The Mere Mention Of The Name


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Scene Title The Mere Mention Of The Name
Synopsis The Corinthian has an unexpected guest that they never though would come through their doors nor were they prepared for.
Date May 13, 2010

The Corinthian - Chambery Restaurant

Chambery is every bit as elegant as a French restaurant housed in the swanky Corinthian Hotel promises to be. The expansive venue is entered through a pair of mirrored French doors opposite each other, decorated in fresh white paint, and rich tones that give an impression of warmth. Gold is a backdrop for clusters of roses damask, red, and white, making up the plush carpet beneath the feet of chairs and diners both. White table clothes are draped over circular tables spaced about the room, each set for two with elegant glassware, more silverware than the average person knows what to do with, and a small silver-based lantern with a frosted half-globe encasing the flame.

Crystal chandeliers hang down, their flames providing further illumination to the room and dancing off of a canopy so perfect a white that it gives the illusion that the ceiling could be made of porcelain. Small, flat lights are dotted strategically amongst ornate moulding in the ceiling, giving a brighter splash to the room, affording the ambiance of a candle-lit room without the disadvantage of dimness.

Beige and warm tan create an elaborate patterned wallpaper, the negative space leaving one unsure of which is the dominant colour, beneath a banded frieze of white and gold. Candelabras further illume the space, settled into contrasting wood panelling that separates alternating panels of wallpaper and large, gilded mirrors. Above one such mirror is a beautiful painting of a woman with dark ringlets and eyes the colour of cobalt. The same woman can be found in another painting hung on one of the papered walls, dressed in an electric blue gown that would have been fashionable in the 1800's. Members of the Linderman Group who study the women depicted in the paintings may find her oddly familiar.

When most come to stay at the Corithian they're greeted at the door, welcomed by individuals in employ of the Linderman group with a sole purpose in mind. Your comfort and pleasure while you are an honored guest of Mr. Linderman. The happier you are, the more comfortable, the likelier you are to spend more money or stay longer. A superb restaurant, casino floor boasting all of the best that even Vegas would have to offer transplanted into the the New York society. A rose garden boasting some of the finest species all set there and lovingly tended for your olfactory pleasure and a domed ceiling to make life and your brief rest by the fountain that much more enjoyable and picturesque.

Even with the change in the population that far exceeded anything that the restorer's and business owner of the former Ansonia ever expected, customer service and the comfort of those who have been forced to take residence of the hotel and Casino have not suffered. Food is available, blankets, people pitching in to help each other where they can, staff making sure that everyone has a place to stay regardless that rooms are filling up with people and it might soon become a sardine can if the weather doesn't let up.

The restaurant has served as the focal eating point. Food brought in by to help feed the refugee's, people come and go quick as can be to make room for others and the Chambery likely never intended to serve anything more than French food or to produce large quantities. But let it be said, that Gerard Montchart rises to any challenge and has been giving his best to the citizens of New York who have found themselves at his table when they might not otherwise have been able to afford so.

But tonight, on this cold cold night, with snow so high and the hour late and soon to tick over to 10pm, The population of the Chambery is low, most having settled in for the night or elsewhere in the grand building and occupying their snow bound hours playing cards, talking, meeting people both friend and strangers. Light music plays quietly over the sound system, and hot food has long since been taken off and minimal staff on to prep for the next day, and to keep sandwiches and soup available for those who come in overnight.

It was quite a relief to Allison to find a shelter that had a proper restaurant in it, even if it isn't always serving it's normal fare. When a lady is used to a certain type of living, less is more than an inconvenience. It can be an insult. Luckily, the blonde shrink is hardly insulted as she sits at a table, having ordered already, and dining on her food. She's in no rush, even if others are. It's bad for the digestion to eat too quickly, right?

The music has her smiling absently, though more often than not, when her hands aren't occupied with her eating utensils, they're occupied with tapping lightly on the table, as if playing an invisible piano that only she can hear. All in all, despite the weather outside, it seems to be a pleasant enough evening for the woman.

Settled at one of the tables in the corner, Roderick Sweeney is enjoying another round of his favorite Tetley beer, while he watches the various refugees hiding out from the snow. Already, two other glasses set near him and a half finished plate of food in front of him despite the hour. He's leaning back a little in his chairs, the front feet slightly off the ground, booted feet propped under the table on a chair across from him.

His current glass is in hand, Roderick swirls what left in it slowly, while he watches the room, mainly watching for trouble. Just cause he's here doesn't mean he's on vacation. He's still employed by Linderman, so… he's… sorta on duty. Sorta, cause he takes another drink of his beer, as he raises it, the leather jacket he's wearing creaked softly, the silver of his rings glints in the dim light.

Carrying a tray laden with a bowl of soup, a sandwich, and a bottle of water away from the serving tables, Maddie's aqua eyes flit around looking for a place to sit. The room is hardly full, so there are plenty of seats available. She's dressed for comfort and warmth — jeans, a fluffy pink angora sweater, and cable-knit boots that are only practical to keep feet warm indoors and not out in the snow — which is perfect for lounging around a hotel waiting for the snow to end.

The Australian native moves toward a window seat — it's colder there, thanks to the draft that comes through the glass, but as she slides into the chair, her eyes move to take in the wintry night outside — really, all one can see is white snow and dark, black sky, but for the scarce lights that twinkle from the few buildings that are lucky enough to have power. She heaves a sigh, and opens up a cracker pack, letting the saltines crumble into her soup.

It would seem Roderick isn't the only one feeling a little casual Friday about being on the job right now. Nicole Nichols weaves through the tables of the restaurant with a bottle of champagne in one hand, and a full flute in the other. She sets the bottle down on Roderick's table and takes a sip from her glass.

"It would seem there is some rest for the wicked, hm?" Nicole's lips twist upward in a rueful little smirk as she turns to look over her shoulder and survey the room as if she hadn't already done it while she walked through it. "Not that you look it, but I've decided you could use the company." She pulls a chair out from the table and has a seat next to the artist. "At any rate, I could use it, and you seem as suitable a choice as any. Keeping busy, Mister Sweeney?"

