The Lucky Monkey
The Lucky Monkey
Owner Ellen Fung Xue
Employees Hiring
Hours of Operation 11 am - 8 pm
Current Status Open for Business
People Come Here For… Household items, knickknacks, jewellery, and … more.

The main floor of the Lucky Monkey is one long space that reaches right to the back. Two rows of free-standing shelves run the full length of it, dividing it up into three very crowded aisles, which are jammed with an eclectic mix of (if the sign outside is to be believed) everything. While not literally "everything" is carried in stock, there is an astounding variety of goods for sale here: household items, decorative pieces, handtools, jewellery, electronics, parasols, even some strange snackfoods without any English on the packaging; if it carries the "Made in China" sticker, it can probably be found here. Everything is quite inexpensive, though most of it is also cheap in workmanship as well.

There is, at least, some semblance of order, for disarray would be sheer chaos. Everything is tucked neatly away on its labelled shelf, but it still takes a careful watch to navigate around the inventory without breaking or tripping over something. With no back room, nearly all of the inventory is kept out on the shelves for convenience, though there are two narrow flights of stairs in the back, one leading down and one leading up - both with locked doors at the other end.

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