The Great Vision


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Scene Title The GREAT Vision
Synopsis … somehow involves offense and defense. Rebecca begins to manifest her ability.
Date March 13, 2009

NYPD Conference Room

This scene takes place shortly after Coren's interrogation of Abby.

She's left to her own devices in the room after Coren leaves to go take care of things. Elisabeth is somewhere, not leaving her and really, where else are you the safest? The door's open, out of necessity on the young blonde's behalf as she can't stand a closed door at the moment. The blinds in the room have been twisted so that she can look out, anything to make the room less smaller than it really is. There's a bottle of pillws on the tabel in front of her, anti-anxiety medication it seems, with three of the pills lined up, or about to be lined up by the unhappy blonde who's far too thin for her own good.

Rebecca has heard of the healer that has been here at the precinct all doggoned day and has been trying to find out if anyone has brought the poor woman some food. She has heard all about what happened to her through the grapevine, and when she goes out for her own dinner, decides to bring something back. The door to the conference room is opened and in peeks the head of Rebecca Nakano. "Ms. Beauchamp. I'm Rebecca. Do you mind if I come in? If you'd rather be alone, I understand."

Blue eyes meet slanted asian ones at the doors, the pills quickly palmed and dropped into the bottle with a bobble of her head. "If, if you like. I don't.. Being alone isn't that.. great an appeal right now." Southern twang, if she had some more pounds on her she'd be a poster child for her home state. Visit Lousiana! with her cheery bright smile.

Becca doesn't seem to see a cheery bright smile, so no posterchild for Abby. She comes in with a bag in hand and a bottle in the other. Clear, so probably water is your best bet. She looks over towards the window and pauses for a moment. She shakes her head and places the bag in front of Abby, and the bottle of water as well. "I have been asking around and no one seems to know if you've eaten." There's only a touch of Asian accent in the young woman's voice. She was born in the US, so she has learned to speak plainly through the years. She sits in a chair. "It's not much, just a sandwich and some water. There might even be some chips in there." she offers a warm smile, reaching up to tuck some strands of hair behind her ear. Her eyes are once again drawn towards that large window. It's dark, so seeing outside it not so much going to happen, as seeing what's reflected off the glass on the inside of the room. "I hope it's okay."

"Foods been brought. Detective Shelby and Officer Harrison have made sure of it, but thank you" There's even a pillow and blanket scrounged up from who knows where and at one point it looks like she took a nap in the corner of the room. Though both are now neatly folded and the former laid upon the latter. The new water bottle is accepted easily, a glance out the pane of glass and their reflection bounced back at them instead of seeing the world beyond. "Thank you for your kindness" At least she brought food. She's not the only person to have come poked their head in, curiousness drawing them. 'Do you know, how much longer i'll be here?"

Glancing at the corner of the room, causes Rebecca to be just a little bit angry. They should not make this woman sleep on the floor. She will have to have a word with someone about this. The question draws her attention as she turns towards the woman. "Oh. I'm afraid I don't know. I just work in the lab. I can try and find out if you like." She finds herself drawn towards the window again. "Exactly how long have you been here?" she asks, tearing her eyes away from her reflection on the glass.

"Most of the day. Lots, lots of questions. They've been good to me, don't worry" She can see the look on Rebecca's face, the glance to the pillow and blanket. "I've slept on worse for the last month, than a floor Rebecca. Elisabeth wouldn't let them treat me bad. I just sorta fell asleep and woke up with a pillow, and a blanket. Thank you, for the sandwhich. Have you eaten?" The silent and implicit offer to share whats in the bag.

Rebecca hesitates. She has eaten. But, the woman is so nice. She just wants to eat again, so the she feels like she's contributing. "I'll share, sure." she finally says. "I'm glad someone is taking care of you and Elisabeth is really nice, so I imagine she's whip anyone who didn't treat you well." She grins. As she glances up again, her eyes once again meet that reflective window, only this time she sees a group of officers in the reflection.

