The Last Ride


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Scene Title The Last Ride
Synopsis Katherine and Abigail run their last right together, as Katherine prepares to head off to Frontline.
Date June 11, 2010

No call right now, the ambulance idling sedately on a side street and waiting for a call. Starbucks already collected, smoothie bought for Abigail that resembled the swamp sludge that Peter tended to tease her about and the Vegan adored her for. Though she could stand to make her own and bring it in a thermos since places like Juice it up were run by corporate jerks who cared about the bottom line and not their employee's or the impact of their styrofoam cups on the environment or their long life in landfills.

Sprawled out in the back, ice pack to the back of her neck, recently switched out for a heat pack, she's looking up at the ceiling even as the straw disappears into the corner of her mouth and green liquid travels up it's corridor. "I think Trevor is going to die. Should I tell him I saw him in my vision?" Abby inquires of her co-worker. Katherine today, not Peter and not the Vegan. "He broke his neck when whatever tipped and crashed the ambulance tipped and crashed the ambulance" She was walking creakily today and a doctor had declared she had whiplash when she'd eventually slunk into work after the incident with the bus and they'd paged one of them to come down and clear her for work.

Katherine remains in the driver's seat. Her days as a paramedic are winding down since she has accepted Sarisa's invitation to join Frontline. With the incidents of yesterday keeping her very well busy, she's not had the chance to discuss her own dream with anyone. Her first thought was to wonder who that man was, if he was someone her mind made up or perhaps someone she knew before her accident. Part of the memory loss she suffered. She's not entirely sure why she dreamed of him. The rumors going around for most of the day is that these dreams were of the future, but in no way does Kat see herself doing what she saw herself doing.

Abby's talk of her own 'vision' snaps Katherine back into the present as she takes a sip from her own Starbucks cup. "I'm not sure. I mean, it's not like they're going to come true." Skeptic. Illogical. Call it what you want, but Katherine's logical mind just cannot fathom that she's seen the future. "Maybe it'll make him be more careful or something, but really, it was just a dream."

"Was it? I mean… Delilah is pregnant now, like she was in the vision. I was delivering her baby in a store somewhere." It's puzzling really and she wishes that she could get a hold of Joseph to talk with him about it. "Is it seriously your last week at work? There's rumors you're going off to somewhere else. Someone said you're going to Iraq, and another said California"

"Hm?" She really isn't sure how much she can say, though Elisabeth wasn't really all that secretive about her involvement with Frontline. "So? I think that it would be natural, since you know that your friend is pregnant, that she would be pregnant in the dream. You're probably as excited about her having a baby as she is, right?" It all makes perfect sense to Katherine, except the part where she dreams of cleaning blood off pavement and conspiring with someone to bury a body.

"I've been recruited to Frontline." It's a very public organization, so she's certain she's not giving away any top secret stuff here. "They need medics, so I was approached. I figure it'll be a good career move for me. But, really no idea where I'll go with them. Could be anywhere, I'd imagine." Her hand is turning the lid of her coffee cup, first clockwise one lap, then counterclockwise one lap, then back again.

So that's who snatched her up. "Be careful if Kershner touches you. She's a psychometer. Can read people's past with a touch" A kindly bit of information passed on. Though… "She might be able to help you with your memory, tell you what you can't remember of your life from before" It was an interesting and passing thought. "I think you'll like FRONTLINE. Liz is in frontline, I think she enjoys it. More militant and different than here and what we do here" The ice pack is traded off for the heat pack, one hand lifting to open drawers and find advil. "stupid bus"

That bus ride. Katherine has heard all about it. She has already asked Abby if she's okay to be doing this particular shift, and was rebuffed in the way that only Abby can do so, which caused Kat to grin. She will miss doing stuff like this, but ever since she met Sarisa, there's been an itch that she just seems to can quite reach. It's almost as if this is what she's meant to do. Frontline. As Abby mentions the touching, Kat arches her brow a moment and thinks back. She can't recall touching or being touched by the woman, but maybe she did. "I'll keep that all in mind. Maybe in my case, she'll help more than she'll hurt by knowing where I've come from.

