The Lesbian and the Boy Who Wished


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Scene Title The Lesbian and the Boy Who Wished.
Synopsis Magnes and Sable have a talk.
Date November 21 2010


Magnes walks around a 7-11 with Sable, looking for snacks and things to grab up for the band. He looks as beaten as he could be, idly lifting a vegetable wrap from a pile. "Elaine's gone, my father was a surprise guest on the Advocate. Back stage he said I was a failure and a disappointment. I'm going to just go to Columbia, and just… I don't even know. God, Elaine…"

Sable has kept close by, not nearly as vociferous as she usually is, hands in pockets, meandering alongside Magnes as they traverse the stoner's delight that is the 7-11. As it happens, despite her statement, she hasn't yet lit up. That this was an excuse to get one on one time with Magnes should, by now, be pretty obvious. "Shit," Sable says, lips tugging down in a scowl, "can't jus' be one horrible fuckin' thing, can it, eh? I'm sorry. Honest to God," she gives a huff, "but far as yer father goes, screw 'im. Like that sorry ass, square motherfucker knows th' first thing 'bout who you are, what a fine shinin' example of a goddamn human being y' are, how yer an honest to god hero in every sort 'f fuckin' way, plus," she grins, "th' bosom goddamn companion 'f th' greatest single artist 'f this generation."

"I can deal with my father's criticism, he was right about some things. But Elaine, she's just…" Magnes swallows, stopping at the frozen snacks to lean his head against the glass of one of the doors. "She's gone, Sable, and the worst part is, I realized that I can never give any girl what she deserves. Every girl I date will worry, I just… I can't have a girlfriend…"

"Boy," Sable says, and when she speaks the diminutive, it's with none of it usual boisterous faux-patronange. It's just a nickname, and an affectionate one. "I dunno if mebbe that's yer lot. I dunno every girl in th' world," she gives a wry smirk, "no matter how hard I may try," and back to being serious, "but I'm guessin' there's at least one chick out there as shithouse mouse crazy as you. 'n' then she won't be worryin' 'bout you back home, she'll be out there runnin' with y', backseat-drivin' in th' fucking Varlanemobile."

"It sucks, Sable, waiting for the one girl I'm not even sure exists." Magnes finally stands up straight and opens the door, reaching in for a few ice cream sandwiches. "Elaine was perfect, perfect. What am I supposed to do? I've been sleeping on the roof because I can't stand sleeping alone anymore, especially in that apartment."

Despite the somber topic, Sable's eyes do light up a bit when she sees YUM! ice cream sandwiches. All the more reason to carry through with her previous resolve to light up. She can only imagine how good they'll be then. But that… is so very much besides the point, as Sable's better nature reminds her. "Jesus, boy, I know," Sable says, emphatic, "Good Lord do I know. She's a goddamn treasure. But schlubs like you 'n' me… what th' fuck we gonna do? We live, we love, we lose th' fuck out. Y' c'n regret 'n' sing the blues, and sometimes y' gotta. Fuck knows I do. But you gotta keep livin' 'n' keep lovin', 'til y' die old 'n' happy or yer poor heart gives out."

"You know, me and you, we're practically perfect for eachother, but fate saw fit to make you like girls, and make me into a boy. It's like dangling the one woman who'll always stand by me, but keeping her just out of arm's reach." Magnes shakes his head at the idea, grabbing a little basket to put things in so he can go for the subs. "I can't move on, Sable. I mean, I can move on, eventually, from Elaine… but I can't put myself through this again."

"Consider, chum," Sable says, arching her brow, "that th' fact y' haven't nor won't fuck me changes yer attitude regardin' our mutual-type compatability. Romance wise. Magnes, yer a dude, 'n' in yer presence, I'm a dude 's well. Whatall I do f'r y' ain't what a lady love's gotta do f'r y'. Nor what you'd want t' do f'r a lady love would suit me, dig?" She clicks her tongue. "You jus' take it easy 'n' see whatall happens. Ugly though it may get, yer gonna get swept up in some other passion soon 'nuff. Even pinin' f'r her, y'll feel others pullin' on yer heart. Give it time. Trust me. You got too full a heart."

"I don't know, after all the times I've been with Elaine, I still don't understand how lesbians do it, but…" Magnes shrugs, finally stopping at the self-serve coffee to pull out a few cups,handing two to Sable to take care of, Quinn's and Adel's. "I'm getting tired of sleeping on the roof in a tent, but I'm nto sure what else to do."

Sable gapes slightly. "Jesus… boy… I told y' already. Ain't no big mystery. Jesus, see, yer trouble is y' can't properly think like nothin' but a man. Y'all can't even imagine whatall could be happenin' if there ain't a dick involved." She tuttuts, but reprimand can't last, even when good humored, "Christ, I dunno. Get a hotel room somewhere. Sign in with a fake name 'n' a phoney card, get piss drunk and trash th' place, then get th' fuck out. Whatever gets you so miserable th' only way left t' go is up. That's what I'd do."

"Sable…" Magnes starts filling the cups, knowing generally what Elaine and Sable like by now. He's listening, trying to search for anything that'll make him feel better. Then, finally, he finishes, "Will you be my roommate again?"

Sable blinks. Yeah. They were roommate once, weren't they? That was before the snowstorm before… everything. But they had been. And it had worked out. It's for that time that Sable continues to be grateful for, and may unto the end of time.

"Yeah. Yeah, boy, sure. Sounds like a plan. Makes band logistics easier, too, eh?" Since spending more positive time with Eileen, Sable's actually started using this one disdained word. A strange sort of apology for earlier feelings.

"Thanks, Sable. I'll try and set my work room up to work as a bedroom, it's pretty big." Magnes actually smiles for once, the first non-strained one of the day, snapping the lids on to the cups. "I think that's the first step in the right direction for me. Come on, let's pay for this stuff. I'd ask what else you want, but we're juggling five coffees and a bag."

That smile alone makes having to sleep in the goddamn study worthwhile. And really, like she'll even notice. She prefers a raucous den to a orderly bedroom. Rock and roll, baby. "Jus' gonna grab me a Hundred Grand Bar. Gonna want that later, after I snag a puff. My voice is gonna turn ladylegs t' butter, boy. Just you wait 'n' see."

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