The Manifested


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Scene Title The Manifested
Synopsis A party is had for the release of Savannah's new book, Epoch
Date April 23, 2011

A Barnes & Noble, New York City

The unfortunate thing about New York is curfew. It means no late night bar hopping, time restrictions on the walk of shame, and no midnight book or movie releases. However, the one perk of curfew is that midnight book releases can be earlier, giving prospective readers the entire evening and night to devour new books before the rest of the general public.

One of the larger Barnes & Noble stores in New York had been generous enough to host with a pretty nice setup. Space cleared for chairs, table in front of them for signing, a huge poster advertising the book, Epoch behind it, with the glorious stack of newly-printed books on display, a pair of employees set to make sure people who pre-ordered get checked off their list that they received their copy. Off to the side of the chaired area is a table set up to be a bar, complete with a pair of bartenders offering cocktails.

It is a party, after all.

While the party is casual, Savannah likes to be slightly dressy for these things- they are always a special occasion to her. She wears a snug fitting red dress, knee-length, a strand of pearls, and a pair of brown boots that stop just short of the hem of the dress. She stands near the 'bar', currently retrieving a drink while people filter in for the event. Her drink of choice? A margarita.

Alcohol. Bartenders. Snacks. Holy hell, where was all of this when Robyn Quinn worked here? She certainly never ran a midnight release like this. Then again, she never ran a midnight releasee where the actual author was in attendance. Unless you count that one time J.K. Rowling was in town at the same time, though she didn't actually come by. But taht still wouldn't've been as been a deal, at least to Quinn. Savannah Burton's way more awesome than Rowling.

A cocktail is already in her hand as she waits in line to get her preordered copy (she had to work three of these things before. How was she not going to preorder?), she looks around for any familiar faces, as well as the author in question. A part of her wonders if Ms. Burton will even remember the time they met. She wouldn't blame her, considering they were being to busy being shot at because of- QUinn doesn't even remember. Something about a collection. Oh well.

James Leonard Richmond isn't usually the one for fiction. But he had heard of Burton's work, and had nothing better to do this evening. Which means he decided on a whim to come around to visit. Apparently a good decision, because there's drinks, attractive women, and the like. Not that he's in the market for a woman, despite being unattached, but he won't mind some eye candy.

Burton is someone he only knows from pictures — until today, perhaps — but he knows what she looks like. The man heads over towards Savannah, and flashes a smile. "Good evening, miss Burton?" He asks just to be sure. "I'm Leon Richmond, it's a pleasure to meet you." It's always a pleasure to meet attractive women after all. Better if they're smart to boot.

For most of his life, while Gael would keep abreast of current events, he never devoted much time to recreational reading. That hasn't changed since his fall from grace— but anything directly addressing the Evolved situation is an exception, and Burton's work is likely at the top of that list. For the moment, he's content to wait in line and let her and her other fans take the spotlight; he's just another face in the crowd, no one worth paying attention to. Even if he does stand a clear head taller than the woman just in front of him.

Yay for interwebs!

Somewhere between the line for preorders and inching toward the bar, Delia seems at a loss. Two stars, two chances for autographs, she's already met both of them… decisions are so hard. Of course, Quinn is something of a friendly type, the redhead did throw the other woman under the bus during their brief stint of working together. It earns a step in that direction. Looking back at Savannah, the young woman sucks a breath between her teeth and glances down at the book she brought in with her. Another copy of Mean Heat for the woman to sign, this time for another fan. It earns a step in the other direction.

It's a possibility that her clothing has already gotten her spotted by security and watched. Delia's not exactly in the running for the best dressed list. Ratty jeans that have seen too many washings, a long sleeved t-shirt with a designer logo emblazoned on the front, and a grey cardigan that reaches to the back of her knees, she's looking more like a comfortable evening at home. The decision is made for her by none other than James Leonard Richmond (oo he's been on tv~) when he slides in front of her. A small smile is offered the author, should she see it, before Delia retreats toward the line up instead.