"…no Ah ain't givin' you mah gun, you can go stick your head between your knees and play kissface with yer wrinkled ol' teabag." Standing at the door to the restaurant, the tall and broad-shouldered frame of a scruffily unshaven Cajun man is making something of a scene. Tugging his arm away from one of the men working security, Kain Zarek offers a furrow of his brows and a downturned scowl of his lips as he yanks straightens the lapels of his pinstriped suit and swaggers on by with only a disconcerted look from the security agent.

"'Ey, Shorty." Comes the derrogatory nickname from across the restaurant as Kain weaves past one of the shelter's refugees and towards the table Roderick Sweeney is sitting at, only to notice Nicole a moment later. "Well hey there Sparkler…" Kain adds with a toothy flash of a smile before coming to stand beside where Roderick sits, slapping a hand down on his shoulder and giving it a firm squeeze.

"So were you the one who thought it'd be a classy laugh riot t'take all of the spare blankets ol Stripperella has up at her place when you went to bed early, leavin' me a balled up pile a sheets t'sleep in?" Sharing living quarters in Ina Anderson's suite hasn't been easy, but when you combine Kain's ego, Ina's ego and Roderick's… Roderick— it's a small wonder the three of them are still alive.

"You ain't sassin' up ol' Tiny Tim here too bad, are ya?" Kain's blue eyes flick up to Nicole, and then focus past her to the blonde reporter seated at the table past them, brows furrowing as he distractedly pats Roderick's shoulder. "Actually… hold that thought…"

The quiet of the restaurant is broken not just by Kain but the squeak of a door from the double serving door of the kitchen, a harried looking line cook speeding out at a quick walk, a glance back into the kitchen, then nearly running out. This is soon followed by another, and another, and… another till the total population of the kitchen, one can surmise, is down to zero. One lone chef, dressed in his whites, the black checkered pants that and pristine white waist apron wrapped around his middle is peering in through the round windows of the swinging doors with a look of severe trepidation and a hiss in french to his departing co-workers, he's standing watch, turning his side to the door - but not his back and plastering a smile on his face. A glint of steel seen in his hand, held behind his back. The man is carrying one of the largest butcher knives that the kitchen owns communally.

Anyone who's anyone knows a fake 'all is well, nothing to see here, move along' kind of smile that people put on a show for. Lets not alarm the guests. But it does that and some people move along, getting their trays, a glance to the chef and with their own wary looks, head away from the kitchen and quickly for the exit so they can eat privately.

"Bonjour! How are you all?" He sprightly calls to those near. "Enjoy your meal, maybe perhaps you would enjoy it in the rose garden, yes?" He encourages, a glance to the door that his comrades fled through, and then back in through the kitchen. Something does not bode well in the back room. "Yes… the Rose Garden, this time of the ni-"

A sound from the kitchen cuts him off, the crash of heavy things heard through the portal, breakable things that fall from unknown places to the floor. The sound of thousands of dollars of damage being done. "Mon dieu" The man whispers, blanching even more when he looks in through the small window to the kitchen, then blanches even more if it was possible. "Monsieur Zarek" He nearly //squeaks out… "

"We have a problem."

There hasn't been much reason for Allison to notice most of the others in the restaurant. She didn't know them, and they weren't giving her cause to pay attention. But that familiar drawl has Allison pausing with her glass lifted halfway to her lips, and her lips curving into an amused smile. One that clearly holds a secret. I know something you don't know.

She doesn't get to enjoy her amusement long before she's looking towards the kitchen staff with a frown and she rises to her feet. The crash has her gaze flicking towards the door, and brows shoot up now. She doesn't depart like some of the others, and instead sets her glass down and moves a little closer, listening intently.

When Nicole sets the bottle on the table, his eyes move from the room, to look up at the woman in question. "Miss Nichols." He gives her a flash of a smile, the front of his chair drops flat to the floor, and he uses a foot, to push the chair out for her. "Go ahead and take a load off, could always use a lovely lady at the table. Makes me look good." His brows lift a little, tip of his tongue touching his teeth, before he finishes off his glass of beer.

As it taps down on the table, Kain's voice manages to reach them, bring with it a warning. Eyes narrow slightly as that hand comes down on his shoulder, the grip good enough that the British man figures there will be a bruise later. "Kainy Boy." He offers back brightly, though it's not exactly real, his head tilting way back to look up at the much taller man. "Oh come on… you were the one that got the bloody heaten' blanket. Hoggen' it all yourself, you southern git. It's only fair…."

Trailing off, Roderick's head slowly moves to follow where Kain is looking, brows lifting slightly at the blonde. He murmurs a soft, "Well hello there, lovely." Of course, go figure Kain sees her first, so…. Roderick glances over at the kitchen door at the loud crashing, he sits up a little straighter, brows furrowing slightly with curiosity.

The blonde at the next table in question, Maddie's eyes lift as she hears the boisterous drawl of Kain greeting the two others at the table, and she offers an uncertain but polite smile when she makes eye contact with first the tall and then the smaller of the two. The camaraderie amongst the three gets a wistful little glance — she's feeling rather alone in this city right about now. "Damn it to hell," she swears in her Aussie accent as she drops the crackers, plastic casing and all, into the soup and picks up a spoon to retrieve it.

The sudden exeunt of all the men in the kitchen catches her eyes and she looks up with a furrow of a brow. The clatter has her dropping her spoon, splashing some of the tomato soup upon her angora sweater, which earns another, "Fuck."

"That's kind of you," the dark haired woman intones to Roderick's compliment. Even if it was a sort of backhanded one. When Kain comes to join them, a look is shot the Southerner's way. Don't you dare. The idea that he might start talking about her ability when she's been doing her best to keep it a secret has Nicole's posture going a little rigid. And then both men are suddenly giving their attention over to… It's always a blonde, isn't it? Men and blondes.

"Come and sit down before you say something else about-" Nicole's head snaps up at the sound of what is surely catastrophic damage in the kitchen and she's quickly on her feet, champagne abandoned. "What was that I said about rest? I spoke too soon." She stops two strides from the table and turns to look back at the men. "Don't you touch that bottle," she warns. My champagne.

Speaking of blondes!

