The Manties Of The American People


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Scene Title The Manties Of The American People
Synopsis Will be twisting when Multiple Man comes out. For now, Max, Wendy and Kaylee plus a bunch of others from the set are enjoying alcohol in the Rock Cellar till Wendy needs to bolt or else.
Date July 23, 2009

The Rock Cellar

A comfortable place, located in the basement of 14 East 4th Street. The red brick walls are covered with memorabilia from various icons of rock and places in rock history, creating a feel similar to that of a Hard Rock Cafe.

The left wall has two bars separated by swinging doors which lead to and from the kitchen. Directly across from the entrance is a two foot high stage with all the equipment needed for acts to perform there. The right wall has three doors marked as restrooms: two for use by women and one by men.

Thirty square feet of open space for dancing and standing room is kept between the stage and the comfortable seating placed around tables which fill the remainder of the Cellar.

The lighting here is often kept dim for purposes of ambiance, and when performers are onstage the place is loud enough to make conversation difficult. Just inside the door is a podium where location staff check IDs and stamp the hands of those under twenty-one with a substance visible under UV lights at the two bars and by devices the servers carry. On the podium's front is a sign with big black letters that just about explain it all: If You Don't Like Rock 'N' Roll, You're Too Late Now!

Working on a movie set isn't as glamorous as one would think. The hours are awkward, long, and punctuated with streching periods of boredom. There are often uncomfortable costumes and makeup to wear, and it seems one line or motion must be repeated ad nauseum.

Which is why the crew enjoy letting loose every few days. The cast and crew of Multiple Man (notably less its two female leads, including Patricia Werner who Max Quinn is rumored to be dating) are gathered around a long table towards the back of the bar. The waitress is just arriving with drinks for the table of nine.

Max is down towards the far end, and grabs for his beer greedily, giving the waitress a wink as he does. "I am so goddamn thirsty. Been drinking nothing but water all day." To this, a roll of laughter bubbles around the table.

Wendy's at that table, invited by Max. She's taken to sketching things happening on the set, walking around and otherwise not getting in the way. Thank you Daddy Hunter for this opportunity. She doesn't smother or otherwise hang around max enough that it would raise warning flags or even scare people. She gushes over the others just as much. But she was invited down and the first round was on her, or more appropriately, her family's amex. Black Amex. Her laughter joins the others around the table as she lifts up her own glass to her lips.

Considering the fact, Kaylee works at two different bars in the city, she needed a place to relax. The Rock Cellar seemed the sort of place to check out as possible places to hang out. Stepping through the crowd, Kaylee glances around noticing the group off in the distance. There is a touch of amusement as she makes her way passed the table, pausing only a moment as, yes, there is a face from movies. Huh. Not what she expected. Brows lift, but then she continues on making for the bar.

Maxwell raises his beer upwards. "To Miss Hunter. Who was foolish enough to decide to buy beer for a bunch of adrenaline junkies," a salute to the stuntmen, "…extras and bit-actors," the others raise their glasses. He stops a bespectacled and bearded man to his left, glance half-raised. "And…professional ass-kissers." Good-natured laughter rolls around the table. It seems Mr. Quinn is in a good mood tonight. There's a chorus of 'cheers' and everybody drinks.

"To said adrenaline junkies and extras and two-bit actors. For giving me the chance to stew in the artistic pool that is the movie set. You shall all be fodder and inspiration for my next few art pieces I'm sure!" Wendy grins noticing kaylee entering. Noticing something else too. Enough to make her grab a passing worker in the bar who goes past the table and point to Kaylee. There's an order to pick up her tab, whatever she wants to drink. The music thumps and plays in the club, loud enough to disrupt some conversation. "So! How many more days of filming?" She loudly calls across the table as a whole.

Finding an empty seat, Kaylee drops into it and glances around for someone to order a drink from. It takes sometime since celebrities are a big deal, but eventually she is able to flag someone down. "Cherry coke." This gets her an odd look, but then the worker shrugs and move on. She leans back in her chair and glances toward the crowd of movie folks, that amused smile on her lips again.

