The Last Quiet Moment


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Scene Title The Last Quiet Moment
Synopsis Quinn and Elaine have theirs before the start of a very busy month.
Date October 02, 2011

The Village Renaissance: Quinn and Elaine's Flat

It's been a while since Robyn Quinn was able to just take a night and relax. I mean, her birthday was the other day, but with Jolene and Adel staying at their place for the night it was hardly relaxing. But with work, finishing up the masters for Empire of the Sun - her full length album - and training with Raith having taken up the majority of her summer, it's been a long few months.

So any opportunity she gets to spend at home with Elaine is welcome, and that's exactly where Quinn finds herself as she sits at the dinner table with her cheek pressed against her palm as she watches the redhead dotingly. "Whatcha makin'?" she finally asks, having originally asked to be surprised.

"Stir fry," is the redhead's response as she looks over her shoulder. "Chicken stir fry over rice, my own special sauce. It's got a little kick to it. It was a toss up between that and curry but I had the ingredients for stir fry so I went with it. Hope you like!"

Elaine stirs the food around in the pan, although her attention for the moment remains on Quinn. "Something on your mind? You're quiet."

"Oh man, curry…" It's said low, Quinn doesn't want to sound unappreciative of delicious sounding stir fry. But curry is always something she can get behind. Elaine's question, though, elicits a small from the Irishwoman, who falls back silent and just continues to watch Elaine for a few more moments, before finally speaking up again.

"Are you gonna be okay if I leave for a bit?" And then she immediately purses her lips, knowing she's phrased that question wrong. "I mean, like- I need t' go away for a bit. Ugh. Sorry." She lets out a huff at herself, rising up from the table and finally kicking off the heels she was wearing.

Truth be told the only reason she had even sat down was because she was going to fall after a misstep in one of those heels. She was glad Elaine hadn't seen. She hopes.

Maybe Elaine caught the misstep, but she doesn't give any indication of it as she turns back to the stir fry. Spatula in hand, she continues to shift the chicken and veggies in the pan, focusing on it for a long moment. Finally, she turns back to Quinn. "I hate when you're gone, it feels like we never get much time together anymore. But I know when you say you need to leave that you really do need to leave. Doesn't mean I don't miss you when you're gone."

"I hate it when I'm gone too," Quinn admits with a small laugh. She eyes Elaine for a moment, before leaning down and scooping up a passing Inger into her arms. "I'm going t' go see the… oh geeze. What is it Ygraine called it?" She stops for a moment, a look of consternation on her face as she thinks. As it comes to her, a smile returns and her eyebrows quirk up, pleased with herself. "The Sailing Club. I'm going t' help out for a bit."

"The Sailing Club? What is—ohhh, I get it. That's clever." Elaine shakes her spatula for emphasis before moving to scoop some rice onto two plates and then piling up the chicken and veggies on top of both. "Well, at least you're going to do something noble. I like to imagine you out there saving the world… makes you being gone feel a little less lonely if you're doing something great."

"I mean, I dunno about doing somethin' great," Quinn remarks with a bit of a laugh as Inger struggles for a bit of a better grasp while in Quinn's. "But I know they need help with stuff, an' I know it's going t' be dangerous." There's an uncharacteristic seriousness to Quinn voice as she makes her way over with the cat. "Like… more than usual," she says in a low voice. "So! I wanted t' talk t' you about it before I set off." She looks down at the stir fry. "Over dinner, I guess. But… um." She points towards the ceiling. "Maybe up in the studio," she whispers. Elaine knows that typically means what she has to say needs to be better shielded from prying eyes and ears.

"More than usual?" Elaine doesn't entirely like the sound of that. Part of her is happy to be clued in on more, the other part of her worries that it'll be trouble. "If you don't mind eating in the studio, I'm more than fine with moving there." She grabs two forks, sets them atop the food, then grabs both plates in hand and waits for instruction.

