The Miracle In University Woods
Date October 15, 2010
Relevant Logs Miracle Night

Every morning news show in New York has been talking about the same thing as of October 16th. The Miracle in University Woods.

"Welcome back, it's 8PM and this is Greg Kelly, you're watching Good Day New York. For those of you just waking up, we've been covering the Miracle in University Woods. Over night the 3.3 acre land that was once considered the worst park in New York, has suddenly gotten a dramatic facelift." The camera suddenly switches to a chopper cam, and a different male reporter begins to speak. "We're getting reports of apple and orange trees, grape vines, over a dozen floral species, it's amazing, Greg. But perhaps, as the viewers at home can see, the most amazing display are the pumpkins. They stretch across the entire park, reading 'MAKE MIRACLE DAY EVERY DAY'."

The camera switches back to a smiling Greg Kelly, who takes a moment to look up from his notes. "Well they certainly didn't leave it up for debate if this was the work of Evolved or not. We'll be back to this story in a moment. Next we'll fill you in on the latest internet craze, Magnes Varlane or Godzilla. Guessing who's responsible for the destruction of Tokyo in different screen captures. Harmless internet game or offensive and inappropriate? We'll find out after a word from our sponsor…"

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