"So, get out there and lets clean the streets up a little bit, alright? Meeting over." There is a bit of commotion as all the officers get up from their chairs and start for the exit. Small bits of conversation is heard. "Hey Danks, you in for the game? Who ya going for?" "Man, I don't bet on no New York teams. I'm betting Philly all the way." "Shit, man. Philly sucks this year. They ain't got no defense!" "Well, then it'll be a bad game cause New York ain't got no offense." As the last of the cops file out of the door, the room is silent again.

For the duration of that, the sounds and sights against the reflection of the window only seen by Becca as she remains fixated on that surface. When her eyes blink finally, her hands move to her head and she gives a small groan, as fingers dig through her hair. "Oh God.." she murmurs.

"Yeah. She's scary when she's upset" Abby unfolds the top of the brown bag, starting to take out the container with the sandwhich, lay it on the tabletop. The bag of chips inside it however stay where they are as the healer watches Rebecca with a great maount of unconcealed worry. The window gets her attention, wondering if maybe there was someone out there, but when she can't see anything, it's back to Rebecca her blue gaze goes.

Becca holds her head in her hands. She has no clue what to say or what that was. "Headache. Hit suddenly." she manages to speak. It's true. Whatever happened has left her head pounding. She shifts her head towards the other woman. "You— you didn't hear those voices, did you?" God. She's going to sound like a loon.

No voices. Abigail shakes her head, though she hesitantly, after a moment, offers her hand, palm up to the other woman. Pale limbs stretched across the conference table in offering.

Hesitantly, Rebecca reaches over and places her hand in Abby's hand. She has heard of the healer, and as she watches the woman, she admits, she has had doubts. But in this moment, with all that has happened to her in the last few minutes, she places her trust and her hand in the woman's hand.

Now's not the time to pray outloud either. Just a mentally uttered one, that a few moments later, kicks her gift into play. It's hard for her right now, but it's a little thing, just a headache. It won't take much if anything out of her to do it. THe listed side effects with her registration are bang on. The slightest tingle, a good kind. Gentle warmth. Her eyes remain on the other womans, letting the gift work on the lab employee till it doesn't anymore.

There's a sudden impulse to pull away when she feels the sensation against her hand. Rebecca holds firm. She lets her eyes close behind her glasses and it isn't long before she's feeling better. Eyelashes flutter open as she lets her dark brown eyes find those of this remarkable woman. "Thank you." she says. The thanks is genuine, as only Rebecca can be. If there's a dishonest bone in her body, it'd be one of those teeny tiny bones that don't really mean a whole heck of a lot in the grand scheme of things. "I don't know what happened.. but the Phillies have no defense and New York has no offense. IF that means anything to you." she pushes her glasses back up against her face with a single finger.

"I don't follow hockey" Or football, or whatever sports team she's referring to. Abby knows when Rebecca's better before the other woman knows it. She pulls her hand back soon enough so she can crack open the plastic container the sandwhich is sold in. Move it to the middle between the two of them. Let Rebecca take first pick as she pulls open the bag of chips too. "Stress? It can't be.. easy working in the precinct"

Becca reaches for the sandwich, taking less than half. "I don't know." She has only just met this woman and yet feels compelled to spill her guts out. She takes a bite of the sandwich. She chews and swallows before she speaks again, thankfully. Manners are good. "I'm.. " she pauses as she has never talked about this before to anyone. Not in the last six weeks. Talking about it means admitting it could be true. Maybe she has delayed it long enough. "I'm supposed to have an ability.." she finally manages to say. Her eyes look torn, undecided if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

"Can you turn things blue? I bet you'll get kidnapped for turning things blue" Abby reaches for a part of the sandwhich, dragging the bread and turkey back towards herself. "Scary. Finding out that your not.. the same as everyone else. That you can do something different, than everyone else. It's not like finding out that you can crimp your tongue" Her tone is fairly quite, Abby's been in submissive mode all day in part to where she is, the eople, and because of whats in the little orange bottle.

Abby's words bring a little smile to Rebecca's lips. A soft shrugs later, "I don't know what I can do. I think that's the problem." She nibbles on the sandwich. "I've heard of a guy sparking a flame, and another guy turned his family to stone. I'm afraid.." she swallows, which has nothing to do with her sandwich as she begins to voice her fears. "I'm afraid whatever I do.. whatever I will do, would hurt someone else. I'm afraid to touch anyone. I'm afraid to look at anyone. I'm afraid to breath near anyone. I've seen it all. I.. I hate not knowing."

