The Hulk's Baby Aliens


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Scene Title The Hulk's Baby Aliens
Synopsis Melissa meets Abby. They talk about what the green handprint on Mel's arm might mean.
Date March 29, 2010

The Nite Owl

A phonecall from Melissa, and a late night meal that is Abby's dinner thanks to taking a couple night shifts finds the blonde heading into the Nite Owl - an old work place - for dinner. Just enough time for Melissa to make it back to her place for curfew or if she doesn't, well, she can coerce her co-worker into driving the woman back via the ambulance. They are exempt from curfew while working. Because her time is limited, she's in the back, already placing her order and hoping Melissa won't be offended. Eco-vegan is somewhere else. Greasy spoon is not his bag..

But greasy spoon is totally Melissa's thing! She walks in, taking a moment to glance around, as this place is new to her, then she starts looking for Abby. "Oh hey, there you are," she says when she spots the woman in question, and she starts towards Abby, smiling. "Surprised you don't grab dinner at Lucy's."

"When you have people intent on killing you Melissa, you try to avoid the place where they're already struck and are expecting you to be. Besides, I worked here before I worked at Lucy's" She still has the uniform to prove it. Idly, there's a thought of whether Robert would enjoy that, but it's gone just as fast. Here comes the coffee and the waitress who Abby doesn't know, to take Melissa's order if anything. "So. What's the problem?" Abby's fairly sedate, far more than she saw last time. Dark circles under her eyes that have lost some of it's cover-up. Whatever the plan is from Dreyfus, it might be working.

Melissa pauses and frowns a little. "Someone's wanting to kill you? Is that why you were talking about moving?" she asks, instantly concerned, plopping down in a seat and studying Abby. "Oh, well. Not sure it's a problem. The…handprint thingy, the green thing? It's gone. Just poof. No more. Part of me is freakin' out a little wondering if like, some kind of super radiation or something just got absorbed into my blood."

"IS your pee green?" Abby asks, dumping sugar into her tea, asking it with a straight face.

Melissa stares for a moment, before she busts out laughing and shakes her head. "Not that I noticed, no."

"Do you turn green when you loose your temper and go rawr, Melissa smash!" Straight faced against from the blonde as she stirs the sugar now.

Melissa can't help but laugh again, even as she shakes her head. "Not that I've noticed," she says again, looking amused and expectant of the next question.

"Then I guess you're not uhh… Crap, Where's Magnes when you need him for super hero references" Abigail mutters, rubbing at her hip with a slight grimace and then shrugs. "Melissa, you already got a super power, I highly doubt that you're going to start climbing walls or uhh… flying. Just keep doing what you're doing and keep an eye on things. Need me to take your vitals again in the rig to make sure?"

"The Hulk," Melissa says without hesitation. She is a movie buff, after all. "And I don't know what that was, and I haven't been able to pin down that doctor again to ask him. But I don't like things that can't be explained to me or that doesn't have logic that can make sense of it. Not when it involves freaky glowing handprints on my skin." A pause, then she shakes her head. "Nah, not sure there's a need for the vitals again. Not yet."

"Some people, they have after effects of abilities. I got tired, needed to rest, sleep, rebuild. Maybe that's some lingering side effect and then it goes away. I'm working night shift next few days, I can slip up during a shift and see if he's there. Ask. Maybe.. bend the truth just a bit if you like." She can bend it. Not break it, just bend it. "My friend, you touched her, left a handprint and it's itching…."

"But he didn't heal me," Melissa points out. "But I wouldn't mention me if you do talk to him. He was pretty clear about me never going back, or asking about him, or anything like that. If you wanted to talk to him healer to healer, he'd probably shut you down if you mentioned me."

"True" Abby murmurs. "Or maybe you just came to me, as I was a former healer ot ask if leaving UV handprints was a normal thing or not" Abigail points out.

Melissa considers that for a moment, then nods. "Yeah…yeah, that might work. I wonder if he even knows that he does it. I mean, it takes a while to learn the ins and outs of your ability. I'm just now starting to get a hang of part of my ability. Part I didn't know existed until a month ago."