One of the escaping kitchen staff happens to be a blonde woman, her hair pulled back into a ponytail with a net to keep it from falling out into the food. Rather than leaving discretely out other exits, this one moves over to the trashcan and removes her disposable gloves into the waste basket and shifts her eyes once toward the double doors and the crashing sounds, then to the chef— and finally to the Monsieur Zarek that he's addressing.

By all appearances, said blonde looks concerned, but is controlling any of the panic the others might have shown, and she speaks quietly under her breath. In French.

Watching the kitchen staff exiting one by one, Kain furrows his brows and turns in a circle, watching the help breeze past and start issuing a few of the refugees and other diners out of the restaurant. Offering a aquint back at the man addressing him, Kain ambles away from Roderick, over to the excitably Frenchman with a crook of his head to the side and an askance look to the double doors from the kitchen. "What're you gettin' yer tighty whities in a jam for Pepe…" clearing the distance between himself at the chef, Kain passes right by Allison's table, seemingly without even noticing her, until he's up close with the cook, jabbing a finger at his chest and looking towards the kitchen doors again.

"Ah' swear if there's some bum raidin' the kitchen Danny'll boil you in your own damn kettle." There's another raucous crash from the back, followed by a loud clunk of something heavy and metal slamming down against the floor as he watches the blonde woman come rushing out those double doors, eyes narrowed.

"You wanna tell me what the heck's goin' on?" There's a roll of Kain's tongue over the inside of his cheek, and the head chef rises up onto his toes and leans in and whispers something to Kain. What is said earns a wide-eyed stare from the Cajun, a look up to the blonde kitchen assistant, then a stare at the double doors. Kain's response is about as clear as crystal to anyone else standing around, as well as the fact that he's slowly backing away from the doors when something brushes up against them.

"A what."


Something big is coming through the door, weight thrown at the door followed quickly by a bellowing roar that many are not privileged to hear outside of a zoo exhibit, much less with about two inches of wood between instead of plexiglass, cement and a lot of water.

The door shudders again, as the cook looks frantically at Kain before throwing his weight away from the door and stumbling away. The wicked long knife brandished before him, careful not to hurt anyone in the process, his hand is shaking, literally shaking.

With nothing to stop it now, the two doors fly open when shouldered by the ivory colored furry behemoth. A news report back when, had stated that they had gotten free, residents of the Central Park Zoo and that they were trying hard to try and corral up the penguins, and the two polar bears. Gus and Ida.

"A polar bear sir. A fucking polar bear" And knife wielding cook is gone, tearing off fast as he can, the knife falling to the ground with a clatter and clear of anyones feet.

Whichever one this is, who knows, but it stops partway through the door, eyeballing everyone in the room, including Nicole as she advances towards it. Block nose lifts, head swaying this way, that way, scenting the air and a base growl ushering forth from it's mouth followed soon by another loud roar. It doesn't move forward though, broad furred feet planted in the doorway, framed by the light in the kitchen.

When Kain moves past her Allison glances at him, but it's what's going on that has her attention. "And what, precisely, is causing that ruckus, Mister Zarek?" Alli calls out to him at such a reaction. But then there's even more of a ruckus at the door, and she stops dead in her tracks as she stares at the polar bear.

"Tell me that someone in this room has a gun on them. A really, really big one that makes a really big hole that'll stop that thing," she mutters, unable to stop staring at the OMFGBEAR.

The roar from the kitchen, has Roderick on his feet, chair clattering to the floor behind him, blue eyes wide. When the Polar Bear come through the doors, the short man, takes a few steps back, hand reaching into his leather jacket."Fuck… me. That's a fucken' Polar bear!" Thank you mister obvious.

"How in bloody hell…" Roderick edges towards Kain, his gaze not leaving the bear, though he tries not to look at it. Isn't there something about looking a wild animal in the eye? "Well… big fella… what are we gonna do about this?!? I dunno about you, but I don't think what we have is gonna do a sodding thing to it."

Maddie's up and out of her seat when the big animal comes lumbering out of the kitchen. Her feet take a couple of steps backwards, toward the exit, her fight or flight instinct telling her to get lost immediately. However, her journalistic nature overcomes the primal instinct. Clarity of thought and reason and headline news rein supreme, and she pulls out her iPhone (useless except for the books and games loaded within). Fingers stroke over the glass until the camera application comes up and she starts snapping photos.

Being a veteran of the political arena has afforded Nicole some toughening up, or at least she is well-practiced in the art of not showing fear when one needs to look as though they are in control. She shoots only a curious glance to Kain and the head chef as they exchange whispers (and expletives, on Kain's part), and soldiers onward toward the double doors, confused when the last of the hold-outs go running.

That confusion is dispelled when the source of the kitchen staff's fright comes trundling out past those doors. A gasp that doesn't quite become a squeak (thankfully) escapes the woman's lips. Nicole stands only a few feet from a polar bear.

A polar bear.

Her mouth drops into a surprised 'o,' misshapen when she squares her jaw, jutting it forward slightly. "Zareeeek?" Nicole doesn't turn her head when she calls out to the man in a shrill sort of hush, but she does look for him out of the corner of her eye, her shoulders hunched up nearly to her ears. She doesn't run for the hills. She does not move. "Could you be a dear and get your gun out?"

"It was probably hungry," the blonde woman from the kitchen professes in a mild French accent, a little more calm than the others, even if she might be just as surprised by the polar bear as they are. "Unless someone has a rifle, shooting at it might only scare it further." Unless someone shoots at it a lot and gets a lucky shot in. There's not enough distance between it and them that if it starts to charge it won't possibly get a swipe at someone. As if aware of this, she backs away towards a table, possibly hoping to have it to hide behind. Or flip for a better shield if necessary. Especially if the dear Mr. Zarek starts shooting at it.

Ever the cowboy, Kain lays a hand on the blonde kitchen-aid's shoulder and gently insinuates himself in front of her as she's moving back — only after the photos start being snapped — to take a few ridiculously bold steps towards old Gus. Kain makes sure he's somewhere shoulder's width between Maddie and the polar bear for the perfect photo opportunity reaches inside of his suit jacket after releasing a sharp whistle.

