The Impression Of Thought



Scene Title The Impression of Thought
Synopsis Kaylee is in a fight for her life, but one discovery might give her the strength she needs.
Date December 13, 2011

Pollepel Island, Infirmary

Kaylee knew she was hurt.


A whispering in the back of her mind told her it was really bad this time. Worse then in the jungles of a time long past. This time there was no healer to save her, to take the time to dig out bullets and make her whole.

The lingering memory — she could feel it still — each impact to her body; the harsh blossoming of pain. It burned through her even though she had retreated into her mind. With this pain there was a certain knowledge.…. she was in a struggle for her life. It was a war of wills, but fought on two fronts. Both were trying to keep her alive; but only the trained hands of those like Megan could wage war on death in the conscious world… while Kaylee fought her own battle.

”Oh… Oh God.”
”Help me get her out of here!”

It would be a hard fought battle, she felt it, but Kaylee was not sure she would be able to win this time. Already, it was hard to think and her energy seemed to be flagging with each passing moment. With so much that had happened to the poor woman — she was weary; physically and spiritually. It took all of her concentration to float in the sea of soul crushing darkness; quiet for once from the constant barrage of thoughts. In the silence of her own subconscious, she was tortured with reliving the events leading up to her current situation. All of it in slow motion, every horrifying detail, as if she was reliving the moments over and over again, but — yet — apart from it. Examining where she might have gone wrong. Anxiously, berating herself for choices made.

Why did this happen?

She thought she had been so careful when she was searching the minds of everyone on the island. What had she missed?

She had been through so many situations like this and survived, but she wasn’t so sure she would.


As tired blue eyes watch — and don’t watch — the passing images, she felt a sudden twisting homesickness that was more like a punch in the gut. If she could cry in this place, tears would be blurring her vision as the flickering of images slowed to a stop… to a memory of a gentle soul, with a sweet country boy smile… Joseph.

It was one of her favorite memories… The day that Joseph stood at the bottom of the stairs at the Smith Inn, looking up at her with that look. That look was branded into her mind’s eye.

”Careful with her. Easy.”
”Watch her head.”

Why had she done it?

Because she wanted to keep him and everyone safe. She didn’t want to one day mourn at a rock, marred by a sharpie pen; to mark the resting place of her heart. To feel that soul shattering sorrow again. She, also, didn’t want a little girl to go without a father like she had.

Kaylee had agreed to search the minds of her friends and associates, in pursuit of a killer, to protect those she cared most about.

Now the exhaustion pulling at her consciousness, it meant it might be her name on that rock, and a part of her wanted to just… go. That feeling left a sliver of guilt for what Joseph was going to endure in her place.

”I… I just don't have the right…”
”Dammit… her pulse is weakening.“
”Kaylee! Kaylee! Stay with us! Shit! Someone get Megan! I think we might be losing her!”

Her mind drifted a little in the darkness, she was so weary of the world and all it’s pain, it made it hard to think clearly. She just wanted to sleep, the darkness pressing in, chilling her. Even the replay of events started to blur and fade into the dark; leaving her alone. She only needed to give into it, let the darkness swallow her. It was tempting. The more she let go, the intense pain seemed to slowly fade with her; relieving her of the burden that her life left on her shoulders.

”Oh… oh thank god, Megan. There is so much blood.”
”Get out of the way. Dammit. Kaylee— do not make me face Joseph.”

However, something in the darkness wouldn’t let her fully succumb to eternal rest. Just beyond her little ball of pain and misery, a soft glow slowly pressed away the darkness. It hovered there just beyond her, where Kaylee would see it. It was quiet and yet seemed to be saying something; pulsing in the inky black. The telepath’s own mind had a hard time comprehending what she was seeing. It had no words… like an impression of thought, rather than any true… It was just there.

She could only stare at the hovering bit of…

What was that?

Whatever it was, there was comfort in it; an innocence. The feathery glow seemed to keep back the dark things that were waiting for her to drift off one final time. Though Kaylee cannot see the things in the dark, they seemed to hover at the edges of her vision. Sulking… waiting to consume her. However, the more they drifted there, the less light it seemed to cast. Something was wrong. As the tiny thing in the darkness started to fade, It sent a wash of panic over Kaylee, chilling her — or was she just cold? Whatever, it was… it was leaving her alone…. in the darkness.


”I…. I have to get this bleeding to stop. See if there is anyone on the island with her blood type! GO!”

Her hand moves to reach for it, fearing to let it go, but doesn’t touch it — it looked so delicate. She can almost feel it pulling away. “Please. Don’t leave.” There was almost a whine to her voice. A pleading tone. A fearful tone. She has never liked the darkness, it was full of nightmares and dreams of dead husbands and other such horrors.

”Megan… maybe we should… we need to call Joseph… He needs to be able—”
”Not yet. We can do this. I refuse to lose one more person.”

While spark does not fade out completely, it took a few moments of coaxing, before it started to shine a little brighter. With the intensity of light, it brought back with it the impression of thought. There was no rhyme nor any reason to what that tiny flicker of light was trying to tell her. It seems… uncertain. Or as close as it could be. Hands unfolding, Kaylee slowly cupped it in her hands; cradling it ever so gently. The warmth against her hands, brought that same feeling to her heart.

“Shhhh… It's okay.” Her voice soft and coaxing, while trying to get a better look. It was a little like looking into the sun. You know there is something there at the center of the light, but you can’t see past the intensity of the glow.

With that tiny firefly of light safe within her hands, the telepath slowly felt that the chill — she didn't even notice — was slowly leave her body.

”I-I think I got the bleeding to stop.”
”Thank God.”
”Don’t thank him, yet. We are not out of the woods.”

Even with all her efforts, Kaylee could not figure out what she held in her hands. If felt… familiar. Like she had experienced this before. “What are you?” She whispered at it curiously, letting the light wash over her and comfort her; just as she did it.

As if it knew what she wanted to know — or it knew the danger had passed. The soft light slowly rolled from her hands. She tried to catch it, but it flowed through her fingers as elusive as water, until the spark settled against her abdomen and after a moment's hesitation slowly sunk into her skin, leaving a slowly fading glow behind. With that simple act came a dawning of understanding and a shock of realization.

“Oh… Oh my God.”

”Her heat beat is getting stronger.”
”Good…. She has a strong will to live. She’s going to need it.”
"I’ll let the pastor know."
"Go ahead. His voice might be the only thing that keeps her fighting."

She would keep fighting… there was someone else who was depending on it.

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