Abigail shrugs, shoulders lifting then falling as her club sandwhich then rolls on out and whatever, if anything, that Melissa ordered. "That's if he's even there. Maybe he is, maybe he isn't. Can't hurt to try and find out. Like I said, maybe it was just a hiccup. He didn't heal you, not that you can see. Maybe he did heal something. Sometimes, people walk around without knowing something is wrong. There was this guy"

Abby twists her plate this way, that, then grabs the squeezebottle of mustard to put some on her sandwich. "And well, Walked around with a cracked rib, never knew. Pretty sure it was a cracked rib. You can walk around with those and not know till bam, you sneeze. Fixed it, and he never knew. So maybe he did heal something, that you didn't know you had"

"Seriously? Damn. And yeah, I guess maybe he could've, but I don't remember doing anything that'd cause any real damage." Then Melissa stops and grimaces faintly. "Unless that fucker at Peter's mom's house messed something up when he slammed me against the wall."

"Maybe he did. Maybe there was… cancer, or there was… a pulled muscle or your appendix was inflamed and not to the point of hurting.. uhhh, Heaven, Melissa, there could be a great many things. Cyst on an ovary, even just a sore muscle. If he's the kind of person who can fix disea-" Abigail stops. "You run the plague den. I bet you were starting to get the evo-flu Melissa, and he got rid of it. He got rid of it in Peter"

Melissa's nose wrinkles and she nods. "Yeah…yeah, I guess that could be it. Still, the not knowing is killing me. I hope I can track him down. Or you can. Just to find out if he knows something."

"I'll give it a go. If I can't get a hold of him, well…" Abigail shrugs her shoulders and makes gimme gimme motions with her hand for the other woman’s. Up comes the key chain with the light on it so that she can take a look for herself.

Melissa offers her arm out, pulling her coat up to bare the previously affected skin. And true enough, there's no handprint there anymore! "Yeah, guess there's no point in worrying if he won't or can't tell us anything. Not unless something obvious shows up. Like green skin."

"MELISSA ANGRY! MELISSA SMASH" Abby mimics in hushed tones as she flicks the flashlight and there's nothing. "Dunno, maybe he's an alien. Alien and you have been impregnated by him. In three weeks you'll have little baby's being born through your bellybutton or something.. need to feed them Tabasco sauce or they'll die"

Melissa snickers softly and shakes her head. "Man, I just sorta adopted a teenager. Last thing I need is alien babies. And Jerry. Man. He's barely house trained! And still chewing on my damn leather!"

"Okay, so no alien babies" She flicks a glance to her watch, wrinkling her nose and starting to eat in earnest, keeping an ear out for her radio in case it ends up going off. "Just be careful is you start wanting tobasco on everything" There's a push of her plate towards Melissa to take some fries if she wants them.

"And yes, that's why I was moving. Teo thinks that it's safer if I moved away from the bar for a bit. He wants me to take vacation from work as well, but I can't. If things keep on as they are, I want to make sure I have that buffer ot keep the bar going"

"If I start craving anything weird, I'm calling you to get the aliens out of me," Melissa promises with a solemn face, before she lets out a soft snicker and snags a couple of fries. "Who's after you though?"

"No, you'll want Eileen to get them out of you. She's better at the stuff than me. Better at sewing people up. Actually, i'd call Francois. He'd the doctor." The question of who's after her though. "After a bunch of us. A teenager got killed, and hsi dad blames us even though the kid was only following in his old footsteps and ideals that have long since… died. SO he's.. letting his grief rule him and out for blood in the hopes that it will.." be enough.

"It's why there's cops in a car near me most of the time. They're killing folks, doing things. They burned down my home and hurt my momma down south. Killed a bartender. Made a run at Teo's momma, Killed Catherine's momma, did a bunch of things. Bunch of folks are trying to do something about it as well as the CIA, Homesec and who knows who else"

Melissa's nose wrinkles and she looks sympathetic. "That seriously sucks. Any idea where you might find him? Though I guess you guys are probably already working on that, huh?"

"They are. Teo and the rest. I'm sorta…" Leaving it up to Matt, and to them. "I'm normally not.. like this" This being defined as how she is right now. I want to just… curl up and just, pray that it gets dealt with. But I can't. So, I keep going and pray it gets dealt with. I'm not a gun brandishing type unless it's hunting deer"

Melissa nods. "not everyone is. And there's nothing wrong with that. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Like me? I can't sing. Nails on a chalkboard is about what my singing sounds like."

Abigail cracks a slight grin at that. It's wiped off when something crackles over her radio about unit 59 and there's a sigh. "Duty calls Mel. I gotta earn my money and save some lives" She's pushing her plate away, muttering into the hand held unit at her shoulder while digging out money for her food and putting it on the table for the waitress to come collect. "I'll see what I can get from the doctor"

Melissa nods and smiles. "Sure thing. And if you need someone to just hang out with and chat, gimme a call. I'll bring the Ben and Jerrys!"

"Not the dog I hope" She's already up and moving for the door at a run.

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