"Hey!" Kain shouts to the polar bear, withdrawing his Colt .45 revolver from the underarm holster, topping the weighty barrel towards the white-furred bear as it lets out a blustery snort and looks up from an overturned tray of food on the floor, pasta and meat sauce orange across its mouth. "Ain't nothin' personal Fozzie, but Ah' ain't lettin' y'make a meal outta' these people here."

Gus crooks his white-furred head to the side, lumbering forward and towards Kain slowly, chuffing out another confused but now curious sound as he ambles past a steam table full of pre-heated meals. Kain flicks a quick glance back over his shoulder to Maddie, then furrows his brow and clicks back the hammer on the revolver, training the shot towards Gus' slowly advancing form; Sorry about this pal."


Kain's blue eyes go wide.

Click, click, click, click, click.

"Son of a bitch."

Poor Kain if this was frankly an animal form the wilds of the north who has to hunt to eat, and will defending it's food with more zelousness than a blustery warning yell. If it was a wild polar bear and not one that was in captivity for the majority of it's long life and was a more spry and younger animal.

Gus, with his short stub of a tail and yellowed fur, is old, and as such, the empty clicks do nothing more than earn Kain a chuff that ruffles the beasts black gums and shows him his ass as he ambles his immense form to the sandwiches and the food. People are an every day occurance and an annoyance. Not even Nicole gets an eye batted at her, a chuff as well before he thumps down onto the carpeted floor and sets about to eating his share of the food.

You can bet that he won't be leaving a tip when he leaves. Or he might. Just no the kind that smells nice.

Allison remains perfectly still, staring at Gus. Right up until Kain's gun clicks empty. She looks towards him, her expression one of utter disbelief. "How could you forget to load your gun?" she asks, voice pitched just a little higher than usual, a sign of her worry over the situation. That worry doesn't lessen when Gus heads off to the food instead of the people. And right now she really wishes bears understood English.

"Ooooh yeah… I think it's scared now." Comes the sarcastic response from Roderick near the tall southern man, taking a step back the closer the bear gets, happy to let Kain take one for the team. He pulls his own firearm, but with the animal's disinterest, he hesitates. He glances over at his shoulder at the others. "Oi… Everyone. I think it would be best, if you all slowly and carefully, make your way for the door." He makes she his movements are slow as he points at the door. "No sudden moves."

Looking at the gun in his hand, Roderick decides he better check to make sure whoever took Kain's bullets didn't take his either. He suspect Ina that little minx. There is relief when he sees the bullets, but with the bear looking content he holds off for the moment, but Roderick watches him.

As the intrepid Times journalist takes photos with her iPhone and Kain moves out of her way to allow her stellar close-ups of the ancient polar bear, Maddie flashes him a bright smile. "Thanks, mate," she says cheerily before he draws his gun and clicks away at the beast. Her eyes widening as the bear looks at them — before turning for the sandwiches.

"Aw, poor bloke, he just wants a bit of BLT," she murmurs softly, smiling a little as she snaps a few more photos of the creature chomping away. "Maybe… maybe we can lure him away with some of the food so that we don't lose the ability to use the kitchen — or lose all the stuff inside. What if we get him into the rose garden? We can throw 'em some chow once in a while until the zoo can come gather him up once the snow is gone… It's not his fault he's displaced, is't? I think it's even too cold for him out in the streets." She's a softie, apparently, and she turns to look at the others, to gauge their reactions.

For the time being, the incredulity of the moment overrides Nicole's good sense to be scared. She turns and stares at Kain. There's some great analogies about the man's unloaded gun and his performance (or lack thereof) in the bedroom there. She will think them up and barb him with them later, to be sure.

With the beast pre-occupied, Nicole makes her way back to the table she had been sitting at previously and calmly plucks up her champagne flute and downs its contents in one fluid motion. "Right then, boys," meaning Zarek and Sweeney, "what do we do now? Obviously the guests should continue to exit, but we need to figure out what to do with our hungry guest here." She slides a glance Maddie's way, brows furrowing. "I don't relish the idea of luring that thing to the garden. Those flowers are expensive. Though… I would rather like to see it out of the restaurant one way or another." She looks around, a little dismayed. All her hard work on the design!

"At least he's more interested in the sandwiches than us," the blonde woman comments, even finding the moment to smile at the poor southern man's missforturne. Her french accented tones continue, as she shifts away even more, "I agree with fleeing. But if we have to move it somewhere, I'd recommend an exit, unless the shelter wants a pet polar bear until the animal control crews can actually get out here…" A pet polar bear in the garden? It would wreck the flowers, sure, but— better than the alternative of a potential man eating bear roaming the streets again! One would think. "I would not say I am an expert on polar bears, but I'm guessing this is one of the ones that escaped captivity. Might even welcome a new cage, as long as it comes with food and water."

"I didn't forget to load mah gun," Kain hisses with a side-long look to Allison, and only then does he notice her. It's like he had heard her, but just passed her off as no one consequential until that moment she deigned to get his attention. Then, there, Kain offers her a confused look of hey aren't you— and then quickly remembers there's a polar bear rummaging around when Gus noses too close to one of the steam tables and burns his nose.

There's a huff of breath from Kain, a sigh, and he looks down to his gun warily, lowering it to pop it open and look down at the cylinder — six bullets — then snaps it shut and just slowly shakes his head, swallowing tensely as he does. That's the second time the gun hasn't fired for him. He's stricken, just a little, by the coincidences of now and then. Maybe it was for the best.

Looking up and over to Maddie, Kain's brows furrow and he lets out a small, nervous sound in the back of his throat, then lifts up a hand towards Roderick before realizing the Brit had already put down his own gun. "Lois Lane here's right… ol' boy's just lookin' fer some grub. We can't just send it out to the cold, 'cause if it eats some poor kid…" Kain squints his eyes narrowly, chin tilting up. "Hey, Nickles," there's a flick of blue eyes over to Nicole, "you wanna' run interference, keep your little tush somewhere nearby 'case he gets any bright ideas? Maybe you could give'em a brighter one?" There's a flash of a smile at that, and Kain offers a look back over to the polar bear, slowly edging away.