A bit disenchanted with the evening before she even gets there. Yana has the typical demeanor of the bored rich lady as she joins the party. These kind of events attract a lot of random people. The likes of which would serve well to spread her precious virus around. Though her possible plans were tarnished when Magnes asked to accompany her. Which is part of the reason for her current mood, as she probably cannot frivolously experiment without hearing something from him. She'll just have to chalk this up as a somewhat normal evening, or just be extra sneaky about passing on the 'goodness' that she has to spread.

For this occasion, she has gone with her elegant Jackie O style dress, black with all of the trimmings befitting of someone of her stature. Lazy eyes taking in the various individuals gathered for the occasion.

Accompanying Yana is Magnes, in a black suit with white pinstripes, looking around for anyone he may know. Of course he's familiar with Savannah, but he doesn't exactly know her. It's when he spots Quinn that he holds an arm out for Yana to take. "Come on Elvira, I want you to meet one of my friends." Then he's waving over to said friend!

Sipping from her margarita, Savannah looks up over the rim of her glass as she's addressed. "Oh, yes, that's me," she affirms, offering a gentle smile. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Richmond." She comments, though her eyes scan through the crowd a little bit to see if there are any familiar fans. Her eyes settle on Delia with an amused-yet-friendly smile, then she glances to the line for books to make sure everything's running along smoothly. Thankfully, there are plenty of employees, as well as some security in case something goes wrong. Hopefully no one will set things on fire.

"I do hope the evening is treating you well, miss Burton?" Leon asks as he orders a martini of his own, smiling congenially at Savannah. "It sure is treating me well. I must admit I'm not one to often meet famous actors like yourself, but for someone who writes books as excellent as you do, I gladly make an exception." Okay, so he hasn't read a single word of Savannah's books. He trusts the judgment of others in this case. Yeah, that's his excuse.
Quinn's dressed tonight like she does when she's at work - button up longsleeve black shirt, pleated skirt to match, stockings, fairly nice shoes. The only thing she lacks are paper and pen in front of her and that embarrassing pair of reading glasses she never lets anyone see. What she does have inside is her bag over her shoulder and one of her Amplified books held close to her chest - she has all three, none of them signed. The has three preordered copies. Ones for herself, two to give as gifts at a later date waiting for h as she steps forward in line.

And then someone's waving at her, making her blink as she pauses and looks off in Magnes' direction, her head tilting a bit. "Magnes?" Oh god, and here she is looking all professional and respectable. For some reason, this is embarrassing. "I didn't know you liked Savannah's books. What're you doin' here?" A look over to Yana, and her eyebrow quirks. Wait… she recognizes her from that picture he showed her! "An' you must be Elvira! Nice t' meet you."

"Magnes, I would just like to make sure that you are aware that you do have far more important matters you should be dealing with rather than accompanying me to an event." Yana points out, speaking clearly though hardly letting her mouth move as not to give the outward onlooked the impression that she is muttering to him. "This rouge version of yourself should take up more time than you are investing in it. If left unchecked, there is no telling what he could do to your reputation. And should the authorities come looking for you for something criminal that has been done, I would prefer not being dragged into it by association. Which is why I stress.. deal with this situation." Yana's words are firm, but she puts on a good enough show of being pleasant and sparkling. And she has to admit her curiosity about this alternate timeline thing. At least to herself.
She brightens a bit further as they reach Quinn, and loses all indication that she was whispering, her voice gathering a bit of honey on the way. "Oh, please, just call me Yana. I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that you have me at a bit of a disadvantage. Magnes has quite a few friends, and this would be the first time I've met one."

Magnes is speaking at a whisper himself, at least while they're making their way over to Quinn. Though he's not quite as good at hiding the fact that he's whispering. "I'm taking care of it, but there isn't a hell of a lot that I can do just flying around. I'm waiting for results." He figures that's a phrase she can understand with little elaboration, then smiles when they finally reach Quinn and reaches to take her hand. "Elvira, Robyn Quinn. Quinn, Dr. Elvira Blite."

"Oh, yes, my evening is just fine, thank you," Savannah offers, another sip taken from her glass. "I'm flattered, thank you. It's nice to hear you enjoy my writing. I'm always curious which of my characters people like the most. Who's your favorite, Mr. Richmond?" She asks.

And then Quinn has company too.

