The Howell Family



Scene Title The Howell Family
Synopsis Ethan does The Work.
Date November 9, 2008

The Howell Home

A housing district. Nice homes, with yards. And signs in those yards. This house's yard in particular still has it's 'VOTE MITCHELL 08' signs up. And 'LINDERMAN ACT' Other signs and cutesy bumper sticker slogans. A very active family. A family that is just begging to be a part of the movement. A family that seems to be wishing they could have some role in The Work. A family that is begging to be put down in the history books as martyrs for the cause.

Tonight they will get their wish.

It's late at night and the rain is pouring down relentlessly. A storm has started to brew, ominous thunder bellowing out from the skies. There couldn't be a more perfect cover. And a cover is needed tonight. Because things are going to get pretty hectic for the Howell family tonight. A two story house, complete with the porch, garage and two cars parked outside it on the driveway. A family of four, two children, two parents. Their only crime was that they were opposed to Evolved rights. They feared for their family's safety. A fear that in tonights case is well given. Even though they won't directly be killed by the Evolved, it will be for their ideology that they are killed. Not against it, but for it.

He walks silently through the rain. Were he to be seen, it would probably only be instants until the police were called. The man's appearance tonight isn't exactly what people would call /sociable/. In fact, it is rather horrifying. Combat boots, different parcels, strapped to the legs, a belt complete with many pouches and goodies, including a sidearm. A kevlar vest, extending into thick, metal knuckled gloves. A battle suit to be sure. The thick black canister slung to his back that is attached to a hose that is attached to a gun like hose that could most aptly be described as a power washer. This 'weapon' is held in his left hand while his right remains free.

Of course these would get strange glances, but what tops off Ethan's suit tonight is the thick skull mask on his face that is being used as a helmet. Fear is very useful in a fight. The more fear you induce, the less actual fighting you have to do. Not that the Wolf is trying to escape a fight, he just wants the night to go quickly. And he doubts the Howell's would have much protest to give him regardless.

Crossing the yard casually as if there is no oddities in a man in combat gear with a skull mask walking on the lawn the man soon makes his way up the stairs on the porch. Lights off, except the soft blue glow of the TV in the living room window. Whoever decided to stay up and watch another episode of Family Guy is in for quite the surprise. The Wolf's eyes scan the porch from behind the mask. A potted plant. How convenient. Reaching down the man picks up the plant and soon the glass beside the door is crashed through and an arm reaches in to unlock and open the door from inside.

Slipping through the door quickly, Ethan is first greeted with an unfortunate sight. The eldest son sitting on the couch of the first room, 'watching TV'. The most unfortunate part is that watching TV consists of sucking face with the blonde girl he happens to be keeping in 'contact' with these days. Very unfortunate for her, but all the more outrageous and horrific to the public eye.

At the sounds of crashing and barging in, the teenagers are up on their feet. Eyes wide, and horror painted on them. Not a sight he is not used to. Striding forward confidently and purposefully towards the boy, the girl is grabbed easily by the shoulder and flung into the TV as if she were a doll, her fault for being in the way, of course.

With a loud crash the blonde topples over the tv and lands with a resounding thud onto the floor, though she goes down along with the tv and the entertainment set. The boy's luck is considerably worse. He backtracks, he opens his mouth to scream, but the Wolf is just too quick. A single strike from to the boy's face is all it takes to bring him down. Simple enough. With that the man steps back, pointing the nozzle of his unusual weapon he pulls the trigger. Liquid shoots out of the thing completely dousing the young boy. It seems Ethan has actually brought a water gun. That is, until the 'water' starts to eat away at his flesh and clothing. Acid. The boy looks up at his body in horror, and he starts to hyperventilate. Poor young man. Ethan wishes he could end his suffering. But he is an Evolved at the moment and has to think like an Evolved. Why would a man with an ability give a killing strike in form of a boot to the head rather than his power he is perfectly capable of using. It is for that reason that the Wolf continues to pour his manufactured ability out on the teenage boy.

By the TV the blonde girl starts to stir. Blood seeps down her forehead as she weakly tries to make her way to her feat. She is terrified and breathing so loud the neighbors could feasibly hear her. But they certainly would hear her, once she lets out a scream as her eyes take in the sight of a large masked man standing over her boyfriend…ex-boyfriend.

His reactions are quick, the nozzle comes up and is unleashed on the girl. Burning away at her, she soon folds. You chose the wrong night to get it on. Ethan turns towards the direction of the stairs, which has a man thundering down it with a baseball bat. The protective father. An undeniably good man. Ethan would have to make his death quick.

Once the mildly overweight middle aged man reached the bottom of the stairs he starts going crazy with the bat. A wild swing easily avoided here, another crazy arc of the thing sidestepped quickly. It is on the third swing that Ethan decides to act. Taking another step back to avoid getting hit he throws his free gloved hand out at the bat on the downward part of the swing. Continuing the momentum of the thing so the man over-commits. Once that is done, the man is just one big open window for any variety of attacks. A simple knee to the groin will suffice though.

With a cry the man's knee's buckle. And he collapses on the ground after Ethan supplies another knee to his forehead. A quiet tsk is given but it is inaudible due to the groans of the man. The nozzle is placed directly above his head as the acid starts to spray and burn through the man's flesh, muscles, and bone. Laying on the ground, the old man sizzles and slowly dies from the massive amount of acid. With that the Wolf walks cleanly around the man and up the stairs. Black boots thunder on the steps as he makes his way down the hall. A pound is given to each door as he walks by, swinging it open. Vacant, bathroom, the third door gives him some intrigue though.

“There's a man.. he.. he..” A lot of hyperventilating, a lot of gasps, sobbing. The woman holds the phone shakily to her ear. Though soon she is forced to drop the receiver of the phone, due to a flesh eating acid burning through her skin. A scream is let out. His eyes from behind flick to the phone then back to her. He will have to be quick, the police will be on their way. Through much screaming this time Ethan puts the woman down with his acid-gun. Stepping away from the body, he looks over to the receiver on the ground. Bending down he picks it up.

“Ma'am, ma'am, are you there? Ma'am?”

“Fortis Et Libre.” Says a deep gravelly voice from behind the mask into the receiver, the receiver is then clamped down on the phone cradle. He makes a tally in his head and ticks off each death. One left. The rooms were vacant.. He steps towards the door frame he had been occupying, only to find a little boy standing in the hallway, staring at him.

No older than seven, the boy simply stares up at the man despite his extremely daunting experience. Perhaps his fear has overwhelmed any ability to function despite these hazardous circumstances. Ethan stands in the hallway for a brief moment, studying him. After that brief moment the Wolf steps forward and takes the boy by the arm, he then quietly leads him back into the bedroom. Once inside, Ethan pulls up one finger to where his lips would be in a 'shh' gesture. He then closes the door as he steps back into the hallway. His free hand goes to a spray paint cannister at his belt. After not too long the hall is tagged with several different 'Fortis Et Libre' logos. Shaking the can vigorously, the man does one final Fortis Et Libre on the doorway to the little boy's room.

The Evolved must be eradicated. They must be done away with by any means necessary. Kazimir's plan is to raise the fear of the Evolved, Kazimir's plan is gold. So, the fear of the Evolved must be raised, either by the Evolved or not. Something truly hideous must be done. Something all people would cry at, gape at, be disturbed by. Let it never be said Ethan enjoys killing an innocent family, let it never be said he takes pride in that type of work. But what has to be done, has to be done. Gripping the doorknob, the black glove twists it open and Ethan steps into the bedroom. The door shuts.

Ethan will always do what has to be done.

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