"Shorty," Kain snaps his fingers and motions with a wave of his hand to Roderick, but keeps his eyes trained on Gus, "you an' Daisy Duke over there," he nods his head towards Allison, "go grab some food offa' the tables, give us a little piggy trail ol Teddy Ruxpin here can follow." Kain tucks his revolver back inside of his jacket, then takes another step back and reaches over to grab a piece of sauteed duck off of Roderick's plate, then tosses it underhand towards Gus. The intention was to just slap it across the bridge of his nose to get attention, but no— this is one of Gus' tricks. Now he's performing.

The noise is like a car door slamming shut mixed with with sharpness of a broom handle snapping when Gus snaps the piece of duck out of the air with a powerful chomp of his jaws. Kain's eyes grow saucer-wide and he takes one— two— three steps back.

Maddie snaps pictures, people that are not our intrepid newspaper reporters, artists, personal assistants or cooks watch as Kain inadvertently almost looses his fingers to ignorance and lack of knowledge in how to deal with polar bears. Down goes the duck, bones cracking, giving way to teeth on something that is just a mere snack and a drop in the bucket for the animal.

What will they use to lure the thing elsewhere? Possibly the french woman who works in the back of the kitchen would have an idea of what stock that the hotel has on hand of carnivorous delights for shaggy haired guest who finishes that duck with no small amount of vigor and powerful front paws plant down to help push himself up with a groan of ursine proportions. What remained of the table and it's next of kin beside it still standing is going to be splinters as a front foot comes down on it, bringing it crashing down to the ground and giving access to the chili that's there, and the lunch meats on bread, waiting for people.

The door at the far end opens, more security personnel coming to a grinding halt, weapons out. Yellow sandwich signs outside politely declare caution, go no further as smart individuals have cordoned off the room from anyone else coming other than authorized people.

"Fuck me, it is a polar bear" As if they didn't believe what was going off over the radio's. "Mister Zarek!" One calls out, not deigning to move closer as Gus lifts his head and glances at the newcomers. Weapons are drawn, one man's hand shaking as he does so. "Sir, Someone said that it came from the back, from the loading docks. Holy shit… Animal controls been called, they're gonna try and send over someone with a tranquilizer gun" All three suited men have eye's wider than saucers and Gus lets loose a toothy unhappy bellow at the disturbance over his meal that is happening.

Okay, so maybe there are bigger problems to worry about with there being a hungry polar bear around, but being called Daisy Duke has Allison stiffening and shooting Kain a glare. "My name is Allison, as you well remember. Dimples." As though that's really an annoying pet name. It's the best she seems to be able to do under the circumstances though.

Despite the dislike of her name, she does move cautiously to the nearest table, grabbing a plate, and using it to pile food on in order to leave a trail. Heavy on the meat, of course. She even begins a trail, all of two pieces, before being interrupted.

The addition of more people and Gus's unhappy grumbling have her stilling, and shooting a dirty look towards the newcomers. "Could you try not to frighten it? I prefer eating meals in a restaurant, not becoming them," she says in a sharp, almost prim tone. But at least her eyes remain hazel. For now.

Tucking his own firearm away into it's holster inside his jacket, he gives it a firm push, before giving a nod. "Riiii…. Whoa." He can't help but explain as the bear snaps that food out of the air, the Pre-cog having to take a few steps back himself to keep Kain from running into him, the taller man would definitely be first target.

"Right…" He glances around at the others, and then says something under his breath before moving towards the kitchen staff, giving the big white bear wide berth. A glance goes to Allison his brows lifting slightly. "Seem an odd time, to be worried about a name? Isn't it?" But he doesn't wait for an answer as he moves towards the kitchen staff.

"What do we have in the freezers? Gonna take a lot to get his interest and move that giant white mountain."

"Don't get your phalanges snapped off, there, buddy," Maddie tells Kain, her own pale eyes wide with the voracious snap that comes from the beasts's jaws, reminding them all just how powerful a creature it once was, and how dangerous it still is, despite its old age and rather cushy, if sad, life in the zoo.

"I'm guessing if 'e was in the store room there's some stuff in there that we won't want to be eating that maybe we can give it?" Maddie looks around for the other blonde, the French woman. "Can you grab some of that food? I think as long as 'e keeps getting lil tidbits, he'll be happy enough to go wherever we lure him, yeah? If not, BLT sandwiches and … hey, where'd you get duck?"she says, turning to look at Roderick's plate, jealously.

Nicole flashes Kain a grin in kind. Yeah, she can give brighter ideas if the situation calls for it. And then he goes and implements his bright idea.

"Holy shit." Nicole's eyes go wide, the smug look wiped right off her face when the polar bear makes quick work of the meager offering of duck. She glances around swiftly before lowering one hand to her side, obscuring it behind the back of a chair, curling her fingers as though she were gripping an invisible baseball. Before too long, there's a soft crackle and pop accompanying little electric blue sparks building into something tangible in her palm. "Was there an ETA on animal control?" she asks the (seemingly ineffectual) security crew.

Okay, the calm is broken with the noise, but as people start to form a plan, the blonde lady cook seems to regain some of it, "I know where the freezers are," she explains, in her French accent, beginning to change her movement to instead go toward the kitchen doors. Though she keeps as much a distance as she can from the bear, and moves slowly.

"There's plenty of ground beef that's already been defrosted that we could use, in the fridges." Which is slightly different from the freezers, but likely located in the same place. "There's some frozen fish as well, but the beef would be best, we could create a trail for it to follow."

As she says this, she bravely goes for the freezers, to get that ground beef for them to use.

"Well— " Kain offers the blonde an exasperated look, "get on it then, uh— " there's a blank stare from Kain to the blonde Frenchwoman as she's making her way towards the double-doors headed to the kitchen, trying to figure out something, parse a quick nickname. Nothing's coming. "Uh— you." Sheepish brows furrow together and Kain offers an askance look to Roderick and a roll of his shoulders in helpless apology before backing up a bit more away from gus.

"Damnit," Kain's blue eyes follow the blonde, "she better go'n an' get us some meat'r somethin' 'fore he gets bored with Oodles a' Noodles and decides he wants himself a little Cajun hot sauce." A somewhat self-assured smile crosses Kain's lips at that; okay, back in the groove again.

