The Human Can Opener


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Scene Title The Human Can Opener
Synopsis James runs into Abby
Date December 27, 2008

The Nite Owl

Salisbury steak, half eaten, sitting in a pool of Gravy. A tower of mashed potatoes with the side carved out and another pile of frenched green beans occupy a plate that's in front of Abigail. Red bull, Coffee, and water in their respective cans and cups, she scoops another mouthful of the potatoes after swilling them around in the gravy. Taking the time for a real meal before she has to start making her way to work. Pale pink shirt, jeans, the cross minus any ring around it dangles at her neck obscured now and then by her hair when she reaches for the salt shaker. Everyone needs a little salt in their diet. The Nite Owl is moderately filled with people coming for early dinners.

Early dinner is actually James' breakfast, on the few days off that he does have. Catching up on sleep being the main thing, he'll move into an eatery at about this time, newly showered and shaved, changed into his civilian outfit, complete with red flannel shirt, jeans and a beige cowboyhat on top of his noggin'. Although the hat does come off, now that he halts just inside the entrance, looking around the counter and booths for a free space to sit himself down at. If nothing else, a cup of coffee would probably kick his day somewhat back into pace with the rest of the world, somewhat sleepbleary eyes tell as his gaze moves past, and then back to, Abby.

Abby spots him. Come on, cowboy hat in New York? Her blue eyed gaze on him, perhpas not the most friendliest thing around till she remembers that, oh right, he didn't abduct her, that was his brother. Seeing him look around and the lack of really anything open besides the counter seat, and knowing full well what that look means (He'll fall off the stool from tiredness) there's a resigned sigh. Do unto others. With that, she raises her fork after licking off the gravy and motions for the guy to come forward and points to the empty side of the booth across from her. Not a single word, just cutting a piece of the ground beef with a fork and eating it.

James cants his head for a moment, and then nods to Abby, taking her up on the quiet invitation and moving on over to sit himself down across the booth. "Afternoon, miss Abigail." he offers up, along with a careful sort of smile, although his gaze goes to the plate in front of her, as if trying to calculate how much he actually did bother her. "Everything alright, today?" And in the happening of a passing waitress, he'll order coffee, black, and a plate of scrambled eggs (or whatever facsimile thereof they offer) and meat (sausage, bacon, whatever will do). He's not all that picky, really.

"Not in the back of a BMW or in a jail cell, dead on a street. I'd say I'm pretty good. Gearing up for work. You?" She pushes the unopened redbull over in front of him. "I got more at work and two more in my purse, don't worry. Take it. You look like me after I've made my rounds" Not a hint of anger or negativity for the man. "Your Brother hasn't called. Has he given up on the whole, I'm an informant, I have all the information he needs on the big bad guys of the city?" She doens't look to have been bothered. She takes another swipe at her potatoes, along with a few green beans and politely eats them.

James cants his head a little to the side, looking to the can pushed across the table, and his grin breaks out fully in all its, usually, contagious glory. "I'm awrite. I actually had the day off, so caught up on sleep, some. My cats were quite delighted to find their canopener at home all day. It just messes some with my day/night rhythm, the actual catching up. And thank you. This stuff," he taps lightly at the can now in front of him, "kept me conscious all the way home, the other night." However, on the topic of his brother, he just shakes his head a little, putting his hat on the window-side of the table, watching her eat politely while he waits. "I know what it must look like, but he doesn't really talk much work with me, you know. I just happened to be there, then, and.. I'm sorry."

"You just got caught up in business and brought along for the ride. You know, in case he pummeled me, Or I resisted and got hurt and you could make his error better again" Okay, maybe a little bit of bitterness gets into her voice again. "And yeah, that stuff gets me through most days. That and Coffee, and pasta" She keeps eating, even as the waitress returns with a cup of coffee and promise that his order would be up soon.

James raises a hand, shaking his head in protest to the idea that his brother would.. "He wouldn't. And I wouldn't have 'fixed' anything, 'cause there wouldn't have been anything to fix. I don't try to make things sound any better, but I know he wouldn't have touched you." If nothing else, because James Believes in his older brother, as much as other might Believe in other things. Simple as that. A nod and a smile is offered to the waitress, and James takes a moment to open up the can of Red Bull before he sips his coffee and then tastes sugary goodness. Not a bad mix, even if it probably could lead to some interesting cardiac effects in the long term perspective… but what ape wants to live forever, eh? "So, not expecting forgiveness or anything here. Just… please don't hold a grudge to the world because my brother, however dear to me he might be, sometimes has the social graces of a thimble?"

'Grudge doesn't extend to you. It's strictly with him. I'm just having a really.. bad Christmas. He wasn't even the cherry on it all, more like, the fudge syrup." She reaches over into her purse, getting out a folded up rectangle of paper and tossing it in front of James. 'Besides, I found a way to get back at him"

James blinks, and reaches for the paper rectangle, slowly unfolding it as he looks to Abby, his expression a little confused. "…get back at him?" he repeats, before adding, "And I'm sorry that your Christmas turned out bad… I should steal you away from all of this for the day and take you ice-skating, instead." As genuine an offer it might be, he doesn't sound overly insistent, just offering, before he looks down to see what the paper is about.