"Artistic? What's so artistic about this guy dropping upside down on a crane?" barks one shaved head stuntman as he nudges at Max.

Max rolls his eyes and takes a pull from his beer. "That wasn't my fault. Jimmy didn't have his hands on the rig. Don't listen to them, Wendy. They're just upset that they never get the close-ups on their ugly mugs." Laughter and lively conversation follows. "We got another month, maybe? I dunno. Depends when we can get back on-location."

"You'd be amazed what I can create. I'm thinking something out of plaster and then cast in bronze. Maybe i'll send you a replica" There's a smirk from Wendy and a glance over to Kaylee to see if she's been told who's picking up the tab. She could be bold and walk right over, but she's behaving herself right now.

When her drink arrives, Kaylee starts to fish out some bills out of her pocket only to be stopped by the worker. An arch of her brow she asks carefully, "Who?" while casting a look around. A point at the group and Kaylee's brows lift. Interesting. "Thanks." Grabbing up her drink and climbing to her feet, Kaylee approaches the group curiously. Blue eyes land on Wendy, who was the one pointed out. "Hi there." She twists her body a bit to point to the worker and asks curiously, "He says your paying for my cokes?"

Maxwell glances from Wendy, to Kaylee, then back again. "Friend of yours, Wendy-bird? Well, the more the merrier." The stuntman reaches back and flashes a charming smile at a group of ladies the next table over and sweet-talks an extra chair out of them. He pushes it up and tucks it up beside Wendy. Some of the crew grin or talk quietly to one another. A few lift their hands in greeting to the new arrival.

"Maybe she'll be a friend. Hi! I'm Wendy" Wendy offers her hand out. "My random good deed for the day, buying drinks. Though, hey, if it's cokes, all the more cheaper on my amex" Wendy grins widely. "This is Max, the rest are" and Wendy cycles through the names around the table, shuffling over a bit to make room for the new seat.

A hand raises to wave in greeting at those that do too, before Kaylee places it in Wendy's, "Kaylee." She offers glancing around at all the others, nodding to each one in turn. The chair gets a look, and for a moment she looks like she might turn it down… but finally she lowers herself into it as she nods to Wendy again, "Yeah.. College bender kinda cured me of drinking, but I still like coming to the bar." Glancing around at some of the cuties at the table, Kaylle smirks. "Meet the most interesting people.." She gives one of the guy a wink before looking back at Wendy and Max. "So… what's the big deal about tonight? Group like this."

"Just a bunch of working stiffs, out enjoying a drink," says Max with a smile for Kaylee and a wink for Wendy.

But his buddies aren't going to let him get away with it, even if Mr. Quinn had every intention of being modest. The guy with the glasses and the beard slings an arm around Max and thumps him on the chest. "Soon you'll see this guy's face on billboards fifty feet high," says the man who seems to have, well, a producer-ly vibe about him. "Better ask for autographs now while they're going cheap."

To which Max just rolls his eyes. "Ay, shut up will ya, Joe."

She's felt that before, Wendy's met a couple telepaths before. Wend looks distracted for a few moment,s perhaps holding Kaylee's hand a little longer than she really should, before she lets go. "Gotta relax somehow. It's a long day on the set. If it's long for me watching!" One can imagine how long it is for the others who actually work on the set. Wendy leans in, close to Kaylee's ear. "How long ya been a telepath?"

Kaylee ahhs softly, with a grin. "I admit he looks familiar.. TV or something.. Oh wait.. I did hear about that attack on some set." She shakes a finger at them thoughtfully. She sip her Cherry Coke and let's her gaze drift over at one of the stunt men. Kinda cute. Stunt men can be hot right? In that… I'm trying to kill myself everyday kinda way. She gives him a smile and actually opens her mouth to say something, when she feels Wendy lean close. The question makes her go very still, though nothing shows on her face. Thank you Adam and those mirror exorcises. "I… don't know what your talking about." She whispers stiffly.

The mention of the attack has the mood of the table changing significantly. It doesn't take a telepath to know that she hit a sore spot. Six of their own were killed by Humanis First that day.