Delia's expression of dismay as she's cockblocked by two society people to the two celebrities in the room (sorry James Leonard Richmond) turns to a lowered head and hunched shoulders. Clutching the worn paperback in her hands, she finds a plush chair and passes a glance between Quinn and Savannah, apparently ready to race toward the one that frees up first.

But then…

Oh Dusty~, she slumps in the chair as the book flips open to one of the racier portions. A blush covered her cheeks and ears but she manages to hide the rest of her face by tucking it into the bodice ripper as she reads. Too bad he doesn't have dark hair… but blond men can be attractive too, they're just dangerous.

While the bright lights of the evening shine, the line of regular folks shuffles forward. Before long, Gael - presentable but drab dress shirt and slacks, crisp new volume tucked under one arm - peels off to pick up a drink for himself and take a look around. And still leaves the (two? three?) celebrities alone, instead wandering over to Delia's corner and peering over her shoulder. "I hear the good part's on page 114," he murmurs.

"A difficult question, miss Burton, as I like all of them. If pressed, I'd have to say it's a coin toss between Riley and Caden." Leon answers, picking a coin from his pocket. "So let's see which one it is, heads for Riley, tails for Caden." He flips the coin into the air, catches it and smacks it onto his hand. As he removes his hand, it shows tails. "I suppose that means it's Caden I like best." He chuckles softly, even as he's talking about books he's never so much read as glanced over a plot summary on wikipedia.

A hand is offered out to Dr. Blite, an eyebrow quirked as she regards the woman in front of her. "You're much more lovely in person than in the photograph Magnes showed us. Please, call me Robyn." Which is probably different than what Magnes might be used to. It's something he's still kinda getting used to herself, everyone calling her Robyn now. "So, a doctor? That's rather impressive. I can't imagine how Magnes managed to friend someone of your stature." The smile on her face, angled towards Magnes, says she's teasing. Hopefully, since that's the intention. In front of her, the line moves and she steps up with it, just one person between her and her books now.

"So, you guys are fans? Never really would've thought, I wish I'd know you guys were coming, I would've gotten a ride. Taming helmet hair is always such a chore." Quinn remarks with a wave of her hand as she turns, a hand moving to her hip as she looks around. None of her former coworkers are here, that's actually a shame. She's love to rub it in someone's face that she went from Barnes & Noble to breakout artist.

Oh wait.

She pauses as her eyes scan the room. There is a former co-worker here. Just not from where she was expecting. "Deeeeelia~"

The redhead jumps and slaps her book shut when Gael creeps up behind her and speaks to her in a low tone. The fact that he's read the book and giving her recommendations as to which part to read? A horrified grimace creeps its way across her features and she stares at him while trying to tuck the book into her pocket. "That's— uhm— H-hi? Mister Cruz… I uhm…" Her stammered greeting is calmed by a deep intake of air before she asks the burning question. "Aren't you old enough for like… retirement or something? Don't you guys read books about fishing and chicken soup for the soul? Stuff like that?"

"Oh, Caden. You must have been terribly upset about the second book, then," Savannah says, swirling the slushy margarita in her glass a bit before she lets her eyes scan the room. "Oh, I hope you'll excuse me for a moment, I see someone I simply have go see." Stepping away from Leon, she moves over towards the small cluster of Quinn, Yana, and Magnes. There's a bright smile as she turns towards Quinn.

"Robyn Quinn, right? Do… you think you could sign your CD for me? I've got one in my purse. I'm a big fan."

Leon just nods at Savannah, "I was." And then the author is gone, and Leon sighs in relief that the inquiries didn't go to deeply. He turns back to his martini. He might not be as much a celebrity as Quinn and Savannah, but in a way he doesn't mind. He's well known enough to get into most good parties, and not well known enough to have to deal with hordes of fans. Which is a good thing, in his eyes at least. Quinn is noticed only when Savannah heads over that way, and Leon offers a smile to her from the distance.

Magnes' response isn't exactly what Yana wanted to hear. But now isn't the time for her to express that. She shall let it go for now, and file it away for later. It is meet and greet, just like she used to do at the fancy parties her father would take her to. She offers her hand to Quinn, letting Magnes complete his introductions, "Why thank you." She can always enjoy a bit of flattery. "It is nice to finally put a face with the name that Magnes is so often going on about. He's.." she shifts her eyes to the side at Magnes, "Unique. I'm not quite sure how, he tracked me down, but I would really akin him to a pupil than anything else. Though he seems to be slipping a little in his quest for science." She says, which is a loaded statement, considering the conversations they have had recently.

