing noises- maybe he knows how to handle the visual ones. The redhead gets up to go with Anders, effectively treating herself like the old lady getting an offer to cross the street.

"Thanks Helena, 'm sorry I can't stay." Come back when she isn't seeing weird things and breaking rules?

Melissa winces as she watches Jerry take off with Kendall, then she's rushing forward to help the teen up. "Dammit, Jerry! Sit! Stay! Do something those stupid trainers have been trying to teach you!" she mutters. "And yes, it's airborne, Hel. One sneeze and you could be as sick as these guys." Pause. "Night Anders." She frowns at Delilah. "Seeing things? I'll see what I can do about getting soemone in here to look at you."

Helena's eyes go wide at the sudden fall Kendall takes to the floor - but she refuses to touch the leash after the sick young man has touched the leash. Which means the puppy is unhindered and Helena bends to give him some scritches, too. "You okay?" she asks of Kendall, adding, "Sorry to get you all in trouble. Everybody get better soon, okay?" With that, she rises.

Kendall realizes that he was just about to give Helena germs by way of leash, and after being helped up by Melissa offers it to her instead, apologetically. "Sorry." he tells the room at large, then coughs again into his elbow. That thing's gonna be nasty by the end of the day. And without further ado he heads back up the stairs much as he did coming down; right next to the wall, using it for support should he get weak-kneed again.

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