Quinn sets the cat back down before taking a bowl for her, a wam smile followed by a peck on Elaine's cheek. "You're always so understanding. Someday I'll figure out what I did t' deserve you." She takes a forkful of the stir fry and eats it, letting out a contented sigh. With that nod, she nods and starts for the door, making sure to grab her wallet as she motions for Elaine to follow her.

"I'm pretty understanding, yeah," Elaine chuckles lightly. "And I'm modest, too." She makes sure her bowl is securely in hand as she follows Quinn out the door. "To be honest, I don't think people do things to deserve each other, they're just marvelous human beings in need of love that find each other along the way." She wiggles the fingers of her free hand. "Or something New Agey like that. That sounds New Age, doesn't it?"

"I don't know what it sounds like, Elaine," Quinn remarks with a bit of a chuckle as she moves out the door and towards the elevator. "Besides cute," she adds with a smile, pressing the up button. When the elevator doors open, she pops open her change purse and pulls out a small keycard, swiping it and then pressing the button for the studio. She waits for the doors to open again, before stepping out and immediately making her way for one of the soundproofed rooms where she often records her music - and where she's been known to have clandestine conversations.

Elaine laughs, following Quinn into the elevator. "You think everything I say is cute these days. I think you're just flattering me." When the doors open, she steps outside and makes her way after Quinn once more. The redhead waits until they're both safely inside the soundproofed room before leaning against one of the walls and taking a forkful of stir fry.

"So there's real trouble this time then?"

Quinn sits down on a piano bench, crossing her arms as she takes to eating the stir fry. "Somethin's up," she replies, trying to look serious despite how she shovels food into her mouth. "I don't really know the details yet, but-" She frowns. "I wish I could give you more details. I think they're going to be moving the kids soon, among other things." Pause, shovel shovel. "An' knowin' how things have been been goin' lately that's going t' go about as well as throwing chum int' a shark tank." Her expression flattens a bit. "I'm going t' go help with that. An' anything else I can, if I can get Kincaid an' Russo t' take care of things at Studio K for a bit."

Elaine's got the luck. See, while Quinn talks she can eat. So she does, eating a good portion of her meal while the other woman speaks. Once Quinn slows in her dialogue, the redhead pipes up. "Well, can't give me details you don't know yet and it's probably better to not get too into specifics with me on the off chance that…" Whatever the rest of that sentence is, Elaine either doesn't know or doesn't think needs verbalized.

"So you're going into some dangerous waters and helping the kids. I hope it doesn't need saying, but… stay safe. I'll not have you coming back to me in pieces, Robyn."

"Mmm," Quinn remarks through a forkful of food. She offers Elaine a fond smile. "I'm more worried 'bout holes, m'self," she notes, setting her bowl aside. It's not done, but she wants to focus on talking. "I don't know how long I'll be gone this time," she admits after a moment. "It'll probably at least all a' this month, int' next month." She leans forward a bit, offering a hand out to Elaine. "If you need t' see me, you can always come see me y'rself. I'm sure folks there could use the pick me up a' your smile." With that, she grins.

When Quinn sets her food down, Elaine does the same. She wants to focus on what's important, which currently is the conversation and the woman involved in said conversation. She takes Quinn's hand, squeezing it gently. "Well, I know I'm not of much use in the world-saving department, but if you think a smile could go a long distance I'll make it a point to drop by with some cookies or something. Lemon drop, I think."

"The world doesn't always need people to throw punches, shoot guns, and light the way," Quinn remarks, and it's not clear if she's referring to herself with all three or not - Elaine does know, though, that Quinn's been spending a lot of time at Pollepel over the summer as it is working on improving her shooting and fitness skills. "It needs people to comfort, guide, and smile too." Those, though, are obviously all meant to be Elaine. "I don't really recommend comin' out right now unless y' need to. But I know buncha people would be glad t' see your face." She pats Elaine's hand, before releasing it and picking her food back up. "I think I'll be fine. Hopefully I won't be there to long."