It is, in fact, a bluff. Given his druthers, Gael would sooner read a phone book from Vladivostok than the likes of Mean Heat. Still, it's as good a way to break the ice as any.

"I think you must have me mixed up with someone else," he says, in a low calm tone. "Wheeler— Robert." Play along, his facial expression suggests - just long enough for Delia to see, not long enough for random bystanders to notice - and then his brow furrows, as he addresses the other wrong thing that just came out of her mouth. "And I am not old, thank you." Yes, he just turned fifty recently, shut the hell up.

"Unique is probably the best word for it," Quinn replies a bit dryly. Sorry, Magnes, this is what happens when you combine friends. Slippin'? Ah, well, sorry if that's my fault. Sable an' I are always tryin' t' get him t' dedicate himself t' music full time. I hope he's going good enough as a student, though. Just don't let the at home lessons get too late." She grins, releasing Yana's hand as she turns to Magnes to speak, seeing Delia head off to some other guy. And then someone speaks her name behind her and she raises a finger, pausing to turn.

"Wha-" Stop. Blink. Savannah Burton just walked up to her and asked for her autograph, and now she's truly red in the face with embarrassment. "I- uh…" she stammers out, sounding sheepish. "Y-Yeah, I could do that. I dind't realize…" She raises a hand, waving it dismissively. "Yeah, hold on, um, a moment…" A hand drops into her bag, pulling out a few CDs - Quinn is conceited, sometimes. She carries around a few copies of her CD and singles to hand out if people ask or want autographs. It's happening more and more lately. Handing two of the singles - one for each - over to Savannah, she smiles. "Certainly, Ms. Burton. We'll trade, I'll get you t' sign my books in exchange for those and your CD. Sound fair?" She smiles nervously at the author, scratching the back of her head.

Savannah laughs at Quinn's embarrassment, and she nods a little bit. "I think that's a pretty fair deal, really. I just wanted to tell you I do really enjoy your music. It's stuff I really enjoy singing along to, and I occasionally listen to it while I'm writing, depending on the mood. Might just have to put a thank you in my next book for you." She shrugs a little bit, then looks back to the small group. "I should probably go see about starting the question and answer session. It was really nice to meet you, Robyn. And please, call me Savannah." She comments before moving up towards the table beyond the chairs.

"Sorry, Mister Wheeler, I thought you looked sort of like a friend of my dad's." You know, old? After the book is tucked away in her pocket, Delia laces her fingers over one of her knees and glances toward the crowd of celebs plus tantes gathering at the line. "So you're a big fan of fantasy fiction then? Twilight type stuff?" A crooked grin spreads across her features as she insinuates having caught the old man in a guilty pleasure. Teen horror romance~. "You don't really seem the type to me, you know… more like a fishing and camping sort of guy than I dunno… Evolved teens."

Having no-one to talk to for the moment, Leon heads over to find himself a seat. He's not actually moving to buy one of the books — if he wanted to, he could of course — but rather heads towards Delia and 'mister Wheeler', "Good evening." he greets them. "I'm Leon Richmond." He's well aware that not everyone might know him. "Can I offer the fair lady a drink?" He's a bit of a womanizer, alright. Though he never takes any girls home, so probably not too much of one.

"I haven't really read the books yet, but I thought I'd pick up the series and meet the author while I have the opportunity. But I think I've actually met her before." Magnes looks over at Delia, a face he hasn't seen in an incredibly long time, then to Quinn questioningly, but doesn't say anything. "I still like science, we just have a few differing opinions that we're in the middle of resolving…" He says this semi-seriously, as if there's something more under his words.

'Bob' declines to correct Delia on the subject of his literary tastes. Age is a sensitive topic for him, but appearing to be an airhead? That suits him just fine. "Well, you know how it is— sometimes you just want to turn your brain off for a while, you know? Fishing and camping only goes so far—"

But then there's someone else vying for her attention, and he promptly steps to one side, not wanting to stand in Leon's way in case her answer is yes. Certainly not making a play for someone young enough, as she pointed out, to be his daughter.