When he backs up, Kain's eyes drift towards the security team that came in. "Nice speedy response fellas," there's a narrow of his eyes, "you wanna go clear the lobby, we're gonna' try'n lead this here polar bear out to the Rose Garden before he eats somebody. Danny can whine about the shit stinkin' up his roses later."

There's another look to the double doors when the blonde disappears through them, and Kain shakes his head and clicks his tongue. "Roddy, keep an eye on Kiwi there," Kain nods his head to Maddie, "Ah' gotta go grocery shoppin'." Slowly edging around Gus and giving him a wide berth, Kain splits off from the others and makes his way towards those same door behind the blonde kitchen-attendant. Two sets of hands hauling food are better than one.

"Hours" Is the tall man's response to Nicole's query of when someone could effectively and non-lethally collect the misplaced beast. There's a glance to her hands behind her back and the crackle that comes forth with raised brows. Not everyone can be calm, cool and collected in front of one of the few things in the world that actively hunts humans as predators do prey. "They said to try and keep it contai-" There's a halt in his words, a finger coming up to the earpiece hidden within his ear and a glance to Kain. "They said to keep it contained if possible, if there's any… You gotta be kidding me."

He looks to the others in the room and has am embarrassed look on his face. "Give it empty boxes and any balls or toys of that sort if there's any. he likes.. dodge balls and basketballs. We'll see what we can dig up and clear the way sir"

behind the door that Maddie and the rest of the group are nearer, there's a shout and through the door pokes the head of a small boy who ducked past people and is staring at the bear with shock and awe. "MOOOOOOOM! There really is a POLAR BEAR!" He loudly yells, "CAN I PET IT!" even as he's yanked by unseen hands, little fingers that gripped the door leaving almost imaginary drag marks as someone removes him from the door. A security man's head pops in after, looking around, offering a sheepish apology before he too goes back out. There's a crowd gathering outside though, from the sounds of it, those still awake who are curious as to whether there really is a polar bear.

Another whiney bellow errupts from Gus as the frenchwoman and Kain make for the kitchen so that they can commence with Operation fetchez le vache to start to lure Gus to some place where he won't be the attraction for the next few hours. He shuffles around, putting himself between the food and everyone else. Gus is getting agitated with all the people and no glass between him and them.

Allison shrugs at Roderick's comment about worrying about names and when the French woman heads for the freezer, she shrugs again and starts tossing some food in Gus's direction. Not at him. She doesn't want to piss him off, just keep him distracted long enough for someone else to deal with him. While hoping, intently, that she doesn't end up on the menu.

Roderick glances at his plate, and then back at Maddie, with a somewhat goofy grin, that kind of makes his ears shift up on his head. "Perks of the job, sweetheart. Actually… you probablyy don't want to know." He offers up, as a rather lame explanation, before moving among the tables to grab a plate and then another, sliding the contents from on to the other. He motions the Aussie to help him gather food. "Come on. Grab a plate and start gatheren' food, so we can keep it busy."

He hands the plate over to Nicole, with bright smile, "I'll go gather some more, you use this if he starts movin'."

Kiwi gets a scowl from the Aussie. Not that there's anything wrong with New Zealanders mind you! "Wrong rock by about two thousand kilometers, mate," she tosses toward the shaggy-haired Cajun. "Not that I'd expect a Texan to know better." There's a smirk to show she does know that's not where he hails from. After all, she's been in the US long enough to know a Cajun accent.

She picks up a plate at Roderick's urging. "Ah, you're an employee. That explains… maybe a lot," she says, moving toward the table cautiously to gather more food, piling it high with sandwiches and then heading to help lure it out.

Nicole rather distractedly accepts the plate from Roderick, almost jumping when she realises he's addressing her. She offers him a nod and holds the plate with one hand, the other tucking further out of sight. Slowly, she steps out of her pumps and starts rubbing her stockinged feet over the carpet. It looks like the restless stretching of someone who's been in heels for too long, but it's also working to generate more juice, should she find she needs it.

Nicole's fingers uncurl a little, accompanied by a loud pop! that causes her to close her hand into a tight fist again quickly and look around nervously.

"I am reminded why I never want to work in a zoo now," the blonde woman says once she's through the double doors and away from the bear, hoping against hope that she can get to everything quickly. Not having to work in high heels helps when she runs through to the freezers, motioning to the Cajun behind her, "Good to see someone's helping me. I don't think they like Cajun anyway, polar bears. Too spicy." The fridge opens, with an rush of cold air, and she reaches for the thrawed out stacks of ground beef and begins tossing it toward him.

"Take one of those," she gestures to the metal carts wheels. Some got knocked over when the polar bear was in here earlier looking for food, but there's enough that are functional to do what needs to be done, "Break it into chunks, use a knife if you have to. They're over there," she gestures to where the knives are. The longer she talks, the more her accent seems to fade in and out. "You go first, I'll bring out a second batch."

"You know…" Kain mumbles, looking over his shoulder to the double doors behind him and then back to the blonde woman leading him, "normally Ah' don't take too kindly t'bein' shoved out in front of a life'er death situation." Blue eyes flick over to the kitchen assistant as Kain ambles over to where the knives are, sliding out a bread knife like he was trying to be sly, grimaces, slides it back in, then pulls out— nope that's a paring knife— then finally withdraws a chef's knife. Clearing his throat, Kain flips the knife around in his hand as he walks over to one of the hweeled carts, bringing it over than taking the package of thawed hamburger from her, peeling the celophane off of it an then just slapping it down onto the cart and dividing it up into portions with the knife.

"Name's Kain, by th' way…" he admits with a raise of his brows, knife working from side to side through themeat when he hits a still frozen spot in the center, wedging the hamburger apart, "in case you need t'know th' name of th' darin' fella' who done got his ass eaten by a polar bear doin' somethin' stupid."

Meat chopped and laid out over the cart, Kain watches as she stacks up some other thawed meat on the top before flashing a grin and lookin towards the door. "Guess it's chow time."