Max opens his mouth to say something tactful when his phone starts to go off. He tugs it out and peers at the number. "Shit, it's Bernice." A groan cycles around the table. His publicist, aka his handler. AKA the lady who won't let him have any damn fun. "Be right back." He pushes out of his seat and starts towards a quieter corner of the bar.

"Right. well, go to the station, get tested, you'll find you're evolved. Telepath to boot!" Wendy bruses her hand against Kaylee's again, looking off and up to he right. Yup, Telepath, there's that sensation in her mind, the buzz that she's come to assosciate with them. 'No, yeah, you're a telepath. Don't worry, not the end of the world" Then louder "We'll be here Max! See you when you get back!"

"Sorry guys.." Kaylee says, giving them all her very best sweet smile. See? She really is sorry. "Didn't mean to bring up a sore subject." Then she glances at Wendy, the look she gives her is an odd one. "You can tell that by touching me?" and suddenly Kaylee feels a bit uncomfortable sitting there. She glances around at the others to make sure that wasn't overheard. Last thing she needed was to be brought to the attention of the wrong people.

"yuuup" cause that's my gift, don't you know? God I hope you're listening. Wendy pulls back from the lean, Smacking the table to call for another round. "What's your day job Kaylee?"

If Kaylee hears it, there is no indication as she takes another sip of her coke. "Me?" She watches the men around her, placing them into their own little categories in her mind. Mamma's boy.. Married, but playing single… "I'm a bartender." She offers lightly. "At Old Lucy's. A dance on the bar kinda place." That guy probably ate paste as kid.. Nerd..

There's some hoots and hollers from the table and palms slapping on the table when she announces where she works. "When's your next shift. I'll come down and visit ya" One guys says, a grip on the set. Wendy just smirks. "Careful, he's a lech. Likes to grab ass"

"Really?" Kaylee asks curiously looking at the guy again. "Couldn't place his type," she murmurs. She gives the men her bright grin. "Sorry boys, you'll just have to show up and see if you can catch me there." She leans forward, to rest her head on the palm of her hand as she plays the sultry card. "I'll be the one in tight biker leather." She even puts that breathy tone in her voice before straightening. Men.. all the same. She leans back in her chair and glances at Wendy ignoring the reactions of the men. "So Wendy… how'd you fall in with this lot? I heard something about artistic stuff?"

"Family business are one of the investors. I managed to snag a pass onto the set" Wendy just keeps on grinning. "I won't be on it Monday, some board meeting, but, it's fun, It's nice, getting lots of inspiration for my next few pieces I think"

"Sweet deal." Kaylee says rather impressed. "Well except the whole board meeting thing. Meetings are a snore fest really." Fingers trace down the condensation of her glass as she eyes all those men.. So many choices.. Adam probably would not be happy with any of them. — Oh yeah.. One is going home with her tonight. "I'd be interested in seeing those pieces when you get done. I always think it's neat seeing peoples various styles."

"Well, that's if I show them" Wendy concedes, mirthful grin turning to shark like one. "Depends if I feel like showing at a gallery. But Old Lucy's, I know that place. Never seen you work there before. Even got up on the bar a few times myself" There's a blonde at the far end making eyes at Kaylee and giving her winks, juts of his chin upwards. Yes, yes he's wanting to go home with her.

"I was hired by the former owner.. Sporadic hours.. Spend to rest of them working for another bar… well.. pub really. Biddy's owned by friend of mine. He asked me to work some extra hours." Of course, course she does say it was punishment for disobeying her boss.. and taking a trip into no mans land. Eyes stop on the blonde and a flirtatious smile tugs at the corner of her mouth. Well, hello there handsome. "I thought artists always want to show their work? Figured it was part of the whole thing." She returns the cuties wink.

"artists with a need to survive on their own. I do, some of my work is down over in the lower east, there's a gallery. Has four of my pieces" She rattles off the name, while looking back and forth between Kaylee and the blonde guy. "You should go for it. he looks cute. Bet he'd be a good one night"

It takes awhile for Max to get off the phone with Bernice, his formidable publicist. When he does return to the table, his mood looks a bit soured. The beer he left behind gets half-drained in the space of a few swallows. "That woman's more stress than the biggest stunts in this whole damn movie." He leans one elbow on the table and runs fingers through his hair.