"Hm. No need to worry about that." Yana replies to Quinn, "He isn't quite the workaholic that I am. I do make sure he is out at a reasonable hour." It somehow sounds like she were speaking about bedtimes. "He should perhaps start focusing more on his music. He made mention that he has been lacking a bit, and I would hate to see him falter in something that he likes." Of course, this is only half of the truth, if that.

"Liking science is fine." She sides to Magnes, "I'm simply speaking of your devotion to it. You have an array of talents, and science is very.. demanding. You may need to forgo quite a bit of who you are."

Heading up to the front, Savannah offers a smile to the whole of the group before she takes another sip of the margarita. Party, remember? "I'm going to make this a pretty informal thing, so… I'll be taking any questions any of you have, and then we'll get to signing some books. So if you have a question, just raise your hand so everyone knows you're speaking and then go ahead and shout it out. Although you don't literally have to shout. No need to break anyone's eardrums."

When Savannah takes off, Quinn just sort of stares for a moment. It's actually her turn to step forward and receive her copies of the book, but she's a little too stunned to actualy do so, at least until the person behind her pushes her a forward a little. Maybe they're a bit jealous. "Oh! Um, sorry…" Quinn blinks before she steps forward, looking back at Magnes and Yana. "Oh, no, I was just kidding. He likes the science. Much as we'd like t' have him around all the time… I mean, I have my own work too." WHich is still music, but there's a point there still. Forgoing who he is, that's what she doesn't like the sound of.

Pausing long enough to offer her credit card forward and receive her three copies of the book (two shoved into her bag and the other held in arm). "I'm sure you guys will get it worked out. Have fun, an' all a' that. "Anyway, you can borrow my copies of the books if you want t' read them. Just be sure not t' mess 'em up since I'm getting them signed!" And with that, she's out of line and looking for where the author went.

"I don't think I ever want to just abandon science." Magnes says as he tries to guide Yana in the direction of the impromptu Q&A. "I have comics that are worth thousands of dollars, I think I can take care of a book." he's quick to point out, and then raises a hand. It's a Q&A, so he's raising his hand!

The approach of Leon isn't really noticed by the redhead until he makes the offer of a drink, then her head pivots quickly and she opens her mouth, closes it, and opens it again before shaking her head. "Uhm.. no thank you." Lady, she's never been accused of that before. "I have a boyfriend— " she adds quickly, a lie, she's been getting better at lying.

Jumping out of her seat, she stalks swiftly toward the line to buy a book. She may or may not read it, she probably will since she's a huge fan of Gladys Potter, since they're the same person and everything. When she reaches the end, she folds her arms over her chest, allowing the top of the book to peek out of her pocket. When Magnes raises his hand, she makes a little ooffggh sound at the back of her throat and raises hers too. Higher than his. She even adds jumping to the equation.

"I was just making an offer, no strings attached." Leon calls after Delia as she walks away. But then the Q&A session starts, and he gets up and moves to the bar, setting down his finished drink before turning away. Question and Answer sessions are always so boring, to Leon anyway. As such, he moves outside to grab a smoke, and after that, grab a cab and leave. Before he does this, he picks up his phone and looks at it, smiling at Savannah he says, "I'm sorry, miss Burton. I'd love to stay, but my father urgently needs me, for private reasons."

There's Magnes raising a hand, so Savannah gestures to him. "Go ahead, no need to wait on me to call on you. Just don't cut someone off, everyone." She nods towards Magnes. "So what was your question?"

Magnes rubs his chin for a brief moment, then quickly answers, having done more than enough Q&As to know not to hold things up. "Well, I was wondering, I haven't read your books yet which is why I'm here, to buy the series, but are they based on a true story? Or inspired by."

Savannah nods a little bit. "Well, it's great that you're buying the books. They aren't based on any true stories, but they're heavily inspired by a friend of mine that was Evolved and shared his story before anyone really knew what the Evolved were. It's inspired by current events, but no, it's not really too much of a true story. I just drew on experiences from others to write them." She nods to Delia. "Go ahead!"