In the kitchen, it's a mess, things knocked over, pots, pans, any open spaces that stored food has been pawed at and containers of salt spilled across the floor. It's plain to see that he came in through doors that link the storage area of the kitchen, off towards the massive halls that provide access to storage rooms for dry goods and non perishables and the loading area. Stock pots that were simmering with concotions getting prepared for tomorrow's breakfast are likely ruined from the abrupt departure and the musty smell of the bear and the scent of outdoors mingles with the other wise delightfully aromatic atmosphere of the kitchen.

The kitchen though, is graced with a muffled roar that isn't so muffled to the rest. Thump goes the paw, jaws wide and teeth bared as Gus bellows at Nicole and what he's caught a glimpse of, that and the food that is being gathered that some how he thinks is his food. A more agressive roar that is repeated again, though he stands his ground near the table, rolling his head back and forth. The head security guard moves in, flicking his gun up and ready to shoot. "Miss Nicols, might I suggest that you turn that off? I really don't want to tell the zoo that we killed it's bear"

Allison tenses at the roar, and just half dumps, half flings the remaining food on the plate at Gus. "There you go, lots of food. No need to eat that nice lady. Just eat the food," she murmurs in the same tone she'd use to sooth a person. Of course, if it was a person she wouldn't be half as scared right now.

"What do you mean a lot?" Roderick can't help but ask as he adds more food to a plate, at a new table. Though he pauses long enough to shoot her a curious look. He glances towards the bear… as it roars, being brought back abruptly to the situation at hand. That's right, it might not be the best time to carry such a casual conversation.

"Nicole…" Roderick takes his plate and moves as quick as he can towards his fellow employee, "Don't move, yet." He moves along side her and crouches down, leaning out a little to carefully set the heaping plate he had on the ground, he watches it without looking accidentally looking it in the eye. Once he straightens, the small man, reaches back for Nicole with a hand to gently urge her backwards before taking her plate himself, so he can add it to the other one.

"Easy there big guy. See… Food all yours." Roderick glances at the kitchen. "Let's just just hope they hurry in there."

"Well, you know. Like, acting like you belong here. And you all know each other," Maddie says quietly, but her eyes are wide as the bear rolls its head around, freezing as its gaze passes over her with her hand on a sandwich. "S'all yours, mate," she says, lifting a hand off the sandwich and taking a step backward. "I … uh… is there someone maybe with a power that could… you know… nonviolently calm him down or something? Make him take a nappy nap? I think that'd be just bloody ace." She glances back toward the door to the lobby. "Maybe someone can ask around…?"

"I'm not doing anything," Nicole insists, her fists balled up innocently. Of course the stupid thing turns on her after she quashes the build-up she was creating in her palm. There's nothing outward to suggest that she really was doing anything just a moment ago, what without the flickering and popping she was going out of her way to keep hidden. Eyes flicker to the doors Kain and the kitchen employee disappeared behind. Something's not right there, but she can't put her finger on it right now. Because there is a bear staring her down.

"Ohhhhh God," she breathes out slowly as Roderick comes to her aid. After he's placed the food down on the ground, she's grabbing his arm. Don't leave me. "If we survive this, we need to ask for raises," she teases in a quivering voice.

"Lorraine," the blonde woman responds, taking the time to smile as she continues to drop cold meat down onto the rolling tray. No one will be eating this now, except for the bear. It's a good amount of food, but they'll need to hurry up and get it out there— at least with the rolling tray they won't have to worry about carrying it in their arms.

"I can go first if you don't want to," she says, shutting the fridge and pulling the lock down so it doesn't reopen easily, in case the bear decides to wander back inside. "Or we can go together, cause that's the last of the thawed out meat." The rest is frozen, which they could use, but—

"We better hurry before one of them ends up scaring it too much." And with this, she pushes the cart with him in the direction of the double doors. Here comes the food!

Looking over his shoulder to Lorraine, Kain furrows his brows and flashes a shit-eating grin to Lorraine. "Now that's an old lady's name," he admits with a flash of his brows up towards his hairline, creasing his forehead. "Come on, darlin'," there's a jerk of his head towards the door, "it's feedin' time at the zoo."

No more than a half a minute later, those double doors burst open as Kain comes clanging in, rolling the metal serving cart ahead of him and clanging the side of his chef's knife against it in a noisy fury to try and get the bear's attention away from everyone else. "What's up Gus?" Kain hollars, grabbing a squishy handful of thawed hamburger and throwing it to land with a slap in the opposite direction from Nicole and Roderick.

Kain (like a little kid) is riding the meal cart, one foot up on it and pushing it with his other like a kid with a shopping cart. Lorraine follows behind him with a large metal tray laid out with thawed meat, while Kain lobs another baseball-sized chunk of Hamburger a little further away from the last one, starting to form a trail towards the exit from the restaurant.

He might actually be enjoying this, just a little.

Another bellow, up goes the bear on his hind feet with effort, inscreasing his height front legs slack, scenting the air again, whined noise from him that bounces off walls. It's impressive and scary, just how big they are when there's no glass and distance between yourself and the great ivory beast.

But meals on wheels delivers and the swaying sniffing nose turns away from Maddie, Roderick, Nicole and the small chunk of food towards the chunk of ground beef that's thunked onto the floor. One last barking roar and he thuds down, turning for the peace offering with a huff and sets about to eating the provided snack.

Allison glances at Kain when he yells and blinks once, before dryly muttering, "Ride 'em cowboy." She shakes her head and looks down at the food she'd gathered that she has left, and shrugs, leaving it where it is, since the Cart Cowboy seems to have things covered.
[OOC] Kain says, "cart cowboy haha"

When the bear goes up on his back legs, Roderick tries to go for his gun again, but with Nicole latched on there isn't anyway he can, so instead, he starts backing up and making sure the girls go back with him. His blue eyes wide as he agrees with Nicole. "I think your right, a big raise… a really big bloody raise." He actually sounds worried now.

As the doors open with the food cart, Roderick gives a sigh of relief. He sends a glance their way, and comments, "About bloody damn time, mate. I was startin' to think you two were busy catchin' a snog or somethin'." Kain does have a reputation after all and it wouldn't be surprising really.

His head snaps back to the bear and Roddy gives it look and waves a guiding hand at the bear. "Go on… nothin' to see here. Go on you great big death machine."