Kaylee has that 'I'm sorta interested look' when she glances at Wendy. "Think so?" She asks in a half whisper. Though Max's return distracts her and she can't help be grin. "Stress? She a damn good agent at least? Not sure I'd be able to deal with someone who ruins my mood like that. Thought seriously.." She gives him a wicked grin. "..I say switch off the phone and forget about all that for the moment."

"I know people, who know people. I can have her killed for you" Wendy so nonchalantly offer, brows raised on her face, seriousness marking her features.

"She's my publicist. My agent is a whole other story. I tell ya ladies, this fame thing isn't all it's cracked up to be." Max gives a tired little smile. The other guys at the table just kind of eyeroll at him.

Then he dramatically deflates against the table and makes faux sobbing sounds. "She'd kill me first," he mock-sobs. This is why he won't be an Oscar winner.

There is an eye roll from Kaylee too and a smirk goes along with it. "Seriously Max. Turn off the phone. It's really not that hard. There is a button for it.." She nudges the woman next to her. "Wendy.. show him how. The man needs to forget work. It's what voice mail is for." Picking up her glass she salutes Max with it as she teases him. "Neat invention.. should check it out." She gives him a wink before sipping her coke.

There's a gimme gimme motion from Wendy, for the phone. "Seriously, You can turn it off for two hours. They know where you are, if it's important they'll call. Or they'll call one of the other guys here, and they'll pass the phone over. Soemtimes Max, you are off work. You earned it. This is more than little stunt jobs, your a full fledged oh my fucking god moisten the panties AND manties of the american people. You're entitled to a few hours of peace."

And badass mister actor-man actually blushes a little at what Wendy says. Good thing it's dark and hard to tell. A-hem. "You don't understand. If I turn this off, she'll come down and find me. She gets a cut of what I do, so if I misbehave, it hurts her bottom line. Or rather, if I misbehave in a way she doesn't like." Certain types are good for the bottom line, after all. Like shagging his co-star.

Then Wendy gets a goofy little grin as the 'compliment' sinks in. "Well thankya bright-eyes."

Kaylee stares at Wendy for a moment and then starts chuckling, "Manties? I'll have to remember that one." Glancing past her to Max. "Soooo… She has to work for her money? I still vote turn it off." Kaylee says as a way of a suggestion and then sighs. "That is why I never wanted to do that whole acting thing. Too much stress. I don't envy you at all."

"I promise, that you'll not get into the sort of trouble that will have you on page six as a disgrace. I rarely make it onto page six. That is, unless she wants you on page six and if she does, well, Then we need to be heading to Rapture and not this place." She glance over to Kaylee about to say something before her eyes go to some point on the northern side of the bar and seems to follow something please so away, please go away, there's enough already here.

Maxwell holds up his phone and makes a point of noting that he turns her number to silent. Handy feature, that. The phone probably costs as much as someones' paycheck. Wasn't that long ago that he was scraping by with a pay-as-you-go phone from 7-11. Ah, Hollywood. "See? There. Now, I just gotta cross my fingers and hope she doesn't have access to GPS tracking satellites." He eyerolls.

"She's great for my career, but she sure makes this whole 'acting' thing less fun." He lifts his beer up to his mouth. His eyes are smiling even if his mouth is occupied.

With a big grin, Kaylee gives Max a golf clap. "See. I'm proud of you. I knew you could do it. If she shows up.. go all diva on her. That's what most big actors do right?" Kaylee glances over at Wendy and notices her far off look. So twisting a bit in her seat she follows the woman's line of sight, trying to see what she is seeing. Unconsciously, she touches Wendy's mind for an idea of what she's looking for. It's kinda of an reflex thing really learned from school.

There's a group of evolveds, what they are, Wendy doesn't know, can't know, but they're just skirting the edge and coming closer. There's a weak smile for Max and his muting of the publicists number but suddenly 'wendy-girl' is looking really anxious. "I may have to bolt. I'm really sorry" quickly stuttered off as she peels bills from out of her purse and lodging them under her glass as tip. She can fetch her amex later if need be.