'But you do know" Comes softly from the blonde. "You know you can do something" She fiddles with her sandwhich. "And you can keep… an eye out for anything that's not quite right. instead of just walking down the street and you accidentally touch someone and next thing you know, they're about five seconds away from dying, from just an unintentional touch. You can prepare yourself. For your gift"

"I know. But there are so many possibilities. So many potential abilities. Can you really prepare for all of them?" she asks. Rebecca's forte. Asking questions and finding the answers. Nothing frustrates her more than having a question that she cannot answer. "God. I come to work early. I stay late. I hardly talk to anyone. What if it's something that causes me to be unable to do my job? I cannot imagine not being able to do what I do. It's my life." She drops her head, letting her hair curtain down around her face. From underneath the brunette locks, "I must sound pretty pathetic. I used to have my life all figured out.. unless they tested me."

"Can you prepare for.. getting told you have cancer? Or getting told your going to be a mother? That you won a million dollars?" Abby looks to Rebecca, quietly, still fiddling with her sandwhich. "Myabe you'll never manifest Rebecca. maybe.. you'll be like me and one day pick up a bird that's hurt and within a minute… it's no longer hurt. Maybe.. maybe you'll learn to read minds" She puts her portion of sandwhich down, wokring instead at uncapping the bottle. "Or maybe, you'll find out what you can do at some point and still be rebecca who works in the lab, only, with an ability, but still rebecca"

Who is this woman? Rebecca finds herself asking that question. This woman who has been through hell and back, giving Rebecca Nakano a pep talk. Rebecca who has led the least obtrusive life that anyone can possible have. She's never been kidnapped, or raped, or mugged or even beaten up. Of course, she's probably jinxing herself now. She lifts her head, her face peeking back out of the hair as Rebecca places her hand on her forehead and pushes her hair back over her head. "You're right. I know. I'm just anxious. I wish it would just.. happen. But you're right. Life is full of unknown.. isn't it?"

"Shit happens. There's a reason for everything, no matter how small, or bad. God, and life, doens't throw at you much more than you can handle. You can yell… why you, but at some point, He, or life, or whatever you believe in will just say back 'why not you' and you need… to conquer it, find a way through it and wait. There's an answer somewhere. You hope there is, or that at least you'll get it. What do you want it to be? If you could pick, what the test tells you that you have, what would you want" The little pill bottle is retrieved, one of the them shook out on her palm and taken since she see's the time, the water bottle drained of a quarter of it's offerings to ease it's path to her stomach.

Rebecca reaches over and places a hand on Abby's arm. "Are you okay? Look, I'm going to see if I can get someone in here to finish up with you so you can get out of here. You really look like you need some rest. And by rest, I mean sleep. And not on the floor." she adds. She pushes her chair out and stands. "Abby. Thank you." she smiles down to the blonde. And while Rebecca may have been the one to bring Abby some food, it was Rebecca who left with food for thought, courtesy of Abby.

"Some day, i'll be fine. Thank you, for the food, Don't worry about me sleeping. Elisabeth is good at making that happen" the touch, the hand on her arm is not avoided, more because she just has gotten tired of moving her arm or shoulder away from people with a polite 'please don't touch' "I'll be here. When they have something they need me to do again. You should go to your lab" avoid the quesiton of what you would want, for an ability. But it's as Rebecca turns to go, should she, that Abby offers up. "Underwater breathing. I'd have picked underwater breathing. But I don't, I heal. SO I do that, as best I can. If you ever find out what you do Rebecca… just do it the best that you can and for the good"

There's a grin as Abby mentions underwater breathing and Rebecca nods. "I'll do the best I can. It's all I have ever done." she admits. She turns to go, but not before taking one long last look at that large window that drew her attention earlier, the memory lingering in her. She tears her eyes away and slips out of the room, leaving Abby to her thoughts. Though she will see if she can speed things up for the poor woman.

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