The Item In Question


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Scene Title The Item In Question
Synopsis Len has a gift for Tracy, and Tracy needs another 'favor'.
Date August 20, 2009

One of Len's Favorite Random Chinese Restaurants

Believe it or not, Tracy Strauss does not like cheap chinese food. She doesn't like cheap. But sometimes, exceptions have to be made. Sometimes, Agent Len Danton calls, and you must suffer a hot and sour soup with extra crunchy noodles in order to get the job done.

Sometimes, that's today. Instead of being out and about, sipping Martinis as she'd like to be, Tracy is in a skanky little takeout place ,sitting in the corner, poking at her soup as she waits.
Minea has left.

There are reasons that Len Denton picks the public places he does to meet. Convenience is one. Location is the other. You see, a nearly seven foot tall black cowboy does tend to get noticed no matter where he goes. Plus, there are the occasional gems that you find. The small out of the way place that has excellent food at a decent price.

Plus it just seems that Chinese restaurants are his and Tracy's 'thing'.

Since, Tracy Strauss is already seated, he walks up and joins her in her booth, sliding across from her. She should know exactly what this is all about. The moment that Minea Dahl walked into his office with the request to pursue Samantha Tanner, Len gave her a heads up. Now with Tanner's name very public, it could be a little sticky. Hence the meeting today. "M'am, glad you could find the time from your busy schedule to meet with me today." The cowboy grins his charming grin as he glances up at the waitress and places his order. To go, of course.

Well, it's nice to know he's catching on. Knowing that, Tracy is able to give him a bit more of a smile. Yes, even in such circumstances - although they are quickly becoming less and less painful than they were.

"Agent Denton, how very excellent it is to see you again," Such a statement is as kind as Tracy will get in such a meeting.

"I'm quite interested to hear what you have to say."

"Well, we have the item of interest. However, it appears to have a bit of a taint to it. Not sure you're even interested in it at this point in time." Len leans back and watches the woman curiously. "She may be a little more than you bargained for."

The fact of the matter is that Tanner's face and name are all over the news now. The intent was to take her down quietly, but Columbia 14 has now made that nearly impossible.

Tracy smiles, a bit more wryly than she usually might. "Oh, Agent Denton, you're very much mistaken I'm afraid. She seems almost more useful to us now than she was in the past. After all, even after thorough training, it may have still been impossible. But now, we simply don't have to worry about that." She sets her soup spoon aside.

"I am, after all, in Public Relations. What do you plan to do with the item?"

Len doesn't often look surprised, but there's a brief flicker. How she can spin this, it's not his business. "The item is currently locked up one of HomeSec's vaults. Sleeping soundly. So, I guess my question to you is what you plan to do with the item. Homeland is going to press charges and plans to ask for the death penalty. Twenty eight deaths under her collar, and those are just the ones we know about."

Tracy nods thoughtfully. "Who brought her in?" She asks, her mind already spinning. Homeland Security could always use a boost. It is a shame, though, that she was caught so soon. Still.

"The trial will be a very big event. We're very grateful, Agent Denton, that you and yours were able to manage this so well. You've done a great service, and it's much appreciated. Now, by the laws of our country, I want her to go to trial."

Len nods. As he thought. "We had a team in place monitoring her. Only when she started killing, did they actually pursue her on Tuesday. When she got cornered, she just overreacted, and went nuclear. They'll be cleaning that up for years, to be honest."

Len looks up as the waitress beings his food, all bagged up for transport. He drops a tip on the table. "You might look into a lawyer for her. I doubt she's able to afford her one, but if you truly plan to try and spin this, she's going to need the best that money can buy. Money she's not going to have."

Tracy smiles, nodding. "I already have someone in mind. Though I beg you not to go yet - there is another issue we need to discuss. Are you aware of a redheaded woman with the ability to switch bodies with other, unwilling victims?" She asks, setting her hands lightly across the table. She's burning with anger inside, but it hardly shows.

"I have not heard of such a woman." Len plucks out his Blackberry and initiates a general search. "She would be perfect for some of the assignments we have to deal with." He is actually rather in awe of such an ability. "What we could do with her."

It seems he's not sensing the blond's deep rooted anger for that particular female. "Was there something you need from me in regards to her?" he asks, looking up as he waits for his search to complete.

Tracy offers a continuous smile, but it grows colder. "I want her locked away for terrorism. She is blackmailing me into silance, but she has done several horrible things against the United States, along with another young man whose face I never saw." Turning, Tracy removes a thin manilla file from her bag, sliding it toward Len.

"This is an itinerary for my time while I was kidnapped. What my plans were. I know the redhead showed up in my place to my meeting at the Pentagon." That she's already confirmed with Autumn. "Homeland Security has access to all of the survailence. Maybe she spoke on the phone or gave some hint of who she was. Either way, it is of national importance that we find her as quietly and as quickly as possible. Who knows what she can invade next." Hopefully he'll be able to keep up with the body snatching and kidnapping.

The itinerary is taken by Len as he glances at it for a brief moment before folding into halves and then tucking it into his pocket. "I'll take a look and see how it goes. I'm heading out of the country for a bit on a case, but I can put someone on it, unless you would rather I not put an additional eyes on this?" he asks, giving her an inquisitive look.

Tracy shakes her head. "Put your most trusted person on it if you must. This is a number one priority now that Ms. Tanner has been taken care of." Okay, so maybe part of it is that she's steamed. "They falsified a tape to try and blackmail me in case anything happened to them, I want that taken care of too if it's at all possible, but that is a personal favor to me. The rest is business, of course. I hope…you understand how delicate this is." All copies of the tapes, all venues for the tapes to get out have to go.

"Understood. I'll see what I can do." Len is quiet for a moment, then he slides from the booth and stands, grabbing his bag of food. "It doesn't seem like they hurt you in any way." Well, not physically. Her pride, maybe. "If you see them again, call me immediately. Of course, there are ways we can keep an eye on your location, in case something like this happens again. Feel like exploring that, give me a ring." He dips his head down as he looks to be heading out. "If there's nothing else?" he asks.

Tracy shakes her head. "It's not that they hurt me, Agent Denton. Do you like to think that there are terrorists invading our government? I certainly don't. Please do everything in your power to take care of this as quickly and quietly as you can." She stands as well, offering her hand for a shake. Yes, the matter is grave, but the man has never failed before. Then again, this is the toughest task she's put to him.

Keeping one arm around his food, his other reaches out to grip her hand and give it a gentle, yet firm squeeze. "You're in the public eye now. Don't let yourself be an easy target, Ms. Strauss. Be a little more careful." Len warns before turning and striding his long legs out of the restaurant, ducking his head as he reaches the doorway and disappearing out into the street.

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