Lips downturned into a sad little face, Delia lowers her hand only to brighten up again when called. Jumping like a teenager when she talks, she waves her hands around excitedly (someone famous just spoke to her~). "Miss Burton! Miss Burton!" Her tone is breathless and somewhat starstruck, even though she actually met the woman face to face the other day. "Oh my god, hi my name is Delia~" Just in case Savannah didn't remember, she's famous and everything. "I was wondering… since the new books are in the future, are any of the characters related to the ones from the first set?"

Oh, well, question and answer time. Autographs will have to wait until after that, but that's no worries. That gives Quinn time to make her way over to her temporarily neglected (and seemingly enthusiastic) friend. Giggling a bit as she hops up and down, Quinn sidles up beside Delia, book still in her arms as she stands beside her in line. "Oooh, hear that, Delia? Better make it a good one," she comments with a smirk, angling a look over at the redhead.

The author smiles warmly towards Delia. "Ah, yes… actually. There's a connection between the characters in the new book and the ones from the old book, but it's not necessarily an sort of relationship. You'll have to read the book to find out what exactly it is and put together the pieces yourself on that one." Savannah gives a quick scan around the room. "Any other pressing questions or shall I get to signing?"

This time, Quinn's hand shoots up as something occurs to her. It's more a question of curiosity than anything really important though. "Was there any one thing that inspired the new book, or even the whole trilogy? An'…" She pauses a bit, like she's making sure she wants to ask the rest of her question. SHe nods, smiling as she continues. "How did November 8th change or affect what you wanted t' do, if at all? I know it was a big deal for a lotta people, an' it was kinda a direct influence for one a' my songs, so I'm curious what it did t' what you had in mind, creatively."

Who knows whether it's a pressing question or not - it's not as weighty as Quinn's latest line of inquiry - but there's a guy wearing horn-rimmed glasses (not that one) in the back who raises his hand: if this is his last chance to pipe up, then he's going to go for it. "Oh, and uh, has anyone approached you about a movie series yet?"

"I'd been working on a few ideas a number of months ago. A lot of the stuff, like November 8th really gave me ideas to focus on. It wasn't exactly until I got told by a precognitive that I was going to die that I really started getting things in gear and focusing on the world they live in, the kind of rough place it could be because of the rift between those with abilities and those who don't," Savannah replies. "November 8th really ended up making me set the books a number of years in the future. I thought about what life would be like if things didn't change and only got worse, and then how young adults would deal with it."

The other question gets a tiny smile. "I've been talking to a few people about movie rights and the potential for a series of movies… but I can't say I can confirm anything right now… but talks are happening, so… keep your fingers crossed. There's certainly interest."

After giving Quinn a rather large grin, Delia nods excitedly to Savannah and pulls a twenty dollar bill from her pocket. It's rolled into a small cylinder in her palm and she edges toward the line. "I'm going to buy one… When I get the money for the rest, I'm toooootally mailing them to her to get her to sign them. You know she actually reads fan mail and returns it?" It's whispered in reverence, like the redhead's actually been a witness to the fact.

The new question elicits a little fangirl squeal from the redhead and she jump up and down with her hand in the air again. "Miss Burton! Miss Burton! Oh oh! If there is a movie, do you think Smoov or Peyton Whitney would be in it?!" As a side to Quinn, she puckers her lips into a self satisfied, knowing smile and raises her eyebrows. "I saw Smoov at my brother's work… and I know Peyton Whitney's dog walker? And she totally signed a business card for me once."

"You saw Smoov?" Quinn quirks an amused eyebrow, before turning her attention back to Savannah. "Thank you, Ms. Burton!" After all, she was nice enough to answer her question. "At Studio K? You know I have a radio show there, right Delia?" She grins, arms crossing. "If you wanna come by some day, maybe you can meet him." Okay, yeah, she's trying a little to one up Delia, but she's also trying to be nice! "I've met Peyton once, but never really talked t' her. She was too busy buyin' at the date auction, an' then leaving in a huff when a guy fainted. Certainly never signed anythin' for me, so that's really cool!"