Elaine slowly returns to her food, offering a small smile in response to Quinn. "I'll stay safe here for now, rather not get in the way until things have calmed down. And I might be able to comfort, guide, and smile… but there's a time and place for that and by what you've said I'm thinking my time isn't now. I'll keep an ear to the ground… or you could even let me know when things are clearer and there's a good time for a visit."

"Honestly…" Quinn frowns a bit, taking a deep breath. "Honestly I think you should look int' findin' a place outta the city you, me, an' Inger can go t'. Just, y' know. As a backup plan in case things go sideways, yeah?" She shrugs a bit. "Not that I think anythin' will, but I dunno. It's feelin' more and more like a good idea these days, havin' a backup."

"A safehouse, basically." Elaine says, chuckling lightly. "I could set up a place though. Someplace we'll both know about if shit goes south. I'll look for you there, when things come crumbling down. I know you like working for the Ferry but something'll go down one of these days, something bigger than you. And I want you safe, y'know? So you run to our little place and be safe and as soon as I get word I'll be there too."

"I-" Quinn chuckles, picking her food back up. "Yeah, a safehouse I guess. Not quite the same thing, but it's good enough." She takes another bite of her stir fry, fork scrapping against the bowl. "I like the term hideaway more though. Less grim soundin'." That, and Quinn's learned to associate something much different than simply having a backup plan with safehouses. "Thank you," she says quietly, staring into her bowl. It's pretty much empty, but she wishes it weren't. "I know you don't like me gettin' too deep int' these things, but…" She rolls her shoulders. "Sometimes y' gotta."

"Well, it's my idea of a safehouse. I haven't ever made one, so… it'll be a hideaway then. A hideout." Elaine laughs. "Too bad I can't get a treehouse or something, then it'd be a real hideout." She offers her usual bright smile to Quinn before eating the last of her stir fry. "Just don't get so deep you die. As long as you get out, we'll be just fine."

Quinn quirks a smile. "I haven't been workin' with Special Activities just so I could die, y' know." If any knew it was Elaine, because Quinn's been absent a lot of the summer - if she wasn't at work, she was recording, and if she wasn't recording she was off at Pollepel Island learning how to be better at pretty much everything they could teach her. "While we're up here, want me t' burn you a copy a' the new album. I know you have the mp3s an' all, but- I dunno." She offers a small shrug. It's only been mastered and finished a few days, and now it's about to go off to Studio K for approvals - the first single had already been on the airwaves, even if she hadn't been there to play it.

Was that a conflict of interest? She's going to have to look into this whole "controlling interest" thing soon.

Elaine knew very well about Quinn's absence. It hadn't been easy, either. After the bomb she'd been alone, shuffled around without someplace to belong. When she found Quinn, she found home again. It felt like a home and she was content to remain in it. Quinn was off saving the world, but she'd be back. It was just a little harder every time to watch her go.

"Yeah, get me a copy. I'll throw it in my bookbag for safekeeping." Elaine put her life into that bag, everything important went there. She wasn't a packrat, per se, but she certainly kept a collection of little things in there. "Never hurts to have a CD. You never know, could be stuck in a car with only a CD player driving across the country on a road trip."

Quinn offers a soft smile and a nod, setting the bowl aside. "Sure thing," she says, rising from her seat and making her way over to where Elaine sits. Plopping down next to her, Quinn smiles, leaning against her fiance. "In a minute." An arm is looped around Elaine's, and she closes her eyes as she leans her head against the taller woman.

Elaine is about to say something, but it gets forgotten as her bowl is set aside. She leans over in silence, resting her head in against Quinn's. One hand squeezes her fiance's arm. There might have been words Elaine wanted to speak (as there were always words that Elaine wanted to speak) but instead there was silence and for once that was alright with her.

Silence seems to suit Quinn well too, knowing that it could be the last quiet moment either of them has for the next few months. So, for now, she will relish the silence, however long it might last.

There would be plenty of time for talking and reassurances later.

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