The Homeland Security Waltz


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Scene Title The Homeland Security Waltz
Synopsis After receiving the report of Teo's abduction of Bella Sheridan, Len calls in a favor.
Date October 12, 2009

As Len leaves the Green Dragon Tattoo, he receives a call from Kayla which stops him in his tracks. He's already asked for the video to be sent across to his PDA so he can verify what she's telling him. Kayla rarely gets her facts wrong, but it doesn't hurt to be doubly sure. As he sits in his Jeep, he watches the video provided by Homeland Security across his secure device.

He almost immediately recognizes the face of the man with Dr. Bella Sheridan. Teo Laudini. He watches the video from start to finish when they two exit together and he emits a small curse word followed by an apology as he dials up his friendly neighborhood detective who he seems to be having regular contact with as of late.

When Liz's phone rings, she glances at the number briefly. Denton's name assures she answers immediately. "Harrison."

"How well do you know Teo Laudini?" Len asks without bothing with the formality of greetings. Len is pulling out of the parking lot now.

Blowing out a breath as she looks around the precinct, Elisabeth encases herself in a bubble. "Well enough… why?" She sounds wary.

Len is maneuvering through traffic as he speaks. He needs one of those bubble makers on his staff with all the conversations he's had as of late. "You know any reason he would take Dr. Bella Sheridan hostage and walk into a Homeland Security facility and ask for a face to face with a top official within the department?"

There is dead silence on the other end of the phone as Elisabeth stares in slack-jawed shock at the wall across from her. "Not a clue!" she replies in stunned tone. "Fffffffff…….." Her breath hisses out of her. "Christ, Len….. I don't have a fucking clue. That's…. so far out of the realm of anything I'd even remotely consider normal, I don't know what to say."

"Look, I'm about to put you in a difficult position. I need you to ask around and see if he's been acting irrational or something. Because a friend of yours sent him to me to help me with the Danko thing and if he's unstable.." Len doesn't voice the fact that right now Teo Laudini has made his most wanted list as far as Minea Dahl goes. This all cannot be coincidental. "Sheridan is still missing, so I can only imagine that he still has her and I have no idea why."

Elisabeth tenses slightly. She nibbles her lip on the far end, and she says slowly, "There've been…. some issues recently yes. Teo…. is the one who stayed in my head with me until …. they blew the back of my head off, Denton. I don't…. want to believe what you're telling me here." Her tone is subdued. "But… I'll look into it immediately."

"I have the video to prove it, unfortunately. He seemed like a good guy when I spoke with him, but right now I'm not about to lose another life." Len is heading towards Manhattan and the Homeland Security facility there to meet Kayla. "If you hear anything at all, call me, I don't care what time of the day or night."

Elisabeth sighs heavily. "Yeah… all right. Let me know if you find her, okay?" She hangs up and sends a message out.

Teo, I need to hear from you. ASAP. Hana, if he doesn't respond, please contact me — Scuttlebutt has it that he's waltzed into HomeSec demanding to talk to someone.

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