A look back to Savannah, and QUinn smiles. "Why not just pick all the books up t'night? They're not that much, I got a bit on me if you need it. Easier than gettin' her t' sign stuff by mail."

"I can't say I know for sure as far as casting goes, we'd have to see who was interested if we land a deal. But I'll be sure to pass along your casting suggestions," Savannah says with a grin. She glances back to the line of people getting their books, which is thinning out. Better start with the signing. "If you all want to come up and get things signed, now's the time. Don't be shy."

"Mmmhmm! Saw him in the flesh. Even touched this huge guy that works for him on the arm, I bet that guy even touched Smoov… so I'm like two degrees away from Smoov." Quinn receives a discreet touch on the arm as Delia glances away, like she's not really doing anything at all. One degree away from Robyn Quinn.

"D— aaauuuughhh, really?!?! You would let me come to the studio while you were on the radio?" Who cares if Quinn is trying to one up her, if Delia could get on the radio, she'd have two five minuteses of fame. That's more than most people in real life get in a whole lifetime. "Do you think I could like.. talk on the microphone and stuff? Promise I wouldn't do anything hugely embarrassing." She pulls the romance book from her pocket and shuffles forward some in the lineup.

"Totally. I mean, why not? I doubt you'd do anythin' bad. I mean, I've offered t' let Elaine come on, an' there's always the chance of us getting caught making out on air, if my producer feels like bein' a dick. I doubt you can do anythin' worst than that!" Quinn chuckles, but there's a bit of a blush at that idea. "An' sure, you could talk! No harm in that at all!" She shakes her head. What a silly question!

The romance book coming out has Quinn quirking an eyebrow, even as she's pulling more of her books out of her bag. "What's that?" she asks, not able to see the name. The art looks familiar though. "Doesn't look like any of the Savannah Burton books I used t' stop when I worked here." Which, of course, means she's dreadfully curious.

Savannah smiles, occasionally answering a question or two by various fans that come up as she signs books. For the most part, she's just making sure everyone feels welcome, gets their book, and gets it signed. That's what she's there for. She, apparently, isn't aware of the fact that Delia's got a copy of Mean Heat in hand. Uh oh.

Meanwhile, Gael hangs back and flips through a few pages of the book, occasionally glancing up as the women make plans to hilarity to ensue over the airwaves. Might have to check that out, come to think of it. And— "Hmm? Pen name, maybe?" he wonders out loud, with a shrug. It's not an uncommon practice when a writer crosses genres. And/or wants to be able to distance themselves from the work later on.

Gripping the book between both of her hands, Delia gives a sheepish glance to Quinn and then looks down at what she's holding. "Oh.. uhm… I'm… Maybe she's a fan? You never know, right?" Then, as though reconsidering, she places the book back into her pocket and takes another step forward. "Making out on the air? Didn't like.. one of the radio guys already do that or something? Or was that you?" A few more steps forward and they've reached the head of the line where Delia picks one of the books from the pile and holds it out for the author to sign. "Can you sign it 'to my biggest fan'? I know it's probably not true but still…"

Quinn's copy of Mean Heat is in her bag, but she doesn't pull it out, not knowing better. "Definitely wasn't me. Yet." She says this as if it's an inevitability. "Was it Rueban? He does some weird shit sometimes." A bit of a shrug, and Quinn turns her attention ahead. She doesn't even consider the idea of a pen name. Because, really, how likely is that. "But yeah, maybe I can get you t' sit in next Friday. I do a short show, an' then head t' Tartarus for the concert and blind date auction that's happenin' beforehand. You should come, it'll be fun."

"Who knows, you just might be my biggest fan," Savannah says, scrawling the words and her name on the page. She draws the dot on the 'i' in 'Delia' as a little heart, and she slides the book across the the table to Delia. "Or if not that, my most persistent fan."

Quinn gets a small nod to the mention of the morning host. "That's the guy, Rooster, right?" She's already grinning like the cat that swallowed the canary, between the offer to be on the radio~ and the compliment from the author, the young redhead is practically walking on a cloud. "Thank you Miss Burton~" she sing songs (way off key) as she grips the book up and then makes her way to the checkout.

"Dear diary, best day ever.." are the quiet words from the dream walker's lips as she waits in another line to pay for her purchase.

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