"She's an okay woman. I've met her once. I think… she's afraid of me? I don't know, she was a little strange. Was surprised I wouldn't shake her hand. She knew a lot about me, you would think, that she knew that I don't shake hands with people. But she didn't. I refused a healer too" She twists in spot, looking up to the front. "She seriously could tell you, if you wanted to know. I think it's skin to skin, she wears gloves"

Katherine takes another drink from her cup and wipes away a drop of liquid from the brim with her thumb. She is listening to everything that Abby has to say. One thing about Abby, she seems to be in the know about alot of things, so when she speaks of something, Kat tends to take it at face value. "I will. I will really consider it." She listens to the squawking on the radio, seeing if perhaps they're close to the scene, but nope. So they remain where they are. After yesterday's fiasco, it's actually rather quiet, which is a nice change of pace. "Anything going on with you?" Every once in a while a flash of her dream will pop into her head. Typically with blood, or the wrapped up body, or the face of the man she doesn't know. She hasn't yet even spoken a word of her vision to anyone so far.

I turn into fire. That's whats going on with her. "Finally replaced my car. Really really close to everything being ready to start clearing the lot where Lucy's stood and starting to rebuild. Have to find out what I need. I wish Alec hadn't taken off, or I'd hire him, or beg to hire him at a really crappy price and have him take care of it all."

Abigail shrugs, laying on her side so she can watch Kat from the back. "I'm gonna miss you, when you go to Sarisa. Hope I don't need to see you in uniform cause if so, that means I did something really wrong, but… I think you'll like it. Sitting in an ambulance it just… doesn't seem like you"

There was a time when Katherine Marks would be fidgeting to get into some action. In fact, that feeling is starting to tug at Kat's ego just a little bit. She's been told by several that there are flashes of 'Old Kat' starting to come out and she has no idea what that means, to be honest. In fact, some days she feels so divided. Like she's June, Old Kat and New Kat all combined into one. She can even feel the subtle shifting of personalities as well at times, though she's well aware of it.

"I'll miss you too. I'll miss this job too, but I'm a little excited about this new job." She winces at the mention of Old Lucy's. She worked there briefly so the place does hold some fond memories for her, and really it helped mold her into who she is today. Without that, she might still have more June left in her than she'd care for. "Sorry about that. I hope that it's not going to cost you too much to rebuild." There's insurance and all, but sometimes they don't cover all the costs. "If you need any of /my/ help, let me know. I'll come if I'm not out somewhere." The kind of help her ability is good for.

"Maybe if I need to cut some corners, but I think the insurance will cover it, pretty sure it will. There's other things as well" She would say she would get the government to help rebuild it because in the end, they were pinned down because of what they were asked to help with. But Abby's not that kind of person. "Maybe I'll get you to come help when it's time to strengthen doors and such, or just to lend a hand with workers"

Abigail lifts the heat pack away, giving her neck a break. Whiplash sucked but it was far preferable to death by impact by water. "Okay, so what excites you about that job, over this one? I mean, depsite that you get to work with probably Liz, and that uhhh, the black guy, i forget his name, he came into the bar one time"

"Have you ever just been pulled towards something? I don't want to call is fate or destiny or something stupid like that, but I mean you literally just know that it's where you need to be? You don't really have to have a reason nor does it have to be logical, but it's there and you know it's your goal." She's trying her best to spell this out correctly, but she's not all that flowery of a person. "It's kind of like that. I can't explain it, it just is." Katherine, if she were honest, can't remember a hell of a lot about working with Liz to know if that's part of it or not.

"I do. It's why I came to New York, left home and started out here, when I could heal. I got a job at the diner though, Nite Owl. I had this little tiny bachelor apartment with thin walls and the occasional cockroach in a bad part of town. But the bomb, there were people I could help and it felt right in my heart" She understands far too well. "It's not always for the better that you get pulled that way, but you get pulled none the less and that's the way that it will be"

And that's the way it appears to be for Katherine. As she starts to say something in response when the com unit squawks and issues another directive for their bus this time, requesting their assistance nearby. "Let's go. That's us." Katherine is cranking on the engine and pulling her seatbelt over her and buckling up. She reaches for the mic and reports that they are on their way and their ETA is less than five minutes.
Stash the cold pack and the heat pack in the trash, they'll be useless by the time they're done. Advil swallowed witha bit of sludge, Abby's creeping up into the front to get her seatbelt on. "You'll have to help me come up with a new name for the bar. Old one burned, something new, deserves a new name" But just like that, she's taking the radio mic from her, depressing the button so that Kat can drive and Abby can get the details of what they're going to arrive to.

Kat pulls out of the parking spot they were resting and out into the street once Abby is settled in. She's got her sirens going and folks are trying to move out of their way. "New name? Why not something original like 'Abby's'." She resists urge to say 'Old Abby's' though she does grin as she looks over at her partner. As they arrive to the address and Kat pulls off to the side, she realizes that this ride here may be here last. In a few hours, she'll be starting her new career in Frontline and things will be entirely different for her.

Whatever the future may hold, she's grateful for what she's had up until this point. "Let's go."

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