The Janitor's Angel


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Scene Title The Janitor's Angel
Synopsis Alexander calls Abby to have her look at his would be hero
Date Nov 6 2008

Abandoned Warehouse Building

The night is late, the dawn is nigh. This particular abandoned building has been mostly dominated by all sorts of different wanderers, destitutes, vagrants, and other synonyms of the homeless. In this particular room, a dirty mattress is laid out near the wall. Laying on the mat, is a man grasping at his stomach.
Ethan's hands are pressed tightly around a hoodie wrapped around his gut. Blood is stained on the garment. The man wears a blue jumpsuit. Next to the pad lies a broken mop handle. The man seems to be in a great deal of pain, his head tilted back in agony.

'Al!?" A womans voice hesitantly calls out, presumably looking for whomever is the reason she's here. "Al?! You there?" A thump, something crashing from elsewhere as Abby begins to make her way through the abandoned building that her message dictated she go to. "Sweet heavens, he lives here" Shock coloring the voice. "Al?"

Sitting up weakly, the man calls out. "Me help." His voice has a thick Russian accent. The man seems to be in a massive amount of pain. With his sit up, it seems to get just that much worse. Antoher groan as he leans back. Alexander is nowhere in sight, he possibly went out after Sylar or maybe he just went out for a smoke to get away from the bloody man.

With someone to direct her, Abby's not long coming to the doorway into the room where the Russian accented man is. It's about one point two seconds later that she can smell the copper scent that marks blood and can see the state the man is in. "heavens. Is everyone going to drop bodies at my feet. Where's Al?" Her own accent marking her as deep south. Abby starts to pick her way across the room, taking off the gloves on her hands. "He said someone was hurt, how bad?" Abby's slinging her purse down, in a relatively, if possible, clean place near him.

The man looks up desperately to the woman as she enters. His brows pup up as she speaks. Confusion masks his face as he tilts his head at her. A mask of confusion the man tries to take what she says slowly before he starts to respond. "I not know.. that." Comes the words, it seems the man has a difficult time speaking English. As she comes towards him he unwraps the hoodie around his stomach. Pointing at the wound he looks up to her. "Hurt.. Medium."

Abby winces at the sight revealed by the disappearing hoodie. A litany of religious curses escape from the young woman as she sinks to her knees beside him. A glance to the map handle and with careful hands she's pulling back the cloth around the wound. "Oh blessed… Al, what did you leave me…" She's picking pieces with her nails, out of the wood, get a good idea of whats wrong. Each touch brings with it at least, a lessoning of pain and the edges of the wounds start to heal. Just enough where if you blink, you'd swear that the flesh was looking better. "Anything in it? Wood in stomach?" She carefully enunciates the last three words, looking up at the man.

Ethan's eyes raise a bit as she starts to touch his stomach, he flinches almost as if he was scared of her and her touch. He edges away a bit but has not much room to retreat in. Looking down at his stomach, a sound is caught in his throat. Peering at the woman he shakes his head in a bit of confusion.

"Never mind. Don't move. Won't hurt you. Alex sent me hmmm" When Ethan makes to move away. She's working away, crouched over him, picking at this and that, working quietly. The blonde doesn't speak again though, not directly, just starting to sing, very quietly. WARmth flows from where her fingers land. Like being immersed in a warm good bath, and his flesh tingles. Little by little, with her pointed concentration, Ethan's stomach wound is starting to heal.

When she starts to pick, the man seems to get very fearful. Two hands fly up, one setting on her shoulder the other to her head. Not to attack or to hurt her, but just out of shock and to brace himself. She may feel a tad of pain from her scalp as his grip is rather tight. He seems to be very confused and very scared. Though breathing heavily, he starts to calm at the warming and tingling. He stares down at his gut. Interesting, very interesting. Or at least that's what Sylar would say.

'let go" A sharp breath when he tightens. A moment or two she's worried that this might have been a trap and momentary thoughts of jeeze abby aren't you and idiot, flash through her mind. "Please. No hurt you. Heal. Promise" She looks up at him again, the warmth and tingling stopped. "Please"

Slowly the man's hands trail down and off of her. His hands brushing over her hands before he places them to his sides. He clenches his hands into balls at his sides as he nods slowly and hesitantly. "Heal. Promise." He repeats, visibly calming some.

Abby says, "heal. Promise. I promise" The warmth and tingling starts up again and when she see's on, she's plucking out splinters as best she can. "Almost done. Like new. Well. Scar" Then back she goes to that under her breath singing. She carries a decent tune, A hymnal from church if one had to guess with all the "place my trusts in thee" and "hallowed is your names" inserted here or there. With each minute that passes, Abby's also sags a little more as she goes. Gone are square shoulders when she first came in, and now there's slumped ones. Finally, at last, the warmth tapers off and the tingling ceases and pulling back her bloody hands, reveals healed flesh. A scar where he was gored, but, he's healed."

The man looks shocked down at his wound and Ethan is visibly trembling. He sits up in complete amazement at her, staring straight into her eyes his expression masked with awe. "You are.. angel." Comes the thickly accented words. "Angel!" He exclaims. The man lashes out quickly, one arm snaking around her to bring her into a tight hug. "Angel!" He exclaims again as he hugs the woman tight. It seems like he is also on the verge of crying. Though one arm has her locked in an embrace, though the fist is still balled. His free hand does some surreptitious and quiet work. Slinking into his pocket a tiny little button-esque object is produced. While he has the woman distracted in his hug, his arm slinks around to her purse, and quietly with all the ability of a pickpocket he sneaks the little button into her purse, and attatches it to the inside of the bag. Nigh undetectable unless one was looking for it..

"No Angel. Was god. Not me" Abby sorta oophs into Ethan's shoulder. Her tiredness works in his favour which means she's not paying attention to his balled hand or the thing that was slipped into her purse. Just intent on not getting too much blood on her clothes.

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