"Hey, hey, Wendy-bird. Why the rush?" Max doesn't know her well enough to reach out and try and tug her back, but he does make a vague hand-gesture in her direction. "We were gonna hit the clubs, do a little," He seat-dances, hands in the air.

He glances to Kaylee and grins wryly. "Get the camera phone at the ready. I'll go Bale on her if she shows. You can get a million hits on YouTube."

The.. wall? No.. something else outside. Interesting. "You okay?" She asks the woman curiously as she turns back to her. "Why hurry out?" She has her suspicions, but she doesn't voice them. "See.. Can't miss the clubs. Clubs are good." Max gets a chuckle and a slow shake of her head. "Naw. Not my kinda thing." That's a lie really.. She knows alll about YouTube. "You seem alright. Only crappy moody actors and like Britney Spears get YouTube videos. I will cheer you on though."

"Bunch of people coming. They're evolved. There's already… a couple in here. Fuck. Like a fucking blue moon th…this happens. Fucking hell I don't need this. I really don't want to spaz out in the middle of a club and drop like a fish to the floor Maxwell" It's not snappy, more like she's fighting something to get the words out, wading verbally through molasses. "What club? Quick, What club are you going to go? I'll meet you there. I'll meet you.. meet you and the guys there" They're coming closer as her gaze swivels towards the door, the side of her palm, meat of her thumb pressed to her forehead to concentrate, focus elsewhere.

"Wh…?" Max's eyebrows arch together. He watches Wendy with a confused, but concerned look. "What's the matter? Drop…?" He looks to the door, then nods towards the back. "There's a back way, down by the bathrooms."

The others at his table have all gotten themselves into their own conversations. A few have started macking on other tables, and a pair are up at the bar fetching drinks. "You in some kind of trouble?" He looks from Kaylee to Wendy.

Looking just as confused, Kaylee glances at the door and then stands. "Go on, Wendy." She says motioning the way Max mentioned. "I gotta get going anyhow." She sounds almost distracted, looking towards the door. "Good to meet you Max… Wendy. Thanks for the drink. Maybe we'll run into each other again." If Kaylee knows anything, it's the crappy downside of abilities… She's got her own. So with a regretful look at the blonde, Kaylee moves so that she can just happen to run into the evolved. The voice that touches Wendy's is hollow like talking into a tin can, but it's definitely Kaylee, Go on Wendy.. I'll distract. You go. Just.. She glances over her shoulder. .. don't tell anyone about me.

"No. I'm evo… I'm evolved Max. I sense other evolveds. Too many get in my range and I'm, I'm fucked. Back door. Bathrooms. You got my cell number." She lifts her hand away from her forehead, bolting up from her chair and heading for the back door. Fuck. Fuck. Made a fool of myself in front of him. Why'd they all have to come. Shit. Think I'm some overdosing spaz. Smooth Wendy. She's pushing past people, quickly and gently as she can, loud "pardon me, excuse me" That falters with Kaylee suddenly talking in her head. She looks over her shoulder, big brown goldfish eyes looking to Kaylee and then to Maxwell. Thanks "I'm sorry" called over the din to him before she's trying to head for the back and get out.

Maxwell is left looking a little bewildered, mouth partially ajar. But he doesn't move to chase after Wendy, or demand further explanations. Instead, he just lifts a hand to her and looks back to Kaylee. "Is she going to be okay?" Not that Kaylee knows her better than he does. But girls know why other girls get upset, right?

Almost too distracted to hear him, it takes Kaylee a moment. "What? Her.. Yeah." The door to she bar opens and Kaylee wiggles fingers over her shoulder at Max. "See ya around, Max." And she off to distract the evolved guys walking in the door. "Hey.. You.. Yeah. Hey. You look familiar." And Kaylee goes about giving Wendy time to put the distance between her and the others. Of course Kaylee has her own ability, which she puts to use.. After a few minutes, Kaylee makes her way out the front door with a killer headache. Hopefully this won't bite her on the ass like so many other times.

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