"It just Christmas. Miracles happened, there's people out there who had worse ones than me." The paper in his hands, is the kind you get after you've registered and now you wait for your "demonstration" appointment. She's a bonafide Evolved, or so the paper states. "He can't hold it over my head whenever he gets the nerve to call me up for our "chat"

James reads, and his lips pull up at the corners, a grin tugging at them again. "…well, this is supposed to be a good thing, for you, you know. Not getting back at someone, even if I definitly see the good side of this for you along with doing it this way." he says, looking back up and offering the paper back to her. "Still, good thinking, and congratulations."

"It's a label. Was doing it anyways, before he even kidnapped me into his car" Her potatoes are stabbed one more time, her fork scraping to get every last iota of them that she could. "No offense, I don't like your brother. I took away his injury and in return I got.. threatened, acted rude to, told I wasn't co-operating when I was and then summarily brow beated into whatever it is i'm going to end up doing. I really like my free will." But then, enough about his brother. "Do you use your gift, all the time, when your working?"

James nods, looking up as his food finally does arrive, offering a quiet 'thanks' to the waitress before she heads back off and he can turn back his full attention to Abby. With a fork in hand, of course, to attack the proteines on his plates. Whatever Abby thinks of his brother, well, it doesn't seem to be anything he'll be able to change over coffee and food, but hopefully, in time… All in good time. "No, not really. I'm.. not really all that powerful. I help people heal better than they would on their own, they say, but it gets me really tired really fast, if I do it too much. So only when it's really needed. If I did it on every call, I'd end up working one day a month, and I do have other ways to get people on the mend." He pauses, his smile returning, warm, all to Abby. "I think you'd do well as some sort of medic, tho. You don't strike me as someone who'd be afraid for herself,

"I'd be wanting to fix people all the way with every call. But.. It's not as time consuming as becoming a doctor and I'm not smart enough to be a doctor. Paramedic maybe, we'll see. A friend is getting all the books for me that i'll need and another I think, has offered to help defray the costs of going to school. I'll keep my job so that I can pay my rent, and if I miss a class, because of what I do, then I miss a class. I don't think it'll be that hard though" She nods her head, the whole working one day a month if you didn't restrain yourself. 'Some days, I do too much. But that's why caffeine was invented. I think I got through three cases a week. I should go. I have to hightail it still through the streets. You should take someone else ice skating. I'm too young for you. I'm not even 20 yet James Harvard. But thank you. I'll be fine. NO rest for the weary doing God's work. Maybe i'll see you around, once i'm actually in school and you can show me what it is I'll be doing?" She takes her napkin, wiping her mouth, utensils set on the plate and all her stuff in one little pile for the bus boy. "Your breakfast is on me"

Well, that's a mouthful, and James finds himself nodding in agreement. "Everyone's gifts are different, but there, we're the same… I'd -want- to fix everyone. But if I do too much, well… there won't be anything left of me to share, and if I'm in bed recouperatin', maybe people I could've helped are out there dying.. And if you need help with classes, I still have all the books lying around somewhere, I'm no science wiz but I could probably help you squeeze through.." Then, he finds himself inhaling a piece of egg-substitute-scramble, coughing and a bit of a blush crawling up his neck as he reaches for the Red Bull. "Ermm… *cough* 'twas just a friendly *cough* offer, Abig.. *cough* Abby." Had he been hitting on her? He couldn't say, but he didn't think so, and if /she/ thought so, he -really- had to work on his friendliness..

"Oh" Abby's turn to turn red. "I don't have time James Harvard. I have work, I have church, sleep, healing. I work nights. I think watching Oprah's my only vice and that's new" She slips a twenty under her plate, scrawling a note on the table for the red head waitress. "Natasha won't bother you when your done. I work at Old Lucy's the bar in Greenwhich. Your welcome there. The rest of your family isn't till he apologizes and sounds like he means it" Yes, the nun works at a bar. "I'll think about your offer of help. I have to get accepted first. Without that, it's all pointless" She slides her jacket on, flipping hair to outside the collar and stands to grab her purse. "Was nice to see you. I mean it. Take care and god bless Mr. harvard"

James nods, making a mental note of Old Lucy's, connecting it to Abigail's face in his mind, the redness slowly reducing on his cheeks as he gets his breath back under control, realising that he has allowed for Abby to settle the bill for them. Well. Won't let that happen again. "Thank you. And I will," he clears his throat again, "drop by. And if you do get accepted and decide you want a study buddy," and reaches for a napkin and a fountain from the pocket of his shirt, quickly jotting down a cellphone number, "you give me a call, 'kay?" He offers the numbered napkin out to her as she gets up, "And either way, be safe and well, Ms. Beauchamp." Even if left to his own devices, James will take his time to finish his meal, since he for once isn't in a hurry.

The napkin is taken, folded into a pocket with a nod. She leaves him in peace then, to eat his dinner/breakfast. She's got things to do anyways.

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