When the bear rears up, Maddie backs up further, bumping into a table which causes her to lose her balance. Scrambling to keep herself up right, she only manages to land on her rear, pulling the table cloth down and bringing a clatter of dishes down around her. The sound of crashing dishes has her eyes widening as she peers at the bear, waiting to see if it will react and come for her — but that's when the Cajun goes scooting himself by on the cart.

The journalist, wiping tomato soup out of her eyes where a bowl had emptied over her head, has the premise of mind to snap a few more photos now that she's probably not going to be eaten. She's dedicated. "Fuck." She picks a piece of turkey off of her sweater. Now that she smells like food, she better stay back from the beastie.

Nicole heaves a sigh of relief when the bear turns away from Maddie, Allison, Roderick and herself. But Kain is eyed with some trepidation. "Do you think Mister Linderman will even require an explanation when we tell him Zarek was mauled to death and possibly subsequently eaten by a polar bear? I mean, it's Zarek. He may just accept that scant of a reason for why he won't be working with us anymore."

"Be careful you big kid," Lorraine says with a hint of a smile as she stays back , holding a tray with more chopped up meat for him. "I'll let you do the throwing— you look like you have a better arm anyway." And, staying behind him. "Hopefully the bear will go for what's closest and not— the biggest amount." Like the pile they happen to have with them.

…and Kain just rolls right out the goddamned doors, with the security team holding them open, braced at the hips, before ducking around behind the doors and pulling them further open, using them as makeshift cover to hide from the bear as Kain's maniacal meat merchantiling has him leaving wet and messy dollops of hamburger in a trail out the restaurant while he clangs aknife nosily on the metal tray.

Somewhere out in the lobby, there's the faint sound of his laughter and the squeak of the cart's wheels. Sometimes, boys will be boys, sometimes, grown men will be boys too.

Maddie gets a sniff/ in her direction, a glimpse to the others that have gathered and have been babysitting the beast since it made it's way in from the back. But Kain has the good stuff, Lorraine too and he's more inclined to //eat right now. Food, it's been a little slim out of doors and sure, someones dog has likely met an untimely fate at the tooth and paw of Gus. Dogs fault really.

He finishes up the mouthful of meat and it looks like he might not follow Kain and Lorraine, giving the impression of sitting right back down. BUt one paw forward, a chuff, whine, and he's starting forward.

His head drops, pushing the lump of meat wih a paw, then nose, before he eats it and lumbers forward at a rolling, swaying gait, slightly pidgeon towed if you look at it and keeps on going. Operation Fetchez le Vache is working and the bear lumbers forth from the doors of the restaurant and following the cart with only a backwards look towards maddie and roderick, Nicole and the security guards who keep the doors between them and the bear. Off towards the rose garden he slowly makes it, people watching from afar, camera's going off, some recording the amazing sight of Gus the polar bear, walking through the corinthian and pausing to eat beef before moving forward.

Allison lets out a sigh of relief when Gus takes off after Kain, Lorraine, and the food. Then she pauses, nose wrinkling, and starts to say something. Whatever it is, it's considered unimportant because she gives another of her shrugs and looks around, trying to place the table she left, and the purse that was at it. Disaster adverted, in her mind, perhaps?
Nicole has reconnected.

Distracted by the departure of the little scene, he almost misses what Nicole says, "What?", He glances at the door, brows lifting a bit. "I… really don't think Mr. Linderman would be surprised, yeah." Roderick says, glancing a Nicole, with a lop-sided grin. "I mean… It's Kain… He's a nutter, that one." As if that's all that is needed to explain the tall Cajan, who is a whooping and a hollering and luring the polar bear like a rodeo clown. "You alright?" He asks her, before glancing behind him for Maddie, only to find her on the floor.

Roderick wiggles loose of Nicole's grip, now that the polar bear is busy and on it's way, so that he can turn and offer a hand down to the reporter, he eyes her food covered state, eyes flittign up to her soup covered head and quips a teasing… "Prefer you blonde, personally." He flashes her that grin of his and adds a touch more seriously, "How about you? Alright there?"

The pre-cog glances at the door again, relaxing some as the bear moves through the door, then glancing in the room in general. "Makes me glad I'm not on the janitorial staff."

"I uh," Maddie says, wiping more tomato soup out of her face when it drips from her blonde locks, "heard it was good for getting the chlorine out of my hair, and figured I'd give it a go." She accepts the hand and allows herself to be pulled to her feet. Grabbing a napkin, she wipes her face off and then brushes various food particles off her now-ruined sweater. Tomato bisque just doesn't come out of angora. "Fuck me, I'm a klutz. Thanks." She watches the bear saunter off. "I hope this works," she adds.

Nicole gives a quick nod to Roderick, easily letting go of him once she realises she has been clinging to him as tightly as she has been. She murmurs an apology and an assurance before ushering him off to go attend to Maddie. She ambles back toward the table she previously occupied and picks up the bottle of champagne, bringing it to her lips for a long and rather undignified swig.

As Kain vanished out the exit the the food, so did Lorraine, finally reaching to grab a few pieces of meat to make sure there's plenty extra between her and the bear. It also means she's behind Kain and closer to said bear. "Please keep back," she warns to anyone in the hall, glancing back to spot where the slowly ambling bear happens to be. "Well, with how slow he's going at least it's more likely he'll be full and take a nap than try to hurt anyone. You're did good," she praises the Cajun. Who probably doesn't need any additional points to his ego.

Kain stands triumphantly next to Lorraine, one foot up on the meal cart, hands held out at his side and caked with enough raw hamburger grease to give people looking at him salmonela poisoning. The trail is laid out, gobs of hamburger strewn across the floor and a carefully arranged perimeter of security goons using furniture as shields to try and corral a hungry polar bear through Danie Linderman's brand new hotel.

Blue eyes flick over to Lorraine, and Kain proffers up one brow with a toothy smile, watching her with a thoughtful expression before looking back to Gus' ambling ursinal approach along the trail of meat. "You know, Ah'm gonna' add this as a bullet-point on mah resume…" he says as if he's joking, "Under personal accomplishments: wrangled me a polar bear." Kain offers an enthusiastic nod to that, lips cracking up into a smile. "Try'n top that Mischa."

Sometimes, boys will be boys.

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